Motivation in life and achieving goals - 4 methods and the most important basics

Obtaining new knowledge and new experience, developing new qualities and competencies in ourselves - all this is instilled in us from childhood by parents, educators and teachers. But, of course, no one will be responsible for us all our lives, and one fine day the moment comes when we ourselves begin to be responsible for ourselves, our development and successes.

Behind us are kindergarten, school, university - the places where we acquired basic skills and knowledge. This is where the path to a new life begins. Some continue their studies, some get a job or open their own business, but one way or another, people feel the need for further development. But in what direction to develop and where to start are questions that concern many.

Therefore, in fact, we decided to make material specifically on the topic of self-development . It was created to help those who do not know where to go, and will be useful both for beginners and for those who are already familiar with self-improvement, but for some reason have fallen into a stupor.

In this article we will cover the following questions:

  • Psychology of self-development and self-improvement (what needs underlie them, why are they important, what tasks to set for yourself)
  • What does self-development consist of (what does it look like, what methods and directions exist)
  • Stages of self-development (where to start self-development, 5 steps to self-development)
  • What hinders self-development

And it would be most logical to start with why a person generally has a need for self-development, and what are the psychological features of this process.

Personal growth

First, let's look at courses on developing useful personal qualities and developing a mindset aimed at success. In this section, I did not divide them into women's and men's, but chose universal ones for you.

“Your course to success” from the Advance Center for Innovation Technologies

Your path to success is not a collection of loud slogans and motivational speeches, as the title might suggest. This is an intensive training designed to develop effective strategies and healthy habits necessary to realize your potential.

He will teach you:

  • save time without losing productivity;
  • plan your affairs competently;
  • learn new things quickly and easily;
  • profit from your knowledge and skills;
  • cope with laziness and procrastination.

The training consists of 14 lessons of 5–20 minutes each, packed with useful information as much as possible. It is universal and is perfect as a start in self-development; it will greatly facilitate and speed up the entire subsequent process.

It costs 2,000 rubles.

“Designing Your Personal Future” on Udemy

The Personal Future Design course is aimed at developing positive thinking. It was developed by Boris Zubkov, a psychologist with 20 years of experience, a member of the British Psychological Society. The course is based on experimental psychology techniques for effective visualization. With their help, you can program your brain to achieve your goals.

The course consists of video lessons and materials for self-study. By the end, you will have a clear picture of the desired result - the design of the future. It will set the vector of development and help you decide on specific actions.


  • lifetime access;
  • practical tasks;
  • certificate of completion;
  • periodic live meetings between the author and participants.

The course costs 1,387 rubles. If suddenly it doesn’t suit you, you can get your money back within 30 days.

“Leadership: Lessons from an Effective Leader” from 4brain

Leadership: Lessons from an Effective Leader - a course on developing the ability to influence people, so necessary in the modern world. Whether you are a businessman or a teacher, a top manager or a musician, if you work in a team, leadership skills will provide huge benefits.

On the course you:

  • explore different leadership styles;
  • work on developing leadership qualities and skills;
  • Learn how to build communication from a leadership position.

The basic version is absolutely free. But you will need to pay for additional options. For 2,990 rub. per year you will get access to all games, tasks and tests on the 4brain resource, and for RUB 29,990. – lifetime access to all site materials.

Also take a look at our selection of personal development courses.

Brian Tracy in Russian

Number of subscribers: 15.5 thousand

Brian Tracy's channel in Russian does not have many subscribers. He gives a lot of useful information, but it turns out that to become the highest paid blogger, you need to do something different.

Brian was born into a poor family, he managed to get out of poverty and became a respected person. He has written more than 60 books on motivation and management. Brian was very popular back when no one knew about YouTube. His audio and video programs have been very popular in countries around the world.

Now the channel is not updated with new videos, Brian is already 75 years old, but among those previously presented you can find many useful ones. Tracy answers the most important questions: how to increase confidence and overcome stress, how to deal with difficult people, and what habits to develop. Despite his age, he gives a good boost of enthusiasm and productivity.


If you don't give your brain a moderate workout, it will very soon turn into a useless set of neurons. You need to constantly train and develop memory, attention, logical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

“Become a genius” from Advance Information Technology Center

Become a genius - a unique author's product that has no equal in the vastness of the Runet. Its author, Nikolai Yagodkin, is the most famous specialist in Russia on methods of effective teaching and learning foreign languages. More than 50 thousand people were trained using his methods.

After passing you will be able to:

  • remember three times more information than you are used to;
  • increase the effectiveness of any training several times;
  • quickly process, structure and analyze information using special algorithms.

The promises of the course developers are very eloquent. They give the following statements as examples:

  1. Having mastered the course, you will be able to learn a foreign language in 3–6 months instead of 2 years.
  2. It will take you only one day to prepare for the university exam.
  3. In a year you can graduate from university as an external student.

It costs 44,900 rubles. This is not a small sum, but you will quickly recoup it by completing the training.

“Emotional Intelligence” from Vikium

Emotional Intelligence - a course from the largest online platform for brain development. It is aimed at developing skills in managing one's emotions and recognizing the emotions of other people. Its author, Oleg Kalinichev, is an international expert in the psychology of emotions, a consultant to the intelligence services of the FSB and the CIA, and a “living lie detector.”

In 20 lessons you will learn:

  • recognize lies;
  • “read” a person like a book;
  • control the manifestations of your emotions;
  • show empathy;
  • protect yourself from manipulation;
  • notice sympathy in your direction.

The course is suitable for everyone, without exception, and especially for people who are hot-tempered, unrestrained and overly trusting. It costs 990 rubles. with discount.

“Critical Thinking” by 4brain

Critical thinking is a course that will teach you to analyze information received from outside and draw the right conclusions based on it. In the age of the information revolution, this is simply an indispensable skill. It consists of 6 lessons, after which all students will have to pass an exam.

You will learn:

  • notice details;
  • extract the main idea from any information without wasting time on unimportant things;
  • draw conclusions based on the laws of logic;
  • competently justify your opinion;
  • make effective decisions.

The basic version is free and available even without registration. It is also possible to activate additional options if you sign up for a paid subscription on the site.

Webinar “Chambers of the mind or how to improve your memory” from the Advance center

Palaces of the Mind or how to improve your memory - an intensive lesson in mastering the technique of effectively memorizing information.

At the webinar you will learn:

  • which memory development techniques work and which don’t;
  • how to remember and structure different types of information in memory;
  • how to correct errors and inaccuracies in what you have already memorized;
  • how to repeat what you remember so you never forget.

No water or empty talk – just practice. And most importantly - absolutely free!

You will find even more training programs in our article “Courses on the development of intelligence.”

How can an online psychologist develop?

Over 2 years of practice, I realized that I prefer to conduct group training. Lately I have been taking on fewer and fewer clients for individual work. In the hour and a half that I spend on one client, I can conduct a webinar and help 20 people.

The first course I taught was created at the request of regular clients. They asked that basic emotion management techniques be written into lessons so they could review them. This is how the idea was born to formalize knowledge into a course.

Professional burnout or career dead end? How to recognize and treat

Over the course of 2 years, I have written 5 original group online courses, and in the last six months alone I have already conducted 5 streams of one of the courses.

Spiritual development

Without spiritual development, a person is not much different from animals. Only we tend to think about eternal questions, engage in self-knowledge, and look for sources of spiritual energy. Don't neglect this gift of evolution!

Online meditation course “LIFE ZEN”

LIFE ZEN is a course for those who want to start living more consciously and find inner harmony. It is suitable for both those who have never practiced meditation and advanced followers of spiritual practices.

The training lasts 4 weeks, during which you will take lessons and complete practical assignments every day. This is enough time to develop a habit of meditating every day that will stay with you forever.

After completing the training you:

  • become less irritable;
  • gain peace of mind and self-confidence;
  • you will feel a surge of positive energy;
  • learn to live here and now.

There are two options for participation: with and without support. The first costs 11,900 rubles, the second – 8,900 rubles. There is a 7-day money back guarantee if the course is not for you.

“Neuroyoga” from the school “Neurosophy”

Neuroyoga is a course that combines scientific knowledge about the functioning of the brain and eastern yoga practices. It examines yoga exercises from the point of view of their effect on biochemical processes in the brain.

Students of the course learn through breathing techniques and physical exercises to stimulate the production of happiness hormones - dopamine and serotonin. Impressive? But this is far from the only profit. After completing it, you will be able to:

  • effectively manage your mental states;
  • get rid of blocks and clamps in the body;
  • improve brain function;
  • turn off the chaotic stream of thoughts;
  • reduce overall anxiety levels.

The course is very interesting and unusual, I would take it even out of curiosity. Standard training costs 4,490 rubles, the tariff with the support of a curator and checking homework is 7,490 rubles.

“Evolutionary Qigong” from Grandmaster Ian Spartak

The Evolutionary Qigong course will teach you how to manage your internal energy. Its author, Jan Spartak Poedinkov, devoted more than 30 years of his life to studying secret eastern practices, 25 of which he actively shares his knowledge with followers. This course is the quintessence of all his many years of work.

After completing the training, you:

  • cleanse your energy;
  • learn to recharge your energy;
  • improve your body health;
  • will make your spine stronger and more flexible.


  1. For free.
  2. Minimum water, maximum practice.
  3. Opportunity to continue training at subsequent levels.

If three courses are not enough for you, take a look at our complete selection of spiritual development courses.

Radislav Gandapas

Number of subscribers: 349 thousand.

We can talk about this man for a very long time. He is ranked 30th in the world ranking of speakers and holds the status of “Certified Speaking Professional” (a well-deserved designation for professional speakers). No one else in Russia has achieved such success. He has nine books and fourteen films on public speaking and leadership to his credit.

Anyone who wants to change their life simply must look at the Gandapas channel. He has a clear understanding of the components of success and shares his work with subscribers. Radislav tells how to overcome fears and conquer the world, where to find strength and energy for active action.


Man is a social being. Without effective interaction with other people, we cannot be fully realized and feel happy. You should pay close attention to this area if you experience communication problems: you don’t fit into a new team well, you constantly conflict, you don’t know how to establish contact with the opposite sex.

“Five Simple Steps to Building Any Relationship” on Udemy

Five simple stages of building any relationship - a universal course that will help you establish contact with anyone: parents, spouse, child, boss...

It looks at 27 problems that we can all face when interacting with other people. You have to meet them face to face and work through each of them in five stages.


  • low price;
  • lifetime access to all materials;
  • certificate of completion;
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

The course costs RUB 1,199.

Course “Relationships: formula of intimacy” by Natalia Tereshchenko

Relationships: formula for intimacy - a course developed by a psychotherapist and sexologist with 20 years of experience. It is aimed at building harmonious mature relationships without dependence. Suitable for both women and men.

When you watch 7 video lessons and complete 7 powerful exercises, you will learn:

  • build personal boundaries and respect the boundaries of other people;
  • rely on yourself, and not constantly look for support outside;
  • do not fall for other people’s manipulations;
  • saying “no” without damaging the relationship;
  • distinguish between dependence and proximity.


  1. Experienced mentor.
  2. Author support in closed chat.
  3. Lifetime access to all materials.
  4. Emphasis on practice.

The course costs 14,000 rubles. It is possible to arrange an installment plan.

“Conflictology and conflict management” from 4brain

Conflictology and conflict management – ​​a basic course on conflict management. It will be useful to anyone who wants to learn how to resolve conflicts in their favor and use them to expand their influence.

In 5 lessons you will learn:

  • what types of conflicts are there?
  • how to avoid conflicts;
  • in what cases conflict can be beneficial for you;
  • what are the strategies for dealing with conflict?
  • what is internal conflict and how to resolve it.

In addition, on the learning platform you will find 16 detailed articles on this topic, and you can consolidate and test your acquired knowledge using an exam.

The main advantage is the opportunity to study for free. You can also sign up for a paid subscription and get access to additional features: games, tests, exercises. A year of subscription costs RUB 2,990, lifetime access costs RUB 29,990.

See also our selection of relationship courses.

Pavel Bagryantsev

Number of subscribers: 617 thousand.

An exciting channel for men. Entrepreneur Pavel Bagryantsev created it in 2011, but began working actively in 2013. In his channel, he covers various topics: business, relationships with women and parents, psychology, self-development, success, charisma, career and sports...

You may feel like these are just another boring and instructive video from a business guru. No, Pavel approaches tasks responsibly, and there is a lot of interesting things on his channel. It is not limited to one area. Here you can find answers to various questions, from the relationship between loneliness and self-development to the right choice of socks. Looking at this successful person, I want to quickly become the same. By the way, the channel is aimed at a male audience, but it will also be useful for women. At least for those who want to learn to understand their spouse, brother or father. The channel will be a good alternative to a short course in male psychology.

Financial management

In today's world, being able to manage money effectively is as important as being able to write and read. If economics is a dark forest for you, pay attention to the following programs.



35 best financial literacy courses for adults and children

Hello, friends! I am convinced that increasing the financial literacy of the population should become...

“Financial literacy+” from the Finarium school

The Financial Literacy+ course is for those who want to get their finances in order and take the first step towards economic freedom. It is divided into 8 video lessons with a total duration of 25 hours, each of which ends with homework. As a bonus, you will receive more than 10 effective tools for maintaining financial records and planning expenses.

You will learn:

  • how to keep track of expenses and income;
  • how to quickly close loans and get rid of debts;
  • how to form your first savings;
  • how to start investing.

The course costs 5,000 rubles. To pass it, basic skills in working with Microsoft Excel are required. You can get them right away if you take a free short intensive course in Excel and Finance.

“Investments.Start” from the school “Red Compass”

Investments.Start is a competent, well-structured course on investing, designed for beginners. Since 2021, the Red Compass training platform has been collaborating with the Moscow Exchange School, so their training products meet the highest standards.

During the training you will learn:

  • how to analyze market conditions and choose the best offers from brokerage companies;
  • how to use financial instruments presented on exchanges;
  • how to create your own investment portfolio;
  • how to keep records of investments;
  • how to protect your money from attacks by scammers.

Benefits and bonuses:

  1. Lifetime access to all materials.
  2. Online consultations where you can ask any questions.
  3. Additional materials for self-study.
  4. Exercises and tests to consolidate knowledge in practice.

The course lasts 3 weeks and consists of 5 video lessons of 1.5 hours each. The basic tariff costs 1,250 rubles. There are also tariffs with additional options for 2,500 and 5,000 rubles. The introductory webinar is free.

“Anti-crisis first aid kit: video lessons and instructions” from the Center for Financial Culture

Anti-crisis first aid kit: video tutorials and instructions will help you always stay afloat, no matter what the financial situation in the world. You will learn how to repay loans more profitably and how to optimize your expenses, you will be able to independently calculate the cost of a mortgage, and you will receive a set of checklists and financial instructions.

The course is free. To access it, you need to register on the Center's website.


1 233

10 Best Investing Courses for Beginners and Experienced Investors

Hello, friends! I would become an investor, let them teach me......

10. People of action

Number of subscribers: 236 thousand.

The “People of Business” channel was created in 2021 by Pavel Kuryanov and Ilya Kusakin. They achieved great success and decided to share their experience. Pavel is known as the founder of the Black Star label (together with Timati and Walter Chassem). Ilya is a popular business coach. They know a lot about entrepreneurship, so first of all, their channel will be useful for those who have decided to open their own business.

However, information is collected here not only about business, there is a place for personal growth, creativity and relationships. The channel contains numerous interviews with different people, mainly top officials of top companies. Principles of success, tips for self-development and motivation, specific ways to achieve goals - each video is of great value.


Health is a key area of ​​life. Pay special attention to it.

Basic health course by Vitaly Sobolevsky

Vitaly Sobolevsky is a naturopathic doctor with 18 years of experience. His Basic course was created for those who want to improve their health using gentle and natural methods - without strict diets, chemical additives and exhausting physical activity.

It is aimed at:

  • cleansing the body of toxins;
  • developing healthy habits;
  • weight normalization;
  • joint restoration;
  • transition to physiological nutrition;
  • selection of suitable physical exercises.

After completing 7 video lessons, you will receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also an algorithm for implementing it into your life. The course costs 5,900 rubles.

“Secrets of Healthy Eating.” on Udemy

Secrets of Healthy Eating. is a course on nutrition or, in simple words, on creating a balanced diet. It was developed by two nutritionists practicing in the USA. After completing it, you will be able not only to choose the ideal diet for yourself, but also to provide the services of a nutrition consultant.

In a programme:

  • how to make friends with sugar;
  • Why do people need fats?
  • what are the main benefits of proteins;
  • who is vegetarianism suitable for?
  • food as medicine;
  • what modern nutrition trends should be followed;
  • How to form a complete balanced diet.

The course consists of 12 lectures, to which you will receive lifetime access after payment. It costs $25. Upon completion, a certificate is issued.

Webinar “How to breathe correctly” from the center “Conscious Breathing”

Breathing is one of the most important functions of the body. But most people are not even aware that they are breathing incorrectly. At the webinar How to Breathe Correctly, psychologist and respiratory therapist Lyubov Bogdanova will teach you the basics of healthy breathing.

On the course you:

  • learn what parameters make up proper breathing;
  • analyze your breath;
  • begin to eradicate bad breathing habits;
  • master special techniques and exercises.

You can access the webinar for free by registering on the website.

If the options listed above don't appeal to you, check out our expanded selection of health promotion courses.

Practices for motivation and goal achievement

What’s worse is that your whole life is built on this principle of not paying attention to yourself. And the name of the problem is ignorance. Lack of knowledge leads to self-dislike, non-acceptance of oneself as a value worthy of eating the best, doing the best, seeing the best, feeling the best, and so on.

As you can see, the roots of the problem of laziness are intricate and run very deep. In the esotericism training course, we fill in the gaps in knowledge and this very understanding of ourselves, self-love, and not only that comes.

But, if we return to our example of people of a “special caste”. (Although, of course, this term was taken simply as a catchphrase and they do not belong to any caste, you understand that). Both peaceful, joyful “loungers” and happy “energizers” have one thing in common - knowledge of how the world works and how you can create miracles with the help of thoughts. This is also all on the course.

These people love themselves and consider themselves to be an indisputable value, which is why they, with their blissful thought forms about themselves, create events that determine for them the existence of the life they would like to lead

“Slounger people” love themselves and that is why they do not feel guilty about their desire for idleness. They do not judge themselves and accept themselves as they are. As a result, they transmit the energy of goodness into the World, which, returning, nourishes matter. By surrounding the “loungers” with conditions suitable for their even greater level of comfort. Motivation appears in life and goal achievement.


The following courses will help you improve your appearance and develop a sense of style in clothing.

Course for women “Basic wardrobe” by Liliya Smirnova

A basic wardrobe from Lilia Smirnova will help you solve the eternal women's problem of “nothing to wear.” The author of the course is a practicing stylist with eight years of experience. It will help you create a stylish, practical and functional wardrobe with minimal investment.

In a programme:

  1. What is a basic wardrobe?
  2. What things does it consist of?
  3. Basic rules for creating a basic wardrobe.
  4. Basic accessories and decorations.
  5. Where can you buy suitable basic items?
  6. Color in clothes: how to select and combine.

After completing the course, your wardrobe will be like a construction set: from a minimum number of things you can create the maximum number of looks. It costs 6,900 rubles, spending which you can save tens or even hundreds of thousands in the future on buying unnecessary clothes.

Course “Male Style” by Nadya Ageeva

Who said that style courses are only for women? Men's style is a course that will make any man more attractive, respectable and confident. If your wardrobe contains nothing but jeans and t-shirts, I highly recommend you give it a try.

What's in the program:

  • determining the style that suits you;
  • selection of a color palette based on the natural color type;
  • choosing clothes for different body types;
  • creating a basic wardrobe;
  • selection of stylish accessories;
  • Recommendations for sorting out your wardrobe.

It will also teach you how to buy online correctly. The training format is video lessons, notes and presentations. The course costs 99 euros.

“How to find your style” from Tatyana Preobrazhenskaya

The course How to find your own style was created for girls and women who like clothes like you. If your closet is cluttered with too much stuff, but things just don't seem to fit together, take the time to go through it.

It consists of five video lessons that will teach you:

  • determine which style a particular item of clothing belongs to;
  • choose a style that suits your character and mood;
  • emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses;
  • create bright and fashionable sets.

The course is interesting, educational and, most importantly, free. To pass it, you need to register.

did not you find what you were looking for? Take a look at our selection of courses to improve your image.

"study motivation"

The leader of this community is Lolita Finlandskaya. I like it for its brightness, constant activity and information content. There really are a lot of motivational books here, as well as films - both fiction and documentaries, plenty of music, selections of books and videos on a wide variety of topics - from studying to living abroad, wonderful photos of the office.

Lolita publishes articles in the group from a variety of sources, and sometimes writes something herself. Lately, this has begun to happen more often, apparently due to the fact that the owner of “study motivation” created her own blog. Although the materials in the public and there do not always seem to overlap.

In any case, I really like the increase in the number of articles, as Lolita shares her personal, heartfelt experiences on various issues. And it became clear and understandable that she had to work a lot on the group for it to become in demand. Nevertheless, she succeeded. This fact itself is already inspiring!

Separate discussions seem quite popular, where everyone can talk about the profession they are pursuing, or “100 days of productive study” - a public project where volunteers set specific study goals for a hundred days in advance and try to achieve them, leaving every day in small reports on the relevant topic. Quite a good idea to motivate yourself once again) And recently, questions related to various educational situations have been published in the public domain - right on the wall, which allows participants to exchange their opinions. That's great too).

Talent Development Courses

Finally, let's look at a few courses for the soul. They will help you reveal hitherto unknown facets of your personality, show your talents and fill your life with inspiration.

“Online acting course for beginners” from the school “Easy People”

The author of the Online Acting Course is Russian director and choreographer Tatyana Weinstein. During her 30-day marathon, you will learn the basics of acting using the world-famous Stanislavsky system. Every day you will receive small tasks that will take no more than 15–20 minutes to complete.


  1. The first three days are free.
  2. The marathon takes place on the Telegram and VK platforms.
  3. Opportunity to continue training at the next stages.

The course will help you get to know the acting profession better, learn a lot about yourself, and expand the range of your behavior. You can master it on your own for 990 rubles, with a mentor – for 4,900 rubles.

“Improvisation in life” from Pavel Volya and Stanislav Sheminov

Improvisation in life is an online course created by popular comedian Pavel Volya and creative producer Stanislav Sheminov. With its help you can become more “alive”, interesting, unpredictable, learn to express yourself, and also significantly improve your communication skills.

During the training you will:

  • work on your reaction speed;
  • learn to give the best response to an incoming stimulus;
  • break patterns and act contrary to other people's expectations;
  • learn to express your emotions freely and beautifully;
  • learn to capture and hold someone else's attention.

The course lasts 1.5 months, during which you will have to take daily lessons and perform exercises. In the long term, exercises should become a part of your life and help you continuously improve your improvisation skills. It costs 12,000 rubles.

"Sense of humor. How to learn to joke?” on 4brain

Course Sense of Humor. How to learn to joke? will teach you to make witty jokes and become the life of any company. If you are tired of feeling like a bore and a bore, then this is definitely for you.

In 6 lessons you will learn:

  • what is positive thinking;
  • what types of humor are there and how to develop them;
  • how to become witty;
  • what you can and cannot joke about.

At the end of the course you will have an exam. The basic version can be completed for free without registration; for additional options you will have to pay from 2,990 to 29,990 rubles.

Be sure to check out our selection of talent development courses.

Where to start your journey in online psychology

I want to focus on the main thing - you need to understand who your clients are and decide on a niche. As long as you have a mess in your head and you think that a psychologist is a generalist who can help everyone, there will not be a good flow of clients.

People willing to pay are looking for the best specialist to solve a specific problem. They are looking for an expert, not a generalist. And they will pay as much as you value your expertise.

Additionally, it is important to accept the fact that face-to-face counseling is different from online counseling.
Not all of a psychologist’s tools will be effective, but they can and should be adapted to the new format of work. It will be difficult at first, but with each new meeting you will notice that you can easily maintain a connection with the client without being physically close to him. onlayn-psikholog-s-chego-nachat-put-where-i-kak-iskat-klientov-kak-razvivatsya

What is human self-realization?

I will try to tell you what it is in the simplest words.

In psychology, the definition is as follows: self-realization is the realization of one’s abilities, potential, desires, and talents in any activity, not necessarily professional.

Simply put, realizing your inclinations and dreams by carrying out activities means “self-realization.”

This is an extremely broad concept, because you can realize yourself as a parent, in sports, in creativity, as a daughter or a specialist, even as a friend or a chess player. Fortunately, there are almost no boundaries here! Consequently, there are a huge number of ways to accomplish the task of personal self-realization.

Moreover, you can simultaneously express yourself and achieve goals (with more or less success) simultaneously in several fields.

However, self-realization and self-expression are not the same thing. Although self-realization is always self-expression in the most positive sense of the word. But self-expression is not always self-realization. For example, wearing a fancy hairstyle or ripped jeans is self-expression, but not self-actualization. You don't need any special abilities for this. But speaking publicly is both self-expression and self-realization. Unfortunately, some people confuse these concepts.

In addition, personal self-realization is always some kind of specific benefit and “need” for the people around us.

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