“People don’t change”: what’s wrong with this stereotype and how to become different

Hi all! After the recent major issue about Sex, I realized that sometimes you can mess with difficult topics. Soon there will be depraved themes, hormones, and various substances again. Today, one of the topics that interests almost everyone is how to become the image of our ideal “I” that we draw in our heads. Let's start with simple psychology and basic moments and get to the very hardcore in reinventing ourselves in the form of psychedelics. Everything is based on scientific literature. Before we start, I’ll say right away - yes, it is possible to completely change yourself. And yes, the title is not clickbait, sometimes a month is enough!


In a good way, at the beginning you need to decide on your goals and desires, and understand why exactly these goals. To specify them: when to achieve, how, how much time to spend... In a good way, you need to take a general blood test and a hormone test, correct the “bad” indicators, this will also change the psyche. But all this is constantly mentioned on the channel and there was a similar episode, you know which one, there is no point in repeating it. Next, we focus on practical tips that directly change a person’s personality, psyche and character.

Introducing: Neuroplasticity!

The ability of the brain to rebuild neural connections. Think of the brain as a collection of super-thin, jumbled wires that are made up of neurons. These wires encode your emotions, your memory, your fears, successes and stereotypes. And suddenly it turns out that these wires are not static, they are dynamic. You might not have liked a certain dish as a child, but neuroplasticity seems to have erased the connection between a particular food and disgust, and as a result, this food is quite tolerable, and maybe even tasty, how so?

The funny thing is that changes happen on their own from the influence of experience and a little stress (1). Open your correspondence on social networks from 5-7 years ago! Who is this person who wrote on your behalf? What kind of nonsense was he talking about?

Let's take a little break! Now there will be a little placebo effect) Try saying the word “sweet” 10 times, and each subsequent pronunciation should immerse you even more in this word, memories, atmosphere or images, about 1-2 minutes to complete. By the 10th time, you feel like you just hamstered a whole chocolate bar yourself. Because of self-hypnosis, they do placebo-controlled studies. This is already an axiom and no one in their right mind will say that the whole world is wrong and placebos do not exist, psychology does not work. Well, you need to use this effect!

What you load into your head now shapes that same head and psyche in the future. This is the first point to remember. This is not an ode to the now popular “visualizations”, like “imagine that you have a huge house and you will get it.” Unfortunately, pharma and external conditions are stronger. No matter how alert a person is, you just need to choose the dosage of sleeping pills. However, psychology is a truly powerful thing for everyday life! So take advantage of the placebo effect and put what you want into your head!

How to determine what you want

Why does the connection with desires break?

How to find yourself and your purpose in life: what does it mean and where to start

Growing up, the child gradually gets used to doing not what he wants, but what adults consider necessary. The baby becomes confident that his desires are wrong. It’s better not to have them at all, when they dictate from all sides what to do. Today there are a lot of people who have lost touch with their desires. The rigid rhythm of life, a huge amount of information and a variety of opportunities leave little chance to understand oneself. People don't have the free energy to want anything.

However, this question is directly related to purpose and happiness. After all, people who have found their life’s work practically never get tired and feel deep satisfaction.

Variety of possibilities

How to find your desires

To understand yourself, you will have to stop this crazy flow that the life of a modern person is like. You need to get enough sleep, rest more often, set aside time for daily meditation, and do yoga or stretching in the evenings. You shouldn't eat before bed. By following these simple recommendations, a person will relax and begin to understand what he wants.

Important! At first these will be the simplest needs, but you shouldn’t mindlessly brush them aside, as they will gradually lead to important and significant things.

When moving along the chain of desires, it is important not to be afraid of mistakes. To understand yourself better, it is useful to:

  1. Dream, spend a few minutes on pleasant fantasies, think through your new image to the smallest detail.
  2. Think about what kind of life you would like to live, what the key events will be in it.
  3. Keep a diary. Recordings help to unload emotionally and comprehend what is happening. It's useful to highlight the most significant events once a week (and month) to determine your priorities.
  4. Imagine that you have received a huge inheritance, and you will never have problems with money again. What would you like to do so that your activity simply makes you happy, brings satisfaction and meaning to your life?
  5. Understand how your free time is spent: on hobbies, work or degradation in front of the TV. Ask yourself if this makes sense.
  6. Come up with a mission for your life and what to devote it to. Little by little it will become clear how you can completely change yourself.

If suddenly desires begin to coincide with abilities, and people are grateful for the work, then there is no doubt - here it is, the path that has not been found for so long.


- You can do nothing and you will change. Which one then! Biohacking for the lazy (this episode would be great too))!

If you do something, the changes will happen faster!

— Healthy lifestyle : Sleep, Sports (2), Nutrition.

The simplest thing is appearance, well, there are sports, presik, proteins, creatines, tests, girls to pump up their butts and all sorts of such tags. Most likely you are aware, although it might be worth doing a “sports biohacking” issue with all sorts of scientific stuff. All these actions will definitely change hormones and neurotransmitters, which obviously affect the psyche and behavior of a person (3, 4).

Another point is the image itself, clothing style, image, etc. Google men's or women's hairstyles, figure out what suits you, what clothes look better. Sometimes you look differently and think differently. And here you don’t have to be an oligarch.

- Words

Pure psychology, another placebo effect. For example, instead of saying “I need”, it’s better to get used to saying: “I want / I can or I decided.” Need transforms into desire, and fear into aggression. An active position in life is more productive than a passive one.

It’s better to generally transform negativity into experience. Instead of thinking “I’m a loser / I’m a loser,” it’s better to tell yourself: “Yes, today I messed up! Yes, today is a failure! But a week ago, in that situation, I was absolutely handsome!” Well, then the standard work on mistakes, think “what needs to be done, what to follow, so that next time you can be cooler!” And you need to do this, and not imagine and “visualize” what you are doing.

- Praise yourself for your efforts

(now we have proofs, since graduation is becoming more difficult!) It is believed that praise spurs motivation, however, in a meta-analysis of 6 studies, they doubted this, double-checked and it turned out that when students are praised in the style of “You are so smart, you are talented, “You’re capable,” then this, on the contrary, undermines motivation. The man relaxes! Why bother? Thoughts appear in the style: “I’m already good, I don’t need to develop! Sports for weaklings! Money for the poor! And Nootropics are for stupid people!” Wherein! When students were told “You tried hard, you did a great job and that’s why you’re great!” — they became more motivated, learned and developed better (5). Take note!

Briefly: Replacing negativity with experience, praising yourself and others for their efforts and seasoning it with elements of a healthy lifestyle. The psyche will definitely begin to change! Let's move on to the underground, more complex and faster biohacking of the psyche.

How to start changes

Set a goal

How to force yourself to study - motivation to study, how to force a child

To know where to go

Once the mission is thought out, defining the goal will be much easier. There is no need to select many options, otherwise the brain will not be able to focus on any one. The goal must meet certain requirements:

  • correspond to personal desires (not mother, not husband/wife);
  • must be achievable;
  • in a written form;
  • interesting;
  • clear, you can set yourself a framework of 90 days and plan based on them.

Creating a visual model (a poster or collage “I can do it!”) will help you believe in yourself.

Determine character qualities

If a girl wants to get married, she needs to learn to be feminine, charming, and love herself and those around her. When a man strives to freak out less, he will have to cultivate patience, the ability to accept the situation and willpower. If a woman plans to build a career, she needs responsibility, intelligence, determination and communication skills.

Important! It is necessary to write down character qualities that will help achieve the goal.

Find role models

Biographies of famous people, literature on psychology, trainings and seminars can help with this. Maybe there is such a person among your friends. The realization that many people have already walked the same road, and they succeeded, will encourage you in moments of crisis on the way to your goal.

Support of like-minded people

It will be much more difficult to walk this path alone. You can share experience and enthusiasm with your friends, discuss problems and look for workarounds, support each other and give advice.

Support is the key to success

Find the right environment

Anyone who wants moral perfection, communicates with saints, who strives for wealth, let him look for wealthy interlocutors. A person gradually adopts the thinking style of the people with whom he spends a lot of time. You need to take advantage of this and look for a worthy circle of friends.

Reasonable attitude towards failures

Not a single person in the world is able to realize all his plans 100%. Many people admit that out of 10 possible ideas, only 5 will be successful. With experience comes the understanding that failure is part of development.

Change gradually

If at any training they promise to tell you how to change your character in 3 days, you should not waste time attending it. In psychology, it is believed that it takes 21 days to form a new habit; work on a character that is difficult to change will last several years.


The intensity of experience per unit of time rewires the brain. This is the second point to remember! The more different things happen to you, the faster the changes in your psyche occur, the faster you become a different person! This is the main idea for you to change quickly.

The bonus will be slowing down the perception of time! If today you have an unusual workout, tomorrow a trip to another city, the day after tomorrow meeting with different interesting people, and then a day in nature, then these 4 days will seem like 1-2 weeks.

The expression “The years fly” or “time flies” is subjective nonsense of those who have nothing new happening in their lives. Sorry if I offended anyone, but in fact there are 24 hours in a day, and in one hour there are 60 minutes for all people without exception, and if time flies for you, then this is not a problem in physics, that specifically you only have 20 minutes in an hour. Please note that when your life is in full swing, you have something to remember and there is no feeling of time passing.

The denser the accumulation of experience over a period of time, the faster the transformation of the psyche, the more interesting discoveries will occur and the more you will remember.

Let's get acquainted with the second key term of this issue, in addition to “neuroplasticity” - it is “long-term potentiation”. Essentially, this is a mechanism of neuroplasticity, a mechanism that causes certain chains of nerve cells to become stronger, thereby improving their conductivity (6).

Ways to expand your comfort zone

If any exit from your comfort zone is a powerful stress factor for you, in addition to motivation and mental adjustment, a number of exercises will help you, designed to turn entering the risk zone into a less uncomfortable activity:

  • if you have to solve a large task, and the need to do it is scary, divide it into several small ones and complete it gradually; It’s more convenient to take small steps;
  • remind yourself more often that the more often you leave your comfort zone, the calmer you will be about it, and the more new things you will learn and see; the frog is warm under the leaf, but the huge world around is not visible;
  • return from the risk zone in time to gain strength; Designate for yourself some small actions that will symbolize for you a fleeting departure to your usual state and give you strength - eat your favorite mint candy, twirl your bracelet, put on a lucky tie.

Remember that outside the cozy warm comfort zone, which saves you from stress but prevents you from changing your life for the better, hide not only horrors, but also prospects, success, independence, new positive impressions, pleasant acquaintances and a boundless world.

It is not easy to radically change your life, but the game is worth the trouble - by tuning in to happiness and striding towards it, overcoming your fears and indecision, you can get the result you expected.


Now there is important information that will simplify your changes!

Long-term potentiation is stimulated by bursts of various neurotransmitters: Dopamine, Serotonin, Glutamate... And they, in turn, are intertwined with emotions. For example, you did a good job, completed a difficult task, the neurotransmitters sparkled like a Christmas tree and your brain recorded that “this behavior = success, which means you need to strengthen the corresponding neural connections where this particular process is encoded.” After some time, the same activity will become easier, this is how learning occurs (7).

If you want to become a different person, you need to create new connections and associations in the brain that cause emotions that cause bursts of neurotransmitters. If you feel on top of the world, then the new activity that you immediately begin to do will create a new personality.

Even simpler, let me insert a quote from my own book BIOFAKER, 3rd thesis for memorization: “if you want to be there and that person you have not yet been, you will have to do what you have not done before and think like We haven’t thought about it yet.”

New experience + emotional reinforcement lead to physical changes in the central nervous system, leading to neuroplasticity. It is a fact. This is not even psychology!

Okay, let's assume you're already doing the basic steps! What other acceleration options are there?

Comfort zone

The comfort zone is that area of ​​space around a person that gives him a feeling of comfort and stability.

The human psyche is designed in such a way that we:

  • We feel best in a familiar environment, where all the stimuli are familiar, and we have long developed options for reacting to them;
  • We are afraid of any new stimuli precisely because of the lack of familiar response scenarios.

Wherever we find ourselves, we involuntarily try to transform the space around us, physical and psychological, into a comfort zone in which everything is clear, familiar, and there is nothing atypical or frighteningly new.

Leaving your comfort zone, accidental or intentional, is in any case perceived by the subconscious as stress, and even a conscious desire to change your life will not be easy to implement simply because any change is a violation of the integrity of the comfort zone.


- Experience

Schedule yourself every evening of the week with some events that really attract you. Various lectures, sports or entertainment events, sign up for training courses, start running, meet someone or go to interviews for another job.

A very important condition is active integration into the process! That is, going to the cinema or reading books will be an experience, but you sit there and do nothing, you cannot influence the development of the event. And what is more effective is immersion and understanding that you can influence something! Although good movies and books are still better than the absence of novelty.

Excerpt from the '18 study:

“The more challenges students successfully overcome, the more their personality traits changed over the course of the study.” Or, in layman's terms: the more action you take, the more you change (8).

- Music

Love the music. Go to open lessons on musical instruments. Look on YouTube how to play something. As a last resort, download a music creation program and try to make your own beat there. If nothing really works, then listen to different music, get interested in different genres and artists, and do it all the time!

The old people of this channel already know that playing a musical instrument physically changes the structure of the brain, increasing an area such as the Corpus Callosum, which connects the hemispheres of the brain (9, 10, 11, 12). What helps you think more holistically, which makes a person more creative and smarter.

And here is the latest data on music and the brain over the past year:

  1. Meta-analysis that talks about listening to music as an additional way to treat mental disorders (13, 14). You won't be so nervous!)
  2. Music therapy accelerates recovery from traumatic brain injury (15), also a meta-analysis. If you hit your head, play your favorite tracks more often, in addition to taking nootropics.
  3. When people diagnosed with dementia or intellectual disabilities started listening to music regularly, their cognitive abilities increased compared to those who did not listen (16, 17). There are elderly relatives who know nothing but TV - let them find out about the Internet and music selections!

In short, music will really rewire your psyche and physically change your brain.

— Evaluate changes

Make periodic notes about what is going well, what is bad, what to work on, how you eat, what supplements you use, how your mood and productivity change. In principle, this method has already been discussed in other issues.

This way you can better understand your character. It’s like in mathematics, you know yourself, your initial data, which means you understand how and what to change in order to become a different person. For example: you used to consider yourself an introvert, well, there are books, loneliness, arthouse movies and all that, but from the records you will notice that you are very much energized by society, meetings, and the more people and communication, the better. Motivation, productivity and high mood remain for many days after. Take the introversion-extroversion test (for example, the Cattell Test is very good, take 30-40 minutes to complete it, it will tell you a lot about you) and suddenly it turns out that you are an extrovert. The opposite situation may also be true: constantly in society, but temporary solitude adds strength! The point is that you will understand what specifically improves you and you will begin to rewire your psyche even faster.

— Meditation

There was a detailed release. A great proven way to become more stress-resistant. It seems like a common practice that doesn’t take much time, but physically reduces cortisol, our stress hormone (18). Or here’s an excerpt from a recent meta-analysis: “average effect sizes of -0.41 for stress, -0.37 for anxiety, and -0.30 for depression” (19). Actually, if you think that you have any of this, meditation is more likely to work. In terms of the level of evidence for health benefits, it seems to me that meditation is already overshadowing the famous 7-8 hours of sleep and sports activities. Therefore, if you worry a lot and get tired, this will also help you renew your brain faster.

Principle of reasonableness

Having made a final decision on how to change your lifestyle, you should not forget about the principle of reasonableness: by abruptly cutting off all the threads, quitting your job and leaving your family, you can be left without a livelihood and without moral support, and such changes can hardly be called positive .

Leaving home to go to war is also a way out of your comfort zone, but is such a step wise? Will it bring happiness?

Going to a casino is an entry into the risk zone, but is the game worth the candle? Is the risk too high relative to investments and hopes?

Not every risk zone is useful, and not every exit from the comfort zone can be called reasonable.


Well, what did you want scientific hardcore?

The most proven ways to shift your psyche are psychedelics.

If we are talking specifically about the brain, then here they are:

  1. Accelerate neuronal and synaptogenesis (20), these processes help neuroplasticity
  2. Change the cerebral cortex (21) and claustrum (22)

If we talk about behavior and mood, then there are simply a lot of publications that show a stable background of positive mood (23, 24, 25, 26, 27) and less craving for alcohol (28, 29). These are exactly the words from the medical reports.

There is also data specifically for rewiring the psyche. Thus, terminally ill people with cancer after psilocybin and psychotherapy change their attitude towards life, anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects are especially pronounced in 60-80% of the sample (30). Imagine, people hardly care that they will die soon.

Or this is how the psyche changes after using ayahuasca (the active psychoactive substance is DMT - dimethyltryptamine). Neuroticism or emotional instability decreases immediately and the effect lasts for at least 6 months, while scores on conscientiousness, openness, experience and extraversion, on the contrary, increase (31).

In a similar study on mushrooms, there was also a decrease in neuroticism and an increase in extaversion, sociability, and positive emotions (32). So we can say that a person really becomes different. Mushrooms are slowly being decriminalized in different countries, and if they work as well as in scientific publications, then we are in for some very unusual decades.

There are also reports on thinking that the next day there is higher divergence (searching for multiple solutions to a given problem), and within 7 days “after” convergence is higher (searching for a single/ideal solution to a problem) (33).

Even microdosing works, this is when a person uses a substance in doses 10 times less than the standard (34, 35, 36).

The fact that psychedelics change the brain is already known as 2x2 (37). If you turn on the demagoguery and try to get to the bottom of it, then it’s clear that boxing also changes the brain or banging your head against the wall or if you drink for a year. But here’s the paradox: right now, as you’re watching/reading this, the FDA is conducting Phase 3 clinical trials of magic mushrooms for depression and anxiety and is giving it “breakthrough therapy” status, which means it’s superior to all existing forms of treatment. Therefore, demagogy by demagoguery, everyone certainly has a chance to be moved by their minds! It would be hard to call these substances harmless. Although there was a meta-analysis in France in October, where they very clearly hinted that “everything is safe” (38), this is not typical for such publications; more often they write something like “in some conditions the substance does not cause side effects. Further studies with larger samples are needed." But the number of such good results is increasing.

Do some prohibited substances seem to be portrayed in a painfully positive way? Here are the statistics: this year, 5 meta-analyses on mushrooms/psilocybin have been released worldwide, 4 talk about prospects, potential for treatment and safety, 1 doesn’t talk specifically, they only write about the heterogeneity of the results and what needs to be done next study this topic.

And here (39) 3 cases of LSD overdose and long-term consequences are documented, in one case the dose was 550 times higher than the standard dose, and here, too, everything is somehow fun and interesting, you can read it.

As soon as there are publications that mushrooms are as harmful as heroin or methamphetamine, you will know about it.

If you know a little about finance, then in September there was an IPO of COMPASS Pathways, a company that promotes psilocybin as a medicine and works closely with the FDA and the US Department of Health. The shares were placed on NASDAQ, the company expected to raise $100 million (40), raised $127 million. And 2 months later, now, it is worth $1.2 billion.

At the time of video editing - 1.7 billion. How much now: Google query “compass pathways stock”. It’s not a fact that everything will continue as well, after all, this is an investment in psilocybin, a substance banned in most countries of the world, the case when you can officially invest in drugs)) which means it’s a risk, but for some reason the market is reacting very positively so far on mushrooms for the treatment of depression.

So whether you like it or not, it is quite possible that in 10-15 years you will be legally able to change your psyche with psilocybin according to a doctor’s prescription at the nearest clinic.

A bad character can be corrected if desired.

With the right amount of diligence, you can certainly change certain aspects of your bad character, but it is worth realizing that this cannot be done in a day or two - it will take a lot of practice. It is also important to understand what kind of character you want to have in the end - if you don’t think about it, then it will be stupid to wait for significant changes. Spend a couple of hours imagining (on paper, perhaps) what kind of character you need, and only then will it be possible to outline a further plan of action.

Of course, if you want to make changes in your character, but do not start doing anything for this, then the whole plan is doomed to failure. Devote some time to self-development. At first, you will probably feel uncertainty and fear, but overcome yourself and continue with your plans - this is the only way you can achieve success.


Let's now move away from the tin to the legal wheels to renew the psyche - Nootropics.

The world of nootropics is multifaceted. Perhaps the most powerful nootropic, Modafinil, is banned in the Russian Federation. Therefore, let's focus on only 2, which are allowed everywhere and have good prerequisites for long-term changes in the brain.

Let's start with Bacopa!

Personally, I am glad that bacopa, which has been talked about on the channel for about 4 years now, is beginning to form an evidence base! This rarely happens with nootropics. By the way, we are now preparing a complex supplement, well, it contains the most effective substances among dietary supplements, in the right proportions, and seasoned with some vitamins, we expect it within six months! It’s not just about writing books) So one of the components there will be Bacopa and here’s why.

2017, in an animal study, bacopa stimulated synaptic plasticity of hippocampal neurons, this part of the brain is conventionally considered the center of working memory and the spatial orientation system (41). This effect will help you remember more and reduces topographic cretinism!) Moreover, back in 2002, when studying the effect of Bacopa on memory among people, it was published: “Bacopa reduces the rate of forgetting new information” (42).

2020, Bacopa may be beneficial for Parkinson's disease by reducing markers of inflammation in the brain (43). And there were similar data in 2021 (44).

There have also been positive reports for Alzheimer's disease (45, 46). Overall, there is definitely potential!


Blackberry comb, there was an issue about it about a year ago and yes, it also changes the brain, not psilocybin, of course, but without hallucinations and legal.

It easily bypasses the brain’s protection – the Blood-brain barrier, causes neurogenesis of the hippocampus, this is the formation of new neurons, in short, increases the amount of RAM (47).

Like psilocybin, it can have antidepressant effects and improve mood (48). For example, cell survival when administered corticosterone, a stress hormone, and Hericium erinaceus extract (49). It can be seen that this fungus protects cells.

Nervous people take note! Well, the classic nootropic effect, in a placebo-controlled experiment, people taking crested blackberry had an improvement in cognitive function in tests (50).

Judging by the research, this mushroom is a worthy alternative to the forbidden ones, this is basically what the main mushroom propagandist of our time, Paul Stamets, says about this (Write “Paul Stamets, Joe Rogan” on YouTube).

Types of change

Changes can be different: positive and negative, expected and unexpected, big and small, but all of them will help you realize how to radically change your life.

Our brain's attitude towards them also varies accordingly: positive expected changes will be greeted with joy and enthusiasm, while negative surprises can throw us off balance.

In order not to experience unnecessary stress when leaving your comfort zone, it is worth using the “there are positive aspects in everything” technique.

No matter what happens to you, try to find the positive side of events. Turn it into a game, an exciting competition with yourself, a test of your imagination, and gradually you will be able to change your life, guided by the habit of perceiving any change as a positive factor.


A short answer to the question of how to become a different person: load a lot of experience into a unit of time, novelty, emotions.

Let’s assume that from today you begin to change your thinking from negative to experience, from need to desire, to eat, train and sleep better. Let’s assume that tomorrow you take blood tests, control your hormones, start studying and listening to music, schedule something new and unusual for yourself every evening: courses, lectures, practices, webinars, books, extreme sports, become very interested in something, start taking notes in diary. And the day after tomorrow you add meditation + comb blackberry 2 grams each and multivitamins (in a few years it would be possible to write “Microdosing” here, when this whole topic becomes legal). Your psyche is guaranteed to change, a month is enough. After all, each of the above methods works even on its own, but all together it’s a cannon!

Well, I tried to confirm each thesis from this issue with an argument and a link to the source. I hope it was cool! Good luck and see you soon!

Impact of external changes on internal ones

Your inner attitude largely shapes your appearance and behavior. You can also provoke internal changes through external ones. For example, if a person hunches over, lowers the corners of his lips and spends several minutes in this position, sad thoughts will come to his mind. On the contrary, if you straighten your back and smile, the brain will remember the state of inspiration and joy that the person experienced, and the negative will be replaced by pleasant dreams or memories.

The perfect suit gives you confidence

Many people wonder how to change their character. The simplest answer to this is that you need to start changing externally:

  • putting your appearance and wardrobe in order means raising your self-esteem a little and becoming more confident;
  • those who switch to proper nutrition and regular exercise will receive a healthy body, good health and optimism;
  • if you learn to get up early, stop playing and wasting time on social networks, then you will have time for self-development: reading, journaling or meditation, so your inner world will become richer;
  • putting things in order in your home or workplace will help you begin to understand your own thoughts;
  • the people around you can inspire heroism or drag you into the swamp of alcoholism;
  • Creative activities will help you find peace and satisfaction.

Important! The famous brain research specialist Tatyana Chernigovskaya claims that every little thing influences a person, be it a accidentally viewed advertisement or an insignificant conversation with a friend. All information enters the brain and contributes to the development or degradation of personality.

How to effectively change your character? It is very difficult, but worthy of the high title of a person.

Is it possible to change yourself for the better?

People change or pretend to change. It’s easy to appear better for the sake of a new job or a loved one, but to really change, you need to do it for yourself. You can make yourself better - this is proven by hundreds of examples among friends, but there are also just as many who disappointed, promising to become different.

To understand what to change in yourself, you first need to analyze your character, “put it into pieces,” and determine what is preventing you from making your life close to your dream. The adjustment must take into account the long-term goals and plans of the individual; without this, harm can be done.

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