Text of the book “Destination, Fate and Karma. What is a sense of life?"

Who is Osho and how does he help people understand life?

This man, as befits an Indian guru of self-knowledge, had several names. Rajneesh Shri Bhagwan was accepted initially and gave him fame. The first part of this name means “enlightened” (it is believed that he acquired this gift at the age of 21). Osho was given the name by his associates and followers; translated, the word means “teacher” (Japanese origin).

The main essence of his teaching is human relaxation and the path of awareness. Osho promoted meditative practices, and even created his own meditation techniques. For example, the most popular of them, dynamic meditation, is still used everywhere, even after almost 30 years after his death. Such exercises are aimed at relaxing existing blocks in the body. Osho teaches us to feel ourselves, our sensations. See the world with different eyes through contemplation and observation of each of your actions, each natural phenomenon and what is happening around.

The Guru believed that human life is the most valuable thing that exists on earth. And it cannot be carried out in dreams, religious beliefs and other ideological plantings. We are created for pleasure, but most of the true reasons for receiving pleasure are considered sinful and forbidden. Osho helped to realize that a person is valuable to himself and that one should not forbid oneself to live in wealth; he did not consider sexual desires a bad manifestation of the human essence. Everything that is natural and comes from nature must have a place in life.

You can’t go against nature, you need to listen to yourself and understand.

About communication

All this “socialization” is an illusion. Understand yourself and share your most secret things with loved ones who are ready to understand you.

“Give yourself the luxury of not interacting with unpleasant people.”

“Loneliness is a state when you are sick of yourself, tired of yourself, tired of yourself and you want to go somewhere and forget yourself in someone else.”

“Self-sufficiency is when a delicious shiver of your essence runs through you. You're happy to be yourself. You don't have to go anywhere. You are self-sufficient. But now something new appears in your essence. You are so full that you can no longer contain it all. You need to share, you need to give it away. And whoever accepts this gift, you will feel grateful to him for accepting it.”

“No one can say anything about you. Whatever people say, they are talking about themselves.”

“The greatest fear in the world is fear of the opinions of others. The moment you are not afraid of the crowd, you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar is heard in your heart - the roar of freedom."

“Society will give you everything if you give it your freedom.”

His best books aimed at self-development in life

More than 600 books have been published on behalf of Osho. Some of them were created during the guru’s lifetime, others were written from his lectures and video messages. Readers speak of them as a source of exceptional wisdom that changes consciousness completely and forever.

  1. "Beyond Enlightenment." Here Osho speaks directly to his audience. He answers questions about the meaning of existence, what love and devotion are.
  2. "Discover the reality outside the mind." In this book, the author talks about what actually shapes our reality. Draws attention to the lack of a conscious approach to life among the majority, instructs on the path of conscious existence through sensitivity to life events and one’s own feelings.
  3. “Awareness”, here the guru teaches the method of a conscious approach to life, tells listeners in the form of a dialogue about how the most important moments of life pass by. We often forget about them or don't notice them.
  4. "Freedom. The courage to be yourself,” Osho talks about the value of life. About the fact that you don’t have to follow society’s expectations, everyone has their own path. You need to listen to yourself, this is the only way to become strong in spirit and become truly free.
  5. “About Life,” Osho uses examples from religious teachings to explain how important it is to simply live in this world. Without prejudice and following rules. Denies the sinfulness of some human pleasures. According to Osho-Rajneesh, life consists of ordinary little things. That’s why it’s so important to take care of yourself and be able to contemplate.
  6. “Golden Future”, 2 volumes of books about the global. A story about what an ideal society might look like, that the emergence of a new world is inevitable, about the uniqueness of each individual and the impossibility of universal equality.
  7. “Secrets of Life”, Osho introduces us to his teachings, draws attention to various religions and the unreality of dogmas. He teaches us to trust life, trust ourselves, and inspires us to self-knowledge.

Love is what's inside

Love is what's inside. Osho quotes about love are very sincere. Objects of passion can change, the main thing is freedom and joy, although in principle, they can be preserved in an alliance with one partner. But tormented by love experiences, giving up something significant for yourself, is the wrong approach.

“Love has nothing to do with relationships, love is a state.”

“If you can have freedom and love at the same time, you don't need anything else. You have everything - what life was given for.”

“If you catch a bird, then do not keep it in a cage, do not make it want to fly away from you, but cannot. And make it so that she could fly away, but didn’t want to.”

“If you want to love a person forever, you cannot go near him for a minute.”

“Stop thinking about how to get love and start giving it. By giving, you receive. There is no other way..."

“Love never hurts anyone. If you feel that love hurts, it means that something else is hurting, but not your love experiences. If you don’t understand this, then you will continue to move in the same vicious circle.”

“When you are sick, call the doctor. But most importantly, call those who love you, because there is no medicine more important than love.”

“If you love, but you are not there, let go. If you are loved, but you are not, evaluate and take a closer look. If the love is mutual, fight.”

“Love knows how to go into the unknown. Love knows how to throw away all guarantees. Love knows how to rush into the unfamiliar and unknown. Love is courage. Trust love."

“You must know that freedom is the highest value, and if love does not give you freedom, then it is not love.”

“The mind is a very businesslike, calculating mechanism; it has nothing to do with love.”

“There is really no reason why a woman should wait for a man to take the initiative. If a woman is in love, she should make the first move. If the man did not respond, she should not feel humiliated.”

Methods and techniques for improving life

The author’s main technique is contemplation and meditation. Osho teaches us to love ourselves as we are, not to try to meet the demands of society. There is a video “Seven-year cycles of life”, Osho reveals in them the concept of the periodicity of human life. Using an example, he explains exactly how the existence of an individual goes, what is important for us in what period of growing up, how the purpose of life is formed.

One of the popular techniques for improving life from Osho was chakra breathing. Aimed at removing blocks, improving energy and the general condition of a person. With the help of this meditation, you can cure diseases that are affected by energy holes.

Requires time and training in proper technique.

Dynamic meditation allows the body to move and do what it wants. This technique relaxes the body, releases hidden emotions, and removes blocks. After completing the exercises, a person becomes freer, joy and the desire to be himself come into his life.

Osho's opinion - life consists of ordinary little things and we must appreciate every moment.

Make life around you beautiful!

The idea is simple: you must always go forward and upward and discover something new! Both around you and in yourself. Inspirational Osho quotes will support you along this path.

“The only person on earth we can change is ourselves.”

“Make as many mistakes as possible, just remember one thing: don’t make the same mistake twice. And you will grow."

“Make life around you beautiful. And let every person feel that meeting you is a gift.”

“Whenever you are faced with a choice, be careful: do not choose what is convenient, comfortable, respectable, recognized by society, honorable. Choose what resonates in your heart. Choose what you would like to do, no matter the consequences.”

“You only need one thing - to be natural, as natural as your breathing. Love your life. Don't live according to any commandments. Don't live according to other people's ideas. Don't live the way people demand of you. Listen to your own heart. Become silent, listen to the small, small voice within you and follow it.”

“All the values ​​that a person dreams of are hidden inside him.”

“You must constantly engage in purification: if you notice some nonsense idea in your head, cleanse yourself of it, throw it away. If your mind is pure and clear, you can find a solution to any problem that arises in your life.”

“Any borrowed truth is a lie. Until you experience it yourself, it is never true.”

“Dedicate your life to beauty. Don't devote it to the disgusting. You don't have much time, you don't have much energy to waste. It’s simply stupid to waste such a small life, such a small source of energy on anger, sadness, hatred, jealousy.”

“Only one thing is constant in the world, and that is change. Everything else changes, except changes.”

“We have inherited not only the mind of millions of past years. We have also inherited the madness of millennia.”

“If you have become a river, you cannot help but become an ocean!”

His views on life and famous quotes

Osho believed that every person is unique in nature. For each of us there is a special place in this world and to equate everyone with the same brush is stupid, dangerous and impossible. We are made for love. She and freedom are what we live for and are born for. Therefore, you just need to live and not deny yourself pleasures if they do not harm others.

Osho's phrases about life:

  • “Don't run from yourself. You can't be anyone else."
  • “There are three traps that steal joy and peace: regret for the past, anxiety for the future, and ungratefulness for the present.”
  • “Life itself is a blank canvas, it becomes what you paint on it. You can paint misery, you can paint bliss. In this freedom lies your greatness.”
  • “The soul is always young, it never ages. Why? Because the soul is timeless.”
  • “You are the cause of your suffering, your happiness and your pride. No one is responsible for how you feel, you and only you. You are your own hell and heaven."
  • “Sin is when you don’t enjoy life.”
  • “You have the right to live your life according to your own understanding.”

Osho believed that man is his own master. We are completely responsible for our lives ourselves. And we ourselves will answer to ourselves if, as a result, it turns out to be empty and stupid, without purpose and joy.

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Osho's Golden Rules of Life

All these people who gave commandments, instructions, showed how to live, how to eat, how to dress, what to do, what not to do - all these people are one way or another trying to make you psychological slaves. I cannot call such people religious.

For me, religion begins with psychological freedom.

The golden rule of life is that there are no golden rules.

There can't be any. Life is so vast, so huge, so strange, so mysterious, it cannot be reduced to a rule or a maxim. All maxims are short, too small; they cannot contain life and vital energies. Therefore, the golden rule that there are no golden rules is very significant.

A genuine person does not live by rules, maxims, commandments. This is how a pseudo-man lives. A genuine person simply lives.

Yes, if you ask a genuine person, he may tell you certain rules, but they are not rules that he himself follows. He simply found them along the path of life, like collecting sea shells on the beach. He didn't plan to collect sea shells, he planned to enjoy the early morning, fresh air, sun, sea, sand. So, by the way, he found these sea shells.

All the rules are collected by people who do not live by them, because the people who live by them committed suicide long ago.

Anyone who lives by the rule destroys himself, poisons himself, because this rule was found by someone, not you, somewhere where you will never be, in some time, in some space, which is not your time and not your space. Following such a rule is very dangerous. You will distract your life from its center, its foundation - you will disfigure yourself. Trying to decorate, you will disfigure yourself, deform yourself.

I cannot give any commandments, but I can make some requests of you. No one has done this before, so it may seem a little out of this world, but what can I do? I can address you with some invitations.

1) Don't let your doubt die.

This is the most precious thing you have, because someday doubt will help you discover the truth.

Everything that science has achieved in three hundred years is all thanks to doubt. And for ten thousand years, religion has achieved nothing - because of faith.

You can see, anyone who has eyes can see how much science has achieved despite all the obstacles from religious people. What was the main strength of science? In doubt.

Doubt, doubt all the time until you get to the point where you can no longer doubt. And you can no longer doubt only if you find out something yourself. Then there will be no question of doubt, there will be no way for doubt.

2) Never imitate.

The mind is an imitator, because imitation is so simple. Being someone is very difficult. Becoming someone is very easy: all you need to do is be a hypocrite, which is not a big problem. Deep inside you remain the same, but on the surface you are always painting yourself according to some image.

And every individual is so unique and original that to try to become Christ is to commit suicide . Trying to become a Buddha is committing suicide.

Therefore, the second request is this: do not imitate. If you want to know who you are, please avoid imitation, imitation is a way to avoid knowing yourself.

You cannot change the laws of the universe. You can only be yourself and nothing else. And it's wonderful to be yourself.

Everything original has beauty, freshness, aroma, liveliness. Everything imitated is dead, stupid, false, artificial.

You can pretend, but who are you kidding? You are not deceiving anyone but yourself.

The first thing to understand is that non-imitation is one of the foundations of religious life.

Be neither a Christian, nor a Muslim, nor a Hindu - then you can discover who you are.

3) Beware of knowledge.

It costs so little to become knowledgeable. Everywhere you can find sacred books, everywhere there are libraries, universities; it is so easy to become knowledgeable. And once you have become knowledgeable, you have become very vulnerable, because now the ego wants to believe that this is your knowledge, and not just knowledge, but your wisdom itself. The ego wants to pass off knowledge as its own wisdom. And you start to believe that you really know.

You don't know anything. You only know books and what is written in them. Probably, these books were written by people like you. Ninety-nine percent of books are written by other readers. In fact, if you've read ten books, your mind is so full of all sorts of rubbish that you want to pour it all into the eleventh. What else will you do with it? You will need to unload yourself.

The number of books continues to grow. Every year, thousands and thousands of books are published in every language.

If you read books about love, and there are thousands of books, novels, poems, stories, studies, dissertations about love, you will learn so much about love that you will forget that you yourself have never loved, that you do not know what all this love is , – but you know everything about love, you know everything that is written in books.

Therefore, the third thing is to beware of knowledge, to be vigilant so that at any moment you can put your knowledge aside so that it does not block your vision. It shouldn't come between you and reality. You must go into reality extremely naked. But if there are so many books between you and reality, then whatever you see is not reality. Reality, by the time it reaches you, will be destroyed by your books; it will no longer have anything to do with reality.

4) I won't say "pray"

because there is no God to whom to pray. I cannot say, as all religions do, that prayer will make you religious. It will give you false religiosity , which is why in my religion the word prayer is completely dropped.

My replacement word for “prayer” is “love.” Forget the word “prayer”, replace it with love.

Love is not for some invisible God. Love of the visible - human beings, animals, trees, oceans, mountains. Spread your wings of love as wide as you can.

And remember, love doesn't need a belief system. Even an atheist loves it. Even a communist loves him. Even a materialist loves it.

Love is something that is inherent to you, and not something imposed from the outside.

5) Live from moment to moment - die to the past at every moment.

He's finished.

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There is no need to even note whether it was good or bad. You only need to know one thing: he is finished, he is no more. It will be no more... gone and gone forever; Why waste time on him now?

Never think about the past because you are wasting the present, which is the only real thing in your hands. And never think about the future, because no one knows what will happen tomorrow, how tomorrow will be, how everything will turn out, where you will land - you cannot imagine it.

Stay in the moment, truly in the moment, absolutely here and now, as if there was no yesterday and no tomorrow - only then can you be completely here and now.

And this fullness of being in the present connects you with existence, because existence does not know the past, does not know the future. It is always here and now.

When you are completely here, yesterday does not pull you back, tomorrow does not pull you somewhere else, you are completely relaxed.

For me, being in the moment is meditation, being extremely present in the moment. And then everything is so beautiful, so fragrant, so fresh. Nothing gets old. Nothing goes anywhere.

It is we who come and go; existence remains as it is. It is not time that passes, it is we who come and go. But here is a misconception: instead of seeing that we are passing through, we created a great invention, a clock, and now time is passing.

Time is an invention of the mind ; at its core, time exists only when there is yesterday and tomorrow; the present moment is not a part of time.

When you are just here, just now, there is no time. You breathe, you live, you feel, you are open to everything that happens around you.

6) Take it with great joy that you are human.

Destroy all ideals created to condemn you. Destroy them before they destroy you. They have already caused enough harm to humanity. Millions of people lived under the weight of these ideals, crushed, with a feeling of guilt, like worms.

All religions imposed their idea of ​​a superman.

And they all told you that if you are virtuous, if you do everything prescribed by the holy books, if you follow them with faith, then this will happen to you. They have given you an ideal that you are unable to fulfill, which is why you feel guilty. You feel unworthy, worthless, and all your energy that could help you become true human beings is wasted on all these nonsense.

There is no hierarchy in existence. The smallest blade of grass is of equal value to the greatest star in the sky.

There is no hierarchy in existence, no one is lower, no one is higher. Each one is an entity unto itself. One tree is tall, another tree is not so tall. This does not mean that a tall tree is greater, superior, and a small tree is not so great, not superior.

7) Don't fight with your body.

All religions have taught you to fight nature. Everything that is natural is reprehensible.

Religions say that you must do something unnatural, only then can you escape from the prison of biology, physiology, psychology, from all the walls that surround you.

But if you are in harmony with your body, with your mind, with your heart, then, religions say, you can never go beyond your limits.

This is where I am against all religions.

They have planted poisonous seeds in your being, because you do not dare to love your body, although you live in it.

The body serves you for seventy, eighty, ninety, even a hundred years, and science has not yet been able to come up with a mechanism comparable to the body. Its complexity, its miracles that it constantly performs for you... and you won’t even think to thank it.

You see your body as an enemy and your body as a friend.

It takes care of you in every possible way, when you are awake, when you are asleep. Even in your sleep it continues to take care of you

But somehow your internal chemistry has been working continuously for almost a century. It has an automatic system for replacing parts that are not working properly. It throws them away, creates new parts, and you are completely unaffected by it. This happens on its own all the time. The body itself has a certain wisdom.

And religions say that the body is your enemy, you must starve it, you must torture it, because if you do not starve it, do not torture it, then how can you be free from it? The only way to free yourself is to cut off all your attachments to him.

They teach you to hate your body, and this is something very dangerous. This very idea turns your best friend into your worst enemy.

This is not your enemy, this is your friend. This is a gift from nature to you. It's part of nature. It is connected to nature in every possible way. You are bridged not only with the breath, you are bridged with the sunbeam, you are bridged with the scent of flowers, you are connected with the moonlight. There are bridges from you in all directions; you are not an isolated island. Drop this idea. You are part of an entire continent, and also... nature has given you an individuality. This is what I call a miracle.

You are an integral part of existence, and yet you have individuality. Existence has created a miracle, made something impossible possible.

By being in harmony with your body, you will be in harmony with nature, with existence.

So instead of going against the flow, go with the flow. Be in a state of acceptance. Let life happen. Don't force anything, no matter how well it's called. Don't disturb your harmony for the sake of some holy book, for the sake of some holy ideal.

There is nothing more valuable than being in harmony, in agreement with the whole.

8) Live and try to find out what life is.

All religions agree on one thing: real life begins after death. This life is just a rehearsal, not a real performance. The real performance will happen after death. Here you are just preparing for the performance. Therefore, sacrifice everything to prepare for the spectacle that will happen after death.

They teach you to sacrifice. Sacrifice love, sacrifice life, sacrifice joy, sacrifice everything. The more you sacrifice, the more you can take part in the drama, the great drama, after death. They try to focus your mind on life after death.

They are not interested in life, in fact all they want is for you to not be interested in life. Their business is based on your interest in death. And you can invent the most beautiful things about death, and no one can dispute it. This can neither be proven nor disputed. And if you are a believer, then of course all these holy books provide the support of a priest, a monk, a rabbi who can quote them for you.

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Life is made up of very small things. So if you become interested in so-called big things, you are missing out on life.

Life consists of sipping a cup of tea, of chatting with a friend, of a morning walk when you are not going somewhere, but just walking, without any goal, without intention, when at any moment you can turn back; from preparing food for a loved one; from cooking for yourself, because you also love your body; from washing clothes, from mopping floors, from watering the garden... these are small things, very small things... from saying “hello” to a stranger, which is completely unnecessary, because you have nothing to do with this stranger.

But for you, existence - and nothing but existence - is the only temple.

Nothing but life is the only God I teach you.

Respect your life. Based on this respect, you will begin to respect the lives of others.

9) Be creative.

Only creative people know what bliss is. Draw, play music, write poetry, do everything not for the sake of any goal, just for the sake of joy, without any other reason. If you can compose poetry, just for your own joy or to share with a few friends; if you can plant a beautiful garden simply out of the pure joy of creation, so that anyone passing by can stop and admire it for a while, then that is reward enough.

This is my experience: only creative people know what bliss is.

They can also know happiness, and I must explain the difference to you. Happiness is always caused by some reason: you received the Nobel Prize - you are happy; you are awarded - you are happy; you become a champion in some kind of competition - and you are happy. Something is the cause of happiness, and that happiness depends on others. The Nobel Prize is awarded by the Nobel Committee. The gold medal is awarded by the gold medal committee, the university. Happiness depends on others. And if you work for this motive, you want to achieve the Nobel Prize, you write poetry, novels precisely in order to receive the Nobel Prize, then while you are working, this motive is just a hindrance, a burden. There will be no bliss, because your happiness is there, far away, in the hands of the Nobel Committee. And even if you win the Nobel Prize, the bliss will only be fleeting. How long can you brag about it?

Bliss is something completely different, it does not depend on anyone. It's the joy of creating something; it doesn't matter whether anyone accepts it or not. You enjoy it while you create - and that is enough, more than enough.

10) The most extraordinary thing in existence is to be ordinary.

Everyone wants to be extraordinary, it is very ordinary. But to be ordinary and just relax in this ordinary existence is the highest extraordinary thing.

The one who perceives his ordinariness without any discontent and grumbling - with joy, since the whole existence is like this - only for such a person no one can destroy his bliss. No one will steal it, no one will take it away.

11) Live dangerously.

What does this mean exactly? It simply means that there are always alternatives in life. You are always at a crossroads, always, always.

Every moment is a crossroads, and you must choose where to go, what your path will be; you have to choose every moment.

Every moment is decisive as you reject many paths and choose one.

If you choose the comfortable, the familiar, you will never be able to live intensely.

Convenient, familiar, generally accepted, approved by society means that you are ready to become a mental slave.

Society will give you everything if you give it your freedom.

It will give you respectability, it will give you a big position in the hierarchy, in the bureaucracy - but you have to give up only one thing: your freedom, your individuality. You must become one in the crowd.

The crowd hates a person who is not part of it. But remember one thing: the crowd has never had an experience of the truth. Truth happens only to individuals.

This is why all religions are constantly trying to attract more and more adherents. The reason is not that they are interested in people, their lives, their transformation - no, they themselves are not transformed, but if there are more Christians than Hindus, then naturally it seems that Christians have a better chance of possessing the truth than from the Indians. If there are more Buddhists than Christians, then of course they can continue to believe that they have the truth and that is why so many people are with them.

But I want you to remember: truth always happens to individuals. This is not a collective phenomenon. It doesn't happen to the crowd. It always happens to individuals.

Truth comes only to the rebellious, and to be rebellious is definitely to live in danger.

Living dangerously means not putting such stupid conditions between yourself and life as convenience, comfort, respectability.

Throw it all away and let life happen, go with it, without worrying whether you are on the main road or not.

12) Live by observing.

Whatever you do: walk, sit, eat or do nothing, just breathe, rest, relax on the grass, never forget that you are an observer.

You will forget about it again and again. You will be involved in some thoughts, in some feelings, in some emotions, in some moods - in everything that will distract you from the observer.

Remember and run back to the center of your observation.

You recognized your face only through the mirror, from the outside, because you are not an observer. If you start observing, you will feel your face from the inside - and this is such an experience, observing yourself from the inside.

Then gradually strange things will begin to happen... Thoughts disappear, feelings disappear, emotions disappear, and silence arises around you.

And you are like an island in the middle of an ocean of silence.

Just an observer, like a flame of light at the center of your being, radiating your entire being.

At first it will be only an internal experience. Gradually you will see how this radiation spreads beyond your body, its rays reach other people. And you will be surprised and shocked that other people, if they are even a little sensitive, will immediately become aware that something invisible has touched them.


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A smile is the main weapon!

High spirits are the basis of our existence. And a smile is the main weapon!

“Have you ever noticed that man is the only animal that laughs?”

“People take everything so seriously that it becomes a burden to them. Learn to laugh more. To me, laughter is as holy as prayer.”

“Becoming too serious is the greatest misfortune.”

“There comes a time in your life when you step away from drama and the people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. You forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the rest. Life is so short, live it nothing but happily. Falling is part of life, rising to your feet is living it. To be alive is a gift, and to be happy is your choice.”

“Truth is not a dogma, but a dance.”

About finding each other

“Stay on your honeymoon. Go out and find each other, find new ways to love each other, new ways to be with each other. Every person is an endless mystery, inexhaustible and incomprehensible. It is impossible to ever say, “I have fully known him” or “I have fully known her.” The most you can say is “I tried my best, but the mystery remains a mystery.” In fact, the more you know about a person, the more of a mystery he becomes. That’s why love is a constant adventure.”

About love

“Love knows no boundaries. Love cannot be jealous because love cannot possess. The idea of ​​owning someone because you love them is disgusting. You own someone - it means you killed someone and turned them into an item. You can only own things. Love gives freedom. Love is freedom."

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