Text of the book “Change your thinking and you will change your life”

Brian Tracy is a renowned author and creator of trainings that can change everyone's life for the better. This coach teaches even a simple housewife to become successful and self-confident. Brian Tracy's most famous book, “Change your thinking and you will change your life,” acquired millions of fans who, after reading it, began to have a different attitude towards the events taking place around them. Why is the book so interesting? What is the underlying idea and who will appreciate it? Let's figure it out together. We will also find out whether a simple book can change a person’s life.

History of the book

Brian Tracy wrote the book “Change Your Mind and You Will Change Your Life” after years of research and helping over a thousand companies. The consultant has been helping to train staff, develop businesses, and find their own path for many years. His work experience includes about 30 years of successful practice, research and training.

He recorded many courses and published about 30 manuals, but Brian decided to summarize and describe a short course of development in his creation “Change Your Thinking.” Since not everyone could afford a full course of training from a consultant or order his services, Tracy decided to explain the main points in the book in an accessible language.

Keep up with technology

Technologies. Technology is developing now like never before. We have never seen such a speed in the entire history of mankind.

Here's an example: my family and I started buying an iPhone from Apple. I used nokia before. But 8 years ago it did not exist physically, and now we have iPads and iPhones. Who knows what new technical developments will surprise us next year.

Everything is developing, everything is moving very quickly and each new aspect of knowledge increases this speed of transformation and a breakthrough increases the speed of other transformations and other breakthroughs. This spiral is spinning faster and faster.

The future belongs to those who take risks rather than seek security. Life is paradoxical in the sense that the more you strive for security, the less of it you have. But if you are constantly looking for new opportunities and taking calculated risks, you are much more likely to find stability and peace.

What is the book about?

What is the author trying to convey to us? There are several basic ideas that everyone should learn, which permeate each chapter:

  • We are the result and impression that was instilled as truth. It is enough to believe in the truthfulness of this image for it to take hold in the brain and become reality.
  • There are two main fears that stop everyone - criticism and failure.
  • We refuse to take action because we find reasons, arguments against, instead of motivation for active work.
  • Success is impossible without making mistakes.
  • Personalities consist of three interconnected images - the ideal, the internal mirror and the core of individuality.

It is important that the author tries to reveal the inner potential of each reader, turning to consciousness and reason. And this is equally effective for novice businessmen and for managers of large companies.

Thinking positively is the work to change your life

It's easy to slip into negativity. To get out of it and establish yourself in a positive and happy sector, you need to work hard. The mechanism of the influence of thought on reality in expert research is explained, briefly, by the presence of two components.

  1. Information. The brain is helped by its special structure, the reticular activating system (RAS), to cope with the flow of information coming from the outside world. This is a filter and search engine for information based on the beliefs and needs of a particular person. Simply put: what you constantly think about, you notice everywhere and eventually get it “in your hands.” Negative thinking leads to disappointment and bad luck, but positive thinking helps make your wildest dreams come true.
  2. Energy. Thoughts, like everything around us, vibrate at a certain frequency. By concentrating on what is desirable and positive, you can receive a response from space and “attract” an object or event with similar vibrations.

The main (and most difficult!) conditions for this are patience and consistency. It’s unrealistic to immediately transform into a sparkling positive sunbeam. And the world doesn’t react instantly either. How many people stopped literally half a step away from their dreams, because there were no visible major changes. And little things don't count. And in vain! Through them a signal is given: the road is right, we must continue.

To change your thinking, and after it your life, you will have to work hard. Find out below what ways there are to do this.

What 10 words are guaranteed to make you luckier if you start using them more often?

What does the book teach?

The book will teach any average person 12 simple principles of success that are applicable in real life:

  1. Change the way you think about yourself so that the life around you changes.
  2. Change your life by getting rid of negativity and negative emotions.
  3. Dream big, write down and set goals.
  4. Want to be rich, do your best every day.
  5. Take responsibility for your life, control your thoughts and words.
  6. Determine your field and become a professional.
  7. Maintain friendly relations with people around you.
  8. Think like a genius to achieve great results.
  9. Bring ideas to life, even the craziest ones.
  10. Use thinking techniques, tools and methods to better analyze what is happening, generate ideas and build your life correctly.
  11. Create the future with your own hands, without waiting for the help of others.
  12. Work on your inner world, the more beautiful and larger it is, the better the outer world becomes.


Consequences apply to everything you do, it is a consequence of what you do. I came to the conclusion that only those actions that entail significant consequences play an important role in our lives. And those events and those relationships that do not carry serious consequences are not important.

What is the difference between outstanding people and average ones? Great people work on things that have great consequences.

The average person does things that have no significant consequences. It turns out that the most successful people are the most productive people. As a result, their lives are more fulfilling and interesting.

How did the book change people?

“I didn’t think that an ordinary book would make me look at myself radically differently. It turns out that the supply of energy and skills is sufficient to move forward. But personal uncertainty always slowed down the process. Now I won’t be afraid, I’ll start getting rid of complexes today” - Maria, Vologda.

“No worse than any expensive training. Everything is short, clear and to the point. No fuss. The author manages to get to the essence of each of us, change our attitude towards life and set us on the right path” - Max, Moscow.

Constantly learn new things

Constantly learn new things

Information. Its volume is growing at a rate like never before. We see this in every field of knowledge. Some experts say that the amount of knowledge in the world will increase every 72 hours by 2021. Every 72 hours the amount of world knowledge will double, it's incredible when you think about it. 90% of all thinkers, writers, scientists who are known to us are alive, they are our contemporaries, and they work, generating information into the global body of knowledge. And our task is to constantly draw from this source of knowledge in order to understand what is happening to us or around us.

The Principle of “Zero Thinking”

The next important principle is the principle of zero-point thinking. In relation to life, it sounds like this, I ask myself the question “what I am doing today, if I knew what I know today, would I start doing it again? Would I start this at all or not?

This is a great question that changes people's lives and changes their business. Ask yourself about any relationships, business or personal, that you are happy with or not that you can think about in this way. If I had known what I know now, would I have started this relationship again?

In business, you ask the question “the person I am currently working with, my partner or one of my employees, does it make sense to continue working with him in the future? Would I hire this person if I knew what I know about him now?

I was reading a business magazine one day while on a plane and it talked about five ways to change your business. And one way is to fire your clients, especially fire your worst clients. Because your worst clients cause you the most problems. They take your money, they are a source of dissatisfaction and problems. These are the customers who constantly complain and those who don’t pay you anything.

Many companies did this, they changed their business model, they looked at each of their clients and made a decision whether to continue working with them or not. They asked themselves whether they would continue to work with these clients if they were new clients. If the answer is no, then they contacted them and said, you know, it’s better for you to work with our competitors, it will be useful for both you and us.

So, it is extremely important for you and me to ask ourselves this question in relation to any relationship in our lives.

Have a clear and clear picture of what you want

Clarity or preciseness determines 95% of success. Successful people have a clear understanding of who they are and what they want. Ask yourself what are you trying to do? What are you trying to change in your business and what are you trying to change in your personal life? If you ask people, most will say “well, I don’t know.” I'm trying to make sales, I'm trying to make money, but it's not enough.

In order to succeed, we must be absolutely clear about what we are going to achieve.

Ask yourself the right questions

The second question to ask yourself is how am I going to achieve my goals? When things are not going the way you planned and you are disappointed and upset, ask yourself the question, how am I trying to achieve my goal? Do my methods work? The only question you need to constantly ask yourself is “Does it work?”, “Is it effective?”, “Does it bring the results that I need?” I will tell you that in times of rapid change, most of what you are doing now may not work or not work as you imagine.

Here’s another great question: how many of all the decisions you make today will later turn out to be mistakes? What percentage of your decisions do you think will be wrong over time? Years of research show that 70 percent of your decisions will be wrong. This is the average. This means that some are wrong by more than 70%, some less. But the average is 70%. Therefore, it is very important to accept the possibility that you are going towards your goal in the wrong way, in the wrong way. Ask yourself the question “can this be done in a different way, come up with a different solution?”

No matter what you always do, there is a better way to achieve your goals. Therefore, we must be attentive to various options, be open, be prepared for the fact that there is another way to solve it. How to detect it?

Look at your competitors

Look at your competitors

One of your most important tasks is to study the experience of your competitors and understand what they do, how they do it and try to learn something from them.

Many people make the same big mistake - psychological. They criticize their competitors. If you criticize your competitors, then you are building a wall that prevents you from learning from your competitors.

Many people criticize successful people, we see this all over the world. People criticize those who have achieved something. If you criticize successful people, you are building a wall that prevents you from learning anything from them.

You put yourself in the position of failure because successful people admire other successful people. They are trying to learn something from them. Criticism automatically destroys your success. When you criticize successful people, it won't hurt them in any way because they don't care what you say about them.

There is a rule: you always attract into your life what you admire. If you admire successful people, then you absorb their ideas and concepts that will lead you to success. This is a great rule.

If you criticize the successful, then you drive out of your life those who could lead you to success. Anything you do to improve other people's self-esteem will also increase your own.

Be competitive

Competition. One of my friends, very influential, teaches at a business school. He says that there are three factors that help move forward - competition, competition and more competition. Competition in business determines your sales level, competition determines your profits. Competition determines the rate of growth and your personal income. And it determines your future, after all, that's a fact. This is not just a wish or a hope, it is simply a bare fact. The competition is getting tougher every year.

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