How to motivate a man to succeed: two approaches that will make him a millionaire

There have always been women who inspire men to do great things. In the Middle Ages, these were beautiful ladies for whom knights participated in tournaments. Now these are women - “muses”, serving as the main source of inspiration for poets, artists and other creative people. Every girl can become such an inspiration, regardless of appearance and figure. The main thing is correct behavior and sincere, genuine interest in what the beloved is doing.

The right motivation will help a man achieve his goal

Men and boys

Before you understand how to motivate a man to act, you need to understand what type of man you are dealing with.

Based on the strength of motivation, setting goals and achieving them, all representatives of the opposite sex can be divided into two categories: men and boys.

The first type does not need your direct influence. He had long understood what he needed from life and how exactly to achieve it.

Remember any successful man - a businessman, an actor, a musician - they clearly follow their own path, gaining more and more fame, money and recognition in the process.

Do you think they need some extra motivation? No, it's just a myth. They need inspiration, which the girl they love can very well give.

As for the second type, the “boys” have not yet realized their role in this unfriendly world. Most often they are aimless and infantile.

If you get to know your lover, do not rush to think about breaking up. Your boy can become a real man, but only if he wants it.

This is where motivation is needed, because making money is not limited to going to work every day. A man must go to success, reach new heights.

Answers on questions

How to motivate my man to give gifts?

For a man to start generously giving you gifts, learn to receive gifts with gratitude. When accepting flowers, a box of chocolates or a souvenir, express positive emotions and show good humor. A man will subconsciously remember the emotional reaction, feel significant, and he will want to experience this state again.

How to motivate him to marry me?

Let's start with an important note: a man must make the decision to marry HIMSELF. Remember the paradox that a woman’s strength is in her weakness and become for him the woman he wants to protect from life’s adversities. Think about the main female roles and try to change them periodically. Be either a caring mother, an ardent lover, or a devoted friend.

How to get a man to get off the couch and start working for the good of the family?

The advice is simple: do not scold or reproach a man. It’s better to ask him to get a job and find an effective incentive. Buying new things for him and paying for a swimming pool for the kid probably won't work. But a new spinning rod for an avid fisherman or the purchase of a new SUV for a car enthusiast may well become an effective bait.

How to motivate a man

Are you ready to inspire your hero to great deeds? Then... just be close to him. Yes, it's that simple. If there is a real man next to you who loves and appreciates you, all you can do is maintain this idyll.

Delight him, surprise him with new culinary masterpieces, or learn how to give a professional relaxing massage.

Develop intellectually and become a more interesting woman. Show the man that you do not stand in one place, but strive forward with him.

Nothing can motivate a man to succeed more than having an ideal soul mate. This statement is about you, isn't it?

The difference between motivation and manipulation

How to motivate yourself - set a goal and do everything to achieve it

Many psychology textbooks have been written about how to motivate a man. However, motivation should not be confused with manipulation. Manipulation always involves some kind of selfish goal: a woman wants to achieve her goals with the help of a partner. Motivation is a process when a lady helps her companion achieve his goals, not her own.

A man's success largely depends on his companion

How to motivate a boy

When dealing with a boy, you won't be able to use motivation as a panacea for all your problems.

Your chosen one may get a promotion or open his own small business. But the problem will not go away.

The boy needs to be re-educated into a man. Ideally, this should have been done not by you, but by his parents, but in such situations, life practically gives us no choice.

What problems do infantile men and, subsequently, their wives encounter? Lack of purpose. This entails the absence of an action plan, and then a passive life position.

In a word, a man floats with the flow and slowly degrades. How can a loving woman make her man come to his senses and start doing something? The answer lies in the problem itself.

Goal, plan, life position. It is this chain that connects a man with his success. The absence of at least one component causes inaction, stress and passivity.

Secret No. 3

The third important point: trust the man! Nowadays, it is very difficult for independent women to relax their grip and let go of control. We control everything and everyone: husbands, children, colleagues, weight, circumstances. As a former director, I can confirm this to you.

Even now, it is sometimes very difficult for me to cope with the habit of control. But the trick is that when a woman is relaxed, then everything works out for the best, especially if all the responsibility is transferred to the man. Then he is inspired by the fact that he is needed.

In general, the most important rule for competent communication with men is this: it is important for a man to feel needed and free at the same time. If these two conditions are met, then you can already be called a female muse! At the same time, you don’t even have to know how to cook foie gras with truffle sauce and have a breast size of 4.

Remember Salvador Dali's muse? Gala was, to put it mildly, not a beauty, but thanks to her charisma, energy and faith in the talent of her chosen one, the world recognized the brilliant artist. And there are many, many such confirmations in history.


It’s worth starting with her. It should be one big goal that cannot be achieved in one week or even a month.

Buying an apartment or a car will be a good goal, but it’s better to let them be components of something bigger.

“Move your family to New Zealand”, “Get on the cover of Forbes”, “Earn $1,000,000”, “Swim in all the Oceans of the world” - these are some interesting goals for you.

Also remember the following rules:

  • The goal must have a deadline. Earning $1,000,000 can take your entire life, but setting a one-year deadline will significantly speed up everything you do.
  • The goal must be achievable. Your man may be able to become the most popular singer or actor, but becoming the President of the United States or the head of the People's Republic of China is already on the verge of fantasy.
  • The goal should be flexible but unambiguous. This will save you from a lot of stress and failure. Agree, it is much easier to “Move to New Zealand” than “Move to a VIP apartment with an ocean view in New Zealand.”
  • The goal shouldn't be the end of the story. Only by believing in the feasibility of your dream and working out a plan in case it is achieved will you receive additional strength and motivation.
  • Purpose should be the meaning of your life. You can dream of becoming a football player while still working in an office. Don't make excuses and make your goal your number one priority.

Being a wise woman, try to ensure that the man's goal also concerns you and your children.


There should be not only a romantic relationship between a man and a woman, but also friendship. Who, if not your beloved, can you trust? Create a calm atmosphere so that there are no quarrels, disagreements and scandals. After all, if you constantly reproach your man, he will not be able to open up and trust.

Become a reliable friend for your loved one. If a man knows that after a confidential conversation there will be no scandals or reproaches, he will be able to tell absolutely everything that worries him. Oddly enough, it has been proven that friendship comes first for a person.


This will require not only a good imagination, but also mental abilities. Men make plans better than women, so ideally your lover should do all this.

You can help him with details and additional information. Be your man's faithful assistant, let him be the top manager of your common future.

The plan for achieving the goal itself looks like a huge ladder, the steps of which are actions and responsibilities.

It is not enough to break down the goal this way: “Buy a car = earn money + find a seller.”

How much money is needed? How to earn them? What kind of car do you want to buy and where? All these details must be in the plan.

As a result, the man will receive ready-made instructions for achieving success. All that remains is to follow the rules and act, act, act.

Secret No. 5

And the fifth aspect, which I came to quite recently and unexpectedly: development towards the interests of my man.

In our family it was like this: I am an ardent fan of yoga, and my husband is a supporter exclusively of the gym and working with muscles. I tried to prove to him how wonderful yoga is, and he told me how important it is to rock the “nut.” In the end, everyone remained to their own. I have a flat butt, and my husband is without enlightenment from chanting mantras in the lotus position

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