How to find a way out of a difficult life situation: 3 effective ways

Do you know the feeling of a hopeless situation? I think almost everyone is familiar with it. And everyone seems to know (at least Simoron practitioners) that there is always a way out - absolutely and without exception. On the other hand, finding this very way out is sometimes not at all easy.

The thing is that in a situation where it would be better to first improve the psychological state, change internally, open your eyes wider, do something new, a person with extraordinary persistence tries to find a way out. Although he’s not really looking anymore, he’s just walking past those doors again, on which he himself hung a “no exit” sign.

However, it is worth remembering in time the funny phrase of Nikolai Fomenko: “Even if you are eaten, you always have two options.” Well, or this one: “The exit from a hopeless situation is where the entrance is.”

Did you smile? Then we use the “All roads lead to Rome” technique.

To begin with, let me remind you that we are not focused on finding a rational solution to the issue; in this case, we are not engaged in shaping the future. We do this in order to get out of the feeling of a vicious circle. To change the psychological state, to get out of expectations, negativity, inflated importance, etc.

And after this, a solution will come, or a way out will be found, or the Universe will throw some kind of magic.

Essence and idea

It was from this observation that the idea emerged.

What if you start answering yourself? Specially. Consciously. So that the brain, instead of chasing the same thing in circles, gets involved in another activity - creative.

In this way, solutions will be found, expectations will be lifted, and the negativity will end. The main thing is for the usual logical chains to turn off and creativity to turn on. That is, at the end of the day, the state and attitude must change completely. Ideally - as usual - until the sensation is released, and even better - to the point of laughter.

So, take the question that is bothering you. As a rule, it is already formulated. But if necessary, formulate it. And you write (or come up with) many possible answers. And the heavier the load, the more time it may take to “accelerate”. Usually, the first ones are the banal ones - options that have already been considered hundreds of times. But we just write them (or pronounce them). And we don’t evaluate it. We're just listing it. Then the usual options run out. And this is exactly the moment of truth! Because you can start inventing new ones. The main thing is that they should not be logical! They can be as absurd, unrealistic, impossible, delusional as you like. And it’s even good if they are like that. This includes hidden resources and takes you beyond the usual. For the sake of which, in fact, everything was started!

Go as far as possible from the usual train of thought, fantasize. You can use the world around you, objects, things, posters around for this. Anything. The main thing is not to go into abstract “harmony”, “everything will be fine”, etc.

Everything is very specific, more details.

Here I would like to recall the phrase of Albert Einstein: “ The greatest stupidity is to do the same thing and hope for a different result.”

And the world will figure out how to help you!

When you are already “carried out” of the vicious circle into the stream of creativity, you can end up cute (by magic, by Simoron’s image, by renaming). The site has several articles on this topic. So - see BLOG CONTENTS.

Or you can just stay on the wave or use the most “purring”, funny or absurd of the options you wrote as a cute one.


On an ordinary rainy evening in the heart of old England, in the quiet and cozy office of the manager of the largest London bank, there were two people: the manager himself and the bank’s VIP client, a “new Russian”, the owner of a large and profitable business, who has a solid account in this bank.

The Russian businessman is tired of the righteous labors, to which he has devoted ten years of his life without vacations or weekends. His deepest desire: to retire for a while and rest for a year or two in his homeland, in Russia.

- Tell me, sir, can I get an annual loan from you for one hundred American dollars? – the “new Russian” turned to the manager. “Of course, sir, now I will give the appropriate orders,” he replied, “it will take no more than five minutes,” and left the office...

A few minutes later he returned back, clearly very upset about something, which his concerned expression could not hide: “You know, sir, the customs of our bank, and these are the best traditions in England, require that loans be provided to our clients only on the security of some kind of or property... Don’t you have something suitable, especially since the amount is absolutely meager?”

- Will this work? – the Russian asked, looking out the window and pointing to an exclusive late-model Porsche parked at the entrance to the bank. “Completely and even more than,” answered the surprised but dignified manager.

For a whole year, our businessman had fun and had fun in his native land... However, all good things end very quickly and we have to return to normal life. So the “new Russian” ended up in London again.

“Answer me, sir,” the manager turned to the “new Russian,” receiving the debt from him, “what does all this mean?” We, of course, understand that you “dumped” us somewhere, but we just can’t figure out where exactly. “Tell me, please, Mr. Manager,” answered the “new Russian,” “where in England for just one hundred dollars you can find parking for your car for a whole year?”


I’ll take an example from correspondence with a site reader. The topic of money is usually on everyone's mind, so this example can be useful to many.

The “closing” question sounded like this: “Who can I borrow from, who can I borrow from, because the day after tomorrow I have to go to work...”.

I immediately suggested not limiting ourselves to the topic of “borrowing”, because you can also find, win, accidentally discover, or receive as a gift. Money can also materialize - on a shelf or in a pocket, etc.

So, options for developing the plot... I won’t take the usual ones - you already know them. Let's go straight to the unusual ones.

A neighbor came and brought a pie. You cut the pie, and there is a wad of money. The neighbor says: “No, I didn’t, it’s not mine.” You and your neighbor split the pack in half. To celebrate, she started baking pies all the time and bringing them to you. And in each one, a wad of money materialized from somewhere.

Suddenly the sole of the old shoe came off - and between the insole and the sole several five-thousand dollar bills were found.

You decide to dig up the balcony box, and there is another wad of money.

And then in the old robe - in the right pocket - a large bill was discovered.

And a relative came to visit - and said - let me give you some money, I obviously have some extra money.

And also - the Minister of Finance happened to be passing through your city, he was informed that you were suffering, he personally came and gave out a couple of million in cash...

Plus, suddenly you have the ability to pull money out of thin air.

Or - as in Max Fry - from the “gap between worlds”.

And also the ability to materialize money in a dream. Every morning you wake up and find a certain amount under your pillow.

Well, there's something strange on the street. Money under your feet. I have to lift it. I’m already tired of even bending down after them!

And money began to multiply on its own in your pocket or wallet. You put a ten in your pocket, you take out a hundred. You put in a hundred, you take out a thousand. You put in a thousand, you take out a five-thousandth.

And if you put two pieces of paper in your pocket, then a third appears - a newborn. It’s scary to think what the money is doing there - in your pocket - at night!

And for some reason the cactus on the windowsill bloomed. But instead of petals, his flowers have dollar bills. Or euros - euros make prettier flowers.

And now it’s autumn. And it’s very strange, but in the yard, right under the windows, leaves from the trees are falling ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss with them. And while such a leaf falls, it turns into a bill.

And also. The battery suddenly became clogged. The plumber came and it turned out that a small wad of money, rolled up in a tube, was stuck in the pipe. The plumber, of course, gave it to you.

And there’s also an unknown well-wisher who drops a certain amount into the mailbox every day.

Also, the bank card behaves strangely. Several thousand are added to the account every day. By itself. From nowhere. And it is written that this is a translation from the country of Chifuarlia.

I think the idea from this example becomes clear.

What you need to realize

  • There are people with worse problems than you. For example, children with fatal diseases, parents who lost their young family in an accident, a boy who was killed in an unnecessary war. The world has not agreed on your situation, so you should not give up after the first defeat.
  • Failure can be a happy turning point. This idea can be found on the pages of the book “The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill. And it’s true: a sudden illness, failure in business or a broken relationship can sometimes save your head from even greater misfortunes.
  • Advice to give up everything is advice from weak people. Before you listen to someone, look at their standard of living. If it is lower than what you want, you should not waste time listening to yet another opinion.
  • Whatever happens, no matter who is to blame, it’s all in the past. Now we are facing a fact and we need to shift our attention to the present.
  • Taking the initiative is a good quality of a successful person, but in our case, too decisive actions can cause harm.

Details and nuances.

The main thing is that we are gradually exposed to laughter, exaggeration, and absurdity.

It may be that habitual thinking will return to everyday life. Not scary. Let the real and the unreal mix. After all, there is generally no boundary between these two concepts.

It is important that this takes the person who uses the technique beyond the usual thinking and perception of the world.

Because, as far as I know, for many practicing wizards, it is already quite common to put a thousand on a shelf, only to find two there. Or let's say put a few small bills, and then find the 5 thousandth among them. And money also “materialized” in many people’s pockets. And unexpected bonuses came.


So it turns out that in order to achieve the required result in solving a given problem, you need to learn the art of searching for strong moves. It's like in chess: the winner is the one who, under the circumstances, finds a stronger move and does it more often than the opponent.

FOOTNOTE It is clear that such an ability does not come on its own right away and this needs to be persistently learned, but “patience and work will grind everything down.” The sages say that the one who walks will master the road, and to get to the right place, you just need to start your journey.

If we take into account the point of view that our whole life is a game, and we are the corresponding figures in it, then every day of ours should actually be occupied with how to find a way out of a hopeless situation, so as not to be “eaten” by the enemy and become the winner of the started game.

If you have ever played, for example, a “sea battle”, then you know well that each “idle shot” significantly increases the likelihood of a new salvo hitting the enemy ship, which makes it possible to win not only one battle, but also become the winner of the whole battle.

In conclusion, I just want to wish you, dear reader, that every shot you make will definitely hit the right target and make you a winner in life. Taking this opportunity, I dare to ask for a small favor: if the information received was useful to you in any way, then please leave your comment at the bottom of this note...

Take time to let your emotions out.

No matter how hard you try, it is unlikely that you will be able to be firm and confident in the successful outcome of the matter. However, while in a psychologist’s office, you can allow yourself to cry. By the way, you can cry at home, but you need to set aside a certain time for this. Yes, it may sound a little crazy: we can’t experience emotions at the snap of our fingers. However, you need to try to distinguish between the time when you surrender to suffering (10-20 minutes a day at first will be acceptable) and the time when you need to act so as not to aggravate the current situation.

Watch your appearance

Let's say you suffer financial ruin. The temptation is great to lie all day in a dusty corner and shed tears of frustration. Meanwhile, this is the wrong tactic. Such behavior will only drain the last of your strength.

It is important to take care of your body. Even in the midst of a crisis, take time for a walk in the nearest park or change your diet to a healthier one. Remember to follow standard self-care routines. Give your body and mind clarity, and they may give you a sudden, smart strategy that will help you turn things around.

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Getting to Action

Don't put off realizing your desires until later. What to do in a hopeless situation? You should start with one small step. You need to do at least something from your list. And the main thing is regularity. Go towards your goals. Let the steps be small, but they must be taken every day. Do you want to become a famous artist and get out of a creative crisis? Draw every day. You may feel that your creativity is mediocre. It doesn't matter. The main thing is that you pick up a pencil and draw every day, without exception. Let it be 30 minutes first, then an hour, and then three. Don't demand too much from yourself at once. Gradual work on yourself will definitely give results.

Don't beat yourself up

Heavy thoughts about where to get strength and how to do it better are unnecessary at the moment. Act on what you have. If you begin to imagine in advance how difficult everything will be, there is a chance of psychologically burning out before you begin to correct the crisis situation.

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Help from a friend

A person is never alone. He always has friends, relatives or those people with whom he can share his problems. These people will always be able to find words of support and will say that there are no hopeless situations, there are unfound solutions. Why turn to your friends with your problems? Sometimes a person cannot find a solution that lies right under his nose. Because the person cannot abstract himself from the situation, he cannot find a solution. It's always clearer from the outside. A friend can help you look at your desperate situation from a different perspective. You can ask the opinion of several trusted people, and based on what has been said, draw your own conclusions. It is not necessary to listen to other people's opinions, but it is simply necessary to listen to them.

Why does a person feel hopeless?

The reason for the feeling of hopelessness is the inability to cope with the current situation and the feelings that arise as a result.

At the root of the feeling of hopelessness is the fear of circumstances that a person cannot overcome. A person is afraid that something will happen to him that he cannot survive. This fear weighs on him from within. The situation is perceived by him as so critical that the person is sure that there is no way out.

On the other hand, he is weighed down by the feeling of being unable to do anything. As a result, the person rushes from one negative thought to another. They lead him to a dead end, not allowing him to see a positive way out and solution.

*It is necessary to remember that in any current situation you can find a way out, as a result of which a person will feel relief, calm and safety. Often all you need to do is ask for outside help.

What happens to a person during a state of hopelessness?

During experiences against a background of strong fear, emotions consume the mind and the person becomes unable to soberly assess the situation. He sees her as terrible. A person’s morbid fantasy is capable of inventing something that does not exist in reality. By instilling thoughts about negative events that will never happen, a person puts himself into idle panic.

An emotionally traumatized person cannot look at the situation adequately. The emotion of fear consumes him so much that it leads him into a state of hopelessness. Any person who experiences fear sees reality as distorted. “Everything is lost”, “nothing can be returned”, “this is the end!” - similar thoughts swirl in the head of a person who is in a state of depression.

Get out of your comfort zone more often

What should be the first aid in a hopeless situation? A person should step out of his comfort zone more often. A person who withdraws into himself and his world cannot move on. A person must understand that life goes on, and it can be bright and colorful. But in order to transform your drab everyday life, you need to start taking action. Sign up for a course you've always dreamed of, or do something you'd never dare to do before. Adrenaline will help you feel the taste of life, and it will be easier for you to rehabilitate. A person who often leaves his comfort zone does not suffer from depression and rarely finds himself in hopeless situations. Why? The fact is that the human brain begins to work differently. He does not perceive difficulties as the end of the world; for him, difficulties are an interesting task that must be solved in the shortest possible time.

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