Qualities of a successful person: what a competent leader needs to have

Success is the achievement of set goals, conditioned by the personal properties and character traits that a person must have for this. It is based on thoughtful and systematic actions and decisions that bring positive results and recognition of the individual in the social environment. Requirements for success may vary depending on your background in different sections of society. Among scientists, this may mean major discoveries; among officials, it may mean obtaining leadership positions.

What is success?

To talk about what kind of human qualities are necessary for success, first let’s figure out what success is?

Beauty, wealth, fame, talent, influence, luck. Any of these or all of them? Everyone has their own image of a successful person. Can an ugly or poor person be successful? Are there losers among the rich? What qualities does a successful person have?

First of all, successful people have an inner core that consists of values ​​and certain character traits.

These are not always harmonious personalities. For example, Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist; many of his inventions still remain a mystery to us, although he created them at the beginning of the last century.

However, he was obsessed with his ideas and had no personal life, and he was not a “salesman” and much of what he did was not appreciated. Therefore, he often did not have enough money to finance his research and purchase equipment for it.

Or let's take a closer example - Steve Jobs. Only babies don't know about it. Successful? Definitely! Harmonious? No sir! He had huge health problems, not least due to excessive perfectionism.

He was also very difficult for both family and colleagues to interact with. But the man wanted to leave a “mark on the Universe” and, damn it, he left it!

Where does success come from?

Only our actions make us successful. We do them based on our values ​​and character.

We have the power to strengthen character, develop qualities to achieve success in life, and also get rid of mental weeds: despondency, victim position, laziness, unconscious existence, apathy...

“A lucky person is a person who has done what others were just about to do.”

Jules Renard

But, if we do not take real action, then success can, at best, be a dream. Well, or we can watch how others achieve it.

Answer yourself the question, what is success for you? Take your time, think.

Do you want to achieve results in business, in relationships, in sports, or perhaps in spiritual practice? The qualities needed to achieve success, which you will read about in the article below, are universal. By developing them, you will ensure success in any business.

Buckle yourself to a chair! We begin

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