The inner core of a person - how to develop it in a woman and a man?

The inner core of a person is a metaphorical concept that describes the inner strength of the individual, awareness, practicality, freedom from assessments, patterns and other people's judgments. The inner core of the personality helps to withstand the pressure of life’s failures, orients in a reliable direction for completing tasks, which prepares the personality for spiritual development.

An individual with a very stable life orientation, who is aware of his responsibility and understands his personal life mission, is said to have a personal core. The stronger it is, the stronger the person will become; the weaker it is, the less resistant the person will be to any life events. An individual whose perception of the world is distorted and lacks an inner core uses any negative experience to turn himself into an unfortunate victim, so that others sympathize and help him in everything.

How to find inner core? It can be found and strengthened if you become more active, creative, active, create your life, creating your own views and principles. Moderate workload, development of independence, finding one’s own goal, nurturing independence in the face of obligations - all this contributes to the formation of an inner core.

The inner core of personality is a system of personal guidelines and principles, the logic of actions and thoughts. This is a person’s general idea of ​​everything, the ability to distinguish what is essential from what is unimportant. A woman who has an inner core does not judge others, does not criticize and recognizes any human manifestations. This woman creates her own reality, radiating love to everyone around her.

The inner core of a man represents his psychological resistance to various problems, the greatest difficulties.

What is the inner core?

Some people, who are the majority, look for support, hope and support among others. But there is a small part of people who try to find support from themselves, help themselves, advise, reassure, hope, rely on internal qualities and knowledge - they can be called those who have an inner core. What it is? The inner core is understood as the strength of the individual, which is free from the assessments and judgments of others, practical, conscious, relies only on itself and relies on its own judgments and ideas.

Thanks to the inner core, a person becomes strong in situations of failure or external pressure. The less a person is self-confident and relies on himself, the more he becomes susceptible to the influence of the world around him. Therefore, the inner core needs to be developed, which helps with activity, creativity, activity, and fearlessness. You need to learn to take responsibility and be proactive, while not being afraid of the consequences, even if some actions are wrong.

Surround yourself with people who allow you to be strong, confident, make your own decisions and do things without asking or permission. A healthy environment can be called one that consists of psychologically healthy people. And these people feel confident, strong, independent and responsible, giving other people the opportunity to be the same.

In modern society, you can see how people try to be strong and self-confident. This is done by humiliating and suppressing others. Notice how people criticize, mock, and try to manipulate each other. It is in these ways that they try to feel strong and confident, at least for a short time.

The fact is that very few people today feel confident, strong, capable of achieving and overcoming anything. They don't feel it in themselves. But when they go out into society, they want to appear to be something they are not. Therefore, they insult, humiliate, manipulate, command, give advice when they are not asked, etc. After all, if they manage to subjugate, “put someone down,” and win, then it is then that they will feel strong and confident, at least for a short time .

When it comes to responsibility and independence, many people run away from it. They are happy to put their lives on the shoulders of others, avoid responsibility for their own actions, and blame others for everything. This is their choice, for which they still pay by living in poverty, misery and subjugation.

But if you are tired of these games, when you try to be strong with some people by humiliating them, and with others you become weak because they manage to subjugate you, then try to rid yourself of the company of people who are not strong, self-confident, independent and responsible. There are few such people, but there are some who feel strong, confident, independent and responsible. And if you find at least one such person, then try to become his friend. This will reward you.

To become a strong and confident person, you need:

  1. Surround yourself with people who consider themselves strong and confident. We are not talking about those who, by humiliating, subjugating and manipulating others, assert themselves. These people do not consider themselves strong and confident. Here we are talking about those who respect other people, allow them to make their own decisions, always negotiate and offer without pretense. These people are confident and strong, and therefore do not pretend to assert themselves at your expense. As they say, such people live themselves and allow others to live.
  2. Cultivate these feelings within yourself. A person becomes strong and self-confident when he considers himself such. First, you must treat yourself as strong and confident. Secondly, you must consider yourself a strong and confident person. Third, your strength and confidence are demonstrated by your actions. There is nothing better than proving your strength and confidence by achieving your goals. You have some dreams, don't you? Thus, start realizing your desires. This will prove to yourself your strength and give you confidence.

There are very few people today who are actually strong and confident. The majority of people only try to appear as such through humiliation, subordination and manipulation of each other. But this does not prove their strength, but only confirms their weakness. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, then try to rid yourself of the company of weak people who are just trying to appear strong and confident. Surround yourself with people who make you feel strong and confident.

Moreover, in their company you feel how you become independent, decisive, and responsible. These people allow you to live, make mistakes, make decisions without asking their permission and be responsible for all this. Isn't this high society? This is perhaps the most perfect society, where each member becomes strong, confident, independent and responsible due to the fact that the people around him consider him as such, since they themselves are such.

The internal core is the presence of a system of values ​​and beliefs, views on the world, with which a person operates when making decisions and choosing actions. A woman with an inner core does not judge or criticize anyone, but is engaged in creating her own life. The inner core helps men to be strong in any difficult situation and solve all their problems.

Start small

The very first thing is to start working hard on yourself. Stop being lazy and waiting for a miracle. Nothing will happen by itself. No one will hand you success on a silver platter.

Understand that no one is responsible for your success except you. Don't be afraid to take responsibility for your actions. Stop putting it on other people. Many people say that nothing works out for them because of their parents, boss, or spouse. But that's not true. It doesn’t work out because you don’t want it yourself.

Realize that you have the power to influence any situation. Just start doing it. Your life depends only on you and your actions. If you want to change your relationship with your boss, don’t be afraid, change it.

Understand why this happened, what you did wrong, what circumstances accompanied the situation. Don't lose confidence in yourself. Mistakes should not get the best of you.

Work not on the external image, but on the internal one. Learn to be patient. Banish laziness. Find an activity that you will do every day for at least half an hour. Introduce new habits into your life and give up old ones. Yes. This is hard. This is not done in one go. But if you want to achieve success, you will have to work hard.

You may be able to find some interesting insights in Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Powerful tools for personal development."

This work by an American consultant in various fields can give you some interesting ideas that you can apply in your life.

A woman's inner core

A woman who has an inner core is guided by her own emotions, opinions, and views. She prefers to solve her problems herself, rely primarily on herself, and has her own opinion on any matter. She does not like to put things off until later; she prefers to make choices herself. At the same time, she has self-respect, and she also demands respect from others.

A woman with an inner core creates her own life. She becomes harmonious in her emotional manifestations, because she takes responsibility for what emotions overwhelm her. She remains firm and unwavering in her desires. To some extent, she has masculine courage in expressing her desires and striving to realize them.

Be responsible for the actions

The need to answer, first of all to friends, for failure to fulfill any promises made in a common company, forces the young man to tense up or even limit himself in some way. A habit is developed of not allowing words to differ from deeds.

Growing up and the emergence of a natural attraction to the opposite sex allows another beacon to appear, which is not always easy to get to. Some people have to resort to improving their own appearance. And only then the object of adoration becomes accessible. And the habit of forcing yourself not to lie down under the covers in the morning, but to run around the park, is also not easy.

A way to strengthen willpower is to adhere to an unusual or unloved way of eating. Diet helps a lot not only to make your body attractive, but also makes you think differently. But all this applies to a person who has not yet become ossified and, under the influence of surrounding people and circumstances, can develop a masculine core on his own.

The inner core of a man

It is very important for a man to have an inner core, since he must be an authority for himself, his wife and children. The inner core allows a man to be the master of his life and not allow either the world or other people to manipulate him, to make him their slave.

The internal core allows a man:

  1. Solve all life's problems and don't run away from them.
  2. Be responsible.
  3. Make wise decisions.
  4. Be independent (free) from the opinions of others.
  5. React calmly to any irritating factors, including criticism from people.

The inner core makes a man more attractive. Women are ready to follow men who have inner strength.


First of all, for this, a man must be capable of self-restraint. How to cultivate it in yourself? Unfortunately, an accomplished person is unlikely to be able to change anything without outside help. You'll have to turn to psychologists.

Very young children are able to educate themselves independently. Teenage relationships allow you to take examples from celebrities who have been able to achieve success in life and become role models. Advice on how to pump up the male core is expressed and written by peers from monitor screens; these problems are discussed in sports clubs and at friendly parties.

How to develop your inner core?

All people like representatives who have an inner core. Whether it is a man or a woman, but if a person has his own internal support, his own internal compass of good and evil, certainty and specific guidelines, then he is much more attractive than a person who is simply beautiful. A person with an inner core is strikingly different from those around him. He is calm, stable, knows what to say, what to do and what to wish for. He is unshakable and at the same time flexible. He is happy on his own because he has found his own path, which gives him joy and the fulfillment of his desires. Everyone wants to have their own inner core, but few can actually find it. Therefore, you should learn how to do this.

All work begins with getting rid of external influences on yourself and turning inside. Your inner core is inside, not outside. Therefore, you should first decide what you want most: to be yourself or to be a good person for other people? Do you want to be guided by your own desires and beliefs, or does your fear prevent you from contradicting your parents, friends, loved one and other people? You must choose only one side: either you are your own boss, or you are influenced by the people around you.

Once you have chosen the path of "being yourself", do not think that it will be easy because the people you previously obeyed will want to regain their dominance over you. They will begin to criticize you, be offended by you, find out something, be dissatisfied, if only you would return under their “wing” again and obediently listen to their advice. But once you decide to be yourself and decide for yourself what, where and how, then you will have to be persistent in your desires.

As for wishes, this will be the second point you have to go through. Very few people really understand what they want. This is surprising, because everyone has desires and some goals. But in fact, many of these goals are imposed on people by society, and desires are not clearly defined. For example, it is not enough to say “I want to be loved”; you also need to understand what love is, how it manifests itself and what exactly you want for yourself.

The second step on the path to gaining an inner core will be certainty about your own desires, fears, beliefs, stereotypes, goals, programs, etc. You must get to know yourself - the inner person. You should see a clear and vivid picture of any phenomenon. How afraid are you of the dark? How do you want to look externally? What does success mean to you? And other questions. You have to get to know yourself, because there's probably a lot you don't know.

After that, work on the following:

  • Your stability and internal state should not depend on external factors.
  • You don't have to be a good person for anyone. Your life is given to you so that you can be happy for yourself.
  • You don't need other people's permission or approval. You only need your inner permission.

Bring yourself to a state where these three rules work automatically. After all these steps you will feel confident. After all, this quality is key for the inner core to function. Go through all the stages, introduce the rules into yourself, and then you will no longer depend on the opinions or mood of others. The only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself.

Slaves to your habits

A person cannot work on his core for one simple reason - he depends on his habits. It is impossible to develop strength in yourself if you are constantly lazy and expect quick results. It is possible to find a core, but it requires effort.

The modern world dictates its own rules. Everyone is in a hurry, trying to do a lot, not paying attention to quality, they want to get everything at once. Let's take, for example, the credit system. Yes, of course, it has many advantages. But think about it - you receive the goods immediately, but pay for it for several years. And you're overpaying too. There is no patience at all in the modern world. People don't know how to endure and wait.

Working on yourself involves changing your habits. Working on laziness, proper distribution of priorities, changing your needs, etc. Many habits can be abandoned painlessly, the main thing is to understand why you are doing it.

How to ultimately develop your inner core?

You need to have an inner core so as not to be a victim of circumstances or a slave of the people around you. The following factors will help with this:

  1. Take responsibility for your life. Only you can influence yourself and your own life.
  2. Don't be afraid of the opinions of others. Moreover, stop paying attention to what other people think about you.
  3. Accept yourself entirely with all your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Be confident in yourself, which will help by knowing your own capabilities and accepting that you do not know and can do everything.
  5. Set a goal that you will achieve and stay on track no matter what happens. Constantly move towards your goal, no matter how difficult it may be.
  6. Make your own choice. Don't let other people influence what you choose.
  7. Set your own rules and live by them. There is no need to impose your rules on other people, let them live the way they want. At the same time, do not let them impose their rules on you.

Live in the real world, get to know it, get to know yourself and accept all your shortcomings. Understand that shortcomings are not bad. If you are weak in something, you can ask other people to replace you in this matter, and in return help them when you are stronger than them.

Lack of self-reliance: main signs

The inability to support yourself affects all areas of life - work, family, study. Before considering the manifestations of internal resilience, let us pay attention to the main signs that signal the absence of an internal core.

  • Conflicting desires. A person himself does not understand what he wants;
  • Addictions (alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, unhealthy emotional attachment);
  • A person is doing something he doesn't like. Work is not fun;
  • He strives to please others - even if this behavior harms himself;
  • A feeling of fear of authorities - officials, managers;
  • The desire to find an assistant, a kind of “Teacher” who would suggest the right path in life;
  • Striving to be perfect in everything.

It also needs to be emphasized that the lack of self-support skills is always accompanied by dissatisfaction with the current life situation. The main emotions are fear and anger, irritation and bitterness, melancholy and resentment.


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  • Start small

Hello, dear readers of my blog. Today’s article is devoted to the topic of how to develop a core within yourself. What is this notorious core and why is it needed, how to choose a more correct approach, how to get rid of bad habits that interfere with development and much more. After all, you can achieve success by following a few simple rules.


Already in the children's actions of boys one can discern the beginnings of a masculine core. Although at this age it is not always easy to be a man. A classmate and a classmate are walking home from school along the same path. The boy carries two briefcases every day - his and his neighbor's. But a misfortune happens: one of the boy’s hands ends up in a plaster cast. However, on the way home he again has two briefcases, but not in both hands, as always, but in one. The girl's attempt to carry her briefcase herself failed. So, the male core is clearly visible in the relationships between not yet fully formed personalities.

It doesn't matter if they separate later in life. Perhaps they will remain neighbors or link their lives into one

The main thing is that the boy’s masculine core once became an example for the girl in childhood. And in the future she will no longer be able to be near her partner without a rod. There is hope that she will be lucky on her first try. And perhaps she will have to choose for a long time, get burned, be disappointed, and be unhappy. Because not all men are capable of not only wearing trousers, but also having a masculine inner core. And we are not just talking about a metaphor denoting the structure of the psyche of a strong person. The conversation is about the fact that a person in the modern world, especially a man, has no right to be weak in extreme situations.

Question No. 1. What do I really want?

Without desires, aspirations, and goals, a person cannot move forward; a stupor begins: “What to do and how to be?” If you are lost in this world of new opportunities, you are tormented by mental doubts about what to do with yourself in order to achieve success, for example. You just need to decide for yourself and clearly answer the question posed: “What do I really, absolutely want, wish with all my soul and body?” The answer will not come to you easily and simply; to get it, you have to work hard, observe yourself and your thoughts, or use additional auxiliary methods.

The first effective way to find your desire and intention is unconscious drawing, which, with the help of associations, can be interpreted as the desire of your inner “I”. Take a comfortable position, on the sofa, at the table, on the floor. Take pencils or markers and a piece of paper (A4). Concentrate, close your eyes and mentally scroll through the question: “What do I want?” and, opening your eyes, begin to draw, turning off your consciousness for a while, succumb to the magical flow of thought. Let go of your hand, let it decide for itself what to depict on a piece of paper.

To unravel the image, concentrate on the shapes, the integrity of the picture, on the figures. Build cause-and-effect relationships to find out what contributed to this train of thought. The drawing will help you dig deeper and find out what your consciousness wants, find out your true desires and intentions. This kind of solving will help you determine the answer to the question posed.

Desires are directly related to fantasy and imagination. What is the nature of desire, how does the feeling arise when you want something, strive for something. A person tends to fantasize and imagine the value of such fantasies. Use the second method to find answers to your questions. Try this procedure, which is a little like meditation. Take a comfortable position, close your eyes and fantasize, internally asking yourself the same question: “What do I really want?” – the answer will come by itself if you let go of efforts and allow the images to stand in rows and complete pictures.

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