3 reasons why you get tired at work and 4 ways to be less tired

Coming home after a hard day at work, we naturally want to relax. But not every person knows how to do it correctly. It's actually quite simple. It only takes a little time to get yourself back to normal. I will share with you how you can relax after a hard day at home and outside the home.

  • Why can't I rest after work?
  • My best home methods
  • How to take a break from a busy day outside the home?


  • You are haunted by the notorious emotional burnout . You spend a lot of mental energy to force yourself to start working. This happens for many reasons. You may have lost interest in what you are doing or are suffering from the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. If so, read the article about why you don't want to work.
  • You don't follow a routine and don't sleep enough. Don't underestimate sleep: it works real miracles for the body.

    IMPORTANT! A healthy adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep a day, and ideally 8. Also, your daily routine means that you fall asleep and wake up at approximately the same time. Then the brain develops a habit, and you feel comfortable and do not suffer from insomnia and lack of sleep.

  • You lack vitamins. In truth, almost all modern people suffer from vitamin deficiency, but an acute deficiency of any element can lead to exhaustion.

Can sport contribute to good rest?

We paid special attention to this issue in a conversation with our expert. After all, on the one hand, playing sports is good for health, which means they have a positive effect on the body. But on the other hand, any physical activity requires effort and ends in pleasant fatigue. So what to do with weekend workouts?


The concept of sport is very loose in our time, since novice amateurs prepare straight for marathons, and this requires time, effort and discipline. Everything should be in moderation. If playing sports for competitive purposes does not come at the expense of recovery rules, then this is welcome. If a person sleeps for 5 hours and regularly runs with the goal of improving performance, and not for himself and his health, then this will most likely lead to injuries and overload of the body. In a metropolis it is difficult to maintain a routine, but we must strive for it.

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The most correct training is general physical fitness training. It strengthens the body in a balanced way, gives a boost of energy for the day and prevents most diseases. It needs to be given special attention and performed regularly. In the training mode “for health” and not “for competition”, such training must be performed daily, seven days a week. This is just as important as brushing your teeth!

How to be less tired?

Now let's talk about how to be less tired at work. There are a few important principles to keep in mind.

  1. Learn to set boundaries between work and personal time.

A typical situation: you have already left work, when suddenly a colleague calls and starts discussing with you how his day went at the office. Or asks for advice.

Usually responsible people who do not know how to say “no” at the right time suffer from such importunity. They are the ones who get very tired at work due to their inability to be distracted.

ADVICE! Try turning off your phone or ignoring people who are trying to return you to this swamp. Remember: you come home - you begin to rest, and there is no other option.

  1. Behave similarly within the office walls.

Don't listen to local gossip and conversations - it still won't bring you any practical benefit. Don't waste your precious attention on useless information.

Talk to your co-workers during your lunch break - let it be your relaxation. But you shouldn’t be distracted by them while preparing the report. Then you will be able to work and not get tired as before.

  1. Diversify your leisure time.

If your only desire after work is to lie on your bed and never get up again, fight it. The brain needs fresh impressions and sensations.

IMPORTANT! Try to go to the movies, theaters, and exhibitions more often. Meet friends in a cafe, play sports, find a new hobby that will relax you.

  1. Fight the routine with all your might.

For example, try taking an unusual route to work or change the notepad on your desk. Even seemingly insignificant little things can significantly affect the drabness of everyday life.

Schedule your most challenging tasks for times when you are most productive.

Usually working in a team requires focus and a fresh mind. If you are a night owl, you are most productive in the afternoon. But there is one problem: usually reports, presentations and brainstorming sessions are not postponed until the evening. This means you have to be creative.

  • If possible, plan to work with a colleague later in the afternoon rather than early in the morning.
  • If you need to work alone, then it is advisable to postpone more difficult tasks until the evening.

And under no circumstances should you sit down to work immediately after a heavy dinner: usually after eating you experience slight lethargy and lethargy. Therefore, wait a little, and only then get down to business.

How to relieve fatigue after a hard day?

There are stressful periods in our lives when we simply need to exhale and relax, gain energy for new exploits. Especially if you have to work seven days a week.

Sometimes this is not so easy to do: if the body is always under tension, you have to make an effort to come to your senses. How to work hard and not get tired?

For office employees

Many people complain that they are very tired from office work. This also includes fatigue from excess information. What to do in this case? Here are some useful tips.

  • The simplest and most effective time-tested method is dream.

    ADVICE! If you feel an acute lack of sleep, you don’t want anything, be sure to include an item in your daily schedule with additional time for this wonderful activity.

  • Meditations . They are, perhaps, not suitable for everyone: to cope with a course of meditation, you need to have a special character, as connoisseurs say. But it’s still worth a try: relaxing music will be good for you in any case and will help you quickly relieve fatigue after work. It is enough to devote a quarter of an hour a day to this to notice positive changes.
  • Review your diet . We are what we eat, and unhealthy chocolates from the machine do not work in your favor. Try to switch to proper nutrition: it is now at the peak of popularity, and this is no coincidence. Well-chosen food can really make a difference in how you feel. To enhance the effect, consult your doctor and find out about the individual needs of your body.
  • Surround yourself with pleasant things that please the eye. Let comfort reign in your home. It is very important to be in a comfortable environment after a hard day.

For manual workers

After hard physical work, any person needs peace and rest. Let's find out how to work 12 hours a day and not get tired.

  • Again, sleep has never bothered anyone. When you sleep, your body recovers much more efficiently. Therefore, do not torment yourself with lack of sleep - if you have physical activity, you need to sleep a lot. This will keep you from overworking and keep you healthy in the long run.
  • Don't forget about massage and do not spare money on the services of a good specialist who will take into account your lifestyle and will be able to select a complex especially for you.

    BY THE WAY! Massage perfectly relaxes muscles, restores their vitality, improves blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on well-being.

  • Water procedures. Water can perfectly relax you: take frequent baths with salt and foam, swim in the pool, take a powerful shower to create a massage effect. Even the simple sound of running water calms the nerves and leads to a state of harmony and peace.
  • Make sure your clothes are as comfortable as possible, at least during non-working hours. Any elastic bands that tighten the body are not suitable for home wear.

Behaved unnaturally

Often beginners are afraid to show their weaker sides. If you don’t perceive information well by ear, ask it to be repeated and write it down.

If you find it difficult to communicate with strangers, keep communication to a minimum. Don't forget, you'll have to maintain your image later.

If you are afraid of losing sympathy, remember: you came to work. The main thing is that you are respected as a professional.

Of course, you shouldn’t shy away from communication. Behave as usual, but don't be too categorical - it's always scary.

What to do if your feet hurt?

At the end of an exhausting working day, your legs simply become leaden, which causes a lot of suffering. Let's find out how to relieve tired legs after work. There are several proven methods.

  1. Massage your feet with stroking movements, from bottom to top, so as not to disturb the blood flow. When you feel that the blood has begun to circulate more intensely, sit on the bed and place your legs on the wall so that they are higher than you. After some time you will feel relief.
  2. A contrast shower is also an excellent solution to the problem. As soon as you literally direct the shower stream onto your feet, it becomes easier. Increase the water pressure and massage your tired feet.
  3. Buy foot ointment at the pharmacy.

    IMPORTANT! Heparin ointment is usually recommended - cheap and cheerful: it dilates blood vessels and prevents the formation of blood clots.

Simplify your morning routine

Prepare your clothes, put your things in your bag, make breakfast and pack your lunchbox the night before your work day. By taking care of this in advance, you can save an hour in the morning. The freed up time can be spent on anything, including sleep. This way, your mood will be better in the morning, and you yourself will work more productively.

There is another solution, which, of course, is not suitable for everyone: move closer to the office, so that the journey from the bedroom to the workplace takes a few minutes.

Moral fatigue from people, clients

Moral fatigue is no less significant than mental or physical fatigue. You can't underestimate her. If you are very tired at work from contacts with clients, partners or co-workers, take note of ways to overcome this psychological discomfort.

  1. Be sure to give yourself some privacy . Take time just for yourself: loneliness can sometimes heal a person. Do not contact friends after work, and explain to your household that you need rest.
  1. Turn off notifications on social networks after finishing your work day. Unfortunately, working with people often brings with it an irregular schedule: clients write, consult, ask for advice. But everything has a limit: you also need proper rest.
  2. More often get out into nature. We underestimate the impact of greenery and birdsong on our psyche.

    ADVICE! Walk in parks, observe the world around you, breathe fresh air. Spend the weekend in a country house.

Method 4 - Ratification

Ratification is a technique of approving something done by an entity. For example, trainers give animals something tasty as a reward for completing a command. You can also “train” your body to perform tasks more efficiently. For example:

  1. We called the 10th client - you can have a piece of cake or candy.
  2. We had successful negotiations and took a 10-minute break with tea.
  3. We typed 10 pages of text and ate a piece of chocolate.

The more difficult and unpleasant the task, the greater the ratification. After such approvals, you will notice how you complete routine tasks with pleasure and more efficiently.

Lilly Martin Spencer, “Dog Training” Photo: artchive.ru

Psychologist's advice

And finally, I offer you advice from a psychologist that will help you get rid of fatigue at work and overcome drowsiness. By the way, read an article on our website about why you want to sleep during your lunch break.

  • Listen to your inner state and allow yourself to rest as much as needed.
  • Remember that work is not worth your health and good mood.
  • Don't limit your world to just the office and client interactions.
  • Your comfort should always come first. In old age, you won’t even remember the criticism of your superiors, but spoiled nerves will make themselves felt.

Read a book or watch a movie

It is not necessary to choose some complex or philosophical work. Let it be a love drama, adventure novel or detective story. A good book will help you calm down, relax and just have fun.

Don't feel like reading? Replace the book with your favorite movie, TV series or audio podcast. Go to the theater or cinema. Sometimes a change of environment helps you relax as well as your favorite bed.

The rhythm of life of an addicted person

We, dependent people, are always “in a hurry to get somewhere” and are afraid of not having time to do anything. We constantly need to do something and be “always busy.”

It's hard for us to stop and take a break.

But such a pace of life, in which there is no room for breaks, can easily lead to a breakdown.

Why have we forgotten how to stop?

In the past, we only relaxed when we drank alcohol.
Now that we don't drink, it's hard for us to relax. Our nervous system does not use the inhibition method well. We have forgotten how to stop and slow down the pace of life.

I wrote about the malfunction of the nervous system in the article “How alcohol affects the nervous system.” I advise you to read this article.

We need to learn to take breaks during the day.

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