How to attract a man's attention: several proven methods

08/15/201602/3/2017 Nadezhda Plotnikova

“The boys are lucky,” young girls sometimes think. – Do you like the young lady? There is no need to suffer or suffer." And indeed, from the outside it looks like this: he approached, introduced himself, offered to go on a date, and only then everything depends only on the male fantasy. A bouquet of roses, a cup of coffee, a romantic walk, a few compliments and good puns - it seems that sympathy is guaranteed, which means that innocent flirting can turn into something more serious. Is it so? Not always, but there is some truth in this statement.

It’s more difficult for girls, since even now there is a widespread opinion that sweet and modest young ladies should not take the initiative in relationships with a man. However, waiting for the weather by the sea is also not an option, because a miracle (in the form of the appearance of a representative of the royal family on a white horse) may not happen.

If you have been puzzling over the question of how to attract a guy for a long time, read the following recommendations from experts.

How to get a man's attention

Often, a girl’s obsessive efforts to attract the attention of men with the help of a miniskirt, deep neckline and piercing gaze cause a backlash in them. Serious men are not attracted to women who flaunt all their external features. They are interested in ladies who are pleasant-looking, easy to talk to, have a sense of humor and know their worth. Many girls are interested in the question of how to attract the attention of the man they like and at the same time not look like a stupid doll, but be themselves. What qualities do you need to have for a man to notice you and want to continue communication?

The important point is who you want to attract: any man or someone specific. In which case the result will be faster is unknown, but your behavior should be different.

First, decide whether you need this man. How do you feel about him? If you fall in love, then the manner of behavior will be one, if it is just an affair, then it will be completely different.

Of course, there are several general rules for attracting the attention of men. First of all, you need to make sure that your entire appearance, demeanor and ability to maintain communication show that you are worthy of this attention and know your worth.

The most common form of attraction between people is physical attraction. It can appear instantly, at first sight. At the subconscious level, a man is attracted to a girl’s appearance, her smell, her clothes, her look. If such sparks do not fly at the beginning of acquaintance, then it is useless to wait for the development of relationships or the manifestation of romantic feelings. Men are not inclined to establish a connection with a woman if they do not feel the slightest attraction to her.

Prospects for an office romance

There is an opinion that you can’t expect anything good from an office romance. Of course, there are disadvantages. But in fact, there is nothing terrible or reprehensible here if it develops within the bounds of decency. And in the context of the general desire of young people to make a career, this is one of the completely acceptable options to find love and improve their personal life. After all, when people get a job, they do not cease to be a man and a woman. Therefore, it makes no sense to give up happiness, but do not forget about workdays and corporate ethics.

Are men attracted to looks like the one in the picture?

For a man to pay attention to you, you don’t have to look like a glossy magazine model. You should not adjust your appearance to a fashionable template, losing its uniqueness and originality. Most men like the natural, natural beauty of a girl. Excessive, especially poorly applied, makeup has a repulsive effect on many guys. They are more likely to be attracted to a well-groomed woman with a good manicure, pedicure and hairstyle. Therefore, try to visit a beauty salon to carry out these procedures or learn how to do them yourself.

Neatness and grooming have always been the key to the attention of men. Even the best outfit can't hide unwashed hair and dirty nails. Clothing must also be spotlessly clean and ironed. You don't have to have a huge wardrobe. It is important to be able to correctly arrange basic things in order to always look attractive. And for special occasions, learn to think through the image in advance.

Observe the following five points strictly:

  1. A modern girl cannot be ugly. Constantly maintain your image, take care of your appearance, be careful in everything. Pay special attention to hair, nails, and skin.
  2. The most beautiful facial features will remain invisible to men against the backdrop of unkempt hair and nails.
  3. Try to get your nails done regularly, keep your hair clean and your skin well-groomed. Do not allow blackheads, peeling or greasy shine to appear on it.
  4. Hygiene comes first. Don't forget about removing unwanted hair on your legs, bikini area and armpits. Clothes should always be fresh and ironed. Always looking neat and tidy is your key to success.
  5. Makeup requires special attention. Just strive to emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes, fullness of your lips, and the purity of your skin, without applying a ton of decorative cosmetics to your face. All imperfections can be very skillfully hidden by focusing on naturalness.

Control your speech3

If you think that by demonstrating to the guy you like that your vocabulary contains no less obscenities than the arsenal of a village shoemaker (however, just like common village words that have nothing in common with pure Russian speech), you will become more nice, you are very mistaken.

Only a hardened criminal or a completely uncouth lout can perceive such communication. Although, to be frank, representatives of the male half of these classes, no matter how strange it may seem, deep down in their souls feel sincere sympathy for girls, in whose conversation there is not even a hint of rude foul language, criminal slang or vernacular.

Excluding obscene expressions from spoken language (even better, eliminating them even from your subconscious) will give you a much better chance of winning the attention of the guy you like. Perhaps, over time, you will allow some not quite civilized words in private with him. It is quite possible that they will even “turn on” a partner and serve as a catalyst for the beginning of sexual games. But at first it’s not worth taking risks and tempting fate.

Why do men love positive people?

All men pay attention to a girl who smiles openly and laughs contagiously, surrounding herself with positivity. Don't be shy to express your feelings. But remember that falsehood is easily recognized and looks extremely stupid. Do everything sincerely.

This fail-safe technique will work even with a stranger you meet on a minibus in the morning. Undoubtedly, by seeing each other every day, you will already recognize each other, but a light smile on your face will instantly endear him to you and set you apart from the gray crowd of gloomy people puzzled by problems.

And if you also work together, are in the same company, study or visit the same fitness club, then smile all the more. Openly, looking into his eyes, give him your warmest smile. The sincere joy of meeting, expressed in your eyes, will reduce the distance between you much faster than the most advanced seduction techniques. Show him that you are not just being polite towards him, but are ready to accept his steps towards him and continue communication.

Smile, talk to him, let him know that you care about him. If your feelings are mutual, then you will immediately see a response: glance, communication, everything will say that he likes you. If this is not the case, then there is no need to impose. As they say, you can’t force yourself to be nice. There will definitely be someone who will appreciate you.

What you can be interested in via correspondence in contact

If the situation is such that instead of live communication and dating, you are united only by a social network, try to interest a young man without leaving your computer. This is not so difficult to do, just find out some facts from his life:

  • what he likes to do;
  • does he have a hobby? if so, which one;
  • does he like sports?
  • where does he study or work?
  • What are your plans for the future.

The answers to these seemingly banal questions will allow you to conduct a conversation on topics that are pleasant to him. The young man will gradually begin to fall in love, because you love the same thing as he does (at least he should think so!). How to understand that you liked

There are several factors (signs) that you have successfully completed the task and made the man you like fall in love with you:

  • He often calls and writes sweet SMS;
  • Asks how your day was and gives useful advice;
  • Likes to look at you for a long time;
  • He is in a hurry to help, even if he is busy;
  • Likes your photos and posts on social networks;
  • Remembers when your birthday is.

How to listen and hear a man

As you know, men love with their eyes. The first thing men pay attention to is a woman’s appearance, only then are they interested in her behavior and voice. But no matter what you see based on your clothes, you need to be able to listen and maintain a conversation. Any beauty fades if the girl is stupid and cannot connect two words. When talking to a man, try to listen more. This will help you win him over, learn about his hobbies and what is valuable to him in life. Showing your interest in what he has to say will attract him even more. It's great if you find that you have a lot of common ground, you will have something to discuss in your next meetings.

What not to do

We have sorted out all the subtleties and features of how to win a guy and achieve his love. Let's focus on the things that repel men and make them run away:

  • Tiring shopping. Men begin to get bored and look at their watches within an hour of starting shopping. For shopping together, it’s better to choose a friend who can give you good advice.
  • Questions about his thoughts. Leave the person alone if he is thoughtful and silent. This state does not at all indicate problems in the relationship; give him time to collect his thoughts. If you want to answer the question “What are you thinking about?” to hear the answer “Only about you, dear!”, then it’s time to take off your rose-colored glasses.
  • Strangers. Try not to “wash dirty linen in public”; it is permissible to discuss problems only with the closest people. Gossip does not decorate anyone, and it will be unpleasant for your man to learn from third parties about problems that should have remained between you. Free your partner from the constant presence of your girlfriends and endless stories concerning other people's personal lives.
  • Obsessiveness. Your desire to be near him all the time may not meet with approval. Every person needs personal space. If a man wants to spend the evening with friends watching football, don’t forbid it, find something you like and just take a break from each other.
  • Tiring waiting. Don't make your man wait too long. It doesn’t matter what it is, a date or an answer to a question. Of course, you need to create intrigue and drama, but let it be appropriate. And remember, a three-hour wait in a cafe will drive anyone crazy, be tactful and punctual.

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How to be confident and harmonious

What kind of women do men who are successful and confidently stand on their own feet pay attention to? Of course, to those who are similar in spirit. Engage in self-development, strengthen your self-confidence in order to attract an equal partner from whom you will have something to learn.

Self-confidence can be developed in several directions at once. The first thing is to sign up for a fitness club and get your body in perfect shape. Second, start speaking publicly and become the life of any company. Third, develop sexuality and restraint at the same time, learn to radiate femininity.

Modern psychologists offer various options for personal growth courses that help you become more confident in yourself and your abilities. Financial independence and a successful career are the keys to success. Praise yourself even for the smallest victories, record them in your personal diary. Set goals and strive to achieve them.

Girls definitely need to watch their posture. A beautiful gait will only emphasize your sexuality and attract male glances. Just don't confuse confidence with arrogance.

Ease of communication does not mean accessibility. When demonstrating self-confidence to a man, do not forget to be weak and defenseless at the right moments. Forget phrases like “I don’t need a man”, “I can handle it myself”, etc. Let him take care of you, give you surprises and show affection.

There are no ideal people, everyone has their own shortcomings. Don’t focus on them, be open to the world, give a positive mood and a feeling of happiness. An optimistic attitude not only helps you withstand difficult times with dignity, but also attracts people, making you the life of the party.

Every woman has her own beauty. Small or tall, with or without large breasts, with a mop of hair or a short haircut - each of us is individual. There is definitely a man in the world for whom you will be the ideal. There is no point in striving to look like a supermodel or a star by tormenting yourself with diets and stupidly following fashion trends. Each star also has flaws, which they skillfully hide with the help of the professionalism of stylists, cosmetologists, and hairdressers.

Try to convince yourself that you are beautiful in both soul and body. This confidence will be transferred to the people around you. Your man will definitely notice you, not paying any attention to your perceived shortcomings. Stop asking yourself why men don't pay attention to me. Just enjoy life and yourself. Love yourself and appreciate everything that is connected with you. Your inner energy will make all men admire you.

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A smile will make the world brighter4

Yes, no one will doubt that a sincere smile on the face of the interlocutor can set the mood for positivity and transform the mood of everyone around. The guy you like is no exception. In any case, your excellent mood and optimistic attitude will be conveyed to him.

It is unlikely that a guy, even in his thoughts, will want to establish contact with a frowning “evil woman” who is constantly angry at the whole world. This especially applies to new acquaintances - who would want to start a relationship with a woman on whose face it is initially written “there are only problems and troubles around me.” So one of the main tips on how to attract a guy is to smile more.

At the same time, if you meet your counterpart with an open, radiant and necessarily sincere smile, his desire to communicate with you one hundred percent will become simply irresistible. Moreover, when communicating with such a girl, it will be much easier for a guy to show his own initiative in developing relationships.

Soft and non-aggressive sexuality

You can attract a man's attention with your eyes. For him to notice you, it is enough to hold your gaze on your chosen one for 5-6 seconds, and, after waiting for visual contact, turn away. Try practicing in front of a mirror in advance, then involve a friend. Learn to look sexy and languid, leaving a mystery in your eyes. But preliminary training is mandatory; without it you can look extremely stupid.

Show the man with your eyes that you are interested in him. Learn to shoot with your eyes. Instantly look away when a guy tries to catch him. Try to look at it briefly.

Being at a sufficiently large distance from him, look intently, slightly squinting your eyes. Show that he is interested in you. Avoid acting like a bitch who sets the bar too high. Many ladies tend to think that only through outfits, flashy makeup and a vulgar tone can they look sexy. It's not like that at all. Sexuality is characteristic of even the most modest girl.

It is also a mistake to think that only a very revealing outfit will help attract the attention of men. This is partly true. But such outfits attract only those men who are in the mood for a short intimate relationship. It is impossible to take a serious man who knows his worth with vulgarity; it will only push him away. No promiscuity or swagger in the image. Clothes should perfectly highlight the advantages of your figure, only slightly fitting it. When wearing a tight skirt, focus on the high slit and beautiful legs. Decorate your beautiful breasts with a small neckline. Avoid vulgarity in either dress or behavior.

Develop in everything. Play sports regularly, walk in the fresh air, be selective about outfits, shoes and accessories. Always control your facial expressions, gestures, speech, body positions and gait.

  • Learn to step from the hip. Give up sneakers in favor of feminine shoes or boots. Replace the sporty style with light romance.
  • When talking to a man you like, coquettishly tug at a strand of hair, twirling it around your finger. Keep your back straight in any position. Cross your legs. Avoid sudden gestures or movements. Do everything smoothly.
  • Don't shout, make sure your voice is as gentle and romantic as possible. You must be in complete harmony with yourself, because sexuality is not taught, it comes from within us.
  • Let the man conquer you. Don't be intrusive. Men love to hunt. Having chosen a worthy couple, he will definitely make every effort to conquer her. Give him this opportunity.

Don't shy away from flirting, but don't let yourself look stupid or vulgar. First, give him a light, beautiful smile. Make jokes and be positive.

Unobtrusive touches become appropriate only after getting to know each other. While sitting at the same table with a man and chatting, take a moment to go to the ladies' room for a few minutes. When standing up, be sure to lightly, as if by accident, touch him with your chest or thigh. Let him know that you are ready to continue your relationship.

When he tells a funny story, it will be very appropriate to laugh and touch his arm, thigh or shoulder. Try to be real, you can feel the fakeness right away.

Useful tips

There is a concept called NLP (neurolinguistic programming). Psychology and knowledge of the methodology greatly help to establish personal contacts. It includes:

  1. The principle of the mirror - similarity evokes sympathy on a subconscious level. Just repeat facial expressions and gestures.
  2. Do not strive to show your best side, but show sincere interest in the personality of your interlocutor.
  3. Pleasant associations. Remember happy moments or funny incidents from life. So in memory the girl will be associated with a smile.
  4. Don't be intrusive or vulgar.
  5. Do not violate personal boundaries.
  6. Respect as a person.
  7. Don't talk too much.

First of all, you should not be afraid to show interest. This does not mean that you need to throw yourself on your chosen one’s neck with the words “I am all yours.” Just a warm look, a smile, an interesting conversation. And then it’s up to him.

Summing up8

The skills listed above are general. Of course, each individual case is purely individual. It is the woman who, in each individual case, is supposed to develop special tactics and strategies of behavior that are suitable both for the current situation and for the character of the guy you like.

Learning certain skills does not come by itself; in some cases, you need to make an effort and do deep work with both your character and your behavior tactics. Some of them will be easy to learn, while others will have to spend a certain amount of time to learn.

The most important thing for a woman is to recognize the need for change and be willing to accept it. If you can’t learn to communicate with guys on your own, you can use the recommendations of professionals and take one of the many trainings for women. A wide selection of them is presented both in newspapers and on the Internet.

The most important thing in figuring out how to attract a guy is to trust your intuition. It is she who, better than any adviser, will tell a woman exactly how to behave in this or that situation, with this or that guy. A woman who can fully trust her feelings has a much better chance of attracting the guy of her dreams and avoiding mistakes.

The only thing you should never forget about is sincerity. Without this feeling, on the one hand elementary, and on the other hand, quite complex in life, you will definitely not be able to establish good and sincere love relationships. Do not lie to your loved one, in this case truly great and pure love awaits you.

Feng Shui technique to protect women's happiness

To attract a worthy man into their lives, some women resort to such an ancient Chinese teaching about the influence of the mysterious forces of the earth on a person as Feng Shui. At the same time, both thoughts and housing are subject to change.

Getting rid of negative energy in the house begins with general cleaning. First of all, you should throw away everything that reminds you of your past relationship: photographs, things. Gifts can simply be put away, for example, in the attic or in the country house. Old things, items that you don’t use, also need to be disposed of. Dust control should be regular. All items must be strictly in their places: clothes in the closet, books on the shelf.

Eastern practice recommends removing single objects from the house, especially from the bedroom. This also applies to images of people, including yours. Surround yourself with pairs - cups, plates, figurines. They should be in the paintings too. It’s good if it’s swans – they form pairs for life.

Close attention should be paid to the love zone – the bedroom. Beige, pink, red and orange are favorable colors for her.

Fire and earth are two verses that will help you get the necessary energy. Place pots of indoor flowers in the bedroom and light candles here.

After the house is in order, start harmonizing your thoughts and your internal state:

  • Don't allow yourself to be discouraged. Don’t sit within four walls, don’t plunge into melancholy and loneliness, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Communicate with people, look for new acquaintances. Visit exhibitions, museums, concerts. Do some sports. Physical activity will keep your body in good shape and give you a charge of positive emotions.
  • A great way to wash away negativity is a bath with aromatic oils.
  • To stay alert and in good spirits, you need to sleep at least eight hours a day.
  • Describe in detail on a piece of paper how you imagine your lover, his appearance and character. Keep this piece of paper with you and sometimes re-read what is written there. This will help you not to go astray and not waste time on gentlemen who are not suitable for you.
  • Don't be intrusive. Don’t rush at everyone you meet in the hope that this is your “prince.” Get acquainted, communicate, analyze his worldview, behavior, attitude towards you and keep your distance. Don't look for him everywhere with dazed eyes and don't live in a state of anticipation. The universe has already received your signal. If you move forward in small steps, she will definitely help you.
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