How to become indifferent and indifferent, develop healthy indifference and become impenetrable, like an elephant? “Raise your hand, exhale and lower it sharply.”

From this article you will learn:

  • Why do women want to lose interest in a man?
  • How to cool off towards a man
  • What do psychologists advise about this?
  • How to lose interest in a man, stop loving him and not remember him using a love spell

Loving and being loved is real happiness for every girl. This feeling gives a sea of ​​positive emotions, and you want to experience them again and again with your soulmate. But love does not always bring only joy. It is often the cause of pain and disappointment. Then you want to hide, run away, forever forgetting about the person who brought so much suffering. Girls are often interested in how to lose interest in a man so that they can finally start a new, happy life. We will talk about this in our article.

Why does a woman want to lose interest in a man?

Relationships often bring pain and disappointment. Then you want to quickly get out of the problematic union, to cool off towards the man for whom you still have feelings. There may be several reasons for this desire:

  1. The person has not experienced warm feelings for a long time, has left your family with him or is just about to do so. You love him, but unrequitedly.
  2. You understand that interest in a relationship comes only from you: you love a man and value your family. He only takes advantage of his position without giving anything in return.
  3. A man wants you to live only by his rules, forgetting about your own interests. For example, he demands that you always be at home and take care of him, and threatens to divorce you for failure to comply. You are tired of being disrespected and are gradually losing yourself.
  4. Your man is overly jealous. You are constantly in nervous tension, tired of scandals and reproaches. To stop this, you should think about how to cool off towards such a man.
  5. There is always a “third wheel” in your family – his mother, whose opinion is above all. You must also follow its rules. In this situation, the best way out would be to leave this inextricable tandem and go in search of a truly independent man.
  6. Your soul mate has a difficult character or, on the contrary, is characterized by weak-willedness and excessive softness. A powerful man wants eternal submission, which no mentally healthy person can endure. The spineless man is looking for a caring mother in a woman who will not mind taking full responsibility for her “son.”
  7. You are a decent woman, faithful to your man and your family with him. He is not distinguished by these qualities and does not consider it necessary to respect you. Then you have probably been tormented for a long time by the question of how to cool off towards the man with whom you are in a relationship. Having fallen out of love with this person, you yourself will be surprised at how his feelings for you will change, perhaps you will even be able to maintain the union.

Indifference - what is it?

The problem that modern people suffer to a greater extent is indifference. Indifferent attitude, coldness, apathy - all this describes the most important evil of our time. Often this becomes a real problem for society, as it gradually takes root in it. The word "indifference" comes from ancient Greek. In the 18th century in literary language it meant the inner calm or firmness of a person who cannot be embarrassed by anything. By the beginning of the 19th century. this word takes on a different connotation, closer to the present, and means cold, careless.

How to cool down a man in a few steps

Step 1 : Face the truth.

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Many girls are sure that it is useless to control feelings - love will prevail anyway. But, as a rule, it is impossible to lose interest in a man and start a new life without great self-confidence. Therefore, we advise you to pull yourself together on the path to your happiness.

Falling in love is both a wonderful and dangerous feeling. Often it blinds us and we simply do not see the truth. And, unfortunately, it often turns out to be very bitter. But you need to be patient and be as honest with yourself as possible. Try answering a few questions below - this will help clear your mind of the veil of love.

  • Is your man interested in a relationship? How often does he suggest something new, be it meetings, trips together, or other things to do?
  • What can confirm that he truly loves you and wants to continue the relationship?
  • Who usually makes dates and plans their progress?
  • Who kisses or hugs the other first?
  • Does he start to worry if you suddenly disappear from sight?
  • Who needs your relationship more?
  • Who is the first to look for another at a party or other event?

In a relationship, you give your all, but he only shows love in words? There is only one truth here: you are making too much of a sacrifice - your beauty and years of youth. Cooling off towards such a man is exactly what you need to find yourself again and start a happy life.

Try to imagine what will happen to your relationship if it reaches a serious stage and reaches marriage and children. Motherhood awaits you - a very difficult period that requires you to give all of yourself to the child. This will need to be combined with home life. At such times, more than ever, you will need a solid male shoulder, ready to support and help. Ask yourself, will your man be able to share family matters with you, or will he want to run away, leaving all the problems to you? You should not deal with an egoist - you and your happiness are more valuable!

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Does your man give gifts to his beloved woman? With what feelings does he present them? If a man is truly in love, he will try to make you happy, give you a gift that will give you a lot of positive emotions. A person who buys you only practical things that he needs more is definitely not thinking about your feelings and emotions - they are not important to him. A loving man will strive to give you something that you like.

A person who is in love and values ​​relationships will rush to save you from any situation, solve any problem, just to be able to show you his feelings. Disinterested gentlemen behave completely differently, tending to brush aside your problems. They will find a thousand explanations and excuses just to protect themselves from unnecessary troubles. Once you love yourself, you will realize that you deserve the best!

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Step 2. Give free rein to your emotions.

It is not easy to grow cold towards the man you love, as it is often associated with great pain and bitterness inside. However, you should not isolate yourself from these experiences, since they are the ones who show that you are on the right path. Removing this bitterness means giving up yourself and your feelings.

The pain eats you from the inside and does not allow you to relax. However, you should not treat it as an enemy, since it is not always destruction; through it, great and beautiful things are often created. Every new relationship with a man gives us an experience after which a woman feels stronger. She begins to understand the world better, her life becomes happier. And there is nothing unusual in the fact that such significant processes are painful.

Step 3. Gain healthy cynicism.

The main mistake when breaking up a relationship is self-pity. Often girls simply drown in sadness and sadness. Stuck in this state for a long time, they do not move forward - they literally do not live. Try to accept the situation as it is and redirect your thoughts from this man to yourself. You are the most important thing you have. Your health and happiness are much more important.

Step 4. Discover hidden reserves.

Love gives a lot of joy, but at the same time it takes away strength and attention. When you are in love, it is often impossible to distract yourself from thoughts about the object of your adoration. Because of this, other areas of life suffer. All the energy that you recently directed towards a man can be transferred in the right direction.

Start doing interesting things and creativity, develop your potential. Try to see the positive aspects of your breakup. Now you can finally take care of yourself, implement long-planned projects, visit places you have long dreamed of, try yourself in different areas. As soon as you lose interest in a man, new doors will open before you where you can let your energy in and get long-awaited results.

How to become cold-blooded?

There is certainly an answer to this question. To become cold-blooded, you need to take the advice of psychologists.


  • establish internal balance;
  • learn self-control;
  • visualize;
  • do not dramatize;
  • get distracted;
  • be indifferent to the problem.

To establish inner balance, you need to move away from your fear, thus you can remain stable and come to awareness of the problem. For example, if you forget that there is fear of some important event, then having calmed down, you can realize that the event is necessary, and thus inevitable. You should monitor your breathing, it should be even, this will give you calm. You need to understand that problems are problems that need to be solved; like in school math: concentrating. Of course, it is not easy, but this is how you need to educate yourself to become cool-headed.

To be resilient, you need to see the main thing in the problem , for this you need to fence off everything unnecessary. Consciousness will be devoid of all interfering barriers, which will help make the right decisions, understanding the problem from the depths. In this case, it is important to show qualities such as sympathy and mutual understanding; they are the main assistants, ready for long-term endurance in the most problematic situation.

To visualize means to imagine the most difficult life circumstances as a web that needs to be untangled. If she is nervous, it will be difficult to do this, she will become even more confused, but in a calm environment the result will be completely different. By imagining the problem in the form of a web, the understanding will come to calm down.

To become calm, you need to think about the situation , and not worry. Break it down into pieces, weigh all the pros and cons, and make a decision. Don't rush and tell everyone about what's bothering you. It’s better to be alone and think about the problem, because the first information may be incorrect, especially based on emotions.

Don't dramatize or inflate the problem. It is necessary to soberly assess the situation and monitor your thoughts. They can lead in the wrong direction. To prevent this from happening, you should force yourself to think that the problems are trivial and that solving them will not be difficult.

It is important to take your mind off the problem. Watch your favorite comedy that can make you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. This method will help you stay calm and relax.

How to be indifferent?

  • Step away from yourself.
  • Change behavior.

You need to step away from yourself. Each person has his own views on life, personal opinion, but in difficult moments it is better not to be yourself , but to become a witness to the situation and look at it from the outside, this will be the first step towards indifference. You need to imagine that life is a movie, interesting, exciting, and you shouldn’t really live the plot of this movie. It’s better to determine what genre the film is in, the characters of the characters, the essence of what is happening, try to predict what will happen next. Thanks to this detachment, you will not worry about yourself so much and accumulate internal anxiety, but will see a way out of the situation.

It is important to control your behavior and body, because in a strong desire to become indifferent, it is unlikely that anything will happen if you do not relax. You need to behave neutrally , not waste yourself on unnecessary emotions, and avoid provocations that could affect your emotions. Treat all people as strangers. Talk to your loved ones and friends as if you don’t know them; this will undoubtedly make you act confident, be decent, and speak tactfully and casually.

And yet you need to remain open and perceive the situation, otherwise you risk becoming a closed and aloof pessimist. It’s not difficult to be indifferent: carelessness, avoiding problems, etc. The main thing is not to get carried away and know the limits of your feelings, including indifference.

As you can see, becoming cold-blooded is not that difficult. Be reasonable!

How to cool off towards a man: magical ways

There is another way to cool off towards a man - with the help of a magical spell. This does not apply to lapels, since they can only be in the case of love spells (attachment against your will). The ritual of liberation from oppressive feelings is called “ostuda”. As a result of the ritual, you will lose feelings for a person whose love is beyond your strength. The plot is performed on the waning moon, after sunset. The day of the ritual is Tuesday or Saturday.

Below are the options for such ostuds. You can choose one of them and also experiment with all the methods. The only rule is not to do several rituals at once. Perhaps one conspiracy will be enough.

Why is indifference dangerous?

Indifference is the complete absence of emotion. If, for example, responsiveness always has a positive effect on a person, helps him to believe, gives him strength, then composure pushes him to despair and powerlessness. Few people know the harm of indifference. This phenomenon greatly destroys society. For example, a child who sees only the coldness of his parents in the family gradually adopts their behavior. An adult who experiences inattention from loved ones will never help another, because he will feel offended. People stop empathizing with each other.

Meaning of the word

Indifference is a multidimensional concept, which can simultaneously mean indifference to one’s own person and the continuation of life, and disinterest in loved ones. This can be a permanent personality trait (the most common option) or a consequence of difficult events suffered (then they talk about temporary indifference, from which it seems possible to remove a person, unlike a change in personality structure).

The more indifference a person develops, the more his qualities and nuclear structures become frustrated, since only motivational development is the key to maintaining an active and productive position. From the moment of indifference to what is happening around and to oneself, the destruction of personality and its degradation begins. When the time frame is measured in days, the consequences are insignificant, practically unnoticeable and can be easily corrected, but in a situation of prolonged stay in such apathy, irreversible changes occur. The most serious consequences of indifference are the emergence of personal and social maladjustment, which fit the classification of psychiatric diseases and are included in the practice of treating psychopathologies, as symptoms of schizophrenia-like conditions and psychopathic manifestations.

The opposite of such indifference has always been considered creativity and creative predisposition, as a way of active interaction with reality and restructuring of the space of the soul and the physical world. Artists and poets, composers and photographers can never complain that their day was boring or they need entertainment - such people are always looking for options for independent development, even while in a confined space.

There is not only personal indifference, as a variant of an independent tragedy, but also the indifference of loved ones - this is a separate influence of the echoes of such a manifestation of character. In the world of the cold and insensitive, nothing changes, but those who are constantly forced to feel useless compare their own presence to a bedside table or stool. Such interaction is perceived painfully and quite sharply by the opponent himself, and is traumatic for his psyche. It turns out that indifference negatively affects both the broadcaster and everyone who comes into contact with this person.

There are no studies where the harm and level of personal damage is greater, but others certainly have more opportunities to actively change the situation. If the indifference of a loved one becomes unbearable, then a choice arises - to go to a place where you are valued and worried about your successes and failures, or to stay close to such an insensitive person, losing through a lot of pain and your ability to feel, i.e. also become imbued with indifference.

How to deal with indifference?

Indifference is a problem that needs to be addressed. Anyone who is satisfied with his life will never be able to love, show compassion and mercy. A cold-blooded person does not know suffering and hardship. Dealing with this is difficult, but possible. Before you begin, you need to know what indifference is and why it arose.

  1. Determine the origins
    . In most cases, this is a problem in the family, which reigned between relatives. It will be easier to understand this by working with a psychologist.
  2. Conduct self-analysis
    . It is necessary to understand what is in your soul, what are the consequences of indifference, whether it brings discomfort, and so on.
  3. Learn to show feelings
    . You can start small, for example, helping your loved ones or taking part in a campaign to help the elderly.

Wedding or runaway groom

And so, at one fine moment, the woman lifts the veil of her mystery and feigned indifference, and allows the traveler she meets, who has been hanging around her royal palace for many days now, to look into her heart. And what is happening?!

In the first case, the so-called prince will come to visit, see what’s going on, take advantage of the hospitality, and come to the conclusion - oh, why do I need it?! And carefully, in reverse and unnoticed, he will leave the royal chambers, leaving the chosen bride in bewilderment and sadness.

She will never understand at first what it was - a blow of wind or someone really entering her mansion. And only the persistent courtship and fiery speeches of a gentleman from the past will bring a sad smile on her face, and the thought will creep far into her subconscious: “I knew it”...

The second option is more optimistic. True, here it is worth taking into account the restrained behavior of a woman who is going to allow a “knight on a white horse” to approach her. Restraint, accuracy and self-control can play into the hands of both men and women in such cases.

Often, people rush into the whirlpool of passions, without controlling the further flow of events and letting everything take its course. This is where many problems occur that do not lead the couple to anything good. And you just need to learn to control yourself and your emotions. And then, even after many years of living together, the woman will remain a mystery for the man, which he will not tire of solving.

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