The role and significance of a list of 100 goals for a person’s life

Generalization and statistics are a whim of modern society. Not a single generation before us was able to so selflessly sweep everyone under the same brush; even in the Soviet Union, which had sunk into oblivion, there were fewer, like carbon copies, identical people. Everyone had their own hobbies, aspirations and thirst for what was in short supply. And most importantly, everyone had a dream. After all, such high-flown thinking was partly cultivated by Soviet cinema. Take even Luda from “Queen of the Gas Station” - she was driven by the desire to achieve her goal, and she succeeded, even if it meant changing her dream! So try to understand what women dream about.

It is generally accepted that women are superstitious and frivolous people, easily changing their minds and too much in the clouds. But what if I say that daydreaming is the main positive trait of a woman? That’s right, because fantasies about something new, so desirable and pleasant, are the main resource that both she herself and the man next to her use.

As different as people are, they are also the same - and therefore we can highlight several items on the list of what women dream about.

My dream

I want a lot of things. But something else is important - not everything on this list is what I want from a man. Or do I want to? I do not know. Yes, only a girl can not know what she wants and, at the same time, clearly understand what she wants. But these are all jokes. In fact, this applies to any person. What do I want? I want my own country house. Such a material goal. I have a husband with whom we are moving towards this dream together. Of course, this requires a lot of money. But nothing, several floors have already been built in small steps. Now all that remains is to carry out the internal work, and our neighbors will be able to congratulate us on our housewarming.

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Psychology of women and men in terms of goals

It must be said that, for the most part, the difference in psychology lies in gender characteristics. That is, it is relative. The easiest way to describe male and female psychology is to rely on stereotypes that say something like this:

  1. Men are hunters. They definitely need to achieve their goals themselves. Moreover, they are not ready to accept help even from other men, so as not to share success with them.
  2. Women love to realize their desires at the expense of men.

In fact, both of these theses are false in many situations. There are four strategies for approaching goals that are universal for any gender:

  1. Parasitism. This is the realization of one’s goals at someone else’s expense, without giving anything in return. This is exactly the strategy that a stereotypical woman follows (and we remember that stereotypes do not always work).
  2. Leadership or collaboration. Realizing your goals at someone else's expense and giving something in return. The difference between leadership and collaboration is the degree of interdependence. In the first case, the one at whose expense the leader’s interests are realized is more dependent. In the case of cooperation, both are dependent on each other.
  3. Heroism. Realization of your goals solely at your own expense. It is this strategy that is attributed to the stereotypical man. Moreover, what is interesting is that the goal does not always have to be achieved. Sometimes the true motive for such behavior is to show how heroically a man fights life's problems. And it is not necessary to win.
  4. Outsider. A losing strategy in which a person simply gives up on dreams, although they objectively exist. Thus, a person can create a deep life crisis within himself.

The first two strategies for dealing with a dream are aimed at its realization, the third may or may not be targeted. The fourth is the worst. A man is considered a man in the common sense if he has a heroic strategy. If he chooses the outsider strategy, he is immediately considered feminine. But if a woman chooses an outsider strategy, then it will not seem more masculine. This is the key point why stereotyping leads in the wrong direction. A male parasite is also unlikely to be considered masculine, but rather infantile. In general, this strategy is a sign of immaturity, regardless of gender, but socially it is considered more acceptable for a girl to parasitize a man. Based on age, the following parallels can be drawn:

  1. Parasitism is childhood. Complete dependence.
  2. Heroism is adolescence. Feigning independence while the person still needs other people to realize his or her goals.
  3. Leadership and cooperation are an adult age when a person knows how to negotiate and involve other people in realizing their goals on a mutually beneficial basis.
  4. Outsider - old age.

Psychology is largely similar for men and women.

Stereotypical ideas about gender actually relate more to the degree of psychological maturity of a person. And what is commonly considered masculine or feminine are in fact stereotypes that are only partly related to reality.


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What do girls dream about?

Why do we talk so much about stereotypes? Because it is very difficult to tear yourself away from them when thinking about what women want. After all, any stereotype is a form of generalization, and the very question “what do girls dream about” implies reducing a huge number of girls, in themselves, to one thing.

This approach will inevitably lead to errors, because it is impossible to analyze all the girls due to the fact that there are too many of them. Even a representative sample (that is, so that a hundred girls can exactly correspond to all the girls on the planet, or at least in Russia) is difficult. Therefore, you will have to use stereotypes, and they are as follows.

Travel 5

Our world is so diverse that it is impossible to know it one hundred percent. And even though the scale of everyone’s desires is different - for some it is enough to fly to Turkey or Egypt on vacation once a year, while others dream of waking up with the rays of the hot Indian sun to go bathe the elephants on the farm.

But still, every woman has a thirst for travel, because how can you live a full life if you don’t know anything beyond your own apartment or city. Although, avid homebodies may not agree with this judgment, but usually such people find their outlet in reading books - then we can say that they are also travelers, only through book worlds, which are not inferior in variety to the real world.

Little girls dreams

It is very important to consider the dynamics of the development of women’s dreams, starting from childhood, because some of the desires remained in the past, while others were simply transformed. Here are some of these desires:

  1. Nice dress. Naturally, like a Disney princess. Then this desire transforms into a dream of putting on the newest and most beautiful clothes. As children, girls want to be the most beautiful princesses, and when they grow up, they want to be simply the most beautiful.
  2. The most handsome senior in school. It often happens that he is quite a hooligan. But he gets away with everything. Such luck sometimes attracts even older girls, because with such a lucky guy, a girl can also be lucky.
  3. Cosmetics. Yes, this little mommy little little mommy little girls also dream of cosmetics to look like their mom and also to be more mature.
  4. Dolls. And if there is a complete set with some small strollers, combs and, oh God, a set of clothes for her, then this will make the little princess rejoice.
  5. Beautiful wedding. Yes, already at such a young age, every girl at least once thought about marriage.
  6. Huge diamond. Well, why not?

Daydreaming as a character trait

Daydreaming can be seen as a form of escape from reality, a compensatory mechanism. But this is also an indicator of a person’s indecision and uncertainty. Let's consider both cases in more detail:

  1. Excessive daydreaming as a character trait is formed in childhood. This is the response of the child’s psyche to unfavorable developmental conditions: violence and rudeness, loneliness, unmet needs, want, hunger, etc. Remember the fairy tale about Carlson. The kid suffered from loneliness and invented a friend who lives on the roof. The world of fantasy and dreams is ideal, which is why some people choose it instead of reality.
  2. Daydreaming, in which dreams remain dreams and never turn into goals, says one thing: a person is indecisive, filled with fears and self-doubt. Or puts forward inflated expectations and demands. Such people often don’t know what they want, they don’t understand themselves and other people.

Constant daydreaming, living in fantasies and daydreams hinders the development of personality and makes a person unviable. This is dangerous and harmful, just like excessive rationality. Sometimes you need to dream, but it’s even better to turn dreams into reality.

Teenage dreams

Some teenage girls' dreams are about the same as boys' dreams. For example, almost every child wants a new iPhone. But here are some desires that are characteristic primarily of the female sex:

  1. Marry your idol from your favorite band.
  2. So that my parents let me go out with my friends for the night.
  3. About the first date, the first kiss.
  4. Cool clothes, preferably branded ones.
  5. Dating a high school student. Yes, nothing has changed.
  6. Hanging out and walking.
  7. Try alcohol.
  8. Move away from your parents (already closer to 18 years old).
  9. Freedom. A key moment for a teenager who has no freedom.

In general, we see that some of these dreams may not be characteristic of teenage girls at all. This is the main difficulty with all these lists - everyone is different.

What do girls and mature women dream about?

So, what does a girl or mature woman dream about? Again, this list will be very approximate. Because some mature women are still in their teenage years psychologically. And some teenagers think like adults. Therefore, everything is not so simple. Here are the most common dreams of girls. This list will be incomplete and not always accurate, since we are all individuals.

  1. Brand clothes.
  2. Good earning husband.
  3. So that children obey and grow up to be good sons and daughters.
  4. Build a career.
  5. Be yourself. By the way, this desire applies to any girl, be it in adolescence or middle age.
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