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Many of us need inspiration to work effectively, and when it's lacking, we can experience a prolonged writer's block. Often, overcoming such stagnation requires more effort than the work itself. What to do when you find yourself in a similar situation, and how to find inspiration to complete a big project? Today we will look at 15 ways to overcome creative block. But first, let's understand what inspiration is and why it disappears.


Lack of sleep and chronic fatigue are some of the main reasons why people lose the desire to do something. If you haven’t gotten enough sleep for months and perfectly understand the saying “just got up, you’re already tired,” then it’s unlikely that any of the remaining nine methods will help.

Inspiration, the desire to actively do something is always an excess, a fountain of energy. A chronically tired person has insufficient energy. And it needs to be restored. You may not be able to get enough sleep right away; your body will need time to exit energy-saving mode. Just go to bed before 11 pm for at least a week.


I bring to your attention places and activities that allow you to find your inspiration:

  • sounds and sights of nature;
  • paintings by famous artists;
  • literature;
  • communication with children;
  • learning a new business, absorbing an unusual hobby;
  • love relationship;
  • visiting new places;
  • communication with creative and highly intelligent individuals;
  • language learning;
  • listening to music.

Change something around you

Are you completely satisfied with yourself the way you are and don’t want to change anything? Transform the space around you . Make repairs. If money is a pity - rearrangement. Other curtains, bedspreads, even a rug at the door of your home/office can change the perception of the world around you, bring a fresh stream to your senses and bring back your lost muse.

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Competition as a part of life generates inspiration in our minds because every person has a cherished desire to win the race and achieve success. As you compete, your ambition will boost your brain's performance. This means that your imagination begins to produce a large number of ideas that will help lead you to victory. The main thing is to learn to cope with uncertainty and fears, because someday they can harm you.

Immerse yourself in the stories of leaders

Emotional burnout, lack of self-confidence, feelings of helplessness - all this can be treated with books and videos that can motivate you. Studying other people's success stories in business, politics, family life, we experience the emotions of people who were able to achieve victory, no matter what. And we are infected by their enthusiasm. Live meetings and communication with successful leaders in your field of interest are even more effective If there is no possibility of a personal meeting, read real stories about rich people who achieved everything themselves.

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How to find inspiration?

Anyone can experience a creative crisis. Inspiration disappears without a trace, and then we lose interest in work, having difficulty moving towards our goal. Fortunately, this problem is completely solvable. We bring to your attention 15 effective ways to quickly regain inspiration.

Create a vision board

Surely you periodically come across inspiring pictures and photographs. Gather them together, print them out, and hang them in a visible place. Try to update these cards as often as possible. You can make refrigerator magnets out of them, stick them on the wall next to your workplace, or put a small inspiring picture in a notebook or wallet.

Read the success story

Many outstanding people went through a long and thorny path before they managed to reach heights and become famous. A huge number of “success stories” have been published - biographical and autobiographical stories that tell in detail about what a person had to go through to get to the top.

The success stories of Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Henry Ford are very inspiring.

When you feel a creative crisis, find and read a success story of a person you consider an example for yourself. You can find a hint in it, or simply understand that you overestimated the degree of your own creative crisis. By studying the biographies of great people, you can discover many ways to find inspiration that have already proven their effectiveness.

Go to the gym or stadium

Sports exercises circulate blood throughout the body, improving blood supply to the brain. Any workout will provide the necessary effect, but it is better to avoid too intense exercise. Strength exercises are too tiring, and after them it is difficult to engage in intellectual activities. But swimming in the pool or jogging for half an hour will not take a lot of energy, but it will disperse the blood well throughout the body, improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

Visit a museum or exhibition

The creativity of other people is one of the best sources of inspiration, even if your areas of activity do not overlap at all. You can draw not only inspiration, but also ideas from other people's works. A painting painted several centuries ago can inspire a scientist to make a discovery, an athlete to win, or a writer to come up with an interesting plot twist.

Try something new

Imagination and creativity in children often work much better than in adults. The reason is that a child is constantly seeing, learning and trying new things. He can lick a felt-tip pen, bite off a piece of plasticine, or smear gouache on his hands, experiencing new sensations. Adults know that this cannot be done, so they are deprived of the opportunity to find inspiration through new emotions. But sometimes you can go beyond.

When you feel a creative crisis, start looking for new sensations. Sing and dance, draw with pencils, markers and paints. Think about what a child would do, what you would do to entertain yourself as a child, if you found yourself in today’s circumstances. Being passionate about an interesting activity perfectly reveals creative potential, helping to overcome stagnation in work and find a non-standard solution.

Take time for a good rest

If you constantly “drive” yourself without really resting, your creative abilities inevitably weaken and your work productivity drops. To regain tone and inspiration, you need to rest regularly and fully. It is important to completely forget about work during your vacation. A single day off is best spent in nature, and a long vacation is best spent away from home and work.

Read a motivational book

There are thousands of books, the authors of which have a single goal - to give a person maximum motivation for breakthrough success in life. Each of them takes their own approach, so there is a huge variety among motivational books. They are written by psychologists and successful businessmen, doctors of science and amateurs, experienced authors and beginners. And any of these books can become a bestseller.

It is advisable to study as much of this literature as possible in order to find those books that best inspire you. Of course, it is advisable to read reviews and reviews before purchasing such books, as they are usually quite expensive.

Get distracted

This method will help restore the spirit of those who feel that they have worked too hard. People associated with business cease to perceive anything other than calculations of income and expenses . The corridor of perception narrows greatly, and many interesting ideas and opportunities pass by.

A short-term change of activity will allow you to distract yourself, relax, and begin to see the world in all its diversity. Anything you like or liked before, when you weren’t so focused on work, will do. Favorite music, sports, comedy programs, light TV series, romance novels or detective stories with a primitive plot.

And don’t think that you are now sharply degrading if you are distracted from constant development. A couple of days of rest won’t hurt, and inspiration will definitely return to your empty head.

Be inspired by your successes

In our culture, being proud of yourself, and even more so demonstrating your successes, is considered something shameful. Supposedly this is vanity and you need to be more modest. Nothing like that: few things energize you like your own achievements.

If you've lost your enthusiasm, look at your past work and compare it to what you're doing now. Surely you will see that you have grown a lot.

Re-read reviews from clients, employers or fans. Go through certificates, diplomas and awards. You can even collect all these achievements in a special “trophy folder” and review it regularly to feel how great you are and recharge yourself with energy for new achievements.

Immerse yourself in the topic

Sometimes, on the contrary, you need not to be distracted, but to immerse yourself in the topic to the maximum depth . This works if your desire to act disappears due to lack of confidence in your own competence.

Write down all the questions you don't know the answer to, then find the answer to each one in turn. Read books, explore the Internet, communicate with experts. As a result, the white spots will disappear, a single picture will form, and you will be able to plan your actions. When a bunch of scattered information comes together into a clear sequence of steps, the drive to carry them out will appear.

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Create a catalog of ideas

Write down everything that comes to mind and always keep a notepad with ideas handy. This is what James Patterson does: 'I've got too many ideas to write all my books myself!' , for example, bestselling author James Patterson: he has a folder with files, and in each file there is a story idea. If he doesn’t know what to write about, he simply opens his “catalogue,” leafs through it and fishes out a suitable thought.

Surely this is what many authors, artists, screenwriters, advertisers and all those who constantly need to invent something new do. The main challenge is remembering to write down ideas, and then organize them and keep them in order.

To refuse from bad habits

Bad habits are dangerous not only for health, but also for psychological mood. At first, everything looks just fine: nicotine and caffeine help you concentrate on tasks, and alcohol helps you relieve stress at the end of the working day. But then something starts to go wrong. Always. And what supposedly gave you inspiration becomes a wall through which it can no longer get through.

Try giving up stimulants for a while. The first days may pass as if in a dream, but then the body will begin to seek resources within itself. And good spirits are guaranteed!

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Why is it needed?

The main element of inspiration is the desire to create. It is often called a true stimulus for creative activity. Psychologists consider inspiration as a mental state in which emotionality increases. It is intangible, you cannot touch it, however, you can feel it. Inspiration is the hidden potential hidden deep within the soul. This state allows you to flawlessly perform creative tasks. In the modern world, it can be described as a stormy stream of thoughts.

An inspired person always achieves his goal. Often a fulfilled aspiration can be described by the phrase “something washed over me, and I was able to cope.” Such a person becomes more joyful, active, and feels delighted. Increased activity helps train memory, improve thinking, and develop imagination. An individual who is full of inspiration can create things in an unconventional way. Being in an inspired state, he comes up with new, brilliant and unique ideas, and answers to various questions that were previously unsolvable appear.

Inspiration comes on its own; it cannot be forced to appear or called. If you feel your muse, don’t miss your chance, start creating.

You need to understand that inspiration is necessary not only for artists and poets, but also for all other people. After all, it is universal for a variety of professions.

Sometimes people lose inspiration and have difficulty finding new sources of it. It is especially difficult to find when there is a deadline to meet. A person is in tension, and there is nowhere to draw a muse from.

Take the elephant apart

If you are faced with a large-scale and complex task, and you don’t know which way to approach it, a method that business coaches call “eating an elephant in parts” . You can stand and look at the “elephant” indefinitely, feeling how the inspiration and determination to “eat it” flows out of you drop by drop. But as soon as you divide the global task into small parts that “fit in your mouth,” faith in your strength returns. Let there be several dozen of these parts: keep it small, don’t be greedy. But when you write everything down in detail, step by step, and at the end of the day you cross off the completed items on the list, you will feel that things have moved forward and the goal has become a little closer.

Reviews and comments

If you want to share your sources of inspiration, you can write below in the comment form (for registered VKontakte users).

I wish you creative inspiration!


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Key words:1Self-knowledge

Go back to the past

No, we won't build a time machine. You just need to remember that part of your life when you were at the peak of success, energy flowed like a fountain, and you had enough strength to do great things. Surely there was such a time in your life. Even if in deep childhood.

Psychologists call these sensations a resource state - one in which a person has a lot of resources to solve emerging problems. Surround yourself with objects that remind you of this time. If there are photos and videos, look at them, remember everything down to the details. Your goal is to plunge into a familiar resource state again. This will allow you to feel the same emotions, the same delight again.

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Finding inspiration isn't hard if you know where to look. Well, if you have your own ways to do this, write in the comments. This will be useful to everyone.

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Pretend to be someone else

This technique is proposed by Julia Cameron in her cult book “The Artist’s Way”. She advises writing down what you've always wanted to be (but never got around to) and literally live a little of your dream life. Of course, as much as possible.

Have you dreamed of becoming a model? Choose an outfit, go to a makeup artist and book yourself a photo shoot. Are you thinking about opening a bakery? Collect recipes, bake and photograph cakes. Did you want to write scripts? Go to a master class for screenwriters, read a textbook, or just sit thoughtfully in a cafe with a laptop, coming up with a story.

Even if your main activity is not related to cakes or modeling, games like these can inspire you and give you interesting ideas and discoveries. And if not, it will at least be pretty funny.


Many geniuses and incredibly talented people are introverts by nature. They tend to wander in their inner world, trying to discover new depths of their subconscious and draw inspiration from them. I agree that this feature makes them unique, but it greatly limits their capabilities.

As a creative extrovert, I can confidently say that the people around us can also inspire and motivate each other. When I'm dealing with a lack of inspiration, I go out and talk to people. We can talk for hours about funny things and pressing problems. Their words, perspectives and actions often inspire me to write articles about their lives, experiences, problems, goals and achievements.

Each person, being a part of modern society, is a person who has his own vision of the world, values, traditions and way of life. Charisma can increase your inspiration one day and help you create a masterpiece. If you are in active communication with people and this activity inspires you, try to communicate with positive people for the sake of your well-being.


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