TOP 10 qualities of a successful person and how to develop them

If we talk about what character traits a person in a leadership position should have, it is worth taking into account not only personal characteristics, but also the field of activity in which he works. There are examples that demonstrate that not all qualities of a successful person lead to a positive result. The main thing for a leader is the ability to maintain a balance between the desire to complete a task and the resources expended.

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Success concept

Each person understands success differently. This depends on the intellectual and cultural level of the individual, the rules accepted in society, the characteristics of upbringing, and value guidelines. There is no universal concept of success, but you can make a list of classic traits that characterize it.

Aspects that make up success:

  1. Faith in the future, having dreams and clear goals. A positive attitude towards what is happening.
  2. Love for your activity.
  3. Out-of-the-box thinking, creativity.
  4. Honesty towards yourself and others.
  5. Adequate response to mistakes. Learning from your own and others' shortcomings. After each failure, an analysis of the reasons that led to the fiasco is carried out. Adequate conclusions are drawn that will help avoid similar mistakes in the future. Any failure only makes you stronger.
  6. Structure and organization of daily life.
  7. Focus on self-development and self-improvement. Ability to see advantages and opportunities. Investing in your development and improvement.
  8. Taking care of your body, playing sports, active lifestyle, proper sleep, proper nutrition.
  9. Resistance to occupational deformation is desirable.

Based on the above aspects, you can try to form a simple concept of the phenomenon in question.

Success is achieving your goals through thoughtful and systematic decisions and actions. In a narrower sense, success is a positive result in any activity, recognition of a person’s merits in society.

Characteristics of a successful person

The requirements for success vary significantly across different sociocultural groups. In the professional sphere, success may mean:

  • career victories, obtaining a leadership position;
  • practical achievements consisting in making real discoveries and achieving outstanding results;
  • professional quality

Success must be assessed from the standpoint of relativity, application to a specific field of activity. A popular actor is a successful person in terms of recognition, professional demand and income. But such people often face difficulties in their personal and everyday life. In these areas they suffer failure after failure, which does not allow them to be considered successful. Everything is relative and depends on the angle from which the problem is viewed.

In the modern world, with its ease of communication, it is possible to learn about the qualities and skills of successful people on social networks, forums and websites. Thus, the special ask service ( allows you to ask any user whom you consider a role model what qualities are key to achieving success.

Personal environment

A person is defined by his environment. Remember the well-known phrase of Euripides: “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are.”

It is very difficult to be a successful person if everyone around you is made up of losers who constantly complain about life and don’t want to change anything.

Communicating among millionaires, a person sees how his income grows. Being in a crowd of people leading a healthy lifestyle, a person begins to do exercises himself, becomes stronger, and his nutrition becomes more balanced and correct. He imbibes the qualities to achieve success in life.

But what to do if 80% of the environment really tends to deteriorate? How to change it? It’s impossible to suddenly stop communicating with most of your relatives, friends, and colleagues!

The answer is simple: when we ourselves change, our environment also changes. Other people appear, and the previous social circle gradually recedes into the background. Or one of our friends acquires the same values ​​that we are moving towards.

You can see right now what changes have happened to you over the past 5 years if you remember with whom you stopped communicating and with whom you began to spend more time. This simple test gives a lot of food for thought.

But what if you live in a small town where there are no philosophers, millionaires, or great scientists? How, then, to develop qualities to achieve success in life?

You can read books by great authors. Imagine, you pay roughly 400 rubles for a book and get the opportunity to be in the company of great personalities of the past or present, receive advice and recommendations directly from them.

There are also many interviews, lectures and free webinars on the Internet, where you can also learn the rules of life of successful people and absorb their qualities to achieve success in life.

Nine qualities of a successful person

A certain set of personal and psychological characteristics makes a person successful. Each field of activity requires its own qualities of a successful person. But, despite this convention, we can identify key properties and characteristics that are important to have.

Confidence in yourself and your abilities

Anyone can solve key life problems. But in life nothing comes easy. In order to get something, you must first make some effort. You shouldn’t expect someone to bring you what you want; no one owes people anything in life. You need to achieve your goals with your hard work and diligence.

Therefore, it is important to believe in yourself and your strengths. There is no need to pay attention to difficulties and failures; they will always and everywhere.


Focus in thoughts and actions to achieve the goal. Persistence, inflexibility on the way to solving a problem.

Self-discipline and self-control

Discipline and control imply the meaningful nature of one’s behavior and the ability to determine priorities on to-do lists. Controlling your behavior allows you to avoid unnecessary and harmful situations. Discipline makes it possible to focus on solving the most pressing problems. For success, it is important to form these qualities so that they are inherent without external pressure. People who do not possess them cannot engage in useful activities without control from their parents, supervisor, or spouse.

Ability to plan and manage time

Having goals, setting tasks, and forming a clear and structured plan allows you to see your path, avoid useless actions, understand why this activity is necessary, and what will follow the solution of this task.

The ability to plan automatically leads to the formation of time management skills. A clear sequence of actions reduces the likelihood of distraction and taking useless steps.

High work capacity

To achieve your goals you need to work hard and take action. The body must have appropriate resources of a physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional nature. If a person knows where to go, he believes in achieving results, he will not have problems with his ability to work. Without goals and self-confidence, a person will be lazy and will not be able to find the necessary resources in his body.

Communication skills

Success in most areas of activity depends on one's position in society. For recognition in society, networking and productive exchange of information, it is important to be sociable. In this context, the following factors are important: flexibility in communication, the ability to adapt to the interlocutor, the ability to find common topics and interests.

An important skill for any person is the ability not only to talk, but also to listen. People appreciate those who can support a topic with interest.


Achieving success is a long and painstaking path on which a person faces many difficulties and problems. Stories of successful scientists, businessmen, and politicians show that people had to endure numerous failures before receiving recognition. Patience, will and perseverance allowed them to achieve success. After every failure, they found the strength to start over.


The ability to plan actions while assessing the consequences for oneself and others. Participate in activities that are feasible. Refusal of tasks that are impossible to complete or may have negative consequences.


Human activity must be subordinated to goals and individual interests. Interference with privacy is not permitted. Actions and decisions should not be influenced by the opinions and desires of other people. Successful people focus on themselves and their life goals. For them there is no concept of envy, because other people's lives do not concern them.

For purposeful people, talking about other people, gossip and discussions are unacceptable. Conversations are directed towards practical, mutually beneficial and useful things.

Leverage your strengths

Everyone has them, and you too. Perhaps you don’t notice them or consider them commonplace. But this does not change the fact that you have strengths and talents.

Perhaps you buried them deep because no one was paying attention to them. Maybe in childhood your poems were called frivolous, and your hobbies for tailoring and tailoring were called stupid? Or did you want to play football like damn Maradona, but they sent you to ballroom dancing?

Start doing what you liked as a child or like now, even if the voice in your head tells you that it’s stupid. Send that voice away and do what you love, what brings you joy.

And may you not become the second Maradona, but by doing what you like, you will open a real source of additional energy and positivity in life!

Please note that this is not advice to quit work tomorrow, but only a suggestion to spend 30 minutes a day doing something you enjoy. You can sign up for dancing or boxing, you can take courses in floristry or calligraphy, even if you live in the outback (glory to the Internet - it makes our learning opportunities wider!).

You can write fairy tales or entire books, learn to knit, sing, play chess, grow orchids or jump with a parachute. Your possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

If you are in a stupor and don’t understand what fascinates you, then you can just walk in the park and feed the ducks. At the very least, this meditative activity will relax you and may give you ideas about what activities you might enjoy.

It’s funny to imagine, but many people not only sit in jobs they don’t like, but also spend their free time in bars with slob friends, watching TV shows that look like chewed gum, flushing their time down the toilet. Their qualities for achieving success in life are atrophied.

Four steps to success

There is no universal recipe that will allow you to develop all the qualities of a successful person. But there are certain steps that will contribute to the development of personal properties that are useful for achieving life goals.

Steps to achieve success:

  1. Setting short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. It is important that they meet the goal, are specific and logical. Having small tasks will allow you to achieve serious results in the medium and long term using successive steps. Each of them must be given a reasonable time limit. Objectives and goals must be flexible so that they can be adjusted in response to changing external conditions.
  2. Reading and self-improvement. It is important to constantly learn, learn about new products in the field where the goal is to achieve success. Literature must also be selected for these tasks. Reading should not be spontaneous, just like trainings, courses and educational programs. Everything must be systematized and structured.
  3. To hone the qualities of self-control, discipline and planning, it is worth starting to record everything on paper or electronic media. Having a tangible plan for the year, month or day will make it easier to stick to it without violations or deviations. To better understand yourself and self-analysis, you can start keeping a diary where you can write down all your thoughts, successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses.
  4. It is important to structure your life so that all areas of it are controlled. You need to exercise daily, read, breathe fresh air, eat right, and give up bad habits. Expand your horizons through travel and new acquaintances.

There are many such steps that can be formulated. But even if you implement only the four steps listed above, you will notice how your life will change for the better: your attitude towards life will become more meaningful, and the basic qualities of a successful person will be formed. And this is halfway in the process of achieving success in life.

What is this in psychology

The inner world of people includes character traits, acquired knowledge and skills. In psychology, human personality traits mean positive characteristics and properties.

Each person is an individual, distinguished by character traits, interests and needs, and the ability to set life priorities. This influences social relations and helps (or prevents) people from achieving specific goals.

To become a personality, a person goes through a difficult path of formation. The qualities of people are influenced by regulatory mechanisms:

  • external – needs, interests, directions;
  • internal – self-esteem, consciousness, respect, etc.

Note! Psychological qualities (character, temperament, state of mind) are important in a person. They guide the individual, make him capable (or incapable) of interacting with others, of performing a certain type of activity.

Personal qualities

Everyone comes into this world with zero knowledge and abilities, but with the makings of a temperament determined by the state of the nervous system and physiological characteristics. The further formation of a person’s personal qualities is influenced by the following aspects:

  • the conditions in which the child grows up;
  • educational measures taken towards him;
  • relationships outside the family;
  • even illnesses suffered in childhood.

Under the influence of these factors, some become phlegmatic and melancholic, while others become choleric and sanguine. Someone strives for communication, making plans for life and achieving goals. Others isolate themselves from the world and become fixated on satisfying personal needs.

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