12 things an adult should be able to do

Hello everyone, dear blog visitors and subscribers! Lyudmila Redkina is in touch. Today we will make a breakthrough in self-development! I have made a unique list of human skills that will be useful in your personal life, at work and in communicating with any people. I will describe the top 23 and add more desirable skills that will help you always achieve success in life.

But let’s immediately figure out how a skill differs from a habit.

A skill is an ability that is achieved through constant practice, effort, and can combine several good habits to achieve a goal.

A habit is a tendency to do some action, which, when constantly performed, becomes a way of life, normal behavior, a human need.

Be friends

Often friendships stretch from childhood and it is important that trusting relationships are maintained. A person needs a friend who can listen and give advice. If there are no old friends, learn to find new ones. Meet people, live in society, be open to communication.

Learn to communicate and make friends to feel like a full part of society

Basic things.

Not only an adult, but also a primary school student should know these things. There are different situations in life when the company talks about basic things, but you don’t understand this issue. For example:

  • There are 0.62 miles in one kilometer.
  • There are 8 planets in the solar system (there were 9, but pluto is not considered a planet since 2006).
  • There are 6 continents on earth.
  • The cheetah is the fastest animal.
  • There are 251 countries in the world.
  • The Sahara is the largest desert.

Live nature

The animal black panther does not exist, and Bagheera was actually a boy.

This, by the way, is not news for zoologists. There is no such animal as the black panther as an independent species. Panthers are just a genus of felines. Lion, leopard, tiger and jaguar are panthers. A “black panther” is simply a leopard or jaguar with a coloring feature called melanism. It can take the form of a solid black color or non-contrasting spots on the animal’s fur.

But the myths around panthers did not end there. Remember Bagheera from Rudyard Kipling's story "Mowgli". So, in the original version of the book, the black panther is male. In the Russian-language version, this hero, at the whim of the translators, changed his gender. As a result, the dramaturgy of the story has changed, albeit insignificantly.

Ostriches don't bury their heads in the sand.

The popular belief is that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when, escaping from predators, they are smashed to pieces... by the ostriches themselves! They have never done anything like this. And the myth that in this way they escape from pursuit began to be spread by the Roman thinker Pliny the Elder. In his notes the following phrase was found: “ostriches imagine that when they stick their head and neck into the ground, their whole body seems hidden.” But with all due respect to the thinker, ostriches are still not so stupid.

Indeed, sometimes you can observe an ostrich bowing its head to the ground. And he does this in an attempt to swallow some sand or gravel. Chickens also come from the catch to help their own digestion. Also, these fast and large birds can simply drop their heads to the ground due to fatigue, for example, from a long chase. In addition, they often lower their necks to their nests, which are usually located in depressions in the ground.

The female praying mantis is not so bloodthirsty.

Many, we are sure, were once shocked by the fact that a female praying mantis, after or even during mating, bites off the head of the male. Video footage can be easily found on the Internet. But it’s wrong to consider this typical behavior of a female. She can actually kill the male, but she does this approximately every 4 times. For the most part, the mating process goes smoothly. Relatively, of course.

Such marital cannibalism is nothing more than a sacrifice of the male in the name of future offspring. In other words, the praying mantis fathers do not sacrifice themselves in vain. Their biomaterial is used to produce offspring. And the female who has feasted on her husband lays much more eggs than her more loyal “friends.”

Listen hard

With such listening, a person demonstrates loyalty to the interlocutor in every way - even to the point of crude primitive flattery: he catches every word, shows his agreement with all theses (even if in a few minutes he hears something radically opposite). Tone, posture, words for maintaining a conversation - everything is aimed only at asserting its secondary role. This is how a subordinate can listen to his boss, a woman can listen to her tyrant husband, a sycophantic student can listen to his teacher. For a reasonable and adequate person, this way of listening causes disappointment, disrespect and even disgust.

There is only one piece of advice - you shouldn’t show your devotion in this way. Even if life has brought you together with a person to whom it is impossible to prove your point of view, maintain a sense of dignity. It's better to just remain silent. Consider whether your behavior is achieving the result you hope for. Or maybe it’s even worth changing your job or life partner? But there is no doubt that you need to change yourself.

Accept criticism

It is criticism (if it is adequate) that helps a person grow and develop. People with low self-esteem react with rudeness and irritability in response to criticism, perceiving comments as a personal insult. If you feel that your self-esteem is suffering, then this is the first thing you need to work on. If a person loves and values ​​himself, then he is able to adequately perceive appropriate comments and work on his mistakes.

Adequately perceived criticism addressed to oneself as a sign of healthy self-esteem

Society and world

In the United States, the status of an official language is uncertain.

At the federal level, the country does not have an official language. In most states, English is recognized as the official language at the local level. But in some states, Spanish, French and Hawaiian have official status.

George Washington was not the first president of the United States, but the fifteenth.

Simple math will help here. The US Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776. While the head of the independent States, George Washington became 30 in 1789. Who, in this case, ruled the country for these 13 years? The answer is simple: other presidents. That is why many historians consider Peyton Randolph to be the first president.

Only Randolph's position was called differently - head of the First and Second Continental Congress. And George Washington became the one who first tried on the title of “president”.

Mendeleev did not invent vodka.

Set goals and achieve them!

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The famous Russian chemist in 1865 actually wrote a dissertation “Discourse on the combination of alcohol with water,” but this has nothing to do with the invention of vodka. In his scientific work, the chemist discussed changes in the properties of aqueous solutions of alcohol at different concentrations and conditions. He did not place any emphasis on the 40% alcohol ratio. In addition, the strong drink was known long before the birth of Mendeleev. And the word “vodka” itself was first mentioned in Poland in 1405. Back then, however, the drink was more often called gorzałka (gorzeć - “to burn”), hence the origin of the Ukrainian name - “gorilka” - and the Belarusian one - “garelka”. And in 1819, Russian Tsar Alexander I signed the “Regulations on Vodkas,” which actually discussed the requirements for the production of the strong drink.

The first light bulb was made in the Russian Empire.

The light bulb does not have a single inventor. And although the invention is closely intertwined with the name of the American physicist Thomas Edison, the history of the light bulb represents a whole chain of discoveries made by different people at different times. And the first was the Russian scientist Alexander Lodygin. He also proposed using tungsten filaments in lamps and twisting the incandescent filament in the shape of a spiral that is already familiar to us. He was the first to propose pumping air out of light bulbs, thereby extending their service life many times over.

Edison simply turned out to be the best marketer and visionary. He patented his invention in the USA in time, and later bought the patent from Lodygin.

The outcome of gladiator fights was not decided by the position of the thumb.

Moreover, the like that is familiar to many, according to some historians, was interpreted as….execution! And all because the thumb thrown in any direction symbolized a drawn sword. While a tightly clenched fist, on the contrary, meant pardon. But in fact, the scale of the Colosseum did not allow the gladiators to see the gestures on the podium. Therefore, over time, the fate of a defeated fighter was decided by raising a handkerchief of a certain color - white or red.

Antique statues were colorful.

When you mention ancient statues, smooth marble sculptures with clear depictions of muscles, emotions and drama come to mind. It was this aesthetics that later inspired the great sculptors of the Renaissance. Only the original statues from Ancient Greece and Rome were brightly painted, which added some comedy to them and detracted from their monumentality.

Biology and medicine

A defibrillator is used only in Hollywood for cardiac arrest.

Surely everyone has seen the dramatic footage of Hollywood films, where the main character’s heart stops, and the monitor shows a straight line of the pulse - asystole.

Usually at this time someone grabs the defibrillator, vigorously rubs them and presses them with all their power to the hero’s chest in order to bring him back to life.

But in reality, such use of the device is more likely to kill a person than to revive him. Firstly, there is no need to rub the defibrillator plates. The exception is if a special gel is applied to them to improve conductivity. Secondly, the device is not used to start the heart again, but to prevent it from stopping. It is designed to overcome excessive fibrillation (contraction) of the ventricles, which prevents the heart from pumping blood through itself. And the electric shock just allows the heart to return to its normal rhythm. But even then, alas, not always.

An injection of adrenaline in the heart - spectacular for cinema and dangerous for life.

Another cliché that Hollywood has foisted on us involves footage of aggressive injections of adrenaline into the heart muscle. Usually, his comrade-in-arms thrusts a syringe into the sternum of a dying hero and prevents him from dying. Just look at the frame of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

But cardiologists usually clutch their own hearts when they see something like this on the screen. Adrenaline has not been administered intracardially for a long time. If such therapy is resorted to, it is administered intravenously. No one gives injections into the heart. Especially on a grand scale. Firstly, this way you can puncture the lung, and secondly, it does not improve survival in any way. Is it the survival of a Hollywood hero?

Humans have more than five senses.

Vision, smell, taste, hearing and touch are a set of senses that were previously thought to be endowed by nature. They were classified by Aristotle, considering the list exhausted.

But this classification is too absolute for the modern understanding of human biology. In fact, modern scientists talk about at least 20 basic feelings. Thus, we have the ability to sense temperature, balance while skiing and cycling, feel hunger, thirst, and sense the space around us.

Without all this we were primitive creatures. Therefore, it is no longer scientific to believe that we have only five senses. In addition, each of the feelings is divided into narrower categories. There are, for example, nociception (the feeling of pain), proprioception (knowing the orientation of one's limbs) and the perception of time.

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