How to properly motivate yourself for financial success

Success in business is what every person’s efforts are aimed at, and it doesn’t matter at all whether it is success in business, creativity or personal affairs. Everyone wants to be successful in their business, and that's normal. There are a large number of successful people around us. Particularly successful ones share their advice and motivation to achieve their goals. Some advice, or better yet, business quotes have become a kind of aphorisms and a good tool for motivation. Very simple but at the same time containing great meaning and power. We hope that my small selection of business quotes will be useful to you in achieving success in your business.

The vast majority of people give up two steps away from success. They stop going the moment success is just steps around the corner. And the saddest thing is that they will never know how close he was!

Learn from people who achieve, not consume.

Start respecting people for their personal achievements. Don't look at the property they own. Think about what they have done in life. Did they create anything? Have you improved the lives of those around you at least a little? How hard did you work?

Stop judging people by their appearance. A suit says nothing about a person.

Read biographies of successful people

Find out where they started and how they turned what little they had into something more. What principles did they adhere to and what sacrifices did they make to achieve their plans?

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Make friends with people who inspire you

Think about it, are there people in your city that you would like to emulate? Go to events where they appear, join public associations in which they take part. Learn from these people. Make an effort to become their friend. Listen to them and get inspired.

Filter the information field around you

Don't focus your attention on TV shows or Instagram posts showing fancy houses and cars you can't afford. Channel your motivation in the right direction. Remember that our aspirations greatly depend on the information background that surrounds us.

Don't waste time evaluating other people's properties. These are dreams aimed at spending money rather than creating a stable financial base.

Instead, focus on the pursuit of personal freedom. Imagine how your life will improve due to financial success. Think about how good it would be to get rid of debt. Or save enough so that you can quit your job and do what you like. Think about what your life would look like if you didn't have to work at all.

Keep this picture in your head. Think about it. Let this motivate you, not the desire to own expensive things.

Why open a business if you can get a good job?

I liked the job. He did everything that his superiors demanded in good faith. Didn't complain, didn't whine, didn't gossip with colleagues and never discussed anyone.

The salary was enough to live on and support the family. However, in 2008 a crisis began.

The company's profits fell. The question arose about staff reduction. There is nothing to pay salaries.

Then I got really scared...

How will I support my family if I get fired tomorrow? How will I pay for the apartment, for kindergarten? How will I buy food? Where will I go to work, because there are layoffs everywhere? Many companies are closing.

I wasn't fired. The crisis has passed.

Gradually everything got better. But concerns remain. At the same time, the first thoughts about my business appeared. Not for the sake of successful success. And to ensure personal financial security.

Find motivation in people who have less than you

Firstly, we are talking about those who manage to make ends meet without significant financial investments. Secondly, about those who achieve material success with modest initial capital. And thirdly, about people leading a simple and minimalistic lifestyle, regardless of income level.

Explore the principles of a minimalist lifestyle

Meet examples of people who live by consciously giving up a lot of things. How do they do it? Why do they do this? What are their values?

Instead of hoarding possessions, these people value life experiences, relationships, and self-fulfillment. And these things really are much cheaper and require no storage space.

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Become a volunteer

Volunteer work often exposes us to poverty and helps us realize that many people struggle with and overcome hardships far greater than ours. This can't help but inspire.

Look for stories of people who have achieved success without starting with anything.

Their experience will help you realize that you don't have to have rich parents or an inheritance to take control of your destiny and achieve success.

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Positive thoughts and friends

Have you noticed that successful people always smile and never seem to have the blues? This is by no means a gift from above, but the result of enormous work on oneself, one’s emotions. Learning to be on a positive wave despite circumstances, nature and weather is the responsibility of anyone who wants to achieve high results.

The motivator in this case is simple - we drive away bad thoughts (after all, they are material), we think only about the reasonable, good and eternal. Gossip, idle speculation, discussions with neighbors and friends - leave these activities to losers. Try to surround yourself with positive friends who do not lose optimism and move forward in spite of all troubles.

A successful environment in itself energizes. You reach out to such people, trying to imitate them, and one day you become the same. “Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are” is a true expression.

Strive for self-discipline, not hedonism

Self-control is one of the most valuable traits of a person striving for financial success. However, as a rule, this is not talked about in pop culture and social networks. This is precisely the quality that underlies material independence. This is the ability to recognize and control your impulses and not give in to them.

If the joy in your life is focused on the fleeting pleasures of consumption, you will be completely vulnerable to the financial problems that happen to everyone.

Read books about Stoicism

They help you make more informed decisions and think strategically.

Start with Marcus Aurelius' book To Yourself. These are the thoughts of the greatest Roman emperor on how to wisely manage the wealth of the empire and how to interact with both his closest advisers and ordinary citizens of Rome.

Associate with disciplined people

Surround yourself with people who take care of their health and do not have bad habits or a passion for hoarding. They usually manage to build a strong business and achieve financial success because they resist immediate temptations and find more productive ways to spend their money, time and energy.

Study the habits of these people. Try to understand how they think and what principles they adhere to. Knowing that they achieved success through willpower and diligence will be a great source of motivation for you.

Reduce your communication with wasteful people who waste their lives on useless momentary pleasures. People who are unable to find any joy in life other than going to an expensive restaurant or making another purchase will not bring you any benefit.

Business motivation No. 3 - Financial security of children

What is this? This is knowledge and skills that will provide a child with personal finances .

Neither school nor institute provides such knowledge.

The child has grown up a long time ago; he is 25 years old. And he still sits on his parents’ necks. He doesn't know how to earn money.

Common situation?

Parents cannot teach him anything, because... They themselves worked “for their uncle” all their lives. All they can advise is “study well and then find a job.”

Dream about achieving, not possessing

Everyone has dreams, but it is necessary to translate them into real goals so that they do not remain just dreams of a beautiful life. Ask yourself these questions again and again, because this is the only way to become successful:

  • What can I do this year to achieve what I really want?
  • How much of this can I do this month?
  • And this week?
  • How about today?

Explore the goal-setting practices of successful people

Read articles and books about goal setting and planning to understand how others can make their dreams come true. Find techniques that are right for you.

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Skip the retail therapy

Stop walking around shopping centers and looking at online stores if you don't intend to buy something. This is a useless pastime, which will also lead your motivation in the wrong direction.

Instead, think about some of your favorite activities that don't involve spending money. What are your hobbies? What have you always wanted to try? Focus on these things and try to fill your free time with them.

Ben Franklin's Principles

  1. Happiness consists of the small achievements we achieve every day. Yes, it happens that you get really lucky, but mostly global success was achieved by companies and people who gradually, step by step, moved towards their dreams, improving and modifying tools and strategies.
  2. You have the power and ability to control and change your life. Someone hides it very deep inside themselves, but this does not mean at all that it cannot be detected. Know that only you shape your life.
  3. A very interesting principle that says that success is a pleasure that we should experience as often as possible, then its quantity and intensity will increase.

When choosing activities and entertainment, be guided by their value, not cost

The most memorable moments of our lives are not associated with the amount of money we invested in them, but with the emotions we received.

Find free or low-cost activities for you

They are the ones who can bring you strong emotions or valuable experience. These could be, for example:

  • Writing.
  • Independent music lessons or attending free concerts.
  • Meditation.

You don't have to travel all over the world to find inspiration. You can find him in the park or at your local theater. Just look around.

Try new things, look for different ways to bring joy into your life.

Avoid expensive entertainment

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that expensive experiences are better or more meaningful. You can shell out a lot of money for terrible food. You can buy a premium ticket to an expensive but incredibly boring seminar. Even the toilet can be tiled with gold tiles.

The point is to look for what's truly important without basing your choice on price.

Don’t look at photos of paradise beaches, but go on a trip to the protected places of your country, go on a hike in the mountains. Discover something new where you live. Let your inner voice guide you, not travel brochures.

Once you figure out what brings you joy, find out where else you can have similar experiences. Perhaps there is something similar in your city, and it’s free.

Overall, you don't need expensive seminars to achieve financial success. Surround yourself with successful people and the right information. And listen to your heart.

Let's start with planning

Lucius Seneca has an excellent saying: “If a person does not know to which pier he is heading, then no wind will be favorable for him.” The first thing that is important to do is to clearly define your goals for life and the legacy that you will leave for your children. Think: where do you see yourself in 10, 20 years, describing your life in colors. Do you dream of starting a coffee wholesale business? Set this goal! Do you want to open a library? And this goal is worthy.

Write down all your goals in a notebook, no matter how crazy they seem. Visualizing your desires on paper is the first step to success. From a large goal, move on to a modest one - write down a plan of achievement for the next 12 months. Keep a calendar and note what actions you are willing to take to achieve your goal. The year will fly by quickly, but a realized mini-goal always gives you inner strength. Along with your plans, write on a piece of paper the motivation that inspires you.

The motivation is:

  1. Freedom. Any owner of his own company is the master of his life. He does not live from call to call, but manages his time at his own discretion.
  2. Income. No matter how the “unmercenary” people say, a lot depends on money in our lives. The income will be higher and the opportunities will expand. There will be a chance to travel the world, invest in your own education or the education of your children.
  3. Personal growth. The need to constantly grow is experienced only by thinking people with developed intellect, capable of feeling and hearing themselves and others. To be significant for children, to become an example for others to follow is the natural desire of every successful person. The desire to grow must be cultivated within yourself.

Everyone has a moment when they give up and don’t want to do anything. It's time to pick up the written plans and refresh your memory of the three points of motivation. This usually invigorates, returning the desire to act.

Specify the goal

It’s not enough to just want to “live richly” or “become a successful businessman.” You need to understand exactly what the success you are striving for consists of.

Rich - how is that? Earn 100,000 rubles a month or a million rubles a day? Have a three-story house in the suburbs or a castle on Rublyovka? Eat in restaurants or hire your own chef?

Describe point by point what your wealth looks like in facts and figures:

  • career objective;
  • amount of income;
  • property owned;
  • lifestyle features.

This way you will understand exactly what to strive for.

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Phrases by Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker was one of the most influential management theorists of the last century. During his eventful 95-year life, he wrote several books on management and spoke about the importance of intellectual work. He owns theories about the global market, entrepreneurial society, and innovative economy.

He knew the secret of the Japanese success - they actually work, and not just report on the work. Many residents of the eastern country work overtime and seven days a week just to improve the situation in the country. Peter Drucker said this about business: “Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. This is practice." He believed that “an entrepreneur always looks for change... and seizes it as an opportunity.”

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