Removing negative programs from the subconscious: the most effective methods

Negative programs of the subconscious are an energy-informational structure in the biofield created by yourself or other people. It is aimed at achieving a destructive goal. The creation of such a structure involves the use of a certain amount of energy; after being introduced into the human biofield, it is either spent to launch the program and runs out, or begins to be fueled by human energies. Otherwise, replenishment can be organized from the outside; this is called updating the program by the performer.

There are 3 types of negative programs in duration:

  • Short-term, disposable: it penetrated into a person’s field, did its job and achieved its goal and dried up. Such programs include directed evil eye, some types of damage and unintentional curse. Please note that most often a person can create them for himself, and they will already be called: self-evil eye, self-damage, self-curse.
  • Multiple action. Programs designed for 3, 5 or 7 times. It descends on a person as many times as it is programmed by the attacker. After fulfilling its function, it collapses and disappears. Of course, not without consequences. After repeated exposure to destructive energies, a person turns into an emaciated creature with a defective biofield. His chakras and energies are blocked, he is deprived of a mechanism for natural restoration of the bioenergy-information structure. If you still have some strength left, you can try to recover on your own, there are a lot of ways and techniques, but if you are completely at zero, then you cannot do without the help of a specialist.
  • Long-lasting. These include negative programs of the kind, karmic. They are aimed at the complete destruction of human life, up to the destruction of the race and the death of the person himself. The destructive program of the family is a powerful influence, its goal is to deprive a person of all chances for a happy life.

Connection with higher powers

One of the important parts of the training, during which the practitioner is cleared of blocks, beliefs and attitudes. The actions are:

  • Try to mentally turn to the Higher powers and ask yourself for positive energy to improve your life and health.
  • Read the mantras. Concretize the negative energy that bothers you from within in the form of a clot of black fog or a terrible monster.
  • Try to mentally get rid of this negativity. The rays of the sun cut through the black fog or the monster is “pierced” by a fiery sword.
  • Feel the freedom from such purification phenomena. Try to catch a state of lightness, healing. Secure the effect of such hypnosis. Imagine that your body is an empty vessel, not yet loaded with anything.
  • Mentally begin to fill this clean vessel with a pleasant and positive substance (the subconscious mind will indicate the desired visual image).
  • When you achieve a state of complete harmony, as well as mental peace, you need to subconsciously thank the Higher Powers for their help - emotionally and sincerely.
  • The final action will be complete relaxation in a quiet, cozy environment. The meditation can be considered completed.

Rules for working with the subconscious

When a person takes the path of purifying his thoughts, his body may not react the way he would like. Sudden mood swings or unmotivated anger will confirm this. In this case, you need to try to maintain composure by continuing to fight for freedom from negativity. Aggression should be stopped with proper breathing. So, inhalation and exhalation should be slow.

Any problem that arises must now be called a problem that requires a solution. There is no point in looking for the culprits, there is no point in this anyway, even if it is not yet possible to find a way out of the current situation.

After a certain period of time, the irritation reflex will disappear, and it will become clear that negativity simply interferes with solving important life problems.

In addition, clearing your thoughts will require getting rid of harmful “parasitic” words and phrases. So, the “not” part needs to be removed from thoughts altogether. After all, the subconscious removes this little word and accepts negative attitudes.

From the abundance of information coming from society, you should choose only positive ideas. You need to limit yourself from harmful attitudes by stopping watching all television programs and listening to music that makes you sad.

Later you need to try to come to your subconscious. This technique will allow you to control your thoughts in the future. In other words, a person begins to perceive himself as he really is and talk to the subconscious. Here it becomes possible to form a unified emotional system. Then you will be able to get rid of suspiciousness and doubt when making important decisions. After all, the human body will remain one. Some experts from the field of knowledge in question recommend coming up with a name for your subconscious for a deeper connection. Naturally, you need to thank this part of yourself for the work done.

What does the program provide?

Meditation, which involves cleansing the subconscious, will allow you to get the maximum effect from regular spiritual practice:

  • removes bad mood;
  • teaches you not to pay attention to the influences of resentment, anger and irritation;
  • “cleanses” karma and aura of negative blockages and beliefs that interfere with internal development and the formation of a successful personality;
  • provides a state of happiness, peace, harmony, without requiring its borrowing from external sources;
  • develops intuition;
  • creates long-lasting cleansing energy radiation;
  • teaches you to give love, positivity and gratitude to the world around you, which returns in the form of all kinds of benefits.

Reasons for the appearance of negative programs in the human biofield

There may be several reasons for the appearance of negatively destructive programs, as well as their types: the introduction of someone else’s program (infection or targeted influence of “replanting”), creation by the person himself due to character, incorrect behavior, commission of actions, as well as inherited ones (these include negative programs of the kind). There is another type of negative programs that we bring with us from past lives. They are called karmic.

How negative programs work

The objects of a negatively destructive energy information program can be: people, relationships between people, animals, plants, material wealth, family, premises, vehicles. Most often in practice you come across 3 main programs:

  1. A negative program for the destruction of a person’s physical body (damage to health), including complete destruction - death (this could be suicide, an unexplained fast-moving illness). Damage to impotence and childlessness, the emergence of alcoholism, drug addiction are also classified as this type of program.
  2. A program that destroys the social side of life. The result of this impact is: problems at work, career destruction, job loss, dislike of people around, persecution, bullying, problems with communication up to complete loneliness, loss of family happiness and well-being, this also includes the crown of celibacy, the “Black Widow” damage.
  3. Negative programs for the destruction of material wealth. They are expressed in losses of small and large things: loss of money, material assets, deprivation of a business or loss of its success, theft, breakage or destruction of valuable items, loss of wealth up to poverty. Recently, programs have often been implemented for misfortune: car accidents, fires,

The essence of a negative program is a clot of energy that acts as a kind of blocker of positive energies on the one hand and replacing them with alien energies of destructive action on the other. They work according to a clear pattern. Initially, a person loses any opportunity to naturally restore his vitality and the lost type of energy. Then a series of misfortunes or one big disaster occurs. Depending on the type of programs, there are long-term, one-time and repeated ones.

The introduction of alien programs occurs through holes in the human biofield. Depending on where the sample was received, a person experiences certain symptoms. For example, if the program was implemented at level 1 of the Muladhara chakra, then the person experiences a loss of physical strength, weakness, and deterioration in his material condition. Sometimes even he gets sick: headaches appear like a cold, dry cough, runny nose, aching joints.

When there is a breakdown at the level of the 2nd chakra of Svadhisthana, apathy, lack of desire to do something, loss of creative powers, disturbances in sexual life, cystitis, strange aches in the lower back and inexplicable pain in this area of ​​the back may appear. Also, victims of the introduction of destructive love lapel programs (namely, it is on this chakra that they settle and are directed) experience difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex, frequent quarrels, separations, irritability towards the once loved one.

More information about what happens when negative action programs are introduced into a person’s biofield, the mechanism of their action and elimination can be found in other blog articles, and also on the pages of the site you will find methods on how to remove a negative program, how to detect damage and destructive programs in your biofield . To request specialist help, write to:

Timely identification and cleansing of negative programs is inextricably linked with the restoration of the biofield and the functioning of the chakras

This is an important condition for returning to normal life without the influence of alien destructive energies. After purification and elimination of the negative program, a person’s natural flow of energies is restored, he gets rid of the negative consequences of the programs: health is restored, mood improves, psychological strength appears to realize various desires, a bright taste of life, joy and happiness returns

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A Brief Analysis of Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is a very common phenomenon. It has accompanied man at various historical stages and has always been noted in different cultures and social strata. Naturally, a variety of people are susceptible to it. The study of negative thinking and the emotional disorders to which it leads was carried out by ancient philosophers such as Aristotle, Hippocrates, Lucius Aurelian and others, although, of course, more substantive scientific research began to be carried out much later.

In the second half of the 19th century, the phenomenon of negative thinking led to a huge number of discussions, especially during this period, crises in the field of politics and economics, as well as pessimization of social life, began to be noted.

Negative thinking as a manifestation of mental illness, from the point of view of both domestic and foreign psychologists, was a consequence of the inconsistency of a person’s goals, values ​​and motives with the requirements of the sociocultural environment and his capabilities. In other words, the cause of negative thinking was the inability of people to overcome various types of conflicts.

This can be learned from the works of such famous scientific minds as Viktor Frankl, Erich Fromm, Karen Horney, V. S. Solovyov, I. I. Mechnikov, A. I. Kholmsky, N. K. Mikhailovsky, P. L. Lavrov, L. E. Obolensky, A. N. Leontyev, F. E. Vasilyuk and others.

In their article “Negative thinking in the intellectual and cultural aspect”, published in the electronic journal “Analytics of Cultural Studies” [Issue 1, 2004], Doctor of Philosophy O. V. Romakh and Candidate of Philosophy O. V. Kataeva point to the enormous potential of thought as materializing energy.

A thought attracts other similar thoughts to itself, as a result of which a powerful flow of thought forms can even lead to specific sensations, for example, irregular pulse, increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, mood swings, etc. The first conclusion follows from this that thinking positively is good, and thinking negatively is bad, because the appearance of negative thoughts with high energy potential leads to serious losses of mental energy.

The basis of negative thinking is conflict, and it can be generated by many social factors, such as difficult relationships in the family, uncertainty about the future, low level of relationships, inability to adequately and constructively defend one’s point of view, inability to take into account the opinions of others, etc.

The structure of negative thinking is also quite diverse. It opens up in several directions at once and manifests itself in depression, despondency, lack of faith in one’s own strength, a pessimistic outlook on life, as well as feelings of envy, anger, resentment, fear, malice, guilt and others like them.

Plus, there are several types of negative thinking:

  • “Internal” conflicts , in which a person, experiencing a lot of suffering, experiences events in his life that have already happened and cannot be corrected. All experiences occur in consciousness.
  • “External” conflicts , in which a person experiences negative events that have occurred, but at the same time his experiences are directed to the outside world and to the people around him in the form of emotions such as anger, resentment or malice.
  • War and Terror . The last two types of negative thinking serve as the primary factor affecting direct participants in any event.

Any kind of negative thinking, if it gets out of control, can become a very powerful source of self-destruction. It is for this reason that people whose minds are dominated by negative thoughts often get sick and are in states of stress and depression. The mental state has the most direct impact on the physical state.

Negative thinking is in constant contact with culture. Its development in human consciousness occurs under the influence of certain forms of culture that harm the inner world of a person and create a negative aura around him. And by forms of culture that produce negative thinking we should understand social norms and traditions, music, television, art, etc. - all this in its own way affects the personality and the reality that surrounds it.

Separately, it should be said about scientific and technological progress, which represents one of the forms of cultural development. It also reveals some negative aspects in human life. These include an overabundance of information, information noise, a constantly accelerating pace of life, an increasing number of social conflicts, and a lack of time to complete important tasks and achieve goals.

This leads to the fact that modern people turn less and less to nature, art, and music. As a result, his spiritual world is transformed, and this is precisely his first unconscious step towards negative thinking.

But, of course, culture also helps a person get rid of negative thought forms, develop an optimistic view of events and the world, have an upbeat mood and more positive emotions.

But how can a modern person still learn to cultivate a positive worldview, which, unlike a negative one, performs not a destructive, but a creative function?

If we talk about cultural recovery, then a person should have more contact with nature, art, good and useful books. This can also include such things as art therapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, because this leads to the activation of creative potential, which has only a beneficial effect on the consciousness.

But working with one’s consciousness directly is of much greater importance for the development of creative potential. Negative thinking can be “educated” or “trained,” and they consist of applying practical recommendations to curb and eliminate negative thoughts, emotions and reactions.

And the most effective recommendations in our case are things like physical activity, breathing exercises, yoga, relaxation and meditation. Based on this, we will continue our article with a conversation about how you can get rid of negative thinking in general, and a conversation about meditation in particular. And you can get more information about the destructive influence of negative thoughts in the article “The Harm of Negative Thinking.”

Who is it suitable for?

The practice will be useful for everyone without exception.

Even if at first glance you do not have any problems, it is important to understand that everyone has “baggage” of unpleasant attitudes and memories accumulated over the years. Thoughts regularly swirl in my head: “Nothing is working out for me,” “I’ll never build a family,” “I’m not worthy...”

The list goes on and on.

Emotional blocks that are harmless at the initial stage can develop into serious physical and mental illnesses, or simply seriously poison life.

Cleansing the subconscious is the best prevention, guaranteeing a harmonious state. It allows you to quickly find a solution in difficult situations.

Removing harmful information

Meditation practice requires solitude from a person, as one will need to try to concentrate. So, you should sit on the floor and completely relax. People then imagine a white board and begin mentally writing down all their negative thoughts on it. After this, the spilled emotions are wiped off with an imaginary sponge so that nothing remains. This practice is considered complete if relief and calmness sets in. However, we cannot stop there. After all, this technique has been practiced for a long time. It is better to use a method to clear your thoughts before going to bed. Then it will be easier to go to bed, because there will be no unnecessary and negative things in your head. A person changes greatly not only internally, but also externally when he mentally cleanses himself. Naturally, we must not forget about filling ourselves with joy and positivity.

We unknowingly interfere with the implementation of our plans

For example, we have important but not very pleasant work ahead of us. Instead of getting rid of it quickly, we COMPLETELY CONSCIOUSLY find thousands of reasons and explanations WHY WE DIDN’T DO IT. And immediately a heap of urgent matters is revealed, postponing the work until the very time when the “roasted rooster” begins to sharpen its beak...

Many people decide to start a new life on Monday. We ASSURE OURSELVES that from Monday we will definitely START A NEW LIFE: we will go in for sports, quit smoking, give up beer/candy/favorite cakes (favorite drugs). But Monday comes, and the implementation of the plans is again postponed to the future. And often, “that same Monday” NEVER COMES...

Sometimes the body so actively resists actions or events that potentially pose a threat that a person may even get sick. Surely, some people are familiar with the situation when, before an important meeting, the temperature suddenly rises and the head splits. You can no longer go anywhere, do nothing.

The destructive work of our subconscious. Negative programs

It's all because of negative internal attitudes that block our efforts and erect obstacles on the path to success. Attitudes predispose a person to the same reactions and actions in repeated life situations. And, as the years pass, this “baggage” in the subconscious, which we drag along with us, becomes stronger and is replenished with new negative experiences.

During childhood, the formation of negative attitudes is facilitated by errors in upbringing. When critical comments are made to a child in the form of categorical generalizing judgments, such as “you’re always late,” “you’re good for nothing,” “your work is terrible,” “stupid,” etc., subconscious attitudes are formed that deny any possibility of success. and programming appropriate behavior patterns.

I call them negative programs.

Most often, negative programs in our country concern such pressing topics as health and money (there is also sex, but everything is simpler with it, and therefore I will not write about it).

For example, for people who have learned from childhood a prejudice against wealth, believing that it is synonymous with dishonesty, a negative attitude will subconsciously prevent them from achieving financial success.

A kind of psychological ban on wealth will be triggered.

Remember, rich people even in fairy tales appear as “dishonest deceivers.” And not to mention the “hated bourgeoisie” whom our valiant people defeated in the heyday of communism.

We have perfectly learned what is good and what is bad. Public morality took care of this at a very opportune time, introducing into our heads the idea of ​​what we need to be and what we shouldn’t be.

Can an honest person be rich?

Think about why such manipulation was created.

The same goes for health. We have been very cleverly programmed into what diseases we SHOULD get, and at what age THIS WILL HAPPEN.

You are sitting with the letter “Zu”! Your back is bound to hurt!

That is why, if we want to improve our health and get rich, we must overcome negative internal attitudes.

To prevent harmful attitudes from ruining our lives, we first need to identify and understand them. After all, as you know, in order to defeat the enemy, you must first detect him.

After all, sometimes we don’t even suspect that we are PROGRAMMED FOR FAILURE.

Let's imagine such a common life situation. A beautiful and smart girl is chronically unlucky with men. She considers herself a failure, but does not think about what exactly is preventing her from organizing her personal life. And the point, perhaps, is a subconscious attitude that forms confidence in failure in advance, and disappointment does not keep itself waiting.

But, even if the presence of a blocking attitude is conscious, often we DO NOT WANT to admit it to ourselves. Indeed, it is easier to blame evil fate or fatal bad luck for failures than to try to break down psychological barriers to success.

How to identify negative programs in yourself?

The problem is that there can be many internal complexes and obstacles; they are often so closely intertwined that only a good shrink can unravel this tangle of contradictions.

I recommend turning to specialists in such matters: trainers and coaches, or, as a last resort, practicing psychologists (“dismiss the armchair” and “room” psychologists right away, I’ll tell you from personal experience, often such guys cannot restore order in their lives). But it’s great to teach others how to live)

However, you can try to solve the problem yourself. To do this, you need to master several simple psychotechnic techniques. I will help you with this.


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God...”

This is what is written in the Gospel. But it is not written there that before the word there was a thought, and before the thought there was pre-thought, or intention. Any of our actions begins with an intention, and, as a rule, this intention is born in the subconscious. This is probably true in 99.99% of cases. The subconscious rules the conscious mind. If we have generated the intention to cleanse our subconscious of something that we do not like, then at the level of consciousness we ask a simple question: “How? How? Using what technology? There are many answers: various types of techniques are offered by a large number of psychologists and esotericists. Pay the money - and voila! The truth is, voila, you may not have enough money or patience/intention. Where can I find a free one?

equipment with no less efficiency than many paid ones?

I asked myself this question several years ago. And I didn’t find it... Or rather, I found it, but they didn’t suit me for various reasons. I didn’t have the opportunity to pay, by my standards, a lot of money, but I really needed to start clearing my subconscious, because then thunder had already struck in my life, and cancer was whistling on the mountain, and for many Thursdays in a row it was raining like crazy. buckets, and even a roasted rooster pecked me in the butt. But in my luggage there was a seminar by Mark Ifraimov “The Code of Life”, at which he gave an individual arrangement technique, in which two people participate: directly the one who is doing the arrangement, and the coach leading the arrangement.

I decided to take this technique and exclude the trainer from it, replacing him with an ordinary esoteric pendulum, with the help of which I went through the chain of arrangement. I will not describe the entire evolutionary chain of transformation of the almost classical constellation to the technique that I use now. I will immediately present the technique in its final form. At the same time, I expect that you are familiar with the technique of classical arrangement. But even if you are not familiar with it, the technique I suggest will work for you too. So:

“All my ancestors, from whom I inherited... (here we insert our quality(s) that we want to get rid of)... I am not you, and you are not me. But I carry these qualities within me. I return them to you, and in return I give you a place in my heart and my love!”

Next we turn on our imagination. This is how I imagined it.

  • I inhaled, then bowed to my ancestors and exhaled slowly; at the moment of bowing, a black oily clot fell out of my head, which, upon contact with the surface, disintegrated into a large number of small black balls. These balls rolled left and right along two grooves. My paternal ancestors stand along one groove, and my maternal ancestors along the other. And they (the ancestors) with cheerful exclamations like: “Oh, here’s my ball!” or “That one is mine, give it to me!” etc. - they take all the balls apart. After that, I checked whether the flow of love from my ancestors went along one and the other branch. Feeling the flow of love, I straightened up (I did all these actions mentally). At this point, the arrangement with one quality chosen by me, or with a group of identical qualities, is almost complete.

It is no coincidence that I called this technique an esoteric solo arrangement. Why solo is already clear. Why esoteric? Because psychology, for example, does not rely on faith in God, does not resort to His help, the help of His Heavenly companions, does not rely on the concepts of chakras, energy channels, energies themselves, etc. This technique was suggested to me by my Heavenly mentors ( someone calls them guardian angels, but this is not entirely correct). And this technique works solely thanks to their (Heavenly mentors) help. It works very effectively, but more on that later.

Now we need to complete the arrangement. Having uttered the formula I gave above, we actually turned to the Divine powers for help in cleansing our subconscious. But just taking it is not good. You need to give something in return. Necessarily! Therefore, after completing the ritual of distributing the balls, you need to say: “I love You!” (7 times) and then: “Thank you!” (also 7 times). We direct these words to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I started using this technique a couple of years ago. Now I'm using a modified version of it. The results are obvious to me. Among the sudden and unobvious results, for example, the following: weight loss by 13 kg over 11 months without any changes in diet (I almost always have sweet tea with cookies, jam or halva for dinner, sometimes a cake instead of cookies; fears disappear from the subconscious, and weight decreases on its own); strengthening nails. My nails have become very strong. As I read from Louise Hay, nails symbolize our vulnerability or security when interacting with the flow of life. Again, there were fewer fears in the subconscious, the feeling of comfort and security in the face of the vicissitudes of fate increased, and so the nails became harder.

I will not convince anyone of the effectiveness of this technique. If anyone is interested, check it out. The result will definitely come, but not quickly.

The filling of the subconscious with various qualities occurred over the course of many, many, many of our incarnations, plus the qualities received from our ancestors through DNA, plus the imposition of some qualities of our ancestors on our own identical qualities, which leads to a significant increase in the influence of these qualities on our lives - all this can be weakened and removed from the subconscious, but only by constant consistent work over a sufficiently long period of time. It is different for everyone, because we all have different starting conditions. I, for example, took up this technique when it became obvious to me, very, very obvious, so obvious that even I understood and felt at the level of consciousness, but only when I approached the critical line (real deadline) how strong the program was in me self-destruction. I hope that most of you will not have to climb out of the same hole that I climbed (and climbed) out of. Then the results will come faster. Faith and patience will help you with this. As you have seen, the technique itself is very simple. But there is one (or maybe more than one) “but”...

How to remove negative attitudes. Part 2. A course towards positivity

Once you have written down all your limiting beliefs, take a RED pen or marker and write the opposite statements in the blank spaces. Let go of your imagination completely. You are now shaping your future life, so don't be afraid to think big.

Important! Don't use "not" in positive statements. If you write with a pencil “I am poor”, then with a red pen you should write “I am rich” and not “I am not poor”

Remember that the brain does not perceive the particle “not”.

On the last page, write a heartfelt message to God, the Universe, or whoever or what you believe in. Thank you for your help, love and support. The message can be completed in any way you like, write from the heart. I usually use the formula “In the name of all living things on Earth.”

The second stage went faster. I completely filled my notebook with positive affirmations in about an hour.

How to remove negative attitudes. Part 3. Elimination and replacement

For the next 3 days you need to read the ENTIRE notebook in the morning and evening. Read all the notes - both pencil and red. This process takes me about 15 minutes. Depending on your handwriting, it may take you a little less or more time.

As you read, pay attention to how you feel. On pencil notes you may feel rejected, but on red notes you may feel inspired.

You may not want to read negative attitudes at all, but you should be patient for 3 days. During this time, your brain will “reformat” your beliefs, replacing the usual gloomy thoughts with positive ones, which you wrote with a red pen.

The longest, but also the most joyful stage remains. After 3 days, take an eraser and erase all negative beliefs. You will only have positive phrases written in red ink. And then you need to read the entire notebook every morning and evening for the next few months. Optimally - six months, more is possible. Each reading will take you 5-10 minutes.

When you leaf through your notebook and read positive statements, phrases about gratitude, love and happiness, you will feel a surge of strength and joy

But the most important thing is that your consciousness and subconscious will begin to rebuild. New neural connections are formed in the brain, you will begin to think differently

When your thinking changes, your actions will change. Make your new decisions with gratitude, don't try to hold on to old patterns. Changing your habitual behavior will bring real changes in your life.

Do you want to learn more useful practices, draw up your natal chart and find out the future? Then watch our free webinar and get answers to the most important questions. Register on this page and we will send you a link to the webinar

Possible difficulties in work, where would we be without them?

In the process of working through negative attitudes, some troubles and difficulties arise; it is important that you are prepared for them. 1) Influence of the environment

1) The influence of the environment.

In fact, by changing our attitudes we change our behavior, and by changing behavior we can count on better results in all areas of life. But here a problem arises - our entire environment, all our relatives and acquaintances, work colleagues have not changed their attitudes and continue to act as before. The positive impact of work can be “overwritten” due to constant communication with the old environment. How to solve this problem: try to actively participate in the formation of your social circle, look for people who will lift you up and avoid people who negatively influence you.

2) Bad mood.

I’ll say right away that you may not have the most pleasant feelings, especially because of BSFF. This is due to a very simple process: you change your worldview, but physically remain in the same conditions as you were. It turns out that within yourself you have already gone beyond these boundaries, you are ready to change, but the changes have not yet occurred. This can be compared to conditionally moving to a worse apartment or if you change from a Mercedes to a Zaporozhets. Those. In your settings, you are already ready for a Mercedes, but physically you are still in a Zaporozhets. This feeling lasts maybe 1-2 days, then it goes away. You should REJOICE about it, this means that the result has been achieved, you are moving in the right direction and positive changes should happen in your life very soon.

3) Kickbacks.

The world is structured in such a way that everything in it goes in cycles: day follows night, winter follows summer, and suddenly, after a huge breakthrough in any business, there may be a time of stagnation or a slight rollback. This is normal and needs to be understood. The most important thing is that during a rollback (and this applies to all areas of life, not just work with the subconscious) to understand what is happening and not stop working. Perhaps you need to take a short break so that your body can stabilize and gain strength for the next “jump”. The most important thing is not to give up what you started and not to give up, and the result will not keep you waiting.


“Grabbing myself by the pigtail, I pulled upward with all my might and without much difficulty pulled both myself and my horse out of the swamp” ( from the adventures of Baron Munchausen


Well, that's probably all. As you can see, I am not Susanin. He brought you out of the wilds. Now some of you will run away from this dense forest of my letters, and some of you will want to walk this path on your own. These latter will then also be divided into two groups. Some will join the first ones who immediately ran away, and the rest will go through this path over and over again, day after day. It is for this latter purpose that this entire text was written. Good luck to you, my distant comrade! Who, besides yourself, can pull you out of the swamp you created? If you have any questions about the technique itself or about the topics I have touched upon, then write to me, I will be happy to answer as soon as possible.

Hypers, haters, detractors, trolls and others with similar desires to convict me of incompetence, illiteracy and immodesty, please do not bother me. I agree with you in advance.

What will mislead you

When the end of work with your subconscious comes, you need to feel it. There will be practically no illusions in your head. Most likely, in the process of working with the TS, you will awaken and discover a new dimension of consciousness in yourself, hitherto unknown to you. Don’t try to explain to people how you feel, people won’t understand you, and they’ll also think you’re crazy.

There may be such a glitch that there is a lot of rubbish in your subconscious, and you think that everything there has already been cleared, that is, not everything is so simple. This happens at the initial stage of work.

I also warn you against fooling around, there will come a stage when you will have no garbage, and you will need to see it, and not continue to believe that there is something else in the subconscious that needs to be removed when there is nothing there anymore. This happens at the final stage of work.

Be alert to these issues.

Turbo-Suslik TS

The author switched to this technique only after 3 months of working with BSFF, and then only intermittently. TS is a more advanced system of working with the subconscious and there is the opportunity to work as manually, that is, to manually write down problems on a piece of paper or in a notepad on your computer and process each problem one by one, which is quite tedious and time-consuming, or to work automatically, which allows all of these push problems into the automation machine and process them in one gulp.

The author worked with the TS for about 1 year; personally, this time was enough for him to cleanse himself of all the rubbish.

What TS saved the author from:

  • the author forgot what pity is;
  • increased self-confidence;
  • sobriety and balance appeared;
  • the strength of spirit has increased incredibly;
  • found my girlfriend;
  • family relationships have improved significantly;
  • improved relationship with money;
  • And much more.

You can read the book review about the Turbo-Suslik system. The book is first on the list. In it you can read about how this system works wonders in the lives of people who painstakingly work on it.

It is important to understand that TS does not give you anything, but only clears you of everything that bothers you, that is, it helps to reveal a person’s inner strengths. Every person can do anything, there are simply colossal possibilities and abilities hidden inside him, it’s just the garbage in the subconscious that prevents him from revealing it, this garbage constantly gets from the subconscious into the consciousness, and you get lost in it, these illusions clutter your consciousness and prevent you from being effective in life

Every person can do anything, there are simply colossal possibilities and abilities hidden inside him, it’s just the garbage in the subconscious that prevents him from revealing it, this garbage constantly gets from the subconscious into the consciousness, and you get lost in it, these illusions clutter your consciousness and prevent you from being effective in life.

Link to the Turbo-Suslik system.

Tapping Method: How to Find Emotional Freedom

This method is also called the Emotional Freedom Method. It was invented by Roger Callaghan in 1980 and later simplified by Harry Craig.

In the tapping method, physical impact on blocks (tapping biologically active points) is complemented by psychological techniques and methods, namely: replacing a negative attitude with a positive one.

  • By tapping points on your body and saying positive statements, a person himself rebuilds his attitude towards life, and life improves.
  • By influencing acupuncture points, energy begins to move better along the meridians, which eliminates blockages in its path.

Before you start tapping, you need to carry out preparatory work:

  1. Identify your fear (another feeling that needs to be worked through)
  2. Rate this feeling on a scale from 0 to 10
  3. Make up a two-part statement:
  4. Reason: anxiety, fear, resentment
  5. Self acceptance

Example: “Even though I worry about money, I fully accept myself.”

Next, we begin tapping on certain points. We need to get to the root cause in the energy system.

  1. We start tapping from the Karate point and say the entire phrase: “Even though I worry about money, I completely and completely accept myself.”
  2. We tap the top of the head and other points, pronouncing only the reason in different versions, as it comes from the subconscious: “I constantly worry about money,” “I don’t know what to do with this.”
  3. We also say the entire phrase under our arms, with self-acceptance: “Even though I worry about money, I fully and completely accept myself.”
  4. Inhale and as you exhale, let go of the situation, feeling, problem.

Experts say that soon the “tapping method” will become as popular as yoga.

How it works

Negative attitudes in the subconscious can and should be removed, or rather, replaced with positive ones. The technique described above works for three reasons.

The reason is energetic: you attract events that match your vibrations

People, places and objects have different vibration levels. This is what lowers vibrations: anger, malice, swearing, alcohol and drug use, antisocial behavior, crime, judging other people, negative thinking.

Events come into a person’s life that correspond to him in vibration. If a person has predominant low vibrations, troubles happen to him more often. If there are more high vibrations in the aura, a person meets kind people more often, good events happen to him

Therefore, for self-development it is important to increase the level of vibrations - first in thoughts, and then in actions

The reason is neurophysiological: neural connections can be rebuilt

Neurons are little computing machines in your brain. Neural connections are formed between them, each of which stores a belief or habit. Neural connections are formed through a series of repetitions of certain actions or thoughts. Any fixed connection is recorded in the brain, and positive or negative attitudes are firmly fixed in the subconscious.

But neural connections can be changed. If a person gets over himself and instead of brushing his teeth in the morning drinks a glass of whiskey, over time he will get used to it. And if another person truly believes that there are good and kind women in the world, he will begin to see them around him and will communicate with them differently.

The reason is psychological: a person acts according to the principle of consistency

A number of psychological studies have confirmed that it is very important for a person to be consistent. If he has declared something about himself, he will try to adhere to this behavior tactics always and everywhere

Consistency is valued in society, and also allows you to minimize the time spent thinking about how to act in a given situation.

And if a practitioner reads positive affirmations for six months, over time he will begin to feel positive, rich and happy. These characteristics will be recorded in his internal personal list, and he will begin to behave according to his new status.

Friends, have you tried to fight negative attitudes? What do you think of this method? Would you like to try it?

It's time for change! At Lakshmi-Ameya Institute you will gain knowledge that will help you improve your life and the lives of your loved ones. Interested in details? Then write directly to the founder of the institute, Sergei Kapustin. To do this, copy the code word “BLOG ARTICLE” into your private messages.

Methods for getting rid of negative thoughts

Liberation to move forward will be possible only if a person is completely freed from heavy mental burden. We are talking about imaginary attitudes that came from childhood or youth. Although some people develop negative habits due to certain incidents, in any case, you should set yourself up for a positive outcome.

Before learning how to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts, experts advise controlling the flow of your thoughts, switching to positive images at the slightest opportunity. In addition, every day in your free time, you will need to perform special meditative exercises. To do this, just choose a quiet, comfortable place and set aside fifteen minutes for yourself. This is the beginning of a program on how to clear your thoughts and consciousness.

Ways to identify negative programs


Mentally imagine the area of ​​your life in which you are facing the greatest difficulties and work through them. This will allow us to figure out what unconscious fears are preventing us from putting things in order in this area.

Let's look at an example of one of the most common financial problems today.

Sit back comfortably. Take a deep breath. Relax.

Start imagining.

Imagine that you have become the owner of a lot of money.


Now think about what problems wealth will bring you. And write down everything that comes to mind: envy, which you will certainly feel; worsening relationships with friends and girlfriends; possible danger to your loved ones; maybe they will even want to rob you, etc. Then think about whether the unpleasant consequences that your subconscious mind warns you about are really that bad. Try to mentally write a positive scenario of your actions, imagine in detail how you cope with the difficulties that arise.

Environment analysis.

To identify psychological attitudes, it is useful to look around and try to understand what stereotypes of thinking are characteristic of our environment. Because, most likely, they are inherent in us.

The influence of the environment on a person: family, friends, neighbors is very great. Often people who constantly communicate with each other develop similar internal attitudes, identical programs. Therefore, if you find stereotypical ideas and prejudices among your loved ones and friends, perhaps these same harmful attitudes are interfering with your life.

Analysis of authority, media, films, books.

And one more exercise.

We analyze on paper our favorite movie characters, favorite book heroes, a fictional self (who you like to be in your dreams), authorities (those you would like to be like). Such an analysis will answer important questions: with whom we tend to identify ourselves, what type of behavior is a role model.

Most likely, you will find certain psychological attitudes or thought patterns in your favorite “heroes”. And, therefore, you will be ready to identify negative programs and overcome them in your subconscious.


Get your analysis in WRITING. Go through three exercises and write everything down on sheets of paper (if you really started working on yourself, there may be a lot of sheets - and that’s normal).

At the same time, write everything down as it is! Write curse words if necessary. Don't hold back.

Don't be fooled!

Write down all negative attitudes! Because right now, you will receive a technique that will allow you to CHANGE your LIFE.

Three techniques

Let's look at three tools aimed at working through certain problems.

Technique for releasing grievances

Close your eyes, take a comfortable position

Focus on your own body, move it from your feet to the very top of your head. Keep your body relaxed, feel how with each deep breath pure white light enters you, and with a smooth, full exhalation, gray light comes out. Without opening your eyes, feel how your body becomes soft, warm, pliable, like melted wax

Now, imagine a candle emitting a bright, warm light. You smoothly bring it to your head, neck, chest, stomach, navel, knees. Take a closer look at the candle flame. As it approaches certain parts of the body, it begins to emit black smoke. This is the very place where resentment lives. Relive it again. Imagine how the flame of a candle melts it, it flows out of your warm, waxy body, soot and fumes are gradually replaced by the bright warm flame of a burning candle. Explore your entire body, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. There will be places that will require more time to explore. Pay attention to them. Experience in full all those unpleasant emotions that poisoned you, and then imagine that the places from which they came were filled with bright, warm candle light. Open your eyes, smile.

You might be interested in the “Forgiveness” meditation from Artem Tolokonin.

Technique for clearing past relationships

Meditation practice that focuses on hygiene of body and soul

After it, it is important to take a shower and spend several hours in peace and quiet.

Closing your eyes, take a comfortable position. Observe your breathing. It should be smooth, deep, soft

Walk through your entire body with your inner gaze, relaxing every muscle. When you achieve relaxation, bring your attention to your heart. All emotions live there: anger and resentment, love and happiness, delight and disappointment, admiration and disgust.

It's time to put things in order. Throw away what is no longer needed, what slows down our movement. Think about a person whose relationship has come to an end. You are still connected to him by many multi-colored threads. Each thread is an emotion you experienced in relation to this person. Consider them, relive them and feel them again. Some of them are very dense, some are very thin, almost transparent. Pay attention to your strongest emotions. It's time to break the strings that bind you. Start with the thinnest ones, gradually moving to the strongest ones. Take them out of your heart, you don't need them anymore. Not a single string should tie you down. A sign of complete liberation will be the fact that you can sincerely wish happiness to your ex-partner.

Techniques for removing barriers to a happy future

The purpose of the practice is to cleanse yourself from destructive programs and create a happy future. Before you start meditating, write down the five to seven most important goals in your life.

Important! Your goals should be aimed solely at benefiting you personally or those around you. It is strictly forbidden to use meditation to harm, otherwise the greatly enhanced effect will return to you

  1. The body is in a comfortable position, eyes are closed. Free your mind from wandering thoughts. Feel inner peace.
  2. Imagine yourself having achieved your cherished goal. What emotions are you experiencing? Do you have any doubts that you will achieve what you want? Or the feeling of awkwardness from owning an object? Highlight the most vivid of the “inhibiting” experiences. These may be thoughts like: “I don’t deserve this”, “I’m not handsome enough, talented enough, etc.”, “I don’t have enough strength.”
  3. Imagine your internal blocks as thunderclouds blocking the path to your cherished goals. Now imagine a bright beam of light and the wind, which combine to disperse the dark clouds. Not a trace remained of previous beliefs.

Do all three steps for each goal. Work on each goal on the list individually.

Meditation “Cleansing from negative programs and creating a successful future” frees you from internal blocks and allows you to gain self-confidence. By devoting time to practice every day, you get rid of negative thought patterns, form positive thinking, which in turn qualitatively changes your life.

Normalization of mental state and overcoming negative thinking

As we said, anyone can overcome negative thinking and normalize their mental state. But it is more important to answer the question of what exactly meditation gives to someone who wants to free himself from the shackles of negativity and become a calmer and more developed person.

Today you can hear the most flattering reviews about the practice of meditation, but does it really work and give the results that they say? And isn’t it necessary to go into asceticism or become a monk in order to succeed in this initiative? Is it suitable for ordinary people, even those who have not dealt with any spiritual practices?

Meditation practice as an effective method of working with consciousness

The very word “meditation” reminds us of the East, centuries-old wisdom and monks sitting motionless for hours. However, it is wrong to perceive it only in this way, because this practice is actively used in the modern world, and not only in the countries of the East, but also in the West (read our article “The Practice of Meditation in the Modern World”).

The modern era is characterized by rapid scientific progress, rapid development and high physical activity, which is why people sorely lack peace of mind and mental peace. Meditation is an excellent way to achieve internal balance and harmony.

According to sages and spiritual mentors, meditation is a direct path to self-knowledge, personal and spiritual transformation, rapprochement with higher powers and the acquisition of new qualities. Here is just a small list of how the practice of meditation affects your life. A person practicing meditation:

  • learns to observe oneself, to better understand one’s inner world, as well as the surrounding reality;
  • learns to manage his feelings and emotions, becomes able to achieve spiritual harmony;
  • becomes more loving, kind and open, and also ready to share positive energy with others;
  • begins to show compassion for people and enjoy life more, regardless of external circumstances;
  • becomes more independent in thoughts, decisions, actions and deeds;
  • ceases to depend on destructive social norms, other people's views and opinions;
  • becomes able to enjoy being with oneself and begins to feel more comfortable in the company of other people;
  • begins to realize his individuality, comes closer to understanding his true “I” and life purpose;
  • begins to hear his inner voice more clearly, and his intuition reaches a qualitatively new level of development;
  • strengthens your psyche, which automatically reduces the risk of psychological and mental illnesses;
  • becomes more confident in himself and his abilities, gets rid of many fears and strengthens his inner core;
  • improves the general condition of the body and health, increases its resistance to stress and performance;
  • reveals his creative potential, which helps him in solving a huge number of life problems and getting out of difficult situations.

It would take a very long time to list all the aspects of the positive effects of meditation point by point. But if we somehow summarize all this, we can say that meditation allows you to find and understand yourself, find the meaning of life, learn to manage yourself, reach a new level of life and understanding of the world, reveal your inner potential and expand your capabilities. Why does meditation work this way?

The influence of meditation on humans began to be actively studied by scientists around the second half of the 20th century. Some of the most notable studies were the work of psychologist Edward Maupin [for example, Zen Buddhism: a psychological review, 1962], the research of cardiologist Therese Brosset, conducted in India, the research of the famous psychologist Jerrold Greenberg, as well as a variety of experiments in which various equipment was used , which made it possible to monitor biochemical, metabolic and electrophysiological processes.

Research and numerous testing by scientists confirm that meditation affects the human brain at the molecular level, promotes improved mental health, positive changes in personal characteristics, self-development, self-realization and many positive changes.

Meditation balances the activity of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, aligns their activity, which affects a person’s mental state, leads to the manifestation of new abilities, activates creativity, improves self-regulation processes and develops personality. Meditation leads to the restoration of the integrity of the body's functioning, the release of internal reserves and capabilities, and a change in a person's attitude towards himself and the world.

The scientific world clearly recognizes the benefits of meditation, but we will not delve into scientific research (let us remind you that our article “Scientific evidence of the benefits of meditation” is devoted to this topic), but we will talk specifically about practice. But first, we offer a few recommendations with which, even without resorting to meditation, you can begin to get rid of negative thinking.

10 Tips to Eliminate Negative Thinking

All of the recommendations below will require you to think deeply and implement several new actions in your life. But it’s not as difficult as it might seem, and all you need is the desire:

  • Pay attention to your social circle, because it influences your thinking. Try to communicate as much as possible with positive-minded people and reduce communication with those who constantly complain and are dissatisfied with something.
  • Accept the fact that life consists of black and white stripes. There is no need to turn every unpleasant event and failure into a disaster. Consider them as experiences and try to gain wisdom from your mistakes.
  • Stop judging everything as good or bad. There is no need to label situations and people around you. Life never stands still, it is always in motion. Learn to non-judgmentally observe what is happening from the outside.
  • Pay attention to what “food” you feed your mind. Be critical and selective about the information you absorb. Give up useless watching TV, reading meaningless books, stupid pastime.
  • Start to understand yourself and your thoughts to understand what is going on in your head. Journaling is very suitable for this. Write down all negative thoughts during the day in a notebook, and in the evening try to analyze why you had them.
  • Develop a diverse perspective on life and events. Even in the most seemingly bad situations you can find something positive. But to see this, you need to overcome the habit of seeing only negative in negativity.
  • Cultivate in yourself not just a positive, but a humorous outlook on things. A sense of humor and laughter can work wonders. Watch comedies, read jokes, joke more and learn to laugh at yourself, and there will be many times more positive things in life.
  • Try to identify what negative thoughts, resentments and fears may be lingering from your past. Live through painful situations again, forgive yourself and everyone who once hurt you. This technique really simplifies life and makes it easier.
  • When experiencing a situation in a negative way, take it to the point of absurdity and come up with the most ridiculous ending of all. Once you understand the stupidity of making many situations worse, you will also understand that in fact everything is not as bad as it seems.
  • Form the habit of working, acting, communicating without expecting anything. Do not place high hopes on people and circumstances, so as not to get upset and disappointed. Be grateful to the world for what you have and don't demand anything.

Breathing, or rather the practice of conscious breathing, helps clear your mind of negative and anxious thoughts. It consists of slowly inhaling and exhaling air, concentrating on this process. You can perform this unique exercise in nature, and even at home or at work.

At the end of the article we will provide links to several effective breathing exercises that help normalize your mental state and bring order to your head. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them, and we move on to meditative practice.

Best techniques

You can achieve a similar state right now with the help of meditation aimed at the power of the subconscious, and using other techniques. There are many of them, each practitioner can choose the most acceptable option.


Anger and resentment greatly destroy the body and personality. A person needs to learn to let go of these negative emotions. Long-term grievances lead to chronic diseases and mental instability. With the help of training, you can remove this extra burden and completely free your consciousness, eliminating information that destroys it. Recommended:

  • practice exercises for 40 minutes;
  • take a comfortable body position;
  • keep your eyes closed;
  • imagine the person closest to you, remembering everything about him from the first moment of meeting him;
  • remember when you offended each other, saying words of forgiveness after each such situation.

It is advisable to do such a cleansing of negativity every day with only one person, and only when the result has already been achieved can you move on to another

When doing exercises, it is important to learn to listen to your feelings. It is undeniable that after training you can notice new positive changes in feelings, new thoughts, as well as some physical signs

The latter phenomena may include tingling in the legs, tremors in the body, burning, and a feeling of warmth. Sometimes after practice there is a desire to cry - in this case you cannot restrain yourself. It is important to free yourself from these negative energies in a timely manner, not to carry them with you, so that a new healing power, a desire to live and create, inspiring others, appears.


This exercise is equivalent to the previous training:

close your eyes; take two breaths as deeply as possible; imagine that a bright, warm ball has formed from inside you; it smoothly moves from the head through the neck and shoulders to the upper limbs, filling the internal organs right down to the joints on the legs; there is a feeling of warmth and relaxation anywhere; feel your thoughts slow down; direct your attention deep into yourself; simultaneously count down from ten to zero; direct the subconscious mind to awaken after completing the technique; when you leave the house, release the accumulated tension by shaking off your legs one by one; With these movements, a person gets rid of failures, pathologies, negative experiences and negative thoughts.

Afterwards, try to imagine the situation that happened in the smallest detail: how you got dressed, left the house, went to the garbage disposal, shook your limbs near it, throwing off all the accumulated negativity. Visualize its appearance - black clumps, a dark mass, flowing down or scattering to the sides when shaken and moving into the trash can. After completing the actions, take a few deep breaths, and then open your eyes. Be sure to leave the house where you cannot be seen to vigorously shake the limbs.


It has long been known that most problems are brought in by us from childhood. Certain attitudes of elders, bad experiences, fears of parents, bitter childhood experiences - they can greatly hinder you from becoming healthy and happy. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a full-fledged family with truly loving parents. Although even with this way of life, one unpleasant phrase accidentally thrown at a child is enough to cause him deep trauma, deeply settling in the child’s subconscious. since the intensity of resentment and psychological pain causes an inability to cope adequately with such feelings, such a state will be repressed for a long time for the self-preservation of the baby’s consciousness.

There is a method that helps heal hidden childhood resentment. To do this, you need to divide a sheet of paper into two equal columns. On the left, write down all the phrases that come to mind, which in childhood brought pain, a feeling of disappointment, strong fear and long-term resentment. These may include nicknames from classmates, offensive characteristics, and parental calls during quarrels directed at you. On the right side of each phrase, write an absolutely opposite and certainly positive statement, which is a mantra.

Your father could have told you as a child that you wouldn’t be anything good because you weren’t fit for anything. Write on the right the following hypnosis mantra from meditation, which is necessary for high-quality cleansing of the subconscious: “I am quite successful, all the things I undertake work out. I have a lot of energy to achieve my goals.”

Conclusions on the topic How to cleanse the subconscious:

  • start getting acquainted with working on the subconscious with the help of BSFF;
  • work with BSFF for no more than two or three months, then move on to Turbo Suslik;
  • Turbo-Suslik will take you at least a year and a maximum of 2-3 years of work;
  • you need to work every day and be prepared for painstaking work;
  • you should believe in what you are doing
    and do it with ease, and not force yourself;
  • you need to stop in time and stop seeing garbage where it no longer exists;
  • Don’t tell people what you do, otherwise you’ll hurt yourself, especially at the very beginning, especially those closest to you.


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“Plowing like Papa Carlo”: cleansing the subconscious - a painstaking but effective practice

If any of you decide to use the method I propose to cleanse the subconscious, then he will really have to work like Papa Carlo, but in a figurative sense. In the sense that there will be no quick results. The technique itself is simple, but it takes a long time to apply. Just imagine that you are really Papa Carlo and intend to make Pinocchio. And you already have such a rather heavy log, round in cross-section and with bark. But you only have sandpaper as a tool. In itself, shuffling sandpaper along a log is not difficult, but Pinocchio will not work out soon.

Perhaps I just don’t know all the proposed modern methods of cleansing the subconscious, but of those that I know, NONE gives faster results, especially for those who, like me a couple of years ago, live under the invisible control of such a quality of the subconscious as a program of self-destruction and accompanying qualities, such as indifference and apathy. Until I approached my real deadline, my almost mortal point, I had no idea that it was precisely these qualities that were leading me through life. These qualities come close to death; even hatred and aggressiveness are much further from death than apathy. Therefore, without knowing what qualities lead you through life, I immediately set you up for simple but long-term work on yourself. And it's worth it!

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