What is success - how to achieve your goals correctly

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Each of us periodically asks the question: what is success? Some may feel it on an intuitive level, and can imagine in their heads what a truly successful life looks like for them. However, the signs of success are different for each of us : for some it is expensive premium cars, and for others it is a feeling of importance among loved ones. It all depends on the goals, worldview and personal qualities of a particular person. However, there are several main components that make up real success. Let's figure out what is included in this concept.

Basic mistakes

What prevents a person from achieving success?

  1. The opinion that nothing can be changed.
  2. Self-doubt and fear of failure.
  3. Fear of change.
  4. Fussiness is when a person rushes from one idea to another.
  5. Shifting responsibility to others. As a result, the person continues to do things that lead to an even greater aggravation of the problem.
  6. Self-pity. Sometimes you need to suffer a little in the current moment in order to get something more in the future. And if you feel sorry for yourself excessively, a person begins to avoid negative experiences and, as a result, misses the result. After some time, the habit of feeling sorry for oneself goes into the subconscious, and the person ceases to be aware of it, but it continues to destroy his life.
  7. Lack of flexibility of thinking. There is a very good metaphor that describes the differences between a successful person and an unsuccessful one. The last one will come to the party to find love. If you fail to meet a person of the opposite sex, then unsuccessful men or women leave in upset feelings. A successful person, even if he doesn’t find love, meets good friends.
  8. Thinking in a negative way. Anthony Robbins said that we often overestimate ourselves in the present moment and underestimate ourselves in the future. Therefore, you need to be optimistic and understand that everything will end well in the end. Then they won’t give up if something doesn’t work out now. Moreover, in order to become rich and successful, psychologists say that you need to set goals in a positive form. It is correct to ask the question: “how to become financially independent”, “how to get out among people” instead of “how to stop being a loser” or “how to get out of poverty”. The dominant motivation of successful people is to achieve, not to avoid. The same goes for envy. Successful people learn from people who have achieved more. Losers simply envy them and do nothing.
  9. The lack of support and understanding from others unsettles you. A successful person does not depend on other people's opinions.

Comes from childhood, infantilism

Infantilism is immaturity, a child in the body of an adult (simple definition).

All people come from childhood. A person has grown up, but his “wants” often remain the same. As a child, you want more sweets, more childish things, more toys, more attention. Stop! Last sentence, am I talking about a child or an adult?

In childhood, a child has a wise “limiter” in the form of a caring parent who regulates the desires of his child. “Yes, it’s possible, but it might hurt you, baby...”

As an adult, who is your wise limiter, seer? Who will ask that what you want is really good for you?

Option 3

Success is one of the topics that gets talked about a lot these days. Books are devoted to this topic, various courses, trainings and seminars are organized where they teach how to become a successful person and what needs to be done for this. Today, it has become very fashionable to be successful, because when they say “successful person,” this phrase immediately raises the person’s self-esteem and makes him higher in the eyes of others. That's why many people want to be classified as successful people. but in order to get any closer to this category, you need to work on yourself, develop your skills and overcome difficulties.

Very often, many people confuse the concept of “success” with the concept of “luck”. Luck can strike at any time, for example, winning a super prize in the lottery. And success is also a kind of prize, but to win it, you need to make a lot of effort. Success doesn't just happen, it's created. and you need to be prepared to spend more than one day, month and even more than one year to achieve success. For example, Henry Ford, the creator of a famous car brand, spent years of his life developing his idea, although many people thought it was stupid, but the opinions of those around him did not stop him, and years later his idea brought him worldwide fame and wealth.

Each person has a different definition of what success is and what it should be. It could be money and fame or a strong and loving family. It all depends on the values, worldview and character of a person

But first of all, success is an achieved goal, large or small, and no matter in what area of ​​life, if it is achieved, then the person has definitely achieved success. Success occurs in different situations

For example, it may appear:

1. In acquiring certain skills, such as playing the guitar, dancing, drawing, cooking, studying.

2. Psychological success is manifested in changing one’s character or eliminating a bad habit.

3. Career success involves achieving the desired position at work, receiving career growth or taking an honorable place in the team.

4. Personal success manifests itself in communication, friendship, love and family.

There is a simple algorithm for achieving success. First, you need to set a goal, then plan actions to achieve it and consolidate everything with motivation.

Success plays an important role in a person's life. When a person achieves success, he not only gets the desired result, but also enjoys the result achieved. Confidence in yourself and your capabilities appears, the attitude towards life becomes more positive and the person’s emotional state becomes much better.


Here I have briefly described the basic principles of successful people. You can highlight discipline, willpower, positive thinking and the ability to rise after another fall. But sometimes theses alone are not enough. Therefore, accept the list of powerful motivating books in which successful people share their experiences, worries, bumps and achievements.

  1. Angela Duckworth “Grit. The Power of Passion and Persistence” is a great resource for starting from scratch.
  2. Benjamin Graham “The Intelligent Investor” – help in achieving financial well-being.
  3. Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" is a guide to teaching your children how to manage money so that it works for you.
  4. William Danko “My Neighbor is a Millionaire” - the authors of the book translate our small habits into money and show who we could become if we realized it in time.
  5. Anthony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within” is a motivating book for controlling yourself, your health, your children, your money and all your property, your life.
  6. Stephen Covey “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” - many famous people have used this book as a reference book for their business and development.
  7. MJ DeMarco's "Millionaire Fastlane" describes three patterns of how people behave with their finances.
  8. Rabbi Daniel Lapin “You must prosper” is a motivator for achieving financial well-being. It is interesting that it was written by a priest, businessman, writer and lecturer.
  9. Tony Robbins "Unshakable" A plan for your financial freedom” - the author tells how to manage money, not take excessive risks and be financially independent.


In the book “The Brain of Winners,” Harvard University scientists, namely psychologists D. Brown and M. Fenske, put forward the following theory: “Success has never been dependent on intelligence, financial status, or prevailing circumstances. Even luck does not guarantee success. It is often associated with a person’s ability to control his mind and be resilient in the face of defeat and failure.”

Therefore, we can say that success is, first of all, an activity that is aimed at achieving results while getting pleasure. And secondly, success is public recognition of the results achieved.

The theory of success is nothing more than a sequence of events that lead to the final goal. And no matter what the situation may be, those who really strive for real success must draw conclusions and find benefits for themselves.

What does this concept mean?

There is no specific answer to this question. Society characterizes this concept with recognition, wealth, prosperity, a prestigious position or a successful career. Everyone puts their own understanding into this term. All of the above options are correct. The ideal formula for a “lucky person” is to do what you like, while having enough time for love and travel. After all, this is the main wealth of any person. It is not replenished and goes away. Therefore, we need to think about whether it is worth spending it on those things that do not bring moral and physical satisfaction?

Option 2

One way or another, every person strives to become successful, but success has a different concept for everyone. And only the person himself determines the mark upon reaching which he can consider the journey he has made a success.

First of all, success is achieving your goal, enjoying it and being recognized by significant people. These three points are the constant companions of success. Let's figure it out in order.

A person always has some goal to which he strives. He overcomes the obstacles and difficulties that stand in his way and reaches his goal. This is the first stage of success - achieving what you set out to do.

The second stage is receiving pleasure from what has happened. When a person receives what he strived for, he is captured by a storm of positive emotions, which form pleasure.

The third integral part of success is recognition from others.

If no one pays attention to what a person considers to be his success, he may be offended. Moreover, many people, due to lack of self-confidence, simply do not consider their victory a success unless someone helps them with this, paying attention or praising them for their work.

It is also worth noting that for different people, different victories are success. For example, for Napoleon, the French emperor of the early 19th century, only a completely conquered world could be considered a success. For a small child, learning to ride a bicycle is already a success. But can we say that Napoleon would have experienced greater happiness than a little boy? I think no. The size, immensity and enormity of a goal do not affect a person's level of satisfaction. If for a child to ride a bicycle without falling for the first time in his life is something out of fantasy, then if he achieves this goal, he will be immensely happy. Just as Napoleon would be happy if he achieved his goal.

To summarize, in order to become happier, you need to set achievable goals. It is necessary to rejoice at every local success, and not just global, otherwise life will become unsatisfactory, and the person will be consumed by frustration. Also, any success strives to be appreciated, so that a person’s self-esteem is maintained at a level, so that a person values ​​himself, but this should not be abused: the consequences can result in a groundlessly inflated self-esteem, an overestimation of one’s own importance in society.

Individual performance curve

How to learn to achieve your professional success? It's simple, every person has hours of peak activity and relaxation. Having properly studied your body and the biorhythms in it, you can do much more. These processes are displayed very well on the labor productivity curve. It is divided into three types:

  • the average person;
  • owls;
  • larks.

Decide what type you are and you will succeed.

The curve of an ordinary person

This indicator is suitable for the majority of people. Their concentration of attention reaches a peak in the first quarter of the day (7.30 - 11.30), then decreases and increases again at the end of the day (18.00 - 21.00). In the evening hours, the charge of vivacity that was in the morning is not observed. Therefore, everything important should be planned for the morning.

"Owls" activity

Do you go to bed late at night, and waking up early is a terrible torment? Perhaps you are a night owl. For such people, the productivity schedule is shifted a couple of hours ahead compared to those described above. How then to become successful in life, if you belong to this type, there is no secret, just put maximum emphasis on working during lunch and evening hours.

Features of "Larks"

By 9 pm you are already off your feet, but in the morning you were full of strength and vigor? – You are definitely a morning person. Your peak activity schedule is shifted back one hour. That is, in order to use your potential most efficiently and effectively, you need to:

  • start activities early in the morning;
  • spend time before colleagues arrive on an important part of the work, which is best done in complete silence;
  • Carry out monotonous activities in the afternoon.

Monitor yourself and develop the most optimal work discipline schedule.

Setting goals

The main obstacle to achieving success is incorrectly set goals or lack of them. A purposeless existence determines dependence on external circumstances and complete inaction.

Continuing to go with the flow, a person constantly complains that nothing happens in his routine life.

In fact, what happens to a person depends only on himself

To change your usual circumstances, it is important to decide on a goal. Imagine your life in the future when you have achieved success and write down your main (long-term) goal

Many people look back at the achievements of famous and successful people. It would seem that someone else's success should push us to new achievements. But often the opposite happens - a person gives up, considering his goals to be meager and worthless.

In fact, you don’t understand that you won’t be able to fly to the top in a short time. The path to success will be long and thorny. To assess your own capabilities realistically, a long-term goal must be realistic, understandable and have specific deadlines. The path to it needs to be divided into components, and progress towards the main result gradually, like along the steps of a ladder. Then, every time you succeed in achieving a short-term goal, your self-confidence will strengthen and ultimately your success will be constant.

Practical tips:

To increase your own motivation, keep a diary of achievements and write down the tasks set and completed.

State a main goal that seems important. The main thing is that it is not an abstract phrase (such as “become successful”), but tangible and understandable. Imagine what you need to do in the next week to move towards what you want and create an action plan. You need to set goals for yourself at least once a week.

Drawing up a plan and maintaining reports promotes self-organization and proper time management. A person will imagine the time frame for achieving success and will not be disappointed in case of unjustified hopes.

Manifestation of success in women and men

Personal growth - what is it?

Signs of success between men and women have slight differences due to the role they play in society. These are more like character traits, where lightness and resilience predominate.

Success leads to trust

A successful woman is confident in herself, which is evident in her appearance, calm disposition and knowledge. Harmony is its main characteristic. She is moderately strict, so as not to allow herself to be pushed around, and charming, inspiring trust. People reach out to her for advice, but she will not allow them to “sit” on her neck. The financial situation is this: either she is independent from everyone, or she shares responsibilities with a very worthy and trusted person.

A successful man can be held up as a model of behavior. He is a leader, which means responsibility and determination. The man is gentle and sociable with loved ones, kind to strangers, not a provocateur or a brawler. In communication, he is straightforward, speaks without hints, and does not allow low jokes. He is hardy, physically strong, this helps a man feel better and more confident.

Eisenhower matrix principle

The Eisenhower principle, as its name implies, was proposed by the American general and US President Dwight Eisenhower.

Then Eisenhower recommended dividing tasks into 2 categories:

  • Important or unimportant
  • Urgent or non-urgent

To make it all look a little clearer, he recommended - as shown in the image below - using a coordinate system for these categories according to which tasks would be distributed.

The bottom right square is actually nothing more than garbage. These tasks may not be completed. They are neither urgent nor important.

The lower upper square represents unimportant but urgent tasks. These tasks should be delegated.

Tasks that are not urgent but important (bottom left) must be entered into the calendar and later completed step by step.

Remaining tasks in the upper left corner: urgent and important. They must be implemented immediately!. Of course, it would be pointless to develop such a coordinate system for every day

The purpose of this is to internalize this principle so that you can apply it intuitively

Of course, it would be pointless to develop such a coordinate system for every day. The purpose of this is to internalize this principle so that you can apply it intuitively.

General Eisenhower's principle

The method was developed by the American president and is designed to divide tasks into several types:

  • important and unimportant;
  • immediate and non-urgent.

A table appears, the suppression of blocks of which characterizes the priority of actions.

UrgencyUrgentlyDo it yourself immediatelyDelegate to others
Do not rushPlan and execute on your ownDon't execute (trash)

It makes no sense to build such a matrix for each situation, but it is still worth learning the principle of dividing things by priority.

The Great Secret of Success

The great secret of success is that there is simply no golden formula for achieving your goal. It is different for everyone, and there is no guarantee that one formula can be applicable in several cases. The secret of success lies in constant self-improvement, persistent movement forward, learning from failures, hard work, iron will and self-confidence. It is impossible to achieve your goal without taking action. Success will not fall on you from heaven, it will not be presented on a silver platter, it will not humbly wait for you at the door - everything on this earth must be earned. And those who are concerned about how to achieve success in life should rely solely on themselves and their abilities.

Progress towards your goal will be much easier, and hard work will seem enjoyable if you do what you love. The complex road to the pinnacle of success, filled with obstacles and difficulties, will seem like an interesting and exciting game that will give you great pleasure. And the fact that great things and discoveries come only from people who are passionate about their work has been known for a long time.

Let's look at 6 universal ways to set goals and achieve success in everything, shared by outstanding personalities of the world.

Victory starts with failure

Any successful activity begins with the successful launch of an idea. When starting to carry out any business, you need to immediately set a goal and indicate the end result. Naturally, brilliant ideas are the preserve of a select few, and therefore, before you begin to implement your plan, you need to thoroughly prepare. Preparation means courses, trainings or development of a theoretical knowledge base on the relevant topic. After the preparations are completed, a specific action plan will be outlined; in most cases, it still requires additional adjustments, but the main path will be outlined.

But this is just the beginning. Before taking action, it is necessary, to the extent possible, to identify risks and consider ways to mitigate them.

To do this, you can use knowledge about the experiences of other people (no matter whether it is positive or negative). The main thing is to understand that there will be situations that are not provided for in the plan.

And that's okay. Defeat is natural, and the path to success in life begins with it.

What thoughts hinder growth?

"I must". No one owes anyone anything - everything a person does, he does for himself and of his own free will, even if in order to achieve a goal he has to limit himself in something or give up something.

"I can not do it". It’s always worth trying; if it doesn’t work right away, you can collect information, learn, ask for advice, etc. The second or third attempt will be successful.

"I do not want anything". The absence of positive desires and goals is a path to nowhere. Wishing and striving are the first steps to achieving success.

"Everything as usual; nothing new". Life changes every moment, even against our wishes. Why not try to change it on your own?

Start small

You must clearly define the end goal. The path to achieving it may not be easy and may take an indefinite period of time, so it is important to accurately and carefully paint a picture of what will happen as a result.

At the same time, do not become a slave to your goal. Of course, monotonous progress towards the end point is commendable, but it is also important to be able to adjust your activities in case of sudden changes in life circumstances, without remaining hostage to your tasks or completely abandon the idea if it has become irrelevant. Next, I will give strategies that will tell you how and what you need to do to be successful and become independent.

Success is what you can achieve real success in

So, success is a ladder leading to happiness. Success does not come just like that; it must be achieved. But what exactly can you become successful at?

Each of us came into this world with our own special temperament, character, abilities and talents. Some people gravitate towards exact sciences, others find languages ​​easier; someone writes poetry, and someone draws well. Even if you do not have a pronounced talent, there is definitely something that you are most pleased to do. Perhaps you can realize yourself perfectly simply by making someone next to you happy. The main idea: only those people who do what they love can be truly successful. Can a person for whom going to work is tantamount to hard labor be successful? Of course not. Such a person simply does what he is told, without inspiration, without zeal, without enthusiasm.

You can truly achieve your goals and develop only by completely immersing yourself in the activity in which you live. Therefore, do not try on other people's lives if you want to become a truly successful person. Find yourself and don't fall into the trap of dogma. Your soul knows who it really is! She gives you hints with her inner voice - hear them! Our mind often builds imaginary obstacles, but they are secondary, the soul knows that everything is possible in this world! Now let's try to understand what specific methods will help you achieve success.

What are the components of success in life?

It consists of three components: motivation, behavior and tactics. This is a kind of triangle of life success, each side of which is important for achieving it.

Motivation is the first side of the triangle

This is an internal mechanism that only you control, and not external circumstances. This is your personal choice and is closely related to your belief in achieving your goals. It is this belief that determines your level of success.

You believe that you can achieve your goal, which means that no difficulties or obstacles will hinder you; rather, they will only strengthen this desire. Faith and confidence help develop a positive, optimistic attitude of mind, even if external circumstances are still far from expected.

But if you don't believe, doubt, then you won't be successful. It's simple and starts with motivation for success, both in business and in life.

These 12 minutes of intense motivation will help you set yourself up to achieve your goals. The video received more than 10 million views within a year.

Knowledge is the second side of the triangle

It's like an equation, if you have great motivation, right goals and a good plan, but lack knowledge and skills, then achieving the goal becomes a difficult and difficult task. This is why self-education and practice are so important.

Although people like: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg became successful without a university degree, but they recognized the role of education to achieve success in life. Therefore, we constantly engaged in self-education and practice.

What do they advise you to do? Become a good student of those who have achieved what you are trying to achieve. Attend seminars, read books, watch courses, research and train yourself to complete the tasks. Build your skills for a successful life.

Actions - Third Party

This side of the triangle is focused on specific matters. It consists of three elements:

  • Setting a goal.
  • Planning specific actions to achieve the goal.
  • Step-by-step implementation of the drawn up plan in practice.

When people have a goal and a clear plan to achieve it, then they face each new day with a challenge, ready to take action. But to do this, you still need to know the factors that contribute to whether a person will be successful or not. Let's find out what it depends on.

Ask yourself: What does success in life mean to me? How do I understand it?

By listening to your inner world and needs, you can clearly formulate the concept of well-being, which will simplify the path to achieving it

By asking this question, you can make a list of the defining characteristics of happiness and inner satisfaction, and then rank all the items in order of priority, focusing on the importance of the task at hand.

Having defined the list, adjusted it and described all the items as accurately as possible, it is worth determining the cause-and-effect relationships between the items, which will allow us to formulate the concept of success. The next stage is the realization of a dream, while you can always come up with a new one, because the decision made is half of what has been done, which means that amazing prospects for self-improvement open up for everyone. As one of the great travelers said, only when you reach the top do you begin to see the entire horizon and new alluring routes

If at some point it seems to you that you yourself don’t know what you want, then this is quite normal, it is important not to stop your search and move forward, because all the most amazing and interesting things can await you just around the next corner!

Becoming successful and achieving your goals

To climb to the top of Olympus and know how to achieve results and everything you want in life, you need to gradually move forward, adhering to the following useful rules:

  • Each task should be divided into simpler subtasks with specific time frames. Everyone knows this strategy, but only a few use it in practice.
  • Any worthwhile idea should be written down. You shouldn’t carry everything in your head, it’s better to focus on a specific task.
  • Set aside a strictly designated time and place for meetings and conversations, as there are people who will take up all your space and disrupt your schedule.
  • Take breaks - it's better if they are short but frequent.
  • Don't put off unpleasant tasks for too long.

These are simple steps that will take you a long way forward.

Ask a question

How much success depends on external conditions

The degree of influence of conditions beyond a person’s control on his success is difficult to underestimate; on the way to realizing your own needs, you can encounter a variety of external factors, divided into two categories:

Unfavorable. Negative conditions are an excellent incentive to search for exclusive solutions and creative options for reducing risks. A financial market collapse will be an opportunity to start a project from scratch, work that was not accepted by the manager can be improved, and in bad weather you can spend time with your family;

Favorable. Good conditions will help you quickly achieve your goals, determine the next ones and begin to implement them. Being born into a wealthy family will allow you to focus on financial stability, successful passing of exams guarantees an increase in the level of education, and the profitability of a business gives impetus to its development.

Of course, in favorable conditions everything seems more predictable and safer, but almost all successful people agree that it was failures and difficulties that truly shaped them, and that they learned the most valuable lessons while undergoing trials, sometimes in the most unfavorable conditions. Everyone knows how to swim in calm waters, but only those who have been through storms more than once achieve real success.

Take the training and start your path to success

You can read many books and articles about motivation, but it’s better to take an online course or training once. Learning from a person who has walked this path will help you believe in yourself and achieve what exactly you want in this life. Under no circumstances should you listen to amateurs who shout at every corner: “Pay me and you’ll get rich!”

For me, such a person is Pavel Volya.

His online course “Improver Express” will teach 3 main things: initiative, action and efficiency.

The training consists of 23 chips. It was they who helped Volya turn from a simple beggar Penza guy into the highest paid presenter of the TNT channel and my favorite stand-up comedian. According to Forbes magazine, Pavel earns $2.5 million annually.

The course is suitable for both men and women from 16 years of age.

How the training will take place:

  1. You receive theory and practical assignment.
  2. Do it.
  3. If you did it right, move on to the next one.

If you don’t mess around and do all your homework responsibly, then pleasant changes await you: at work, in your personal life, with relatives and friends. This will lead to more money, connections and success.

Cost – 15,000 rubles. with access forever, but there is also the opportunity to take the course for 3,000 rubles.

If within 2 weeks you decide that the course is not suitable for you, your money will be returned.

After registering for training, a girl from Pavel’s team will contact you and answer all your questions regarding the training. You will discuss payment terms with her.

Also in this article you will find reviews of all courses of the “Willpower” project from Pavel and Laysan Utyasheva.

Course by Pavel Volya

On the path to success in life.

On the portal, the main emphasis is on health promotion, personal development, business psychology and myths of the psychology of success. And also what role Internet marketing can play in the formation, development of your business and promotion of business ideas. In addition, you can check out:

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  • simple and at the same time healthy recipes;
  • as well as with the author’s smart fitness method for weight correction and muscle gain at home without strict diets, weight lifting and injuries.

Don’t forget about a healthy lifestyle, self-improvement and self-development.

I wish you health and success in finding your path!

Good luck!

Essay about Success

Success is when achieving everything you wanted becomes possible. Success is when something you have been planning for a long time and really wanted to accomplish becomes easy. People perceive the word success differently. For some, success is a huge amount of money, for others it is a good achievement in their career, while others consider it success to get a good night's sleep.

You can consider yourself successful when you succeed in something, when you achieve some goal, and the sweeter the success, the harder you tried, and the more difficult the task you wanted to complete.

Each of us sets some tasks for ourselves and is considered successful if this task is completed. Every person at least once in his life has thought about what success is, how to achieve it, what needs to be done for this? Of course, there is no definite answer to this question, and there is no answer because there cannot be a general formula for success; everyone has different plans, tasks, and goals for life. People consider those who have a lot of money and high status to be successful, but this is not always the case, because not all people with fat wallets are happy, they still lack something in life. It turns out that success depends on happiness, just like happiness depends on success.

But still, there is one important detail of success, without which there will definitely be no result - effort. It is through effort that people achieve success.

So this is the most important thing that each of us should remember - this is trying on the path to success and never giving up, even in case of frequent failures

Sometimes success comes to us, but too late, at the moment when the result of this success becomes completely insignificant, and we no longer consider it successful. We want more and more new achievements and this is absolutely good, because a person should not stop halfway path and rejoice at the minor victory.

Personally, I consider complete peace of mind, the health of my entire family, minor and significant victories along the path of life to be success. After all, by being happy with what we already have at the moment, we can be successful and delight ourselves even in everyday affairs. I want to advise everyone not to despair and go to success no matter what!

Summary information

Understanding the responsibility to ourselves, as well as to the people around us, we must clearly follow the plan. All goals must be achieved no matter what. It is very important to surround yourself with people who, just like you, strive to reach the top. If there are only losers around you, then you will not be able to achieve what you have in mind, they will always pull you down. Therefore, think carefully about which people can help you achieve success, and who will slow down your development.

To be successful, you need to be a hardworking and selfless person. Always help those in need and do not leave those around you in trouble. By following moral principles, you can multiply all your achievements and achieve real success.

Ask your question to granddaughter Anna here

What qualities and actions distinguish a successful person?

1. Self-sufficiency. A successful person does not depend on the opinions of others, he is the master of his own happiness

It doesn't matter what everyone around you thinks - self-esteem comes from within.

2. The ability to forgive. Forgiveness frees both the offender and the offended. The let go of resentment will not devour you from the inside, cultivating illnesses and complexes. But don’t forget anything - don’t give anyone a second chance to offend you.

3. The ability to conserve one’s strength. You shouldn’t waste yourself completely in a momentary struggle. Sometimes you can retreat and gain strength for the next battle.

4. The best is the enemy of the good. There is no need to be perfect; perfectionism leads to neuroses and chronic diseases. Do it the best you can. Next time it will be better.

5. Don't live in the past. The ability to part with the past, forgive others and yourself is a step towards a happy future.

6. The ability to get distracted. There is no need to live only by Business, Work. Successful Oleg Tinkov states: “Work to live, but not live to work.” You need to find time for yourself and for your loved ones.

7. The ability to say “no”. A successful person knows how to say no. Following other people's desires leads to failure, stress and depression.

8. Kindness. Fact: the more a person achieves, the more friendly and polite he is to everyone

It doesn’t matter what the social status of the interlocutor is - a successful person will be polite and humane. Anger is for losers

Try to listen carefully and “hear” the interlocutor, do not interrupt and give the opportunity to speak. Be interested in the affairs and problems of others. Even if it is difficult at first, skill and sincerity will come with time. Try it, you will be surprised how many prospects the goodwill and participation of others will open up for you.

Owen Young (writer):

Be kind to everyone, even during telephone conversations, and especially to your loved ones.

9. Visual appeal. You don't have to look like a model, just be neat and well-groomed. It is difficult to believe in the success of a person who has unkempt clothes, dirty hair and sloppy nails.

Take care of yourself with pleasure, make an effort to please yourself first of all.

How to become a truly successful person

Personality formation is a long and painstaking work, which largely depends on who you are now and who you want to become in the future.

Therefore, it is important, on the one hand, to be able to fantasize and dream, to visualize and imagine the best options for your possible future every day. On the other hand, soberly and objectively assess your strength, skills, talents and capabilities

But what can be said accurately and unambiguously, and for which there are many examples in history:

Your personal effectiveness and success directly depends on your ability to use your own advantages, the ability to activate internal resources, improve personal qualities and characteristics

Focusing on future achievements, it is important to accept the upcoming changes, changing yourself and consciousness, pushing the boundaries of the usual, enjoying the process of conquering peaks

By systematizing the factors of success, it is necessary to hone your natural tools, opening your consciousness, developing creativity and flexibility, determination and self-discipline. Internal motivation and the use of external factors will help you achieve success by first defining for yourself its main components and individual components.

What is success in human life

Man by nature is inclined to experience hunger not only physically, but also spiritually. We definitely need communication, recognition, respect, love. And money is not always able to satisfy our needs like these. We need friends, comrades, a loving soulmate, and without this, I must say, money loses all meaning and value, right?

But even without money, especially with its severe shortage, will we be able to fully enjoy love, friendship, and fame? Will we be able to show proper care for our family and friends? The conclusion inevitably arises: true success is the complete harmony of its material and spiritual components. Success is the ability to make our life the way you want it to be. This is achieving your goals and getting pleasure and satisfaction from it.

It should also be understood that each individual person has his own, individual and unique perception of the world. First of all, a person’s vision of the concept of success depends on a huge number of his personal characteristics. This includes both the character as a whole and some of its components separately. Well, for example, ambition, emotionality, temperament and others. And for this reason, for some, the title of the best master - inventor in their hometown is enough, but for others, the Nobel Prize is not enough! Someone is glad that his wife and two children love him and are waiting for him at home, while others passionately seek the love of the population of both hemispheres of our planet! For some, a loaf of bread is the most precious and desirable thing, but for others, a million is not money! For some, success is the opportunity to install a golden toilet in their toilet, for others it is the opportunity to help people and feel needed.

Maybe it’s worth thinking about and determining the true, full meaning of this word for everyone, for yourself personally. Stop for a moment, leave the frantic cycle of modern life for a while and think about what you are striving for? What do you need recognition for? Whose favor do you crave? What kind of wealth do you want to have? What is your personal definition of success? Do this right now and you will receive an accurate compass that will set you the right course for swimming in the sea of ​​Life. He will guide you through all storms and storms, help you maintain firmness and confidence in any situation and lead you to your cherished bay, whose name is “Dream”!

I hope you liked this article, and what success is in a person’s life is no longer a secret to you. In the next article you can learn about the main ways to achieve success.

Main components

So, based on what we have discussed today, we can identify 10 main components of the concept of success:

  • the ability to clearly formulate your goals;
  • the ability to find ways to achieve goals;
  • the ability to constantly work towards achieving goals;
  • feeling of happiness from one’s own activities;
  • love and respect of loved ones;
  • a strong family;
  • material well-being;
  • continuous improvement;
  • health care;
  • the ability to endure failures;

What are the components of success?

The concept of universal success includes both a material component and a spiritual one. A financially successful person can be deeply unhappy in his personal life. This picture can be seen everywhere: when you can buy anything, while spiritual needs, such as friendship, love, communication, care, remain unsatisfied. At the same time, will a housewife be able to create that atmosphere of comfort, warmth and tranquility if the children have nothing to eat? Of course not, this is only possible with a sufficient level of material wealth.

It is safe to say that these are the basic and necessary components of the success of any person. Without the necessary level of material and spiritual benefits, success is impossible.

It is clear that each person is an individual with his own perception of the world. Some people have a more developed spiritual sphere, most often this can be observed in creative people. For them, success, first of all, is not so much in the results of their activities, but in recognition. And the fact that a person earns money at the same time is more of a side effect than an end in itself. But you must admit, it’s always more pleasant to “create” in a house with a sea view, rather than in a cold shack.

On the other hand, even the most callous and pragmatic boss, a successful businessman, has a soul. But the human spirit cannot be satisfied solely with the things of the material world. Therefore, financial success itself cannot give a feeling of complete happiness without satisfying spiritual needs.

Now I have expressed an idea that has brought me closer to understanding that success is happiness, and how to achieve it is up to everyone to decide for themselves.


Success is a concept that seems clear at the level of everyday common sense, but is constantly causing controversy at the stage of socio-philosophical analysis.
However, the everyday clarity of success does not so much reveal this concept as make it a convenient object of advertising manipulation. This article is a review of ideas about what success is. I remember from childhood this Czech magazine “Motor Review”, where on each page there was a glossy model of a motorcycle. And my review contains several new and not so “models”, that is, ideas that reveal the essence of success, accompanied, if possible, by a “technical” commentary. IS SUCCESS AN INDIVIDUAL CONCEPT?
Like many desirable things, success is both obvious and impossible to define. On the one hand, the one who achieves his goal is successful. But this “mine” turns out to be desired by so many that it ceases to be “mine” and becomes universal, and the question already arises: is this “universal” including mine?

To identify success with such a universal good that instantly comes to mind as money means not so much to simplify as to lose this concept. It is not new to sociologists that in the Western world, high salaries are no longer a priority when choosing a job. After the usual look at the West, let’s take a closer look at ourselves: the greatest entrance competition among universities in St. Petersburg this year fell on the theater academy, which offers something other than an unambiguous strong income.

There is also such an intermediate, smoothing and, in fact, empty formulation: success is an individual concept; everyone decides for himself what success means to him and whether he was successful. I don't agree with this. Success is a social category and, as such, of course, allows for “variations on a theme,” but still within certain limits that limit it from many other categories.

The famous Danish scientist Thomas Heurup began to study the fact that the concept of “universal human values” does not exist even within a single country of a stable Western society. To determine who values ​​what and why, Heurup developed the concept of “life patterns.” They include four models: an employee with the goal of earning money, a manager whose goal is career growth and self-realization, an entrepreneur with “his own business,” and, finally, a housewife. People's value judgments and preferences, Heurup argues, depend on which of these models they follow. What is considered successful in one category is not considered successful in another. For example, a person who does not strive to make a career does not understand a careerist, believing that the latter is too “killed” at work and does not enjoy his earnings to his fullest. The owner does not consider successful people who are forced to work for hire, as we say, “working for their uncle.” In turn, career managers of transnational corporations do not consider the life of an owner successful, who, as a rule, lacks the scale for leadership and creative work and who is forced to delve into everything and do things that are routine and boring. It’s also difficult with housewives. Some of them are focused on the home as the object of their creativity, others are focused on building family relationships with a low assessment of the pleasure of doing housework.

By achieving their goals, a representative of each life model can consider himself successful. Although this will be an objective assessment, in most cases only representatives of the same model will be able to agree with it.


There is a great research temptation to treat the word “success” as is often done when translating from another language - an incomprehensible word appears here, and then here and here, and from the context, without looking in the dictionary, we understand its meaning. There is an opinion that contextual understandings are closest to the truth.

Modern culture is focused on the fact that everything desired can be sold and bought (with proper packaging). And what cannot be sold directly in the form of an item, you will definitely encounter in the form of a recipe. Review of recipe packaging « x

+ a little
= success” will give us a lot of interesting things. As an indefinite concept, fundamentally indescribable, tossing between the universal and “just mine,” success, in order to be offered for sale, must be tied to something stable and reliable - the more traditionally sound, the better. Packaging options are usually offered as follows:

- The magic of success.

— Philosophy of success.

— The science of success.

— Technology of success.

- Formula for success.

All the first nouns (those “package labels”) in one way or another emphasize the reliable basis of their content.

The most interesting thing for a Russian person is “The Magic of Success” (in principle, I don’t like generalizations and I’m not talking about each specific Russian, but about a widespread trend). It is difficult for a Westerner to explain why on the last pages of newspapers people with outstretched arms offer to eliminate the evil eye on business, install protection, give a talisman of success, etc. A Western businessman will donate to the church, but it is difficult for him to allow such advertising agents of the “heavenly office” into his business routine.

Those who, based on such observations, classify the Russian people as lovers of “freebies” at the behest of a pike, are not entirely right. Here, cultural and religious tradition plays an important role, which has formed a certain behavioral standard.

Sociologist Max Weber dedicated his famous work “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” to the role of such a tradition in economic relations. “Protestants of the Lutheran-Calvinist era believed that God cursed a portion of people at birth,” writes Weber, “reserving only a small portion for eternal life and prosperity.” Dot. Due to this state of affairs in the Protestant tradition, most church rituals were, oh, pathetic attempts to influence the will of the Lord, which is absolute in its decision. What is destined is destined. And, as Weber notes, a clear feature of a number of Protestant peoples still remains skepticism and a kind of pessimism in relation to the improvement of the situation. In conditions of such a mentality, the phrase “Magic of Success” is unlikely to be widespread, while in our culture such obstacles do not arise.

Therefore, probably, throughout Russia, as well as Ukraine, trainings and seminars called “Business Magic” are actively offered, as you can see by typing these two words in a Runet search engine. In Yekaterinburg, for example, a “long-awaited meeting” was promised with the author of the training with the above name, operating under the motto: “Today it is not enough to be educated... You need to be dedicated.”

The phrase “Philosophy of Success” is also interesting. It is philosophy that suggests considering the time component of the concept of “success”. Now I will explain my thought.

In American culture, as in domestic culture, in my opinion, there is a close connection between the concepts of “success” and “being in time.” In any case, many American films that embody the “American Dream” (it appears not necessarily in the form of a lot of money, but also in the form of a feat, a victory) are based on the suffering of the main character, who once did not manage to do something on time

(protect the president from a bullet, warn people about a volcanic eruption).
Success comes to the hero when he again finds himself in a similar situation and manages
to cope with it, in other words, wins. In essence, this understanding of success is nothing more than a good old fairy tale tradition.

Stock exchange, financial pyramid, investment - in all these areas of market activity, success is directly related to “being in time.” This seems intuitive - when participating in a financial pyramid or network marketing, it is easy to remain a fool, but you can also “manage” to get rich. We are talking about individual time, a moment that you need to unmistakably recognize for yourself - a “happy hour”, as the French say.

A striking example of this is the discussions on the bisnet business forum, where participants one way or another express doubt that “happy hour” can come for the whole country at the same time, so that everyone can “make it.” After all, it is clear that the majority, no matter how they act, will remain in the situation of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where it is always midnight.

And the American expression two-times loser fits into the mainstream of this tradition, that is, “who failed twice.” Something didn’t work out the first time, but the verdict has not yet been confirmed, because a second time must definitely happen. The second mistake demonstrates that a person does not have time,

diverges in time from his own existence in the sense that everything that could happen is already
, and he is still

In this philosophical consideration, it is no less interesting to turn to the actual Russian semantics of the concept of “success”. I would like to note that success in the form in which modern Russian society has mastered this concept has received its own “exclusive” definition - “to get promoted.” If you managed to become successful, that means you got promoted. And please don’t wrinkle your nose at the fact that this is street slang. As Akhmatova said, “if only you knew from what rubbish poetry grows...” Language is much wiser than us.

The word “unwind” is similar in construction to the word “develop”. Development means development, shedding of coils, exposing the core, meaning, which is not acquired, but, on the contrary, is hidden (if hidden at all). The closer we come to the core, the more “successful” we are in shedding the coils, the more our heart shrinks - what is there, is there really something there for which it was worth throwing off these coils?

Unwinding, in essence, is the same thing as development - liberation from everything that has been “twisted”. Here is the meaning, the speed of the revolutions, and the dizziness from the rotation. Can you get any closer to defining success?


Continuing the theme of the connection between “success” and “being in time” (in the concept of time strategies), you can turn not to films and fairy tales, but to statistics and formulas. As an example, let’s take Alan Lakein’s book “The Art of Keeping Up” (Alan Lakein. “How to get control of your time and your life”).

Lakein explains that we could all achieve our goals if we could manage our time properly and therefore pursue our goals more persistently. We always have enough time to achieve success in life, despite the fact that “we all have to fit within a modest budget, which is limited to 168 hours a week.” With the “critical skepticism” characteristic of Protestants, Lakein stipulates that his book is by no means a manual on the right way to achieve success and that everyone has objective restrictions on gender, age, race, place of residence, social and financial status, and, probably, on the mass of everything else . Therefore, Lakein only wants to help make our attempts to overcome the influence of objective unkind factors more effective.

Here we can make a logical transition to the “Science of Success” and to what follows from science - the “Formula”. Many scientific and semi-scientific works have been written on this subject (however, the criteria for distinguishing a truly scientific teaching about success are questionable). They differ from other recipes for success by much clearer guidelines - we can identify the notorious objective factors and their influence, track trends, and analyze strategies. However, here we have one small but significant weakness - in these strict and verified definitions we will never find the concept of success. “Success” will apparently be replaced by “purpose”, “effectiveness” and something like that.


Since some overview of views on success has been made, let's remember another book that also talks about success, namely the Bible. The concept of success in the Bible is simple. It is akin to luck, which is not obtained, earned or calculated, but given, given, and ultimately comes, which can be deduced from the context in which this word is included. Here another, modern context of the word “success” immediately emerges, the expression “doomed to success”, which has long been persistently and completely hopelessly criticized by philologists. What does doom have to do with it? Not with success, but with dormition, that is, with death. In other words, you shouldn’t delude yourself so much about your own ability to “manage” the situation, everything is in the hands of fate, don’t renounce prison or poverty, and success too.

Having weighed the pros and cons outlined above, it remains to resolve the fundamental question: is success contained within or comes from without? Is it achieved or given? How is it possible to combine these two different findings?

Unification is possible if we consider the meaning of success as the absence of problems that plague “unsuccessful” people - this is a definition through negation. The French philosopher Jean Baudrillard speaks of a special type of energy inherent in our modernity - rejection and rejection associated with terrorism, allergies and, oddly enough, with the modern cult of success, which Baudrillard describes as a phenomenon much more like a compulsion to get rid of something rather than the impulse to create anything.

Such a specific definition is thought-provoking. First of all, that success is not a qualitative or quantitative concept, but an ideological one, which forms around itself the spiritual core of a modern globalist society. And the figures of ideology have always been and will be symbolic, whether we are talking about the builders of a bright future or the category of self-made man. Thus, glossy covers that visually show us “success in kind” represent a symbolic series that sends us into a certain void filled with reflection and doubt. And the aggressiveness with which this symbolic “successful” series surrounds a person on all sides gives rise to the need for a saving prescription, just as a migraine requires a pill.

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