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Dedicated to humanity - to everyone who lived before us, lives now and will come after us; to all who participate in the constructive, creative work of improving the world so that when we die, we leave the Earth in a better state for future generations.

Translated from English by S. E. Borich

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(Use Your Mental Powers to Succeed in Every Aspect of Your Life)

by Jose Silva Jr. with Ed Bernd Jr.

© 2007 by Jose Silva Jr. and Ed Bernd Jr.

The method and its creator

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the method is the figure of its creator. Jose Silva was born in a small town in Texas in 1914. He was neither a scientist nor a psychologist and did not even have an education, having completed only three years of school (according to other sources, he never went to school and taught himself to read and write). Living in conditions of extreme poverty, little Jose began working from an early age, later becoming a radio mechanic and electrical appliance repairman.

Lack of education never became a barrier for Silva to learn and improve in what interested him. The inquisitive, self-taught explorer explored the possibilities of the mind and consciousness, becoming interested in psychology and hypnosis. In the 40s, he began to develop his own system, with which he wanted to help his children do better in school, increase their intelligence and develop superpowers. Continuing to improve the method, Silva began teaching it to acquaintances and friends, gradually scaling it up, in modern terms.

As a result, this technique grew into a whole system, which Silva presented to the general public in 1966. The fame and popularity of his method grew, and the founder himself attracted researchers and scientists to study the techniques and effects used, as well as search for evidence of its effectiveness. Initially, Silva's system was called Mind Control, and the final version at the time of the parapsychologist's death in 1999 was called The Silva UltraMind ESP System.

The method has gained immense popularity throughout the world and is still popular to this day. Silva's official website and organization offer a range of different training programs and products. According to their data, the miraculous technique has helped improve the lives of six million people in 110 countries.

Now let's get acquainted with what makes it so miraculous and what techniques are offered for controlling your own consciousness and reality.


I would like to thank, in order of assistance received, the following people: Dr. J.V. Khan

, Dr.
N. E. West, Dord Fitz
, Dr.
Jeffrey Chang
, Dr.
Richard McKenzie, Harry F. McKnight,
Frederick Bremner
, Dr.
George DeSoe
, Dr.
Clancy McKenzie
and co-author of this project Dr.
Robert B. Stone
for his wisdom, scholarship and great humanism. All of these people made significant contributions to making Mind Control the effective and successful program it is today.

Why is Silva's method interesting?

Fundamental to this approach to the development of personal potential is the use of meditative techniques and immersion in the level of the alpha rhythm of the brain. With it, the frequency of brain waves slows down to a range of 7-14 Hz. This happens when falling asleep, deep relaxation and meditation. The alpha rhythm is very different from the beta rhythm with its 15-21 Hz and higher. In the latter, we are in our normal waking state, when we concentrate our attention on something, engage cognitive functions and solve problems.

It is the transition to the alpha state that is the key to reducing and leveling resistance to change and reprogramming consciousness. Being in this relaxed meditative state allows you to use both hemispheres of the brain more effectively, opens the floodgates to intuition and inspiration, and erases limitations in the perception of time and space. Thus, large amounts of information and resources hidden in his consciousness and beyond become available to a person, and opportunities open up for him to perceive what was blocked by the conscious and rational mind.

Diving into the alpha level can also be called centering. Without it, there will be no special effect from the practices that we will introduce you to below.

Relaxation technique

One way you can achieve a relaxed, meditative state is with 3-2-1 or countdown. In its simplest form, the technique looks like this:

  1. Take a comfortable position, even out your breathing, close your eyes.
  2. Relax your body and continue to breathe deeply.
  3. As you relax, imagine the numbers 3 to 1 or 10 to 1 in front of you, saying each number three times to yourself. Accompany each number with relaxing affirmations for maximum effect, for example, “I am becoming more and more relaxed.”
  4. Feel your body and mind relax as you go deeper and deeper into yourself.

You can use the video version of this technique and use it not only as part of the Silva method for relaxing and calming the mind:

Having reached a relaxed alpha state, a person can begin to use the capabilities of his consciousness (mind) to solve his life problems, improve his health, or get rid of bad habits. All this is done in the same meditative state using visualization. This is often called active meditation (as opposed to passive meditation, during which a person frees his mind from thoughts).

Similar techniques by other authors

Similar techniques from other authors include:

  1. Methodology for diagnosing personality for motivation to success by T. Ehlers.
  2. Methodology for motivating success by A. Rean.

The basic principles of the Silva Method described above will help you achieve what you want. Become familiar with them and remember to follow them regularly using your favorite creative visualization technique. Together with the parapsychologist's technique, you can easily fulfill the desires of your heart!

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Problem solving technology

The Silva Method contains a simple technique that allows you to solve any problem in the best possible way. It uses visualization and living the desired outcome (resolved situation) as if in reality. To do this, you first need to enter the alpha state, and then follow these steps:

  1. Visualize on your inner screen what led to the problem, creating a clear visual image.
  2. Move it to the right.
  3. Transform the image, vividly and vividly imagining the desired situation, where the problem was resolved in the best way for you. The new image should also be vibrant, as should the sensations and feelings that you will experience as a result of it. Feel these emotions as if you were experiencing them live.

There is another practice for finding solutions to complex situations and issues, and it is even simpler and easier to perform.

Words of gratitude

We would like to thank senior editor Michael Pye for encouraging us to write this book. It was a great idea and we're happy he convinced us to take on the job.

We are also grateful to Publishing Director Kristen Parker for her insight into the topic and questions that helped us make this book even better.

We greatly appreciate Gina Talucci's patience and understanding during the editing and proofreading process, which resulted in the text truly expressing the ideas we wanted to convey to readers.

Special thanks go to Michael Fitzgibbon for providing the finishing touches that make the book highly readable.

"Glass" technique

This practice is suitable for situations when it is necessary to find an answer to some difficult question or new solutions. For this you only need a glass of clean, unboiled water and the intention to get an answer. The technique is performed before bed:

  1. When going to bed, take a glass of water prepared in advance and hold it with four fingers - the thumb and forefinger of both hands.
  2. Hold the glass at your solar plexus and make your intention. Clearly formulate your request, for example, “I want to find a solution to a conflict situation with colleague X” or “Now I am looking for the best solution to the question of what to do with the sale of an apartment.”
  3. Slowly and consciously drink half of the water in the glass, while mentally saying the phrase “This is all I need to do to solve this issue/this situation.”
  4. After that, go to bed, releasing the request into space.
  5. When you wake up, finish your water by repeating steps 1-3.

Do not doubt that the solution to your issue will come to you on its own. The subconscious will find the best option and attract it to you.

Three finger technique

The following practice has also become quite famous and used. It is known as the “Three Finger Technique” and can be used to calm oneself, reduce stress and return oneself to a calm state and deeper level of consciousness. It is based on the principle of anchoring - we anchor the alpha state to a gesture of three fingers folded together (on any hand).

The steps to perform the technique are extremely simple:

  1. Take a comfortable position, even out your breathing, close your eyes.
  2. Relax your body and continue to breathe deeply. Use the 3-2-1 method to achieve maximum relaxation and reach the alpha level.
  3. Once you have achieved complete relaxation and self-absorption, place your thumb, index and middle fingers together and mentally repeat three times: “Whenever I place these three fingers together, my mind functions at a deeper level of consciousness and I remain calm, cool and I am in complete control of myself."
  4. You can now use this gesture to quickly bring yourself into a calm, cool state when you need to use your mind in a constructive and creative way, or when you are struggling with stress or anxiety.

For those who prefer to perform meditative techniques in the format of guided meditation, we suggest using a video describing the three-finger technique:

Extrasensory perception (ESP)

And perhaps the most interesting thing that can be done using the Silva method is to develop and use extrasensory perception and superpowers. The approach promises that anyone is able to learn to perceive objects with their senses without direct contact with them, receiving information hidden from ordinary perception. This is a rather controversial point and a reason for criticism of Silva’s system, which is often accused of quackery and pseudoscience. But, be that as it may, this topic deserves attention.

The “technology” itself for revealing and developing extrasensory perception is simple: you just need to enter the alpha state, allow your consciousness to move to the object of interest and explore it with the help of your senses. First you need to learn how to enter various metals, plants or objects in this way, for example, a wall, a tree, a car.

The next stage will be the entry of your consciousness into living beings. So, by immersing yourself in the body of a pet, you can not only see, hear or feel its inner world, but also diagnose your pet for any health problems. Having seen or felt that there is something dark or alien in some organ or part of the body, you can eliminate the problem in any convenient way - by cleaning, washing, flooding with light, etc.

Having trained in recognizing illnesses and healing them in this way, you can move on to working with people. In the literal sense of the word, because casework (working with cases) according to the Silva method implies the ability to diagnose people at a distance and provide them with extrasensory assistance. To support and assist in such healing, practitioners of the method attract so-called advisers. These are figures of people, or rather creatures, who will prompt and provide support in this important matter. And, of course, with the help of ESP, a person learns to help himself, heal and restore his own health.

These are just some of the aspects of the Silva method that we were able to highlight in this article. In fact, the arsenal of techniques offered by the method is much wider, as are the opportunities it opens up. If you want to master this system, it would be best to undergo training in the method from certified teachers (you can find them and the programs on the official website of Silva’s organization) or at least read the books of the creator of the method. Jose Silva's most famous book (co-authored with Robert Stone) is called You The Healer.

Real stories

My clients who have mastered the techniques of entering the alpha level often send me their success stories. Sometimes they are so amazing that it is hard to believe in them. But all this is true, and you can check it for yourself. In the meantime, I will share with you some interesting stories (names have been changed).

Igor, 28 years old, Nizhny Novgorod:

“Cooking has been my passion since my early youth. I got up early for the first time at the stove, helping my grandmother. She taught me the basics of cooking homemade dishes. After school, I decided to make cooking my profession and in my mind I saw myself as a chef at a prestigious restaurant. But in reality everything turned out differently...

I went to culinary school and was one of the best students there. I carefully studied the recipes and tried to do everything as accurately as possible. But to my great surprise, I often lost culinary competitions to less successful students.

Upset by the failure, I worked more diligently, did everything even more carefully and thoroughly. But this led to nothing. There was even a moment when I gave up, and I almost decided that I could not become an ace in haute cuisine. But then I came across information about the Jose Silva method.

After several weeks of practice, I realized that I lacked creativity. That cooking, especially high-level cooking, is an art, and not an exact adherence to recipes. I won the first next competition. And it seems to me that it was precisely because I prepared my dish while immersed in the alpha state. Today my dream has come true - I am wearing the chef’s jacket of one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city. But now this is not the limit of my dreams!”

Irina, 42 years old, Ekaterinburg:

“I never had problems at school with my eldest son. With my daughter at home too. But during class, something indescribable began to happen to her. She categorically refused to answer at the board. And later, even from the seat, I couldn’t tell the teacher what she had quite calmly retold to me at home.

We visited the school psychologist. She did not reveal any abnormalities in the girl’s mental development or problems in relationships with teachers and classmates. Perhaps a slight tendency toward perfectionism. But could this really be the cause of such a serious problem?

After the alpha level training, my daughter began to feel as calm and relaxed at school as she did at home. The “brain stupor” is completely gone. Now she not only freely presented her lessons, but was also able to find non-standard solutions to school problems.”


So, we introduced you to the Silva method. This is a system for controlling the mind and using the greater capabilities of your consciousness. Its effectiveness is based on a special meditative state in which the brain works in alpha rhythm. In this mode, it becomes possible not only to remove internal resistance, but also to successfully reprogram your consciousness, as well as reveal intuition and creativity.

In addition, with the help of meditative techniques, a wide range of possibilities opens up - from self-healing to increasing your IQ, from getting rid of bad habits to attracting good luck into your life. And the most interesting thing is that Silva's method promises that with its help anyone can master extrasensory perception and heal other people.

As they say, it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. You can check how effective the Silva method is only by mastering it, if you are undoubtedly interested. And you can help yourself learn faster, more efficiently and more interestingly by completing our “Self-education: the best techniques” program. Here you will learn to discipline yourself, better assimilate and use new knowledge in life.

We wish you success!

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Basic rules of happiness

Silva Mind Control identifies ways to experience joy and happiness in life. The rules are simple and effective, let’s take a closer look:

  1. Learn to enjoy life and the things you like. Everything is clear, but not everyone can reveal their interests, feel the joy and pleasure of life, communicating with loved ones, playing sports, music, love. And it is important to feel every moment of life.
  2. Avoid unpleasant things and people. The rule presupposes a feeling of inner freedom - we can change a job we don’t like, find a calling, stop communicating with unpleasant people, if we don’t look for excuses, but concentrate on finding a solution and improving the situation. It's more complicated, but much more effective.
  3. Change what cannot be eliminated from life. It is always difficult for a person to change something - lifestyle, relationships, learn new things, it is easier to go with the flow. But the result will be zero or negative. Only a conscious, responsible attitude towards life will allow you to breathe deeply, create your own world and build a life.
  4. Accept what cannot be excluded or changed. This is more difficult - having relatives with speech impediments or parents with character traits - you have to put up with it, a person is created this way, and you need to be able to adapt, accept it with all its pros and cons.
  5. Accept what you cannot rule out by changing your perspective on the issue. It's not easy, but it's possible. All situations in the world are neutral, only people paint them in positive, bright colors or dark, depressive ones. It’s worth looking for the positive side in everything, continuing to live and finding incentives. Even if you lose your finances, set new goals and strive for more. It all depends on attitude and mindset; you can change any situation by changing your point of view.

A person cannot be in a state of happiness all the time - there are ups and downs in mood, but following these rules will allow you to feel joy more often and be less upset. After all, we can influence life actively (by changing actions, work, hobbies) or passively (by changing our attitude towards life events).

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