Text of the book “Aphorisms of Great Scientists, Philosophers and Politicians”

Wise sayings about life

Smart thoughts come only when stupid things have already been done.

Only those who make absurd attempts will be able to achieve the impossible. Albert Einstein

Good friends, good books and a sleeping conscience - this is an ideal life. Mark Twain

You can't go back in time and change your start, but you can start now and change your finish.

Upon closer examination, it generally becomes clear to me that those changes that seem to come with the passage of time are, in fact, no changes at all: only my view of things changes. (Franz Kafka)

And although the temptation is great to follow two roads at once, you cannot play with both the devil and God with the same deck of cards... Appreciate those with whom you can be yourself. Without masks, omissions and ambitions. And take care of them, they were sent to you by fate. After all, there are only a few of them in your life

For an affirmative answer, only one word is enough - “yes”. All other words are made up to say no. Don Aminado

Ask a person: “What is happiness?” and you will find out what he misses most.

If you want to understand life, then stop believing what they say and write, but observe and feel. Anton Chekhov

There is nothing more destructive and unbearable in the world than inaction and waiting.

Make your dreams come true, work on ideas. Those who used to laugh at you will begin to envy you.

Records are there to be broken.

You don't need to waste time, but invest in it.

The history of humanity is the history of a fairly small number of people who believed in themselves.

Pushed yourself to the brink? Don't you see any point in living anymore? This means that you are already close... Close to the decision to reach the bottom in order to push off from it and decide to be happy forever... So don’t be afraid of the bottom - use it...

If you are honest and frank, people will deceive you; still be honest and frank.

A person rarely succeeds in anything if his activity does not bring him joy. Dale Carnegie

If there is at least one flowering branch left in your soul, a singing bird will always sit on it. (Eastern wisdom)

One of the laws of life says that as soon as one door closes, another opens. But the trouble is that we look at the locked door and do not pay attention to the open one. Andre Gide

Don't judge a person until you talk to him personally because all you hear is rumors. Michael Jackson.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi

Human life falls into two halves: during the first half they strive forward to the second, and during the second they strive back to the first.

If you don't do anything yourself, how can you help? You can only drive a moving vehicle

All will be. Only when you decide to do it.

In this world you can look for everything except love and death... They themselves will find you when the time comes.

Inner satisfaction in spite of the surrounding world of suffering is a very valuable asset. Sridhar Maharaj

Start now to live the life you would like to see in the end. Marcus Aurelius

We must live every day as if it were the last moment. We don't have a rehearsal - we have life. We don't start it on Monday - we live today.

Every moment of life is another opportunity.

A year later, you will look at the world with different eyes, and even this tree that grows near your house will seem different to you.

You don't have to look for happiness - you have to be it. Osho

Almost every success story I know began with a person lying on his back, defeated by failure. Jim Rohn

Every long journey begins with one, the first step.

Nobody is better than you. Nobody is smarter than you. They just started earlier. Brian Tracy

The one who runs falls. He who crawls does not fall. Pliny the Elder

You just need to understand that you live in the future, and you will immediately find yourself there.

I choose to live rather than exist. James Alan Hetfield

When you appreciate what you have, and not live in search of ideals, then you will truly become happy..

Only those who are worse than us think badly of us, and those who are better than us simply have no time for us. Omar Khayyam

Sometimes we are separated from happiness by one call... One conversation... One confession...

By admitting his weakness, a person becomes strong. Onre Balzac

He who humbles his spirit is stronger than he who conquers cities.

When a chance comes, you have to grab it. And when you grab it, you achieve success - enjoy it. Feel the joy. And let everyone around you suck your hose for being assholes when they didn’t give a penny for you. And then - leave. Beautiful. And leave everyone in shock.

Never despair. And if you have already fallen into despair, then continue to work in despair.

A decisive step forward is the result of a good kick from behind!

In Russia you have to be either famous or rich to be treated the way they treat anyone in Europe. Konstantin Raikin

It all depends on your attitude. (Chuck Norris)

No reasoning can show a person a path he does not want to see Romain Rolland

What you believe in becomes your world. Richard Matheson

It's good where we are not. We are no longer in the past, and that is why it seems beautiful. Anton Chekhov

The rich get richer because they learn to overcome financial difficulties. They see them as an opportunity to learn, grow, develop and become rich.

Everyone has their own hell - it doesn’t have to be fire and tar! Our hell is a wasted life! Where dreams lead

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, the main thing is the result.

Only mom has the kindest hands, the most tender smile and the most loving heart...

Winners in life always think in the spirit: I can, I want, I. Losers, on the other hand, focus their scattered thoughts on what they could have, could do, or what they cannot do. In other words, winners always take responsibility, while losers blame circumstances or other people for their failures. Denis Whately.

Life is a mountain, you go up slowly, you go down quickly. Guy de Maupassant

People are so afraid to take a step towards a new life that they are ready to close their eyes to everything that does not suit them. But this is even scarier: to wake up one day and realize that everything nearby is not the same, not the same, not the same... Bernard Shaw

Friendship and trust are not bought or sold.

Always, at every minute of your life, even when you are absolutely happy, have one attitude towards the people around you: - In any case, I will do what I want, with or without you.

In the world you can only choose between loneliness and vulgarity. Arthur Schopenhauer

You just have to look at things differently, and life will flow in a different direction.

The iron said this to the magnet: I hate you most of all because you attract without having enough strength to drag you along! Friedrich Nietzsche

Learn to live even when life becomes unbearable. N. Ostrovsky

The picture you see in your mind will eventually become your life.

“The first half of your life you ask yourself what you are capable of, but the second - who needs it?”

It's never too late to set a new goal or find a new dream.

Control your destiny or someone else will.

to see beauty in the ugly, to discern the floods of rivers in streams... whoever knows how to be happy in everyday life is indeed a happy person! E. Asadov

The sage was asked:

How many types of friendship are there?

Four, he answered. Friends are like food - you need them every day. Friends are like medicine; you look for them when you feel bad. There are friends, like a disease, they themselves look for you. But there are friends like air - you can’t see them, but they are always with you.

I will become the person I want to become if I believe that I will become it. Gandhi

Open your heart and listen to what it dreams of. Follow your dreams, because only through those who are not ashamed of themselves will the glory of the Lord be revealed. Paulo Coelho

To be refuted is nothing to fear; One should be afraid of something else - being misunderstood. Immanuel Kant

Be realistic - demand the impossible! Che Guevara

Don't put off your plans if it's raining outside. Don't give up on your dreams if people don't believe in you. Go against nature and people. You are a person. You are strong. And remember - there are no unattainable goals - there is a high coefficient of laziness, a lack of ingenuity and a stock of excuses.

Either you create the world, or the world creates you. Jack Nicholson

I love it when people smile just like that. For example, you are riding on a bus and you see a person looking out the window or writing an SMS and smiling. It makes your soul feel so good. And I want to smile myself.

Even under the harshest and roughest shell sometimes hides a tender soul and a sensitive heart. Stephen Covey

When you feel good and have fun, you are surrounded by a lot of people, but as soon as you feel sad or something happens in your life and you really need help... the number of people decreases sharply and the people who truly remain are those who value and value you.

Time is a great teacher, but, unfortunately, it kills its students. E. Berlioz

If you knew how rarely we are understood correctly, you would remain silent more often. Goethe

Keep it simple. Let what happens happen.

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