TOP 10 techniques for quickly receiving a response from the subconscious

We are constantly faced with a variety of problems. And, if sometimes they can be resolved without pressure and delays, then many, on the contrary, require just a lot of emotions and a significant amount of effort. And in such situations, it is very useful when it is possible to use alternative sources of information. Especially when these are sources that do not suffer from a blurred view or subjective attitude.

A variety of prediction methods are collected here, allowing you to get answers to any questions and advice on any problems. Among them there are simple and complex fortune-telling, giving a short and unambiguous or detailed answer. You can make a Tarot reading, cast runes, tell fortunes with gypsy cards, look into a virtual mirror, etc. These are online fortune-telling, they are free, and therefore you can receive answers to your questions many times and at arbitrary moments - the most suitable and comfortable for yourself -.

Getting ready before bed

To get answers to your simple questions, make sure you have a light dinner and are in a calm mood before you go to bed. Try not to watch an action movie or TV series before going to bed, which will leave deep marks on the brain. To relax, you can light candles and play calm meditation music. After you have freed your mind from thoughts and worries of the day, ask the question that interests you out loud three times. It might sound like this: “Tonight I would like a clear answer to my question X. Thank you dreams for giving me clarity and truth and setting me on the right path.” When you wake up in the morning, remember your dreams to find the answer to the question.

Be prepared for honest answers

Dreams may provide clear answers to your questions, but that doesn't mean you're ready to hear them. You may have had a dream that you left your husband and went to Australia to find your true love. And perhaps you are not ready for this truth. Write the answer down in your dream journal, highlight it, date it, and return to normal life. When things get difficult again in the future, open your dream journal. An answer will be waiting for you, written in your own handwriting. In this way, you will gradually become a psychic to yourself.

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Ask a simple question

One of the keys to success in dream interpretation is asking a clear question. Many people ask vague questions to their dreams, such as: “When will I be happy?” or “What’s wrong with me?” Practice being specific when asking for clarity. Ask questions like: “What can I do to find true love?”, “What organ is sick in my body?”, “What approach or medicine will best heal this organ?” Be specific and clear.

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Asking tough questions will get you the same answers. You will have a hard time understanding the clues your dreams present to you. Formulate short, simple and clear questions, and your dreams will answer in the same way.

Scientific point of view

Scientists interpret sleep as an indicator of human thoughts. It reflects what a person thinks about. This is a physiological condition in which there is a decrease in a person’s response to stimuli from the surrounding world. During sleep, the work of human consciousness stops - partially or completely. Some studies show that sleep is an indicator of a person's mental health. Previously, scientists discovered that those who commit murder in a dream turn out to be aggressive individuals in life. The dreams of educated people are eventful and often difficult to understand. And the reason why a person remembers or forgets a particular dream is associated with lower wave frequencies upon awakening.

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Keep a dream diary

Keep a dream journal and keep it next to your bed at night. You can wake up at any time of the night with an answer to your question. It could be a vision or you could just hear the answer in a dream. It is very important to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, because time quickly erases them from memory and sometimes important answers are lost.

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Dream interpretation

Learn to correctly interpret your own dreams without using special dictionaries. To do this, write down all the details of your dream, and then note its main symbols.

Take a few seconds to think about each key point and use your intuition to interpret it. Close your eyes, ask yourself what this symbol means to you, and write down the first answer that comes to mind. Your intuition will always help you understand what a specific moment in a dream means. When you translate all the characters and understand their meaning, you will be able to get the correct answer.

This step is difficult because often your ego doesn't want to hear the right answer. As you exercise, practice pushing aside your ego.

Using Dreams

Dream experts offer some practical tips to help you interact with your dreams. They claim that dreams can help in life. You just need to learn to “talk” to them by asking the right questions.

This may seem difficult at first. It will take a little time to learn how to use dreams in real life. To become a master at navigating dreams, you need to pay attention to short-lived dreams.

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