How to understand a man why relationships with him are bad

Women and men are different: by their nature, by their perception of the world, by their life goals and priorities. And although at first glance the needs of a man and a woman in relationships and love are very similar, you probably guess that here too there are fundamental differences between us. Do you want to know which ones? Today I will help you get answers to questions that have probably repeatedly arisen in your head: “How to understand a man?”, “How to recognize a man’s attitude towards himself?”, “How to understand a man’s behavior?”

The psychology of male behavior does not depend on nationality, zodiac sign or place of residence. The way of thinking may be influenced by upbringing or the mentality of the country, but the natural needs of men are the same. Just like with women: she can be a businesswoman, hold a leadership position, but at the same time she wants to be loved. She has a natural need to be protected, to feel safe next to a man, to be surrounded by male care.

In this article I will tell you 5 golden truths that will help you understand a man. Having figured out how the male “mechanism” works, the psychology of relationships with a man will become a little easier for you.

Read to the end and you will find out:

  • What is the difference between the characteristics of male and female psychology
  • Is it right to treat a man the way you want him to treat you?
  • Is it possible to change a man?
  • Why does a man take advantage of a woman?
  • The man doesn't want a relationship. What does he mean?
  • What is the importance of a woman's word

I have prepared a detailed and thorough video for you, from which you will learn the whole truth about men. And you will begin to understand them a little better.

It sounds paradoxical, but men also want relationships, they want a family. I understand that some will now say: “What kind of nonsense are you talking about, Yaroslav? I dated a man and he bluntly said that he did not want a serious relationship.” In fact, for some reason he simply does not want a relationship with a specific woman, but he cannot voice this reason out loud. This does not mean that all men avoid relationships.

They want a relationship, they need it, they don’t feel complete without a relationship. Yes, a man experiences this not so anxiously. For example, there is a huge difference between the behavior and feelings of a 35-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man who is not in a relationship! This is easy to explain from the point of view of natural functions: a woman gives birth to children, she has this subconscious need. And the older she gets, the more difficult it is to achieve this. There are medical contraindications that can complicate the process.

You may think: “Here is a man, he is 40 years old, successful, rich, he has many fans. If he wanted a relationship, he would have gotten married a long time ago!” It’s not a fact that if he’s not in a relationship, he doesn’t want it.

Believe me, I communicate with many men, successful and unsuccessful. And if you think that such men go, “I’m handsome, I’m cool, why do I need a relationship at all?”, you’re wrong. They also cry and worry, they just don’t show it as clearly as women.

Let me give you one more argument: every day in your city, country, world, so many weddings take place! What, women marry each other? If men didn't have relationship needs, they wouldn't waste time, wouldn't go on dates, wouldn't get married, wouldn't raise children. They would simply satisfy their need for sex, use the services of women of the appropriate profession, and would not waste their time and energy on dating.

Why is this happening

Because women do not understand men, and men do not understand women. It’s understandable, we are all different. We were brought up in different families, we have different temperaments, different attitudes to life. Moreover, men and women think differently. If men use logic in perception, women use emotions. Plus, there is a hormonal background that has a tremendous impact on us. Essentially, we speak in tongues.

Building a relationship is a mutual process.
How can you understand a man? What can I do to make my relationship with him work well? This will be discussed below.

To begin with, it is worth understanding that building relationships is a mutual process. It is impossible that one of the partners loves, does everything to make the object of love happy, and the other simply allows himself to be loved. Such relationships do not lead to anything good. In any relationship, each partner must take 10 steps towards each other. Today we will talk about the 10 steps a woman should take.

Release of "dust"

The psychology of guys in relationships with girls is often determined by boasting, but everyone does it in their own way. A beautiful wife, a new car, the number of books read, and the like become a source of pride. Ladies' admiration for men becomes a kind of incentive to perform actions. They feel special and wings grow behind their backs. A simple guy feels like a superhero, ready to cope with any problem.

Male psychology regarding admiration from the female sex is based on a subconscious level. That is, any representative of the stronger sex dreams of surprising a girl. This need manifests itself in the desire to “show off” and in competition with colleagues or friends. The “alpha male” loves to brag about his achievements and waits for approval from the representatives of the better half of humanity. In this, men are similar to children. Therefore, you should not “cut at the root” your fantasy and sense of greatness. No matter how unattainable a dream may seem, it can come true if you sincerely believe.

Home comfort

Every person wants to be greeted with love when they come home. And men are no exception. He likes the cozy, one might say, lamp-like atmosphere in the house. They like to know and understand that in the house where he returns after a hard day of work, a delicious dinner and a loving wife will be waiting for him. Don't nag him as soon as he comes home from work, don't find fault with little things. It’s better to give him affection and warmth, and feed him delicious food. And... You should not make comments about scattered socks. As statistics show, it is almost useless to fight this male vice. You need to learn how to quietly force a man to do what you need. Without scandals and reproaches. Do not forget the advice of our ancestors that a man is the head and a woman is the neck. But where the neck goes, so does the head.

Home comfort

Dying Swan Syndrome

Sometimes one should be very sensitive to male psychology. As life experience shows, there is no creature more defenseless and requiring attention than a sick representative of the stronger sex. This comes from childhood, when a boy is taught that if he is sick, the planet revolves around him. Everyone looks after the person, allows a lot and babysits him.

Such moments are suitable for showing off your best side. Making chicken broth, tea with jam, or just a kind word can breathe maximum life and health into the “dying swan.” And if you spice up the situation with a piquant outfit or an interesting film, the payoff won’t take long to arrive. Men's psychology is different from women's, but everything is in the hands of the couple. If you make concessions and understand your partner, happiness will not take long to arrive.


Men don't like criticism. And, frankly, who loves her anyway? A man cannot be criticized. Even if your man has a quiet disposition, any criticism will be a painful blow for him. A woman who humiliates a man, yells at him, and compares him to other men will sooner or later end up alone. Because a man loves comfort, he wants to be loved and understood, and not nagged. It happens that women in a circle of friends begin to criticize their man, laughing at some of his shortcomings. It is safe to say that men do not forgive such an attitude towards themselves. Of course, there are men who do not deserve to be treated well and a woman can only criticize him. Then another question arises - why are you next to such a man? What's holding you back? If this is the case, you may be in a codependent relationship where one party is constantly suffering and the other is dominant. Such relationships need to be dealt with with the help of a psychologist.

Age crises

A person experiences several age-related stressful situations (crises) during his life. The psychology of guys adapts to such a transformation “with the flow”, putting up with what is happening, or begins a new round, developing personal qualities. A lady must understand the changeable nature of a man. Life is not a smooth “silk” road; it often “gets you in the teeth” and on your nerves. Nevertheless, all peak changes in the partner’s behavior are predictable and understandable.

Male psychology for women is not as scary as it seems. The representative of the stronger sex is full of contradictions and difficulties. He is more resilient and stronger than the girl, however, his energy is exhausted faster. Guys are also more susceptible to diseases and have a harder time surviving them. All these factors, coupled with bad habits and stress, shorten life. According to statistics, representatives of the stronger sex live 10–15 years less than women.

Features of the psychology of a man who is in love:

  • he will not offend the lady, do something to spite her;
  • the partner looks for exclusively positive moments in the chosen one and her environment;
  • the most frequent communication with your loved one in person or through calls and messages is practiced;
  • intimate relationships are not just instinctive in nature, but are imbued with love, respect, understanding;
  • they pick up their beloved girl from work, kiss her in the morning, bring her coffee in bed, and show other signs of attention;
  • lovers require increased attention to their own person.


Men do not understand women's language of hints. Therefore, in order to understand a man and not conflict with him, say directly what you want. Even if it's a fur coat or a gold ring. Not a single man will understand the hint: “But my friend Masha’s husband gave a ring for the New Year.” A man does not grasp such information. He gave and gave. What's next? If you want something, say it directly, say that it will bring you joy. And there is no need for hysterics. We are not little children in kindergarten fighting for the best toy. We are adults. Sit down in the evening and talk calmly, tell about your desires.

A man has his own hobbies


Men's psychology in love and relationships differs from women's perception. Ladies get satisfaction from the communication process itself. For guys, this is a way to get some information. A man perceives what he hears as it is. Veiled phrases and complex hints are not the best option to reach the hearts of the stronger sex. The simpler and more straightforward the phrase is, the higher the likelihood of mutual understanding.

The chosen one expects from her gentleman that he will guess about her desires, almost reading her thoughts. However, confusing hints and florid phrases only complicate the situation; it is difficult for a man to understand what they really want from him? Such misunderstandings often lead to female disappointment. In male psychology, the response is manifested by irritation and temper. Guys feel dissatisfied, but don’t understand why they can’t directly express their desire?

The logical mindset of men is built in such a way as to speak clearly and concisely, and to receive specific answers to questions. Ladies who explain their own needs as clearly as possible simplify the task not only for the chosen one, but also for themselves.


Men have their own hobbies. It could be football, hockey, motorcycles and much more. Let your men indulge in their hobbies, do not criticize what your spouse does. And you don’t need to force yourself to love your husband’s hobbies. If you absolutely don’t like football, you don’t need to force yourself to watch this sport just to be with your husband at that moment. Do better what you like.

It also happens that a woman likes exactly the hobby that her husband also likes, sincerely likes. In such relationships, there tends to be fewer disagreements. But this is only if the woman really likes football or motorcycles.

Herd instinct

The psychology of guys is formed on the basis of the herd instinct. The desire to unite in companies is quite normal. The main signs of the unification of representatives of the stronger sex into groups:

  1. Interests by age. People have something to share based on the cultural ties of the same time, including memories from childhood.
  2. Interests in a certain area (sports, cars, hobbies, fishing, hunting, etc.).
  3. Coalition against a common enemy. In such groups, there is an increased level of adrenaline and testosterone. Here an intolerant attitude towards life with a heightened sense of justice is manifested.
  4. "Hot Topics". Guys are especially sensitive to discussing sex, politics and sports.

If a woman is not satisfied with the long absence of her chosen one nearby, she can simply infiltrate his circle and become part of a group of interests. An alternative way out of the situation is a normal perception of the absences of a loved one, which makes it possible to calmly go about your business. To properly enter the company of a loved one, you should remember some settings:

  1. Recognize that your chosen one has an excellent team.
  2. To love the place where comrades gather.
  3. Find within yourself the opportunity and desire to get to know your loved one’s surroundings.
  4. Accept the fact that his friends are now yours.

Faith in your man

Men marry women who believe in them unconditionally. You need to believe in your man, even if his ideas seem crazy. There is nothing worse when your “wings” are cut off by the most dear people. The most striking story of faith in your husband is the story of Henry Ford and Clara Bryant. When Henry got the crazy idea to create a self-propelled vehicle, no one supported him except his beloved wife. He spent days in the garage, bringing his idea to reality, she was always there, always supported and said that he would succeed. And he succeeded.

Often women make one of the main mistakes when they don’t believe in their man and tell him to his face: “You’re crazy, but nothing will work out for you. I'm not involved in this." Men with such women quickly “wither” and relationships deteriorate. And in place of the once growing wings, vices appear: alcohol with friends, computer games, apathy in the family and reluctance to do something and move on.

You need to believe in your man

Don't provoke jealousy

Most men are pathologically jealous. Many women, if the relationship cools down, “stimulate” their men by making them jealous. But, often, this gives the opposite result. If your man has lost interest in you, do not try to restore the relationship through jealousy. It’s better to always look good, take care of yourself, and go for walks together more often. Men always pay attention to a beautiful woman and the “hungry” glances of other men will not escape your companion, but he will be proud that this beauty is his and only his. Then your man will begin to treat you differently.

A man treats a woman the way she allows her to be treated

This probably sounds a little offensive, but it really is so. A man will always treat a woman the way she allows him to do so. That is, if you made any offensive remarks about yourself on the part of your husband, perhaps said in jest, or he does not consider it necessary to talk about why he was late at work, where he was, etc. rest assured that he will continue to treat you this way. Many women are unhappy in their marriages for one simple reason - they allowed their husbands to treat them that way.

Male psychology for women: advice one

Life without mistakes is impossible. Representatives of the stronger sex for the most part do not admit flaws. The man will apologize if he is wrong in front of the lady, however, he will gladly shift all the blame for other, albeit minor, cases. It turns out that it is not only difficult to tell the truth, but also to admit it. Anyone becomes to blame - from neighbors to colleagues or casual acquaintances.

The main intention is to be a good guy, to live up to everyone's expectations, even if he is at fault. At such moments, you should not point out to a man his mistakes and shortcomings, otherwise he will live up to your worst expectations.

The psychology of men is built in such a way as not to admit that they are wrong. Therefore, a woman can insist on her own or assess the situation from his point of view. The second option will allow you to remain happy by accepting your partner’s truth, as a result of which he will strive to realize his hopes.

And talk

Men are not as talkative as women. They don’t like to chat about trifles; they are unlikely to be interested in how your friends live.

You shouldn't burden a man with this. But you shouldn’t neglect communication either. Tell him about yourself, your dreams and plans. Ask how his day was, what interesting things happened at work. Men love to talk about themselves. After all, men often find a mistress not because they urgently need sex. Not at all. It’s just that the mistress knows nothing about this man, he will enthusiastically tell her about himself, and she will listen with interest. Listen to your man with interest, communicate with him, then it will be easier for you to understand him.

What can his eyes tell?

Facial expressions are those signs that are very difficult to control. If you can remain silent when the object of your adoration appears, then hiding movements and gestures that occur spontaneously in the subconscious is not an easy task.

View direction

Usually, when talking to a person, we look into their eyes. A guy who likes a girl is shy, trying to avoid direct gaze.

Ask a question


A fleeting delay of attention in front of the interlocutor’s eyes can be carried out only to get acquainted with her reaction to certain words. 80% of the time is spent looking at lips and nose.

Concentration of attention

The guy tries to closely examine the girl he likes - he roams his eyes all over the body, studying all the details, and is rarely distracted by external factors.


If they are expanded (not taking into account the use of narcotic drugs), the man experiences attraction, passion and a desire to touch.


Sometimes people raise them unconsciously to open their eyes wider and better see the detail of interest. If a girl notices that a young man has raised his eyebrows during a conversation, this is a clear sign of interest in the interlocutor.

Other gestures

When a young person is attracted to any action, person or object, he exhibits a high salivation. To avoid showing it, he begins to purse or lick his lips.

He often leans towards you, tries to touch you, shuffles his feet, crosses his arms - this is an indicator of slight excitement, vulnerability, indecisiveness and, of course, sincere sympathy.

Joint leisure and family traditions

Each couple should have their own traditions and common leisure time. Because during the day we are busy with work and colleagues, in the evening with everyday life. Therefore, there must be some kind of rest, spending time together.

Let it be a weekend walk for an hour or two, watching a movie, going to the cinema or a play, or to a cafe. Learn to add variety to your daily routine. Spending time together will allow you to better understand your man and get closer to him. Bring a touch of joy into your life. Then not only your relationship, but also life in general will sparkle in a new way.

To understand your man you don’t need much – just open your heart to understanding. And to do this, push your egoism a little into the background. But don’t forget that if you’ve taken your 10 steps to improve your relationship, but your partner hasn’t, it’s worth thinking about whether you’re on the right track with this person?

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