Inspiration - what it is and how to find it for music, poetry, and other creativity

From time to time, like all writers, I can't help but think about inspiration and creativity. Inspiration is like a breath of fresh air for me and for the millions of people around the world who make their living in creative fields. Previously, I believed that creativity was an innate trait, like charisma. But now, I have changed my point of view and know that every person can develop creative abilities. The main thing is to be constantly looking for a source of inspiration, because our creativity and productivity depend mainly on our mood and other emotional states.

It often happens that talented people who face a creative crisis become discouraged and believe that their creative potential has already been exhausted. All writers, designers, musicians and painters should know that occasional career ups and downs are completely normal.

Every time my inspiration fades and I start to think that it's all over, I explain to myself that it's nothing but fear. It's just the fear of losing talent and being made a fool. Some people prefer to wait until things get back to normal, while others spend huge amounts of money to travel around the world to catch a wave of inspiration again.

Without a doubt, traveling is very useful and broadens your horizons, but unfortunately not everyone can afford an effective method. There is no need to travel anywhere because inspiration is everywhere. I will try to prove that you can feed your imagination and spirit simply by exploring your surroundings. And find new sources of inspiration .

Love (infatuation, lust, passion)

Emotions, energy, overflowing - probably everyone is familiar with the state when one can “move mountains” for the sake of the object of adoration. Love has always forced people to do things, sometimes thoughtless and illogical. Many great works of art, poetry and prose were created by authors under the influence of the euphoria of love and passion. For some, love is a source of life, inspiration, forcing them to create and go towards their goals. Happy mutual relationships lead to marriage, but in most cases they provoke vigorous activity only in the initial stages, when emotions are fresh and new.

Unrequited love is more typical for creative activity, since it is this that awakens the desire to conquer the beloved. Those feelings that a person for some reason is unable to express fall on paper in the form of brush strokes, notes, beautiful lines about love, from which songs and poems, prose, and also beautiful paintings are subsequently composed.

People who surround us

I can say with confidence that the most valuable things in my life are those I love. For quite a long time I was sure that, as a terrible introvert, myself was enough. And at some moments this is indeed true, but every year I feel more and more keenly the love for my loved ones and family, becoming more and more aware of true values ​​and setting priorities more correctly.

I am grateful to the Universe for the environment that I have. And it is they, my beloved and dear people, who give me the most powerful charge of energy and inspiration. Happiness multiplies a hundredfold when you can share it, grief decreases and shrinks if there are those nearby who are able to lend a shoulder and support.

The love and care that we give each other warms like no other sun in the world.

“The smiles of LOVED ones can illuminate even the darkest path, and the knowledge that there is a reliable rear gives wings...”

We are all so different and it’s so exciting to get to know each other, spend time together, try to look at the world through the prism of someone else’s perception, complement and shade, find similar and different features.

Each person for me is a separate huge world, which I have the honor to come into contact with. And I try to spend as much time as possible with those who are dear to me, almost completely excluding communication with others. Life is too short to waste it on the wrong people.

In the most difficult moments, I am charged with inspiration by absolutely ordinary, but no less magical things:

...An outing for coffee with your loved one, in a cup with drawn hearts and at the usual table...

...The photo, which he made for a long time and painfully, but carefully and with love, knowing my attitude to details due to unhealthy perfectionism at times and having spent a lot of time knocking together several boards...

...A joint trip to a bookstore, where I get stuck at the shelves for 4 (!) hours, and when I remember that I didn’t come alone, I notice him quietly sitting at the table in the reading room with a smile on his face...

...A trip to the sea with the whole family, with your favorite songs turned on at maximum volume in the car and to a wild beach...

...Delicious pizza with a friend in a quiet little cafe, where the waiters are not surprised by our drunken conversations lasting 5-6 hours...

...Eating dumplings from a grandmother who is happy to feed her grandchildren, who then struggle to crawl out from behind the table...

...Arguing until a hoarse voice about modern music with a friend in an empty kitchen, when suddenly it began to dawn and everyone had already had time to sleep, and we had not yet decided which of the “Okean Elzy” albums was the best...

...A quiet concert of your favorite pianist, on the shore of a stormy sea, with blankets and coffee, and only 10 people in the audience...

...A night meeting on a train with a traveler who has traveled all over the world and the conversation is so interesting that I forget about fatigue and plans to sleep, and then I almost miss my station (wow, a whole 3 hours have passed!)...

People who surround you, surprise, inspire, charge, support, give a lot of different emotions and feelings. All the events of life could be experienced alone, but I am sure it would not be so exciting, exciting and interesting.

Nature (walks, animals, natural phenomena)

Sometimes one glance at the world around you is enough to start moving forward. Since ancient times, nature has awakened indescribable emotions in people, inspiring them to create something new and unique. Natural sources of inspiration are what surrounds us in the everyday world. Even pets that are constantly near you can become a kind of “generator” of new ideas and thoughts.

Heavy rain and bad weather outside, as well as a clear day after a storm, are real sources of creative inspiration. For example, the sound of raindrops, thunderclaps, and gray colors cause an influx of slight sadness and hopelessness, while the rich shades of nature after bad weather, on the contrary, provoke a surge of positive emotions.


I'm not a psychologist, but I am very interested in solving various issues that make human life more meaningful and complex. Unlike many people who try by all means not to linger on complex and sometimes even painful issues, I try to look at the task from different angles.

Psychologists say that difficulties, conflicts and dilemmas can serve as inspiration for morally and emotionally strong individuals. When we focus on difficulties, we experience some stress. In addition to side effects, stress and emotional tension activate the human imagination and heighten perception. These mental processes often find new and unusual ideas and make the mind more productive.

Culture, art

Where else can you find inspiration if not in the works of classics, their books, productions, and painting exhibitions? Works of art that the authors were once inspired to create are sources of inspiration. One look at someone's painting, reading a book, listening to classical music, visiting the theater or ballet is the easiest way to feel “wings behind your back”, the desire to do something new.

Beautiful music for inspiration

I sometimes forget about the power of music and its influence on me and my mood. I only remember when I hear certain tunes, watch recordings of concerts, or attend various events.

But it’s enough to listen to just two of Shurov’s compositions in the morning for his “Kokhannya” and “I see you with moles” to give a romantic mood and give such a powerful charge of pleasant emotions, which is enough to create entire worlds in my mind.

Any mention of Babkin or Maria Tchaikovskaya has the same impact on me, whose music accompanies me throughout my entire adult life and is associated with the best moments, brightest emotions, memories filled with love, inspiration, sun and tenderness.

“There is music that is simply great to listen to, but there is something that really CHANGES THE WAY OF THOUGHT , makes you remember something important, reconfigure, recharge your batteries...”

Recently I was able to attend a concert of the Lords of the Sound orchestra, which performed Oscar-winning soundtracks from films, and it is almost impossible to describe this delight, the huge charge of magic in words. Entire stories recorded in notes... Fates, lives, people... Having passed through this magnificence of sound, it was simply impossible to leave the hall the same. And I always leave really worthwhile concerts different - more complete, charged with new ideas, thoughts, images...

Therefore, I can call music one of the most powerful sources of inspiration in my life, which is inexhaustible and allows me to come to it and receive strength when I feel the need.

LISTEN to the tango Por una cabeza from the film “Scent of a Woman” or Luna by Alessandro Safina, or Libertango by Astor Piazzola and you will understand what I’m talking about...”

And these are only small fragments of the huge musical heritage that is available to us and a small part of what will be created. It’s just that right now I remembered these authors and compositions as examples. And how many more will there be, how many will be stored in the collection of impressions!..

Today, thanks to the Internet, we have access to a powerful source of magic that can live in your home right now. Just click on Play.

Self-development and travel

Learning something new, changing your place of residence, vacationing in exotic countries - all these are sources of inspiration for a person, helping not only to gain new emotions, but also to understand the world. Do you want to get inspiration from outside? The best way is self-development. Attend oriental dance courses, relax by the sea, or, as a last resort, go to the nearest body of water and simply enjoy the beauty around you.

How inspiration is born

Every person has been inspired at least once in their life. Of course, each of them had the charismatic ability to lead others to better things. But any motivation, as a rule, comes from poverty and difficulties. This means that too many of us do not see the greatness within ourselves.

Too many of us assume that a person is only good if he does something unrealistic. But this is not always the case. In fact, sometimes the most inspiring people in the world go completely unnoticed. What's inspiring is people improving their corner of the world. They don't need awards and honors. They just need to know that they have taken a step forward in making things better.

Realize that you can inspire others no matter how you feel. No matter who you are, there are many benefits to giving back and inspiring others. You never know who you might impact when you give, and you never know who might reciprocate if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation. Giving leaves a legacy that will last much longer than you. You will be amazed at how you inspire others. In fact, it is the only feeling that rivals the one you get when you realize you have achieved your dream.

Staying in solitude and complete silence, meditation

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes you want to lock yourself in your own room and not leave there for at least a day. Carry it out - and you will be able to breathe in with ease, freed from the shackles that have been interfering until this moment. Similar sources of inspiration, examples of which can be found in many books and films, allowed people to achieve certain heights. Silence and harmony with the world around us are necessary for everyone, otherwise a person can simply lose himself in everyday worries and experiences. One hour spent on internal conversations with yourself and understanding what is happening around you is enough, and you will see the world in different colors.

Examples of success: yours and yours

When something doesn’t work out and it becomes completely sad, I begin to remember various incidents from my own life that are etched in my memory and warm my soul in difficult times.

...How I wrote my thesis and rewrote it letter by letter and commas a hundred times, for three months, arriving every other day from another city to the university and taking my laptop with me so I could work on the train...

...How I defended this very thesis: I was so scared and prepared so well that some other mode turned on and it wasn’t me. Instead of being embarrassed and afraid, I flirted with the admissions representatives, joked, answered all the questions, interrupted myself and received the highest grade. At the same time, I don’t remember a single second of these few hours...

...How I took exams for a civil servant position and, in answering questions, quoted the texts of laws verbatim, shocking the members of the commission...

...How I combined two jobs and slept 2 hours a day...

...How I created a job for myself and started literally by searching for information on Google, so that within a month I could quit my “warm” job in public service and start dreaming about Europe...

...How thousands of times everything went to hell, and within a day I again found customers and built the system bit by bit over and over again...

...How I planted a vegetable garden and tasted my first huge, aromatic tomatoes...

...How I learned English, and then Polish from scratch and I still remember it, despite the fact that the need to know the language has disappeared...

...How I got ready to go to another country myself and, having packed my suitcase, written down the phone numbers of embassies, put on sneakers, set off to meet adventures...

(Photo from the LOVE )

All my minor but important achievements for me are not a reason to brag or be proud of myself, but clear proof that everything is possible. When I have no strength and it seems that nothing will work out, I remember that I have repeatedly proved the opposite in similar situations.

And I move on, believing that this time I can do everything. If you stop and give up everything, citing fatigue and circumstances, nothing will change.

“If you continue the path and TRY , there is a small but very sure chance of getting a different outcome...”

As for the successes of other people, I also have a lot of examples. Achievements of relatives, friends, acquaintances and just strangers. And how much you can read and see on Instagram! And now I’m not talking about polished profiles of identical beauties, but about the stories of people who have really achieved something.

When I look at the beautiful pictures of clever people who have realized their ideas and think that I would also like to get here and there, do this and that, I realize that behind all this lies a sea of ​​sleepless nights, a lot of jerks with all my might and a lot of difficult moments.

Other people's achievements inspire me. They become support in difficult moments and evidence that there is a different approach to business, other dreams, different views and achievements, a higher level of aspirations. I stopped being afraid to dream and learned to understand my desires and aspirations by setting clear goals.

“At the MAXIMUM - traveling around the world, a house in Provence, children at Harvard, a family business as an inheritance, celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary somewhere on the Cote d'Azur...”

At a minimum, to be happy myself, to see my husband and people dear to me happy, to raise happy children. Doing what you love and enjoying life. The rest is details. And no matter how many zeros the amount of our income contains or what class of car we drive, our life will not change in the most important thing - the desire to love, create, dream and be happy.

Therefore, I gather myself internally, stop explaining something to someone and start working. Without fanaticism, but with faith that we will definitely succeed. And not the way we planned, but much better. After all, we are young, in love, inspired, capable, hardworking and full of confidence that all our dreams will come true.

And when things get tough again, I will remember the achievements of myself and others, inhale and exhale, pull myself together and continue on my way, not allowing anyone to even hint that our dreams are too far and unattainable. If we can dream about something, it means we are able to achieve it.

(Photo from an ad for the divine Sammy Icon socks)

Questionable sources of inspiration

There is an opinion that the use of alcohol and drugs promotes philosophical thinking and, as a result, obtaining insight and inspiration. But this is far from true. Undoubtedly, some of the greats of this world were not only addicted to alcohol and drugs, but even abused them, but for an ordinary person with mediocre thinking and weak will, hobbies of this kind can only bring negative consequences in the form of alcohol and drug addiction.

Remember! To find inspiration, you must at a minimum be open to something new, desire change, be able to communicate and improve.

Celebrities that will definitely inspire you

Celebrities are people just like us. They also went through all the obstacles and achieved their goal. But which of them can really inspire a person by their example? The list below:

  1. Oprah Winfrey. Considered one of the most powerful women in the world and a multi-billionaire. Oprah has certainly succeeded in life. With her success on The Oprah Winfrey Show, autobiographies, radio shows and involvement in the weight-loss industry, it's hard to imagine that her life was anything but ideal. But she had to struggle a lot in life. She was born to a single mother, lived in poverty and was sexually abused many times;
  2. Stephen King. Most of us know Stephen King as a twisted writer who almost always sets his horror stories in Maine. To date, he has published and sold more than 350 million copies of his novels. But being an author is not always easy because it comes with a lot of competition. Incredibly, King's first novel was rejected a total of 30 times before the firm published it. He even threw the book (Carrie) in the trash in surrender. Luckily for us, his wife pulled the book out of the trash and gave us the opportunity to read her husband's wonderful novels;
  3. K. Rowling. This British native's success is no secret, whether you're a Harry Potter fan or not. The Harry Potter empire is valued at around $15 billion (yes, you read that right). Rowling had to go through a very difficult time just before her books appeared. She got married, was abused, had a daughter, then divorced her husband. She lost her mother to a serious illness and had to live on donations to survive. Moreover, the first Harry Potter book was rejected by all major British publishers. Once someone finally said yes, the series took off immediately;
  4. Bill Gates. Bill is famous for creating Microsoft and is incredibly rich because of it. Despite his business aptitude and incredible intelligence, his first business venture failed. This technology-related business was not operating even during the presentation to potential buyers. Bill did not give up after the first failure, but continued to try. He succeeded;
  5. Bethany Hamilton is an extremely talented professional surfer who won the NSSA National Championships competition. She had a near-death experience at age 13 when her left arm was completely bitten off by a shark. After the incident, she was back on her surfboard a month later.

You can and should look up to these people to lead a long and happy life inspired.

When does inspiration come?

Psychologists note an interesting fact: for some people, a feeling of inspiration and desire to create comes in the evening and at night. During this period, it becomes possible to concentrate on the work ahead, despite fatigue.

Why does inspiration come at night? This is due to the fact that during this period the body relaxes, and the person is not distracted by extraneous noises, neighbors, or household activities. After the bustle of the city during the day, it’s so nice to do what you love – this is where there is space for thoughts and creative impulses.

But it should be noted that this feeling does not accompany all people. Therefore, when asked why there is no inspiration at night, or, conversely, during the day, psychologists answer that this is due to the characteristics of the human body, his emotions and experiences.

Method number 12. Get rid of all negative thoughts

Always get rid of all negative thoughts and focus only on the positive so as not to attract a lot of negativity into your own life. Also, negative thoughts will constantly block all your aspirations, which will negatively affect your actions. Accordingly, surrounding yourself with negativity, you will not be able to inspire people and, moreover, you will not be a great example for them.

Method number 7. Be interested in people's hobbies

Show interest in other people's hobbies and support them when possible. If no one has ever supported you, then this is not a reason not to support other people. Moreover, most people have the same interests and hobbies. As a result, you will be able to cooperate in the future and achieve any success in your life. Remember that when you show interest in other people's hobbies, you are already providing them with moral support. Many people like it when others become interested in their hobbies.

Method #15: Be open to communicating with people

Never close yourself off from communicating with other people. Try to be as open as possible to shape your environment. As a result, you can become a great example for many people, which will allow you to inspire and support them. The main thing is to avoid dishonest, negative and bad people, as they can bring nothing but continuous problems into your life.

In conclusion of the article, it is worth adding that if you want to inspire the people around you, then constantly work on yourself and strive to make your life as good as possible.


Method number 2. Reconsider your attitude towards life

Completely reconsider your entire attitude towards life. Carefully analyze your past, present and start thinking about your future. After all, life is not as long as you might think. Therefore, you need to use all your time profitably and not waste it. Treat life as a chance to make it much better. This way you can inspire the people around you.

What to do if there is no inspiration?

Despite all your efforts, sometimes inspiration doesn't come. Here are some tips that may help in this situation:

  1. Don’t forget to dream - this is how your imagination develops, and this contributes to inspiration.
  2. Travel or just walk down the street - it helps to draw inspiration from the surrounding landscapes.
  3. Read books - interesting thoughts will help you start creating.
  4. Remember about self-development - this can be not only books, but also films, performances, exhibitions, forums or conferences.
  5. Communicate with people - the inspiration and work spirit of others can easily be transferred to you.
  6. Believe in yourself and appreciate your strengths - this is the key to a successful result. Psychologists note that inspiration often comes to people who are confident in their abilities.
  7. Don't forget about a positive attitude and good mood - this is important for creative individuals.
  8. Listen to your body, do not forget about rest, good nutrition and good sleep. Even a short break will help restore balance and continue working.
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