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There are many reasons to simplify your life. We live in an era of consumerism and materialism. Life has become a restless struggle. We are so busy chasing more that our lives are filled with unnecessary things, responsibilities and additional burdens. These things have clouded our lives so much that it is difficult to focus on the things that are truly important and meaningful to us. We assign meaning to insignificant things while completely missing the true aspects of life.

Life should be simpler

By living simply, you can pay much more attention to the central aspects of your life that really matter to you.

The acquisition of material things has become the religion of materialists. As a result, we are always looking to acquire more. More money, property, power. At the same time, we strive to fulfill all our desires without realizing that they are more or less insatiable.

All this persecution makes us less content with what we have and turns our attention to what we don't have. As a result, we experience dissatisfaction.

For this reason, below are some inspiring ideas to make your life easier. These tips will help you rid your life of unnecessary clutter.

Here are 6 ways I've simplified my life since that day:


Since I am a highly sensitive person and too much stuff has always overwhelmed me, clutter has never been a big problem for me. But it's still incredible how much a person (let alone a family of 4 or more) can save in a short period of time.

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Over the years I have donated thousands of items to our local charity shops. My only regret? Why didn't I start earlier? I didn't realize how much space all that junk took up in my brain until I got rid of it.

How can you get started?

If you want to simplify your life, then decluttering your belongings is a great start.

I recommend starting small. Perhaps it would be your car, or even smaller - your kitchen drawer - you know how annoying it is to have too many wooden spoons and a large can opener that constantly gets in the way.

Or you could take part in a competition. I've played the Minimalist Game a couple of times and love it. On the first day, you choose one item to throw away or donate, on the second day, two items, and so on until the 30th day, when you get rid of as many as 30 items.


I'm still far from where I want to be in this area, but there is one thing I do more often now that has changed my world.

I introduced mindfulness to my finances. Now my attitude towards the money I spend is much more focused and mindful. Long gone are the days when shopping was done for the sake of shopping.

How can you get started?

Keep track of what you spend. Create a budget if you haven't already. At the end of the day, it only takes 5 minutes to write down every purchase you make. You'll soon begin to notice areas where you can cut costs.

The most important thing is that you start paying attention. Don't spend thoughtlessly. Don't ignore your credit card bills anymore! Fine?

My clothes

I'm a recovering fashionista. I may wear the same shoes and bag all the time and not care about jewelry - but I LOVE clothes, especially new ones. Needless to say, I lived with an overstuffed closet and cluttered drawers for years.

Now I carefully select things before purchasing. I'm happy when I wear my favorite things, and many of them are second-hand store finds. My wardrobe is now half full and some of my drawers are empty. This extra space makes me feel calm and better able to see what's there.

How can you get started?

Try Project 333 by Courtney Carver. The idea is to live with 33 pieces of clothing (including shoes and jewelry!) for 3 months.


It's funny how the food we need for our survival can cause many problems in our lives. Low fat or low carb? Paleo Diet or the Whole 30 Day Diet? Should I let my kids go hungry if they refuse what I cook, or should I offer them other options? Should the whole family eat or feed the children first?

Food choices are the most stressful factor for me. But these two things make this task easier for me:
  1. Eat the same things. I know it sounds boring, but our whole family tends to stick to the same foods. Breakfast for me is blueberries and some other fruits, coconut yogurt and granola with nuts and seeds. My daughter's current favorite is scones with shredded cheese and carrots for lunch. And this is what she will eat until she gets tired of it. Simply and easily.
  2. A moderate amount of vegetables is enough. My kids are pretty picky. And I was very worried that they weren't getting enough variety in food or nutrients. I'm over it. I now aim for 4-5 meals a week with at least two different vegetables. What else? Toasted sandwiches, pancakes, plates of mixed foods (like carrot sticks, cheese cubes, blueberries - whatever they like that's healthy!) ... and once a month or so, a store-bought prepared meal.

How can you get started?

If eating is also stressful for you, then I definitely recommend starting with planning. It's not something I do all year round, but when I do it regularly it reduces stress significantly.


At first glance, the practice of gratitude may seem inappropriate for simplifying your life. But incorporating it into your life will help you focus on what matters most. The things we are truly grateful for are often simple things too. Many of my gratitudes are for things like my children's smiles, a conversation with someone who understands you, or a beautiful tree.

Gratitude helps us come down to earth. It gives us perspective. Even if our day has been too busy, this simple practice helps us return to the present moment and quiets the noise of “busyness.”

How can you get started?

Take a notepad and pen. Place it on your nightstand or on the floor next to your bed. At the end of each day, write down 3 (or just start with 1) things you are grateful for.

This will be difficult at first after a hard day. You will have to literally suck gratitude out of your finger. Sometimes you can be grateful for the breath that moves in and out of your lungs. Or sunlight. This is fine. Continue. One day you will find more precious things to be grateful for. (And yet the fresh air and sunshine are truly gems!)


One of the easiest ways to simplify my day and get rid of dust is to get outside. Walk or run, or even ride a bike outdoors. My favorite place in the entire world is our local mountain biking park.

When I enter the park, I feel like I am entering another world. A world that is free of problems, stress and overwhelm. A world where trees rule and birds caress my ears with their sweet serenade. It's calm, peaceful, and I feel clean.

When I'm really overwhelmed by the weight of life, immersing myself in nature is the quickest and most effective remedy.

How can you get started?

What's behind your front door? Even if you don't have a yard, there may be some green space on one of your blocks. Or maybe you can get off the bus a few stops early to spend some time outside.

I can't wait to share this journey of simplifying and slowing down with you. I'm glad I'm not alone and I hope you feel the same.

Create a simple life. Start here. Start now.

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The beauty of simple life

Living simply allows you to get rid of all the noise, clutter and excess in your life. You strip away the superficial and chaotic for simplicity, mindfulness, meaning, and gratitude.

This process will help you cultivate a sense of true appreciation for all the wonderful aspects that are already present in your life. This will help you realize that you already have everything you need to be happy and fulfilled.

If you can't find happiness by living out new fantasies and doing the most amazing things, that won't change. Even if all your dreams and desires were miraculously fulfilled in an instant, it would not make a significant contribution to your long-term happiness. In the short term, your happiness may be possible, but in the long run, it will remain the same. This effect is known as the hedonic treadmill.

But let's look at the benefits of a simplified life.

House for refugees

As part of the collaboration between IKEA and the UN, several thousand Better Shelter plastic shelters have been produced to accommodate refugees. Thermal insulation in these tents is provided by foam walls, and electricity is generated using solar panels. One dwelling with an area of ​​17.5 m2 is designed for 5 people and can be easily assembled.

Technologies that make life easier, like Better Shelter, are a solution to the refugee problem. They increase comfort and are equipped with ventilation, lighting and mosquito nets.

Manual dishwasher

Circo is a dishwasher designed by Israeli designer Chen Levin. This is an autonomous household appliance that does not consume electricity, but is operated manually. The user only needs to rotate the handle of the device - this movement creates a stream of water, which is heated by a sodium acetate tablet. The dishwasher saves not only time and energy: it requires about 2.65 liters of water for one cycle of operation, and electric models need about 8.3.

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Water filter tube

The LifeStraw plastic tube purifies water from almost all biological contaminants, making it suitable for drinking. The invention was created to save people in third world countries. It is estimated that one sixth of the world's population does not have access to safe drinking water. For now, the device is disposable, so a resource of 700 liters is needed to provide a person with a year’s supply.

Improve your relationship

57. Be honest with others (this will help avoid possible conflicts).

58. Treat everyone with respect, not just your loved ones or friends.

59. Treat all people equally - don’t make life difficult for yourself by singling out “best” and “worst”.

60. Trust people.

61. Take people as they are. Don't try to change them.

62. Compare yourself only with yourself in the past, with no one else.

63. Learn to say “no!”

64. Ask your friends what things or household items they need, and try to allocate something from your “arsenal”.

65. Keep phone numbers and addresses in one place.

66. Involve your whole family in this process.

67. Tell your friends what you want to achieve by following all these points.

68. Select some points from the above and offer it to your friend.

69. Make some things yourself, don't buy them.

70. Spend more time with positive people.

71. Apologize quickly.

72. Spend time alone with someone close to you.

73. Go out with your friends and their families, call them, visit them just because.

74. Make the gift you want with your own hands without buying it.

75. Say thank you or write thank you notes to your friends often.

76. Call your friend and just wish him a good day.

77. Avoid judging other people and do not engage in gossip.

78. Let family meals come first, not work.

79. Stay completely disconnected from work on the weekends.

80. Listen to others, and stop talking only about yourself.

Disposable phone batteries

Mini Power are miniature, external capsules for charging mobile devices. They are available in three versions - for two, four or six hours, and after use they can be recycled. Designer Tsung-Chi-Hsien won the international Red Dot Design Award with this idea. He expects Mini Power to be widely sold in brick-and-mortar stores, both individually and in kits.

Invisible bicycle helmet

Hövding is a stylish collar that acts as an airbag when riding a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle. It opens in the event of an accident and envelops the head, protecting against injury. The soft helmet folds into a compartment at the back of the collar. It has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope - they send a signal to open when they detect movements characteristic of an accident. The pillow fills with helium in no longer than 1/10 of a second. An important feature of the Hövding is the built-in recorder. This device stores information from the last 10 seconds before the accident.

Lunch set for people with dementia

Eatwell is an 8-piece kit that helps people with Alzheimer's disease and loss of practical skills eat independently. The cups have an inclined bottom, which prevents them from falling. It's easier to use a spoon that won't easily drop food. The bright design of the dishes allows you to better identify the food.

The colors were chosen in accordance with the results of a study conducted in Boston: people with cognitive problems eat and drink more when using brightly colored glassware. The curved shape of the spoons follows the curves of cups and plates - this makes it easier to pick up food and makes it more secure.

Application to help the visually impaired and blind

Technologies that make life easier cannot do without Be My Eyes. This is a mobile application through which a person with vision problems can receive help from a visionary. The functionality is based on video calls: a visually impaired person contacts a volunteer, who helps him navigate the video. The founder of the project himself also has poor eyesight - based on his own experience, he claims that the application will change the daily lives of blind people, thanks to remote assistance.

A sticker that makes a person “invisible” to mosquitoes

A Kite Patch is a small sticker that is attached to clothing or skin. Developers from California (Olfactor company) claim that the device gets rid of annoying insects for 48 hours. Obviously, such an invention makes outdoor recreation more comfortable, but the main goal of the creators was the fight against disease-carrying mosquitoes. For now, the principle of operation of the Kite Patch is kept secret.

Menstrual Hygiene Kit

Flo is a set for washing, drying and storing sanitary reusable pads. It is simple and economical to use. The development aims to improve hygiene in countries where menstruation is stigmatized and tampons and pads are not always available. Essentially, it is a basket that is suspended on ropes and, when closed, becomes a drying rack. It comes with a case for storing used or clean hygiene items.

Where to begin? Why do this at all? What does simplification actually look like?

At its core, simplifying frees up time for the things that really matter to us, said Rachel Jonat, who writes about simplicity and minimalism on her website The Minimalist Mom. "This means redesigning how you spend your time, money, energy and even space in your home to reflect what's truly important to you."

Simplification allows room for “creativity, imagination and play,” says Landis, the life coach.

Fortunately, simplification can be small and gradual and – yes – simple. Below you will find many practical, completely doable suggestions.

Write down your reasons to simplify. Think about why you'd like to make your life simpler, said Courtney Carver, author of the blog Be More with Less and the book Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More.

A floating urn that cleans the ocean

Seabin is a simple ocean water filter designed by two surfers from Australia. It separates not only solid foreign objects and particles from the liquid, but also oil and fuel residues. The technology is based on conventional pool filters, but is specialized for use in lakes, harbors and ports. Within one day, Seabin is capable of collecting up to 1.5 kilograms of garbage.

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