Interception plan: how to take a married man away from his legal wife?

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The love triangle, consisting of a man, a wife and a home-wrecker, has long been the talk of the town. Should we blame a woman who fell in love with an unfree representative of the stronger sex? The question, as they say, is interesting.

However, even more interesting are the options for the development of events: leave everything as it is, leave the “married man” or take him away from his legal wife. If you are inclined to the latter method of solving the problem, then you will probably be interested in how to take a married man away from your family and keep him close to you.

Is it worth taking away a married married man?

Any decision in a relationship with a married person is not easy. If a woman is still thinking about how to take a man away from the family, let it happen with the least possible losses. The best advice in this situation is to think about whether it's worth doing. There are many arguments for and against, you need to weigh everything before fighting off a man:

  • To figure out whether this is a sudden crush or strong love, a desire to take revenge on someone or the stereotype “everyone is married, and me?” Psychologists say that in most cases, adult girls who choose a married guy as a love object have childhood problems. For example, they grew up without a father or in a large family where they received little emotional attention. They are accustomed to competition and have convinced themselves that nothing comes easy. A married man is precisely the object of inaccessibility, and the girl’s feelings are heightened by the fight for him. It is not a fact that, having achieved what she wants, she will not be disappointed in her choice.
  • There are other options for the development of events. Sometimes a really strong feeling arises in both partners. They realize that the previous relationship was a mistake. Then the thought arises about the need for a decisive step for reunification. If this is a strong love that is difficult to cope with, psychology will help you understand how to take a married man away from your family.

Recommendations from a psychologist

Before deciding to have an affair with a married man, a mistress should consider the following aspects:

  1. A man's opinion. Many representatives of the stronger sex hide the fact of having a wife and promise to divorce for years, continuing the carefree life of a traitor. They often lie, significantly embellishing family problems, strive to evoke pity, and avoid serious conversations. Therefore, first you need to make sure that the man is really ready to leave his wife.
  2. Having children. Dating a man who has a child is a difficult moral test for all participants in the love triangle. Perhaps the wife’s condition will prevent her from raising children; after a divorce, the husband will have to spend most of his money and free time on his old family, depriving his new wife of resources.
  3. Confidence in relationships. At first, a man may be confident in his feelings, but soon he may want a new relationship. Lack of seriousness of intentions and refusal to talk about a future together should alert you at the very beginning of a relationship.

It is normal for a man's worldview to date two women at the same time. The mistress must decide whether the role of entertainment is suitable for her.

How to make him fall in love with you

How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence for a woman - psychology

Getting the attention of a man who is satisfied with his family relationships is quite difficult. The efforts made and the result obtained will be too disproportionate. A woman will have to try a lot to make him fall in love with her. It is much faster to interest a man who is disappointed in marriage and is ready for seduction. Experts recommend approximate tactics on how to make a married man fall in love with you:

  • To conquer by the fact that a mistress is a free woman living a bright, eventful life. It is useful to show interest in men's affairs, ideas, and share his hobbies with him. Family psychologists say that a man sees, first of all, in his mistress the embodiment of his desires, in contrast to his wife, who is tired of household chores and is busy caring for and raising children.

The desire to conquer a man will require a lot of time, emotions, and effort from a woman.

  • It is effective to fall in love with yourself by creating an atmosphere in which there will be no showdowns or scandals, where the lover can relax and feel calm. This technique especially works if the man is the boss and the woman is constantly near him.
  • An important component of the relationship between a married man and his mistress is that he should not be bored in intimacy, especially when there is no variety in the marital relationship and he is ready to fall in love.
  • A man will appreciate it if his chosen one shows sincere feelings of joy and gratitude for any signs of attention and enjoys every minute spent together.

Important! If you want to attract a married man, you should not waste time, emotions, feelings on the relationship. According to psychologists, this is the main nuance to seduce.

Is it worth counting on loyalty?

Whether the new lover will be faithful or after a few months will go in search of a new passion depends on the type of man, as well as on the reasons why it was possible to take him away from his wife. If the marriage broke up due to a real lack of feelings between the spouses, then, most likely, with the right actions on the part of the mistress, the new marriage can become long and happy. If the lover is just a womanizer who collects women’s hearts, then you can’t count on family happiness.

Where to start getting interested

How to become a rich and successful person in life - the psychology of achieving success

A woman who decides to commit herself to a married man is always faced with the task of how to make her lover fall in love with her, so that further relationships are strong and deep, and withdrawal from the family is possible. To do this, psychologists reveal secrets of where to start and how to interest your chosen one:

  • To seduce, figuratively speaking, you need to learn to play on the strings of his soul. To do this, it is useful to learn the nuances of male psychology: general and specific men.
  • Discover or cultivate in yourself the main qualities of influencing a man: not to judge, but to support; communicate openly, and not play hard to get; be unpredictable, leaving the main intrigue for later.
  • Remember that men love not only with their eyes, but also with their ears: a conversation between two is captivating, like sex, if only it is structured correctly. You need to learn exciting intonations, pauses, developing a special melody of your voice in order to attract and seduce him.
  • Attune your chosen one to yourself: find out which female type he likes best, what interests him, what hobby he has. Find a balance in the conversation: talk about yourself only as much as necessary. Listen to him exactly as much as he wants.

Important! Falling in love begins with communication; if the course of seduction is structured correctly, a man’s interest in a woman is guaranteed.

It depends on a woman whether she will find happiness in a relationship with a married lover

To steal someone else's husband, study the intricacies of family psychology and use it to your advantage

You can be surrounded by a bunch of psychological literature, but still not understand how to act with a specific man. You need not only to act in accordance with the books, but also to keep your finger on the pulse, that is, to feel how your lover reacts to you. Don’t forget to analyze the response to your actions so that you can then choose the right level of interaction.

Will there be happiness in such a relationship?

How to interest a man by correspondence and is it possible to drive him crazy?

All experts unanimously say that taking a married person away from the family does not mean finding happiness with your loved one. As a rule, the euphoria ends in the first months. After all, all a man’s problems, which were usually solved by his wife, are transferred to his mistress. Now she will have to run the household and provide for everyday life. The realization comes as to whether this is the happiness that the mistress has been waiting for. Therefore, it is better to think once again whether it is worth taking your partner away from the family and becoming a married lady. If a woman is not confident in this prospect, it is better to terminate the relationship.

Stay desired 2

External appearance is the first thing men pay attention to, so it’s worth taking care of your appearance. If necessary, sign up for a gym, take care of your face, hairstyle, nails and body hair. Always be in style with a great mood. Beautiful speech also accompanies success. The right word, spoken with the right intonation, can light a huge fire in a man. You need to speak with a hint of sexuality, to turn on a man. Flirting, of course, is required.

There is no need to behave like his wife or mother, he is fed up with all this, he needs something fresh, such youthful hot relationships that will make his heart pound.

How to get your lover away from his wife

In her thoughts, each mistress imagines herself in the place of the chosen one’s wife and strives with all her might to occupy him. To help her, instructions and manuals are written, films are made. There is no need to be skeptical about this, sometimes the recipes for happiness presented there work. How to get your lover away from your wife? You can take the classic instruction as a basis, which consists of playing with contrasts:

  • The wife is faded, unkempt, overweight - the mistress is young, fit, fashionably dressed, taking care of herself.
  • In the family, no one wants to listen to a man or take into account his problems - the mistress will always listen, understand and sympathize.
  • The beloved does not ask for money. She is self-sufficient and busy, provides for herself, unlike her wife, who constantly whines that there is not enough money in the family.
  • A mistress never criticizes her chosen one; she considers all his qualities and habits ideal. His wife does not appreciate him and finds fault with him over trifles, for example, he does not help with everyday life and is inattentive to her problems.
  • The partner favorably accepts all his friends and is on good terms with them. She understands the fact that a man needs to relax, meet with friends, stay up late with them, without answering her calls.
  • The most important thing is that the mistress simply adores intimacy in all its manifestations, unlike the wife, who is constantly tired and sick.

In building a strong relationship with your lover, it is important not to go to extremes

Male opinion

Most men are cowards, and are afraid to admit it even to themselves. The man is strongly attached to the “comfort zone”, from which he has no plans to leave. They will express any excuses, just so as not to bring about changes that they don’t know what might bring to them.

Men are very careful, even if they feel good with you. Don’t expect them to run away from their wife and come to you for a new marriage. You can remain as a mistress for a long time. Agree to this temporary role as well. Subsequently, he may gain the courage to enter into an open relationship with you.

Don't rush things. Do not force a man to end his marriage with his wife as soon as possible. In particular, do not rush to talk about marriage with you. This will be seen as manipulation and will hurt his pride.

Don’t even try to supposedly accidentally fly in to manipulate this. This act will be regarded not just as a blow to his integrity. This will be a betrayal. After this act, the man will not only stop communicating, he will disappear from your life, so that you will not find him.

Love shouldn't bring suffering. Love represents self-sacrifice. The guy must see your willingness to do everything for the sake of love, then he himself will begin to show nobility on his part. After which you can become his wife. An abusive relationship will never be good.

Psychological techniques

In the psychology of love relationships, you can find effective techniques to help a woman build the right relationship with her beloved man and seduce him. Perhaps she herself knows these techniques well enough, and they will not be new. The main thing is to choose them for a specific person, that is, “do not cut all men with the same brush.” Knowing the basic methods will help you choose the most suitable ones for yourself and your chosen one:

  1. It is important not to tie a man to you with gifts and surprises, even if they are branded items. After all, even your wife can buy elegant ties, lighters, and shirts. On the contrary, too expensive things will cause confusion in the family and force the chosen one to get rid of them. It is much more pleasant if a man is met by an attractive lady who knows how to surprise with her intelligence and knowledge in different areas of life.
  2. A woman’s big mistake is if she is overly interested in her lover’s personal life. Often questions about family and children force a man to lie; this is not pleasant for everyone. He will tell you everything you need himself. A man still won’t find anything better than to say a banal phrase about how he and his wife haven’t had anything for a long time.
  3. The worst thing in a relationship is when the mistress tries to turn into wife number two. Trying to attract the attention of her chosen one with excessive care, she irons his shirts and surprises him with culinary delights. On the contrary, it often takes on a repulsive effect. A self-sufficient woman will always create interest and a certain intrigue with her activities and pastime.
  4. If a girl expects expensive gifts from her chosen one, she should behave like a real lady, refined and refined. Having become desirable to a man, you can develop in him the desire to surprise her with surprises.
  5. The main thing in seduction is “not to go too far”, constantly remaining weak and defenseless for him. Sometimes it is important for a man to have the support of his beloved, who can give good advice, provide assistance, and is not afraid of frank conversations. He needs to show that he can trust her completely.
  6. Psychologists say that there is no need to be afraid of non-standard ways to attract a man. to yourself. They should be such that the lover is confident that he is the one who dominates in all initiatives.
  7. The best quality for an ideal lover is to be an understanding, conflict-free person who knows how to smooth out all misunderstandings and disagreements.

To become an ideal lover, you need to be able to attract not only beauty, but also communication

About guilt

To build a happy relationship, it is important to get rid of guilt. It is not at all necessary that the saying about “happiness from someone else’s misfortune” will apply to a girl’s new relationship. If she was able to break up her family, it means that she already had some problems or her feelings simply cooled down. Most likely, at first the abandoned wife will curse her husband’s new chosen one, but then realizes that her marriage was doomed. Over time, spouses move away from each other, but remain close because of children, habits, and money. It is better to eradicate subconscious remorse, since it simply destroys the budding relationship.

What not to do

Often psychological techniques must be used with the prefix “not”, then you can get a positive effect. Many methods relate to what a woman who has committed herself to a relationship with a married man should NOT do under any circumstances:

  1. You cannot make your chosen one feel guilty. There are many cases in practice when mistresses actively force a man to get rid of his wife. For example, they begin to manipulate his feelings, reproaching him for coldness and inattention, forcing him to spend all his free time with her. As a result, the man feels his obligations both to his family and to his mistress, cannot cope with them, and ultimately makes a choice in favor of the family.
  2. There is no need to try to keep him near you with the help of a child. Everyone knows that it is simply impossible to tie a man to a child; he will leave a boring relationship, no matter what. A woman who manipulates a baby will only cause rejection and hostility.
  3. Relationships in which the mistress tries to control the chosen one are doomed to failure. Under no circumstances should you check his things, read SMS messages, emails, or constantly call him, trying to figure out where he is. His wife can also do this; in relationships on the side, he is looking for freedom and understanding, and not total control.
  4. The partner's hysterics, with which she tries to win love, have a negative impact on the relationship. A partner has enough of them in marriage; he expects psychological comfort and peace of mind from his beloved. There is no need to influence him with eternal female weaknesses in the form of tears and emotions; not all men calmly withstand this. It is much better to take on the psychological role of a friend.
  5. Finally, the main “don’t” is to categorically exclude the desire to annoy his wife. There is no need to demonstrate your superiority over the spouse of your chosen one, call her, leave marks on the man’s clothes, harass her with anonymous messages and even threats. This only causes the opposite effect in a man, if, moreover, the wife behaves with dignity and does not reproach her husband for anything. The chosen one will understand that his mistress has gone too far, trying to push him to make a choice. Most likely, he will break off the relationship that is boring him.

Every woman should have her own secrets of seduction, then she will be able to keep her beloved man near her

Women's secrets of seducing a married man are varied; it is extremely difficult to give specific advice. Every woman who is ready for such a relationship will understand in what situation what the right thing to do is if she is “savvy” psychologically.


The moral aspect appears in the issue with children. Destroying a family with children is a very serious step. If it does come to a divorce from his wife, then the mistress will need to be ready to take on the role of a stepmother. And try to prevent your ex-wife from meeting her man.

If we are talking about small children, then the man constantly works and all the money goes to consumables for the little one, the man automatically turns into a source of funds. And you should think very carefully whether it is worth destroying such a family, because the mistress will have to become a mother for a small child if he remains with his father. In general, the issue of children is very sensitive and requires clear action.

Keep near you

If you didn’t need a partner in your family life, you just wanted to regain faith in yourself and it turned out great, you should discuss everything with him honestly.
It depends on his views on the future and the motives of his wife herself whether they will follow the same path or whether everyone will continue to receive freedom - from obligations, pretense, unnecessary affection. Such a cheater will leave on his own or do everything in the name of sincere forgiveness. And if you really need a partner, and this has only become clear now, you need to rebuild your married life.

Breakfast in bed is pleasant for both spouses

To keep your loved one near you, you can do things that are not without psychological tricks:

  1. Use perfume that he associates with happy periods of life together.
  2. Prepare breakfast in bed.
  3. Sometimes you dress up nicely and run away with friends (of both sexes) to a cafe. Friends are not always suitable for the role of a comforter or “home psychologist,” but it’s easy to share the fun!
  4. Before you throw away everything old and unnecessary from your life, you can look through photos together and remember the good moments.
  5. Book a night at the hotel or visit the restaurant where He proposed.
  6. Go on a long journey together. Yes, not the cheapest remedy. However, such an event will help replenish the collection of a new happy page in the family album.
  7. Before and after intimacy, you can stroke your husband’s back, stretch his feet, and at the end, kiss him, for example, on the neck. By repeating this ritual, reflexes are strengthened. They are also developed for love.

Where is the best place to meet?

You need to meet where your partner is comfortable and comfortable .

If he is afraid of being noticed by his friends, he should choose remote from his usual habitat .

Perhaps his mistress’s place of residence fully meets his requirements. Then solving the issue will not be difficult.

Wealthy and influential lovers often do not hide their partners, since their wives value their position and will not divorce because of their husband’s fleeting hobbies.

Such men can meet their mistress openly, appear with her in public places, and introduce her to business partners and friends.

It is important to understand that such free behavior speaks more about the man’s promiscuity, rather than the seriousness of his intentions.

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