How to stop being jealous of a guy over trifles and not spoil the relationship

Jealousy is an absolutely normal phenomenon that signals the presence of love. It becomes abnormal when it is generated by envy, fear, dependence, low self-esteem, etc. Being hopelessly jealous of her own husband, it does not even occur to a woman how much this feeling destroys both her and the object at whom the clot of negative message is directed... How stop doing this?

Jealousy is the biggest killer of relationships and happiness.

Why are people jealous? And then they consider the object of their desire their property, that they are the ones they cannot give away to anyone. This tendency has a very sad effect on the object of jealousy; he is constantly under stress if jealousy manifests itself openly. If a person does not have a strong guilt complex, the relationship is more likely to end quickly and even having children will not stop it.

Do you also consider jealousy to be a manifestation of love, although in reality it is just a fear of betrayal?

I am looking for 3 people with the problem of jealousy towards their partner, who want to learn to trust and live in harmony with their partner.

You're tired of jealousy, but you can't control yourself

You are constantly offended if your partner pays more attention to others besides you.

Your relationship is falling apart due to jealousy, but you want to save it

If you recognize yourself, sign up for a diagnostic consultation with a psychologist

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