100 goals in life. An approximate list of 100 human life goals.

Personal growth

Life without goals, no matter how obvious it may sound, becomes aimless. Why don't wishes come true so often? Why do our dreams continue to be just dreams? People without goals become susceptible to other people's wishes. They are doing absolutely not what they should be doing in their lives. Instead of pursuing their goals, they are interrupted by small joys. There is one cool exercise called “100 goals in life.” It helps you set your life priorities and start moving towards the life of your dreams.

Exercise “100 Goals”

Formulate 100 goals that you would like to achieve. No more and no less.

Of course, doing this right away is not so easy. It is best to write down 10 goals over time.

There is no need to arrange them in ascending or descending order of importance or complexity. Just write down everything you would like to do or have in life.

Once the list of life goals is written, it will immediately become much clearer which goals should be focused on in the first place.

Your goals for the coming year

I recommend starting to plan your life with a list of 10 goals for the year.
My plan has an average of 50 goals for the year and 20-30 mini-goals. If this is your first experience and it’s difficult for you to assess your strengths, I recommend choosing easier goals. It’s better that you complete them in a month, then make a new list for the rest of the year. Each new plan will be more thoughtful, and with well-chosen goals.

It is very important that the first attempts to live with the prescribed goals are successful. Once again, I highly recommend making a simple plan to start with, even a list of tasks.

First, a simple plan.

To warm up your imagination and memory, study the examples below - lists of goals for the year by area of ​​life. Additionally, study the lists: 20 goals, 25 goals, 50 goals and 100 goals. Make yourself a list of goals that will change you over the course of the year.

100+ life goals

1. Visit Iceland ✓

2. Perform on the same stage with a teacher ✓ 3. Live for a month in Bali ✓ 4. Live for a month in Thailand ✓ 5. Live for a month in the Philippines ✓

6. Go on a 5-star Caribbean Cruise ✓ 7. See Alaska 8. Visit Altai 9. New York at Christmas with your loved one 10. Drive along California Highway #1 along the coast with your loved one ✓ 11. Auto tour of Europe ✓ 12. Create a one-year training program for women ✓ 13. Learn to meditate very well ✓ in progress 14. Meet and interview Deva Premal and Mithen in person ✓ 15. Interview Geshe Michael Roach 16. Create a series about relationships 17. Take a silent retreat ✓ Passed 3-day, longer ones ahead 18. Visit Australia 19. Visit New Zealand 20. Live a month in Switzerland 21. Fly in a hot air balloon ✓

22. Fly on a girdosplane ✓ 23. Fly on a paraglider ✓

24. Walk 100 km through US national parks 25. Visit the Grand Canyon with your loved one ✓

26. Meet a Mexican shaman ✓ 27. Visit the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa ✓ 28. Climb the Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi ✓ 29. Learn to skate ✓ 30. Learn to ride a horse ✓ 31. Live for six months in Hawaii ✓ 32. Live six months or longer in Hawaii with your loved one 33. Take part in a regatta ✓

34. See the pyramids ✓ 35. Visit Jerusalem ✓ 36. Buy mom a new big apartment ✓ 37. Stand on your head ✓

38. Handstand 39. Learn to do crow pose ✓

40. Get into a yoga bridge ✓

41. Become a vegetarian ✓ 42. Stop drinking alcohol ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 43. Visit Las Vegas ✓ 44. See The Phantom of the Opera live on Broadway ✓ 45. ​​Learn to wake up early ✓ 46. Do the splits 47. Swim with huge turtles ✓ 48. Visit Mayan ruins in Mexico ✓

49. Play with a tiger cub 50. Work through childhood fears and complexes ✓ 51. Visit Finland and live on the shores of a coniferous forest and a clear lake ✓ 52. Speak at the largest business forum 53. Have breakfast in a Michelin-starred restaurant ✓ 54. Dine in a Michelin-starred restaurant 55 Live in the Maldives 56. Week-long digital detox ✓ 57. Find your ideal weight ✓ ✓ 58. Try fondue ✓ 59. Ride a moped in Thailand ✓ (never egen) 60. Run 5 km for charity ✓ 61. Descent down a mountain river ✓ (Costa Rica) 62. Visit Fiji 63. Have dinner with Tony Robbins 64. Visit Monaco ✓ 65. Do a sensual photo shoot 66. Learn to draw 67. Visit the Bahamas ✓ 68. Interview Zhvanetsky 69. Interview Oprah 70. Meet Dalai Lama 71. Ride a cable car through the jungle ✓ (Panama, Costa Rica) 72. Ride ATVs in the jungle ✓ (Hawaii)

73. See the chocolate hills of the Philippines ✓

74. Hug with an elephant ✓

75. Record an audio CD 76. Start your own blog ✓ 77. Meet the President ✓ (Bill Clinton) 78. Shoot a gun ✓ 79. Conduct on-site training and collect all your favorite practices in one place ✓

80. Play in a play ✓ 81. Earn XXX money doing what you love ✓ 82. Write a song 83. Buy a white piano so they can give me a gift 84. Perform your stand-up 85. Give an interview to a big channel 86. Interview Elizabeth Gilbert 87. Interview female astronaut 88. Visit the live broadcast “What? Where? When?" 89. Visit “Date with Destiny” and “Business Masters” by Tony Robbins ✓ 90. Learn to play the guitar well 91. Take a beautiful photo in a luxurious dress ✓

92. Undergo panchakarma in India ✓

93. Do a juice cleanse ✓ 94. Learn to dance the mandala 95. Spend a month without makeup (✓ almost) 96. Get a full Vedic astrological forecast ✓ 97. Try floating ✓ 98. Try freezing ✓ 99. Rent a huge yacht and sail around the Mediterranean with friends 100. Fly on a private jet 101. Find something you love and make it financially successful ✓ 102. Visit Japan 103. Tea ceremony in Japan 104. Spend 3 months on a raw food diet ✓ 105. Visit Napa Valley and its vineyards ✓ 106. Write your own recipe book 107. Master minimalism 108. Gather a group of women to impart spiritual knowledge for free ✓ 109. Give a TED talk 110. Feed the homeless ✓ 111. Donate 1 million rubles to charity ✓ 112. Visit a nursing home and organize a holiday ✓

113. Take custody of an orphanage ✓

114. Visit a yoga retreat ✓ 115. Master rock climbing ✓ 116. Master surfing 117. Return to badminton 118. Ride a bike in Santa Monica with your loved one ✓ 119. Master snorkeling ✓ 120. Try alpine skiing ✓ 121. Try Bikram ogu ✓ 122. Visit a flying yoga class ✓

123. Learn to dance salsa ✓ 124. Ride a camel 125. Master the Segway ✓

126. Ride in a limousine ✓ 127. Fly first/business class ✓ 128. Always fly business class 129. Visit Hollywood and take a photo on the walkway with the stars ✓

130. Live in wild jungle ✓ 131. See the singing fountains ✓ 132. Visit Greenland 133. Visit Brazil 134. Visit Chiles 135. Visit Argentina 136. Create your own family estate 137. spend the night in the castle 138. Ride on the Wheel of Reviews in London 139 Interview Ksenia Sobchak 140. See the Northern Lights 141. Visit Maui 142. Get a session with a Balinese healer ✓

143. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco ✓ 144. Visit Yosemite 145. Visit Yellowstone 146. Take a photo in front of the crookedest street in the world ✓ 147. Listen to jazz in New Orleans 148. Visit the Carlsbad Caverns ✓ 149. See Niagara Falls 150. Find yourself in Times Square on New Year's Day ✓ 151. Build your own house 152. Visit a real rodeo ✓ 153. Visit a horse race ✓ 154. Visit a car race ✓ 155. Visit the State Duma ✓ 156. Swim with dolphins 157. Feed wild monkeys ✓ 158 See the scarlet macaw in the wild ✓ 159. Take the cable car ✓ 160. Walk along Piccadilly Circus ✓ 161. Visit Cannes ✓

162. Visit Nice ✓

163. Travel by train from Paris to the south of France ✓ 164. Drink Burgundy wine in Burgundy ✓ 165. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral ✓ 166. See the musical North Dame de Paris 167. Visit the Vienna Ball 168. Visit the Bolshoi Theater ✓ 169. Visit the Mariinsky theater ✓ 170. Visit Rome ✓ 171. Take a photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background ✓ 172. Try Neopolitan pizza ✓ 173. Visit Machu Picchu 174. Climb Mont Blanc: watch at 3:30 video ✓ 175. Unravel the secret recipe for Mexican mole sauce (on based on cocoa beans) 176. Visit the Acropolis ✓

177. Live in a villa with your own pool and ocean view ✓ 178. Undergo austerity ✓ 179. Visit Bruges 180. See Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona ✓ 181. Ride the Ferris wheel in Singapore ✓

182. Take a ride to the Statue of Liberty in New York ✓ 183. Take part in a famous talk show 184. Attend a movie premiere ✓ 185. Attend a film festival 186. Swap coffee for tea ✓ 187. Work from anywhere in the world ✓ 188. Live for at least 6 months in year on the ocean ✓ 189. Engage in spiritual practice with a loved one ✓ 190. Spend a day of cleansing fasting ✓ 191. Ride a gondola in Venice ✓

192. Sleep in the open air ✓ 193. Experience the absence of gravity 194. Swim in an open body of water naked ✓ 195. Learn to cook vegan rolls ✓ 196. Stay on an active volcano ✓ 197. Swim under waterfalls ✓ 198. Learn to cook deliciously ✓

199. Write a haiku 200. Build a tree house 201. Ride a husky 202. Visit Cuba 203. Drive through Norway ✓

204. Visit the Cayman Islands ✓ 205. Interview Irina Khakamada ✓

206. Create a strong circle of passionate women ✓

207. See the rice fields of Bali ✓

208. Interview a Shaolin monk ✓ 209. Listen to live Brazilian jazz ✓

Develop abilities

What is your deepest wish? Many people dream of realizing their talent. But not everyone succeeds. Why? People are afraid to follow their dreams. Some people think that it is stupid to spend time on an activity, for example, music, if this activity does not generate income. Don't be afraid to do things that don't make you money. A person’s hobby is an outlet that helps relieve stress and recharge with energy. What abilities can you develop:

  • learn to play a musical instrument;
  • learn to dance;
  • take a makeup course;
  • master the art of hairdressing;
  • learn to draw;
  • learn to sing;
  • learn to sculpt;
  • take a nail art course;
  • learn to cut wood;
  • learn to mint;
  • master the art of stained glass;
  • master the art of pottery;
  • try yourself as a photographer;
  • try your hand at being a speaker.

Any desire can be fulfilled. And remember that you can always turn your hobby into your profession. But at the initial stage, you should not worry if your activity does not bring in money. You should develop your talents for fun. First you have to spend time and money on acquiring skills, only then can you expect dividends.

Personnel humor: a selection of funny anecdotes from the resumes of real applicants

  • “Purpose: determined during the interview”;
  • “Goal: prosperity in the capital”;
  • “I’m looking for a job as a purchasing manager”;
  • “I’m looking for a job because my former German boss’s interest in Russia has decreased after he was elected as a deputy in Germany”;
  • “Inflate the staff due to unnecessary positions”;
  • “Dream: to work with talented people”;
  • “Looking for a job as Spider-Man”;
  • “I’m looking for a job as a mechanic to fix everything”;
  • “Excellent brain in search of a promising job”;
  • “I offer myself as a workaholic for the available vacancies.”

How to attract wealth, positivity and read 300 books

They say that if you write down 100 goals, and not just dream about them in your mind, then they tend to come true. Is it true. They also say: if you don’t wash your hair, it tends to get greasy.

You need to sit and visualize, watch motivational films. And the person himself will not even notice how he will become famous and independent - the main bastard in the house. It will piss off everyone at home.

Such a person will not even depend on the responsibility of taking out the trash, earning money and cleaning the house. Freedom and financial independence. Freedom to choose what to complain about: the state, Jews or unwashed hair.

The only goal that can be achieved without difficulty is degradation. In all other cases you need to plow.

Exercise 10 goals from Brian Tracy for the naive

Brian Tracy is a renowned consultant and self-development coach. His typical exercise goes like this: write down a goal, make a plan, take action. No one would ever think of doing that

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