How to enter the depths of the subconscious, fulfill any desire and travel through parallel worlds?

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Good day, dear friends and visitors of the blog “Space of Inner Strength”! Today we will learn to enter an altered state of consciousness, or alpha state, and we will learn how to do this in 10 seconds. My record for entering the alpha state is 7 seconds, and into a deep state (2-3 seconds for relaxation, the same amount for entering a regular alpha and then a couple of seconds into a deep state of altered consciousness).

Then we will move on to practicing the theta state, although it is possible that you will fall into this state already in the first technique.

The alpha state of the brain allows you to quickly relax the body, enter into deep meditation, receive answers from the subconscious, and effectively reprogram destructive programs. In this state, it is recommended to work with visualizations, affirmations and other techniques.

To begin with, you just need to learn how to enter an altered state of consciousness, and then reduce this time to a minimum (10-15 seconds or less). I entered this state in 7 seconds when I was in a calm state.

I’ll tell you briefly about brain frequencies for those who don’t know what we’re talking about. Brain frequency is waves with a frequency of approximately 0.5 to 40 cycles per second, or 1.5 to 40 Hz. This frequency determines what state we are in: awake, drowsy or deep sleep.

The lower the frequency or less, the closer the person’s state becomes to sleep. The higher the frequency, the faster and more active our brain works.

Don't confuse brain frequency with human frequency. These are completely different systems.

Conventionally, brain frequencies were divided into 5 parts. The brain emits gamma, betta, alpha, theta and delta waves. Now let's take a closer look at each wave.

Gamma waves are the fastest. Their frequency is 30-45 Hz. These waves are generated by the brain in both hemispheres. Consciousness at this frequency works at its maximum. It is believed that these waves begin to be produced when a person needs to simultaneously work with different types of information and at the same time connect them with each other as quickly as possible. As gamma waves decrease, the ability to remember begins to decrease.

Betta waves are generated by the left hemisphere of the human brain. Their frequency is from 14 to 30 Hz. They are responsible for logical thinking, concentration, and decision making. Betta waves provide the opportunity to be active in society. They speed up brain function and enhance information processing and absorption. They also enhance the overall energy of the body, excite the nervous system, eliminate drowsiness and sharpen the senses.

Alpha waves. It is with them that we will work today. When you begin to relax with your eyes closed and various images begin to appear in your mind, your imagination begins to work actively and alpha waves appear. Their frequency is from 7 to 14 Hz. Alpha waves are generated by the right hemisphere of the brain.

When an adult is in a relaxed and comfortable state and at the same time retains conscious activity, a sufficient number of alpha waves are produced. Essentially, this is the state before falling asleep.

At this frequency, a person can effectively cope with the tasks assigned to him. Alpha waves greatly enhance the ability to perceive a large amount of information, develop abstract thinking, and help self-control. This frequency is also good for relieving stress, nervous tension and anxiety.

Alpha waves help connect the conscious mind with the subconscious mind (or soul). At this frequency, so-called joy hormones are produced, which help reduce pain and are responsible for a positive outlook on life, happiness, joy and relaxation.

Theta waves bring the body into a state of deep relaxation. This is a state of sleep where dreams can occur. Their frequency is from 4 to 7 Hz. If you master conscious entry into this frequency and conscious stay there, solving many issues will be much easier. I have not yet mastered this state. For now, alpha is enough for me.

In the theta rhythm after heavy exercise, the body can quickly recover. At this frequency, a feeling of bliss and peace appears. Theta waves are generated by the right hemisphere of the brain. They are the boundary between consciousness and subconscious.

Theta waves promote the manifestation of paranormal abilities. They enhance emotions and feelings, and also allow you to program and reprogram the subconscious, and get rid of negative and limiting thinking. For people involved in self-development, mastering this frequency can be of great benefit.

Delta waves. This rhythm begins to work during deep sleep. In the delta state, the body undergoes intensive self-healing and self-healing processes. Delta waves are generated by the right hemisphere of the brain. Their frequency is from 0.5 to 4 Hz.

An altered state of consciousness (ASC) begins with the alpha frequency and at the border of alpha and theta waves.

It is at these frequencies that it is good to reprogram the body. It would be ideal to work at theta frequencies, but this is actually sleep and requires long-term training.

Now we will learn to enter a deep alpha state without a computer and special music. In this state, you can recover in literally 10-15 minutes, find solutions to problems, get answers to troubling questions that you cannot get answers to in a normal state, reconfigure your entire body, reprogram internal programs and beliefs, and tune in to events.

The subconscious is a giant repository of information!

Think of the subconscious as a repository for everything that is not currently in your conscious mind.
The subconscious mind stores all your past life experiences, your beliefs, your memories, your skills, all the situations you have been through and all the images you have ever seen.

The best way to understand the subconscious is to look at a person who wants to learn to drive a car. At first, he could not talk to anyone while driving as he would concentrate on the various movements involved. This is because he is still using his conscious mind to drive.

To make it easier to read the article or to find the materials you need faster, you can use the table of contents below:

  • The subconscious can do anything!
  • The subconscious is a giant repository of information!
  • Your personal autopilot!
  • How can you program your subconscious mind?
  • Rules of the subconscious Ego defense mechanisms
  • Subconscious and memory of someone
  • Sharing Your Consciousness and Subconsciousness
  • Subconscious Emotions
      The subconscious does not understand logic
  • The subconscious mind stores beliefs
  • Rules of the subconscious
      The Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • Consciousness versus subconsciousness
      What is the conscious mind?
  • What is the subconscious?
      How do subliminal messages work?
  • How to use the conscious and subconscious mind together?
  • The power of the subconscious and human capabilities

    The subconscious has enormous power and influence on life. Those who do not know how to manage it will face serious problems. This is because actions and thoughts depend on the subconscious.

    The attitudes and programs of the subconscious are influenced by several factors:

    1. Upbringing. This refers to the knowledge laid down not only by parents, but also by kindergarten teachers and teachers. Words become firmly embedded in a child's brain. In the future, it will be difficult for him to cope with the complexes and fears instilled in childhood. A qualified psychologist can help.
    2. Mass media. Hundreds of images flash on TV screens, in printed publications and glossy magazines every day. They act on the subconscious unnoticed and very subtly. It is not for nothing that the media is considered an excellent way to quietly control large numbers of people, forcing them to do what is needed. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully filter media data. This will help you look at yourself and what is happening around you differently.
    3. Relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. These people also influence the subconscious. A good example is bad company during adolescence. First, a person starts smoking and drinking alcohol just to get into it. However, later it seems to him that he wants to behave this way himself.
    4. Acquired skills and habits. Actions repeated several times over a certain period of time and in the same situations become habitual and program the subconscious. A person performs them “automatically”. An example would be ice skating or skiing. First, the coach tells the beginner how to properly place his feet, brake or accelerate. Afterwards, practical classes begin. After several training sessions, a person masters the program and performs the movements automatically, without outside prompting. The brain is not involved here, everything happens on an unconscious level.
    5. Manipulation. Some people know how to control the subconscious of others. They successfully use these techniques. One of them is provocations, inducing emotions.

    Your personal autopilot!

    A few weeks later, driving becomes a natural habit that happens automatically without thinking about it. This person may even start using their cell phone or talking to their friends while driving.

    This happened because the driving habit was transferred to his subconscious and his consciousness became free. This allowed him to use it to talk on his cell phone.

    The subconscious mind is responsible for the automatically triggered feelings and emotions that you suddenly experience when faced with a new situation. If you are about to give a presentation, then all your fears and anxious feelings are actually triggered and controlled by your subconscious mind.

    On the other hand, the conscious mind is responsible for logic, calculations and all the actions that are performed while you are conscious. The subconscious mind also controls other functions in your body, such as breathing and heartbeat.

    Another good example that can help you better understand the subconscious mind is the process of breathing. Before you started reading the previous line, your breathing was controlled by your subconscious mind.

    I want you to now try to control your breathing for one minute. Of course you can do this. This time your conscious mind was in control, but when you let go of focusing on the breath, your subconscious mind will take control again.

    Engage in positive self-talk

    Like affirmations, self-talk is very important to us. According to a book written by Shad Helmstetter entitled What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, we spend more time talking to ourselves than to any other person every day. What we tell ourselves determines our moods, decisions and attitudes, and, yes, we are very likely to believe what we tell ourselves.

    By taking control of your self-talk, you can begin to live the life you want. Your subconscious mind may believe this self-talk and begin to manifest what you tell it. So, immediately following your affirmations, spend some time each day talking positively about what you want in your life, repeating it every day.

    How can you program your subconscious mind?

    When driving information is stored in your subconscious mind, it is stored as a program. Think of your mind as a computer and your driving information as software that can run automatically when needed.

    The same goes for many other activities and emotions. If someone annoys you, the established anger program will be launched (about anger in children:), and the result will be behavior that you may regret later.

    By programming your subconscious with new programs, you can correct many problems in your personality. Just make sure that your autopilot is capable of running your system without ruining your life or causing you any problems.

    Programming your subconscious mind can be done through hypnosis. The subconscious learns by repetition, not by logic. This is why you can convince someone to believe something by repeating your arguments over and over again rather than using logic. For more information on this topic, you can read the Neuro-Linguistic Programming section

    Solving Problems Using the Alpha Brain State

    In this trance state, you can tune in to solve the necessary problems and simply observe thoughts and images.
    Once you learn to enter a deep alpha state, you can master problem solving through this technique. Before practice, tune in to solving the desired problem, otherwise you may not remember this in the alpha itself and immerse yourself in the alpha. If you have found a solution to the problem, immediately get out of this state, otherwise you may not remember later. With the help of an assistant, you can do great things, including writing books. To solve simple one-answer solutions, just enter alpha and observe what is happening there. We received an answer and left alpha.

    If you need to receive a large amount of information, it is difficult to remember it. In this case, an assistant would be an ideal option. You received a piece of information in alpha, spoke it out loud and immediately entered alpha again. The assistant wrote down the information.

    A new piece of information arrived, was spoken out loud again, the assistant wrote it down again, etc. Thus, you will practically not leave this trance state and dictate information to the assistant. Of course, you can also use a voice recorder for this.

    It is very easy to get out of the alpha state. A little effort of will and you are already in betta. When leaving alpha, try to endure this wonderful state that you will have.

    Thus, you will become stronger and happier, stress and problems will affect you less and less, you will become a more confident person. I prepared some fragments of texts on this blog using the alpha state.

    Most people get into the first shallow alpha the first time. As I already wrote in the article about neural connections, it takes 21 days to create new skills. I recommend that you start practicing entering an altered state of consciousness for 21 days. Ideally, this should be done 3 times a day for 3 weeks.

    When I started learning to enter a deep alpha state, I practiced 3 times a day and the day came when I entered deep alpha. I immediately felt this and, out of curiosity, looked at the calendar of my classes. And what do you think? It was 21 days of classes. This may be a coincidence, but it seems somewhat natural.

    It is very pleasant to do this practice before bed. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to enter this state 3 times a day. If you want to learn a new ability, look for conditions for practicing. Do this practice at least once a day, but daily. Once you have established this skill, daily practice will no longer be necessary. In order to enter an altered state of consciousness in 10 seconds, it took me about 2 months of daily practice.

    Rules of the subconscious

    To make the best use of the power of your subconscious mind, you must first learn how the subconscious mind works. The subconscious is governed by many rules.

    Learning these rules will allow you to make the most of your subconscious mind with the least amount of effort. At the bottom of the article is a link that contains all the information you need to know about the rules of the subconscious mind.

    Ego Defense Mechanisms

    Just as your body has protection from physical wounds and injuries, your subconscious mind has protection from emotional turmoil and wounds.

    These are the so-called ego defense mechanisms or unconscious defense mechanisms. The main function of ego defense mechanisms is to protect your well-being (article on the psychology of wealth:) and help you overcome emotional turmoil.

    Subconscious and memory of someone

    The main reason why people remain broken after a breakup is because they have false beliefs about the relationship stored in their subconscious.

    Once someone gets rid of these beliefs, they will realize that one day they will be able to find another person to replace the one who left them, and then recovery will occur.

    Sharing Your Consciousness and Subconsciousness

    The conscious and subconscious minds can make a great team if you use them together. The first one can process some tasks, then assign them to the second one, and the second one can send feedback and messages about the task in the form of emotions to the first one.

    Emotions are nothing more than messages sent by your subconscious mind to notify you of something.

    By learning to make the best use of the cooperation between your conscious and subconscious mind, you will improve your life skills!

    Subconscious Emotions

    So what exactly does the subconscious mind do?

    Your subconscious mind is responsible for many of the emotions you experience. The feelings of anxiety you may experience before a presentation and feelings of inferiority that make you feel less worthy than others, in addition to other emotions, originate from the subconscious.

    The subconscious mind is also responsible for involuntary actions such as reflexive actions, fight or flight responses, and even the movement of arm muscles during writing.

    This is why your handwriting can reveal some of your personality traits and hidden emotions. Your subconscious mind is awake 24/7, unlike your conscious mind, and therefore dreams can reflect repressed emotions. During sleep, the conscious mind is inactive, but the subconscious remains active.

    The subconscious does not understand logic

    Trying to penetrate your subconscious with logic may not work. For example, when you experience emotions such as anxiety before giving a speech, you will not be able to logically convince yourself that there is no need to be afraid.

    You will find that your heart is beating without being able to stop it.

    When dealing with the emotions that the subconscious mind brings up, the best way is to dig deep until you find the root cause of the problem, rather than just focusing on the obvious factors.

    If you, for example, suffer from feelings of inferiority, then never try to convince yourself with logic that you should not feel inferior, but instead explore your childhood until you discover the root cause of these feelings.

    Once you deal with inferiority, it becomes an easy task.

    The subconscious mind stores beliefs

    We humans know more than we can understand. The subconscious mind stores everything you encounter.

    Your subconscious mind also stores your beliefs. The best way to change a person's behavior or help them gain self-confidence is to change the way they think about themselves.

    To change such beliefs, you need to understand how the subconscious mind works and how it can be programmed.

    Rules of the subconscious

    The Power of the Subconscious Mind

    Your subconscious is much stronger than your conscious mind. By learning to train and use your subconscious mind, you can control your behavior, break bad habits, rid yourself of unwanted emotions, and correct your belief system.

    To harness the power of your subconscious mind, you must first learn how the subconscious mind works. The subconscious has many rules that govern it. Below is an explanation of each of these rules:

    The subconscious mind does not differentiate between visualizations and real situations. Have you been to a horror movie lately? If so, you must have noticed how your pulse quickened in fear and terror, despite not facing any real danger. Simply put, because your subconscious mind does not differentiate between real and figurative situations, it assumed that you were facing a real threat, not a figurative one. Let's say you had to give a presentation. If you have visualized your presentation correctly a couple of times before you actually give it, then your subconscious mind will believe that you have done so well in your previous "presentations" and as a result you can succeed in the actual presentation.

    Your subconscious mind feels like time is passing faster: Have you ever wondered why time always seems to fly by when you're doing something interesting? That's because you're not looking at the clock every few minutes. Something you would probably do if you were bored. Since there is no acute sense of time in the subconscious mind, you will feel that you have barely spent time on joyful activities. The same thing happens when you fall asleep. When you go to sleep, your conscious mind becomes inactive and your subconscious mind is awake. This is why time passes quickly while you are unconscious.

    The longer the subconscious mind believes something, the more difficult it will be to change that belief in any way: if you have a long-standing belief, it will definitely be more difficult to change than a recently formed one.

    Every thought causes a physical reaction: if you thought you were going to do poorly in a presentation, your heart rate and breathing rate will start to increase as soon as you start speaking. These physical changes are caused by this one thing; belief or thought.

    What you expect will usually be realized: if you are not confident that you will pass the exam, you will indeed fail, even if you have what it takes to succeed. Your thoughts and expectations serve as a master plan for your subconscious mind. Therefore, when you think about something, your subconscious mind will do everything possible to make it happen.

    Seeking evidence for your beliefs strengthens them: if you believe that you didn't look good and someone makes a remark that confirms your suspicion, you're likely to believe even more that you don't look good.

    The subconscious always prevails in conflicts with the conscious: if you are afraid of the dark and find yourself in a dark room, you will definitely experience fear and anxiety, even if you tried to consciously convince yourself that there is nothing you can do to be afraid. This happens because the subconscious is stronger than the conscious.

    Once an idea is accepted, it will remain valid until it is replaced by another: for example, until the fifteenth century, people believed that the earth was flat. When it was proven that the Earth was round, the people of that time simply accepted this new fact, replacing the old belief with a new one.

    The more conscious effort, the less the subconscious reaction. This is best explained using the example of a person suffering from insomnia (inability to sleep properly). Consciously trying to fall asleep will only make that person even more alert. By avoiding conscious effort and thinking about something else, it will be easier for him to fall asleep.

    Suggestions can be used to “program” the subconscious: this is the basic idea of ​​hypnosis. Namely, sending proposals to the subconscious. The subconscious mind accepts all suggestions that are sent to it, provided that there is no control of the conscious mind. For more information on this, be sure to check out the hypnosis section.

    Entering Theta

    Very often, when entering alpha, a person falls into the theta state. With experience comes control of these states, but if the previous exercise is not enough for you, continue with this addition:

    While in alpha, bring your attention to the tip of your chin and keep it there. This will move you to the theta frequency. At first this may take 5-10 minutes, but over time this time can be reduced to a few seconds. Instead of the chin, attention can be transferred to the third eye area.

    Also a very good way to get into theta is to practice on awakening. Once you are awake, but not yet fully conscious and open your eyes, you are in the theta state. To remember this in the morning, you need to create the intention to remember it before falling asleep. When falling asleep, it is a very convenient moment to pass through this state and maintain it.

    In order to make it much easier to enter an altered state of consciousness, you need to learn to feel your energy, your energy centers, and be able to manage your emotions. If you want to master these abilities, download the book “ The Reference State of the Chakras ” and you will discover a new interesting world within yourself.

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    Consciousness versus subconsciousness

    What is the conscious mind?

    The conscious mind is the part of your mind that is responsible for logic and reasoning. If I ask you for the sum of one plus one, then your consciousness will be used for this addition.

    The conscious mind also controls all the actions that you take with intention while being conscious. For example, when you decide to perform any voluntary action, such as moving an arm or a leg, it is done by the conscious mind.

    So when you are aware of what you are doing, you can be sure that you are doing it with your consciousness. If you currently have a cup of coffee next to you and you decide to take a sip, then this entire process will be carried out by your conscious mind because you were 100% conscious while doing so.

    It is also known that the conscious mind is the guardian of the mind. If someone tried to present you with a belief that does not match your belief system, then your mind will filter out that belief. The same thing will happen when someone criticizes you or calls you names.

    If, for example, someone told you that you are “stupid,” your mind will filter out this statement and allow you to understand that you are not, in fact, stupid.

    What is the subconscious?

    The subconscious is the part of your mind responsible for all your involuntary actions. Your breathing rate and heartbeat are controlled by your subconscious mind.

    If you have begun to control your breathing by intention, then know that your conscious mind has taken charge, and if you have been breathing without being aware of the breathing process, then know that your subconscious mind is in charge at the moment. You still breathe non-stop.

    Your emotions are also controlled by your subconscious mind. This is why you may sometimes feel afraid, anxious, or depressed without wanting to feel that way.

    Your subconscious mind is also where your beliefs and memories are stored. This is why affirmations have no meaning and can never improve your beliefs. Statements are made on a conscious level and are always filtered by the subconscious because they usually don't match your belief system.

    The correct way to change a limiting belief is to logically convince the conscious mind to accept it so that it can go into the subconscious and remain there. (see How to Change Ultimate Beliefs)

    How do subliminal messages work?

    Subliminal messages are messages that are hidden in the background and are designed to program people's minds.

    These messages are sent directly to the subconscious without being noticed by the conscious mind.

    In other words, the conscious mind, which normally filters information that does not fit a person's belief system, allows these suggestions to reach the subconscious mind without filtering them. Subliminal messages are usually displayed and deleted very quickly and therefore the conscious mind does not notice them and the subconscious mind absorbs them.

    How have subliminal messages been used to hypnotize people?

    Some advertisements and videos contained messages that were displayed on the screen and then removed in less than 1 millisecond. These messages were used to influence the viewer to either buy a product or act in a certain way.

    Here's a real-life example of using subliminal messages to entice viewers to do something: A company that sells carbonated drinks included certain offers in an advertisement and it was found that sales increased.

    This method was discovered by authorities when the video was played in slow motion and advertising was banned.

    Because the subconscious mind can be programmed by repetition rather than by logic (see “Subconscious Mind” in the table of contents), you can use subliminal messages to program your own mind and even introduce new beliefs into your belief system.

    There are many “subliminal messaging” programs available for download on the Internet. The software usually displays the messages you want on your computer screen at a specified interval (usually a very small interval so that the conscious mind does not notice it).

    Some programs come with predefined lists that can be used for different purposes. For example, one software I saw had a predefined list for boosting self-confidence and another for boosting motivation.

    What is more effective than subliminal messages?

    There is something much more effective than subliminal messages that you can do to increase your motivation and gain more confidence.

    This is serious stuff! There are two ways to convince the mind to believe in something: the first is through sentences and the second is through actions.

    When your subconscious mind sees you doing certain things, it will begin to change its ideas about you, and as a result, your mind will become programmed.

    In fact, the second method has proven to be much more convincing to the mind than using sentences that can be questioned by your mind.

    How to get into the mind of another person. Invasion of the mind

    Our subconscious mind has the ability to influence not only our minds, but also other people. Learn how to suggest thoughts to other people through the subconscious. Methodology of power!

    Secret mechanisms of the unconscious!

    It is known that people’s lives are controlled by the conscious and unconscious¹. In the conscious, a person is able to control processes by himself consciously, according to his own will. Due to the nature of the psyche, the conscious occupies a small percentage. For the most part, processes in the human body and mind are controlled by the subconscious, part of the unconscious.

    It often happens that people act unconsciously, are led by their thoughts, and do not know how to control either emotions or thoughts. A person simply acts in a certain way without thinking about why he does it!

    Having studied and mastered the technique in this article, you will be able to connect to the subconscious of the people around you, read information, inspire thoughts and control the subconscious of other people. This will unlock enormous power and authority!

    In order to master the art of penetrating a person’s subconscious, you need to learn the tuning method and develop the ability to increase.

    Attention training

    1. The practitioner takes a blank sheet of paper with a dot in the middle.

    • The sheet must be placed at arm's length; you can attach it to the wall.
    • The point should be the size of the pupil and located slightly above the level of your eyes.

    2. A person sits down opposite the object of concentration and begins to carefully look at the point. He monitors his thoughts: he connects all thoughts with a point, thinks only about it. After some time, the practitioner will notice that thoughts will disappear and only pure contemplation will remain.

    With this exercise, you will gain a high degree of concentration and a power of gaze that no one around you can resist.

    Practice daily, starting with one minute, each day increasing the time of contemplation by one minute.

    When your gaze becomes steady and your concentration stable, you can move on to the second part of the exercise.

    3. The person contemplates the point intently. Concentrating, he imagines a red dot, which is located behind the real image of a black dot. Having imagined it, the practitioner moves his attention as if beyond the real point.

    He continues to imagine her, imagine her in red. In this way, a person learns to maintain constant attention on an imaginary object. When he can hold attention for 10 minutes, you can move on to the method of psychological adjustment to a person and directly to working with the subconscious.

    Human subconscious: connection technique!

    Adjustment to the individual is carried out by simply copying the posture, gaze, breathing and rate of speech of the person of interest in the process of communicating with him. This should be done discreetly: try to imitate the general posture and micro-movements of the eyes and facial expressions.

    In this way, you adapt to the unconscious of a given person, come into closer contact with his subconscious and biofield. Your communication becomes more trusting and productive.

    After adjustment, you can begin the technique of connecting to the individual’s subconscious.

    1. The practitioner focuses all his attention on the personality of the object, without being distracted by anything extraneous. When communicating or observing it, the practitioner looks at it in the same way as at a point during concentration.

    2. Gradually it penetrates deeper into the subconscious of the object. Gradually, the practitioner moves on to contemplating an imaginary red dot inside the head of the desired person.

    This is a very penetrating look: deep and through! In this way, he will pass through the outer shell of the body and move his attention inside the interlocutor. The practitioner connects to the database and can read information directly from his memory.

    3. In such deep internal contact, you can instill in the object any thought or desire, control his subconscious. This is done simply: while in this state, the practitioner mentally pronounces commands and mental images, which he implants into the person’s unconscious.

    When constructing verbal commands, you need to avoid the particle “not” and create positive statements.


    The responsibility for how you use this technique lies solely with you! You cannot instill negativity in a person; this is strictly punishable by higher powers.

    Be prepared to be watched by your curators from the subtle worlds.

    Karma², or the law of cause and effect, works very clearly. Any negative impact will come back to you threefold.

    The same thing applies to positivity: it comes back to you in an increased size.

    Notes and feature articles for deeper understanding of the material

    ¹ The unconscious is a set of mental processes and phenomena that are not included in the sphere of consciousness of the subject (person), i.e. for which there is no control of consciousness (

    The line between the material world, explained by man by physical laws, and the spiritual world, often associated by people with mystical phenomena, is becoming thinner and thinner with each passing decade. Why do people who have experienced clinical death always develop new abilities and talents in painting, art, poetry, literature, and sometimes mystical superpowers? According to what physical laws do spiritualism sessions take place? Why does poltergeist occur?

    According to scientific research, real proven facts and medical statistics, having been beyond the threshold of death, some of the “resurrected” people suddenly acquire new superpowers compared to ordinary people. They suddenly manifest such extrasensory abilities as the gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, speed reading, hypnosis, the possibility of astral travel, teleportation, the gift of healing, the ability to telekinesis, telepathy and other skills beyond common sense.

    Not only esotericists, but also scientists have come to the conclusion that short-term clinical death can change a person and awaken the capabilities programmed in the genome. In the scientific field, pre-death processes are associated not with the wonders of the other world, but only with the properties of the brain during catharsis caused by oxygen starvation (cerebral hypoxia).

    At the moment of death, brain neurons actively release neurotransmitters, the excess of which causes accompanying auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations at the reversible stage of human dying. At the moment of return, the person’s consciousness undergoes changes under the influence of residual prohibitive amounts of dimethyltryptamine (the psychedelic DMT). Abnormal energy flows are formed in the brain.

    Doctors of medical sciences who conducted specialized studies of patients' near-death experiences came to the conclusion that in various cases of clinical death, when an energy flow is formed, the properties of consciousness appear outside the human brain. At such moments, people feel the separation of their consciousness from the physical body and an astral exit into oblivion.

    Ordinary people can also develop superpowers without a critical transition through clinical death. In the Soviet Union, there was an entire state program for the study of unusual human capabilities by the method of their practical activation and application in practice. The main theme of the program was the revelation of the phenomenal abilities of people. The project included the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Medical Sciences, the State Committee for Science and Technology headed by Academician N. D. Devyatkov, secret military industry organizations, Moscow State University, Physics and Technology, the Institute of Normal Physiology under the direction of Academician K. V. Sudakov, 1- th Leningrad Medical Institute with the laboratory of Doctor of Medical Sciences Bekhtereva N.P.

    Scientific research has shown that, first of all, any student using the methodology developed by this fundamental system easily develops creative abilities. The subjects began to write talented poetry, literary prose, created musical works, and showed abilities in painting. Their left and right hemispheres began to work equally intensively and in parallel, which activates subcortical processes. As a result, the subconscious of such people became more active, increasing human capabilities significantly.

    Thanks to special brain training using a special method developed for special services by the Soviet scientific system, each person can acquire superpowers, such as penetration into the consciousness of another person, various manipulations of him, hypnosis and even levitation.

    Today, some developments are partially used for peaceful purposes to improve people's health. For example, a fashionable procedure with a floating chamber is now being increasingly used, when, to relieve stress and get rid of depression, a person is immersed inside a chamber isolated from external noise and light in a dense salt solution at body temperature. According to the stories of people who have undergone this procedure, the descriptions of sensations completely coincide with the visions of those who have experienced clinical death.

    In the course of scientific experiments, scientists came to the conclusion that the human soul consists of material particles and even has its own weight of approximately twenty-one grams. Doctors of technical sciences today have already found an explanation for such a strange phenomenon of the other world as a poltergeist. Experts believe that the mysterious influence of the “guests” of the beyond world on earthly objects is associated with the souls of the dead, consisting of the smallest physical particles and has a quantum mechanical interpretation.

    Scientists claim that after a person’s death, his informational essence, the soul, is separated from the body. Doctors of technical sciences, having studied the relevant measurements made in scientific laboratories, are confident that the activity of the soul continues after death.

    Based on such studies, it turns out that the soul itself is material, which means it can influence surrounding objects and one can make contact with it. This is where the conscious concept of spiritualism arises - one of the ways of contacting the spirits of the deceased. During spiritualistic seances, the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead is erased. Shamans have the most ancient experience of communicating with the souls of dead animals and dead people.

    During such contacts, a person’s consciousness goes beyond the limits of the visible, perceptible sense organs of the earthly world into another transcendence of the other world, in which special people can draw streams of information.

    Science today is already able to study and substantiate many strange things that happen in nature, but there are still plenty of “blank spots” in the category of the obvious and the incredible.

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    Clairvoyance, “looking” into the past, “transfer of consciousness” and many others. Their peculiarity is that they all operate only with information “obtained” in the “other world” or transmitted with its help.

    Under telepathy

    usually understand “reading” someone else’s thoughts or “transferring” one’s own into the consciousness of another person without using ordinary ones.
    The term was introduced in the 80s of the 19th century by the English researcher of superphenomena Myers, but in the second half of the 20th century the press began to more readily use the phrase “extrasensory (extrasensory) perception

    of inducing hallucinations is closely related to telepathy.

    , in which thoughts, feelings, sensations, visual and visual images, etc., can be transmitted to the mind of another person. This super-phenomenon was widely used and continues to be used to this day by numerous shamans, magicians, fakirs and mediums. In shamanism, for example, it usually includes an element with edged weapons that has an exceptionally powerful effect on the people around them, when the shaman cuts or pierces his body or the bodies of spectators with sharp knives. A similar visual phenomenon is used by Muslim fakirs when demonstrating the so-called “rope or rope illusion.” Here the fakir, in front of a large number of spectators, dismembers the body of his assistant boy. Needless to say, in none of these cases is any actual damage to health caused, and not even traces of terrible wounds remain on the body of the “victims”. Such phenomena in various versions are demonstrated in all corners of the world and, one might argue, for thousands of years.

    Photography and filming of visual phenomena have never yielded a match between the resulting image and the one observed by numerous eyewitnesses. The photographic film turns out to be either overexposed, or there is an image of a fakir sitting in a concentrated pose. The boy is usually busy with some extraneous activity that has nothing to do with the performance.

    It is interesting that the area of ​​distribution of the “induced hallucination” is sometimes well defined in space. In this case, the viewer, coming a few steps closer to the fakir, “loses the image,” that is, does not see what he observed a few seconds ago. The same “loss of image” effect occurs when the viewer moves some distance away from the fakir.

    The picture of a visual hallucination can be formed for transmission to the audience not only in the mind of a shaman or fakir. There are cases when a colorful visual phenomenon was formed from real fragments of spectators, about which the fakir could not know.

    human invisibility” belongs to the same type of superphenomena

    " In this case, a phenomenon occurs that is in some sense the opposite of “induced hallucinations.” A person who masters the technique of initiating such an effect “telepathically suggests at a distance” to the people around him that they do not see him. And they really don't see him. Their consciousness “cuts out” the image of his figure from the subjective visual picture of the surrounding reality, filling and completing the “vacated space” with details of the real situation, against which this figure was previously located.

    Similar phenomena, even “invisibility”, not so colorful and large-scale, of course, can be caused by a well-known hypnotic effect on a person. True, when a person wakes up, he doesn’t remember anything about them. But in this case, a necessary condition is, as is known, close verbal contact between the hypnotized and the hypnotist. In the phenomena we have mentioned, there is no such contact. Anyone can find themselves in a state of “hallucion-induced nation” at any time. At the same time, he will never distinguish hallucinations from reality and will always remember them as real phenomena.

    In ancient times, Indian yogis defined all such influences on consciousness with the more general concept of “ transfer of consciousness.”

    " It was understood that a well-trained person could not only “impose” on another a hallucination of any sense organ or, but also “infiltrate” someone else’s consciousness and look, listen, touch, etc. the surrounding world with the help of other people's organs of perception.

    There is only one real
    transfer ”. This is the introduction of one’s own consciousness into a state close to a “special state of the psyche,” which we will talk about in more detail later.

    A sage was right when he once said: “If you don’t want others to control your consciousness, learn to control it yourself.”

    In addition, a person is able, literally, to look beyond the horizon, to see, hear or touch what is hidden from him by an impenetrable curtain, be it made of concrete or steel. This super-phenomenon is called clairvoyance

    Likewise, he can see, hear, or touch events or objects that occurred or existed in the recent past
    . And a person can accomplish all this only through interaction with the “other world,” drawing from there inexhaustible information about the physical world.


    Most psychiatrists and hypnotists agree that consciously influencing your subconscious

    a person cannot do this by force of will. But he can get in touch with him and establish a dialogue, which can help clarify previously unconscious irrational impulses. In this way you can get rid of many old psychological complexes and internal problems.

    Ways to get in touch with your subconscious mind

    m there are several.
    First of all, this is a direct dialogue with the subconscious
    using a pendulum or your own fingers, immersion in and automatic writing. Try them all one by one and choose the method that is easier for you to use and that gives results.

    First of all, try to establish a dialogue using monosyllabic words like “yes” or “no”. The easiest way to do this is to use a pendulum. In this case, the pendulum is just a small weight on a strong thread. Buy it at any occult goods store or make it yourself from. Choose a time when no one and nothing will disturb you for at least half an hour.

    Sit in a comfortable position at the table and rest your elbow on its surface. Pinch the pendulum string between your thumb and forefinger, then simply watch the weight. Decide for yourself which direction of movement of the pendulum will mean a “yes” answer for you and which will mean a “no” answer. You can swing the pendulum a little to feel its movement. Then stop all effort and try to relax. Then ask your subconscious a simple question that requires a clear yes or no answer. For example, ask if it agrees to talk with you. After some time, you will see that the pendulum has begun to move without your conscious effort. Once you have answered your first question, continue the conversation. Don't forget that the subconscious

    does not recognize the negative particle “not”. Your questions should be simple and unambiguous.

    Method of immersion in the subconscious

    with the help of trance, it resembles the traditional one accepted in many religions. It is best done in the evening before bed or during the least stressful period of the day. Find a calm, safe place where you know no one will disturb you. Turn off your phone and, if possible, remove all extraneous noise. Sit in a comfortable chair or soft chair. Lying down, plunging into a trance is not very advisable, since if consciousness control weakens, you will simply begin to fall asleep. Begin to observe your breathing, gradually slowing down your inhalations and exhalations. With this technique, you achieve inhibition of the nervous system and plunge into a relaxed state.

    Finding yourself on the verge of sleep and wakefulness, begin to imagine that you are plunging into the depths of your subconscious, going down the stairs or moving along a corridor that smoothly leads into the depths. Try to detachly observe the images and symbols that arise. Remember that the subconscious

    does not operate with verbal categories, that is, words familiar to us. You will receive yours in the form of various symbols or images. After coming out of meditation, try to write down your impressions in a diary, if possible without missing anything from what you saw. If you find it difficult to independently interpret the images you see, it may make sense to seek advice from a professional psychotherapist.


    is responsible for actions that you perform automatically, without thinking.
    It controls not only the instinct of self-preservation, but is also a repository of vital information. All your fears, complexes, values ​​and attitudes are embedded in the subconscious. To some extent, it controls a person’s
    , causing a certain range of feelings (guilt, fear, euphoria, etc.) and pushing towards specific behavior.
    If the subconscious has such power, then by learning to influence it, you can easily influence a person


    One of the most famous methods of influencing the subconscious is hypnosis. With the help of hypnosis, one is put into a doze or pseudo-sleep, which is why consciousness is inhibited, and a person can be suggested to do anything. A type of hypnosis is widely used. It helps a person get rid of addictions, fears, emotional and personal disorders, and sexual problems.

    Neuro-linguistic programming is also a way to influence the subconscious. You copy posture, facial expressions, gestures, speak at the same pace as him, keep the same time interval between pauses, speak only to things that interest the person

    Thus, you easily gain trust and become a friend. The influence on a person
    is carried out through several channels of perception. When he hears, sees, and feels the same thing, it is difficult for him to resist such an onslaught of information.

    Subliminal methods are successful when influencing the subconscious. Many have heard about the 25th frame effect. Or in films where the hero uses a certain brand of phone. In this way, the viewer is forced to buy the same phone.

    Hypnotize a person

    It is possible in an alert state. This type of hypnosis is used by street scammers: gypsies, thieves, pickpockets. All their actions are aimed at making a person freeze, look at them with wide open, surprised eyes, a center of excitement will form in his brain, and gradually he will lose the ability to control his consciousness. With the help of a sudden appearance, unexpected words, sympathy, joining the state of the victim, scammers evoke unconscious sympathy for themselves. And they can do absolutely whatever they want with the victim.


    • how to influence people with facial expressions and gestures


    - this is the most mysterious and little-studied part of the human psyche. Even more mysterious are the possibilities that the subconscious has. All the world's leading civilizations have tried to solve this riddle and have achieved considerable success.

    You will need

    • - free time;
    • — a secluded room without extraneous noise;
    • - the desire to work on your subconscious.


    Select an area of ​​your life that needs improvement. This could be the state of your inner world, your behavior, position in society, etc. Remember that the main feature is that it does not distinguish false information from true information. If you repeat for a long time that 7 * 7 = 48, then after a certain period, when asked how much 7 * 7 is, you will mechanically answer 48 in amazement, and then you will remember the correct answer for a long time.


    plays a huge role in our life. A belief system rooted in the subconscious determines our entire life. One person easily solves his problems, gets out of any problem, because his subconscious is tuned to this. Another has difficulty coping with even basic tasks. He is no worse, has the same high potential, but his subconscious mind fails. If you use the subconscious correctly, you can achieve dizzying success.

    But how can you “program” your subconscious for success? It will not be possible to look into it and remove negative attitudes, like a broken part from a car. Old harmful beliefs can be replaced with new positive affirmations. This is a long-term and gradual process that requires diligence on your part.

    Having decided on the area of ​​life activity that you want to transform, begin to formulate your attitudes. The installation should be short, easy to remember, and understandable. Formulate your attitude in the present tense, as if what you want has already happened to you. Instead of “I will” you should say “I am rich.” By formulating what you want in the future tense, you thereby delay its implementation in an imaginary future, which, as a rule, never comes. Eliminate the particle “not” from your attitudes; instead of “I’m no longer sick,” you should say “I’m healthy.”

    Then take a magnetic board (in everyday life it is called “Write-Erase”). You will need this board to record your settings. It is not recommended to take notebooks and notebooks. Firstly, you will waste a lot of paper, and secondly, you will experience constant anxiety that someone will accidentally discover your notes and find out about your deepest problems. A magnetic board will save you from both problems.

    Now let's decide on the class time. You should write your settings on a magnetic board every night before going to bed. It is important to do this just before going to bed, because the greatest power of suggestion is realized in the so-called “drowsy state”, when a person goes to sleep. Why is it important to record settings? First, when recording, motor memory is triggered. Secondly, a person looks at the recorded information (visual memory is triggered). Thirdly, he pronounces it unconsciously. Fourthly, he listens to what he says (auditory memory). Such repeated repetition of the same information through different channels of perception ensures the success of this technique.


    • how to work with your subconscious

    Probably, any desire can be realized by using the method of working with the subconscious, created by Valery Sinelnikov. If what you want does not come, it means that there is a benefit for the person, but he may not notice it. The essence of Sinelnikov’s method is to make the execution of the plan profitable.

    Scientists have not yet come to a clear conclusion about what sleep actually is. It is usually said that dreams are just a side effect of the brain processing the information accumulated during the day. At the same time, a lot of evidence has accumulated that does not fit into this picture. In particular, there are practices that allow you to enter another person's dream.

    There are two types of dreams. Some are completely illusory and occur entirely in the space of human consciousness. That is, they do not have access to the outside, to other spheres of existence. Their main difference is that they have no energy. But there are also dreams in which a person comes into contact with reality, even if it differs in its qualities from the familiar world. In such dreams, everything around us carries energy, that is, it really exists. The images of people you see in your dreams also have the same qualities. Most of them are illusory; in dreamer's jargon they are called sprites. They contain no energy and have no direct connection with a real person. If you communicate with your friend’s sprite, and during the day you ask him about what he saw in his dream, then your dreams will have nothing in common. But if you meet his real energy body, then your descriptions will coincide almost completely. This means that you were really together in a dream. Two tasks follow from the above. The first is to learn to determine whether it is an illusion in front of you or not. The second is to be able to find the right person in a dream. To distinguish illusion from reality, use the method proposed by Carlos Castaneda. The method is simple - you need to extend your hand (any one) and point to the object or person you are interested in with your little finger. You can additionally say the phrase “I want to see!”, but this is not necessary. If you have an illusion in front of you, then either nothing will happen, or, which happens much more often, the observed object will begin to undergo various metamorphoses. That is, it can change color, shape, turn into something, etc. Don’t pay attention to this - in front of you is a dummy with no energy.

    If there is a real (energy) object in front of you, it will begin to glow. The glow is very specific: it resembles phosphorus, does not have a halo - that is, it does not go beyond the contours of the object. Once you see it once, you won’t confuse it with anything else. This method of determining the reality of an object works very well. Out of hundreds of dreams, only a few are connected with the real worlds. All others are illusions.

    Direct techniques for getting into another person's dream are quite simple. For example, when you see a sprite of your friend, jump on the bridge of his nose (this is possible in a dream). If you have formed the right intention, you will find yourself in a real person's dream. The ability to see energy will help you understand whether the person in front of you is really a real person. Another option is to walk through the wall with the firm intention of finding your friend behind it. Finally, you can simply turn around, knowing that this person is standing behind you. There may be other methods, but they have one thing in common - the technology itself does not matter, the right intention is important. And he needs to study. To practice intention, try moving objects with your eyes in your sleep. If this works, your intention is working. If not, train it. As you have already noticed, to perform the described actions in a dream you must have a clear consciousness. That is, in a dream you must remember that you wanted to find this or that person. This form of control turns ordinary sleep into a dream. It’s as if you are waking up in a dream, your consciousness works almost the same as in normal daytime life. There are many techniques for mastering dreams, remember two key points. First: to dream, you need energy. Impeccability helps accumulate it (to understand the term, read the books of Carlos Castaneda). No energy, no dreams. The second point: dreams need a clear, specific goal. Not just “I want to dream,” but the intention to perform some action. For example, Castaneda offers a wonderful exercise - wish to look at your hands in a dream. To perform this action, you may need several months of accumulation of energy and active intention to look at your hands in a dream. But when you do this, the dream will turn into a dream. After this, you will be able to look for your friends in your dreams or do something else.

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