How to get to know a man better: What to talk about with a man on dates

Every girl, after meeting an interesting guy, wants to get to know him better, and this is absolutely normal. Knowing a person’s hobbies, outlook on life, and preferences, it is much easier to communicate with him and build relationships. As a rule, in order to interest a representative of the fair sex, a guy at the first communication wants to show his best side and does things that are actually not typical for him. As a result, the girl develops a false opinion about him, and after she gets to know him better, complete disappointment sets in, or, in the worst case, depression.

Particular attention should be paid to online dating. Believing every word the new guy says has consequences. In correspondence, he may seem very interesting, positive, and self-confident. But in real life things are often different. When an inspired girl goes on a first date and sees a person who doesn’t match the one she talked to online, emotions run high. It becomes a pity not only for the time spent, but also for the efforts. Another unsuccessful attempt at making a new acquaintance leads to the fact that the girl stops trusting people.

In order not to be deceived in vain, not to think about a person worse or better than he really is, and subsequently not to suffer from this, you need to know what, how and when to ask, what topics to talk about when meeting. If you haven’t yet decided what questions to prepare for your guy in order to get to know him better, then read on.

Funny (cool) questions for a guy

  1. A musician's black dream standing on three legs... What is this?
  2. Is life easy for people born on February twenty-ninth?
  3. Do shopping carts in hypermarkets have any fun when they are stacked on top of each other?
  4. If it dawns on you, what does autumn have to do with it?
  5. Has alcohol turned you into firewood?
  6. What kind of vegetable are you?
  7. How many mistresses have settled on your balcony?
  8. Why can't you fly?
  9. What diet is your wallet on?
  10. Do you have any friends in space?
  11. Why is your nose so long when you look at the ceiling?
  12. Why (why) are you sleeping?
  13. What happens if we scan the mirror?
  14. How can you use banana peel?
  15. Have you ever associated you with Cheburashka?
  16. What flower do you look like?
  17. Have you added nicotine to your coffee?
  18. Why do men eat and not gain weight?
  19. Why do you close your eyes when you eat?
  20. Where did you learn to blow your mind so well?
  21. Why does all food always taste better at night than in the morning?
  22. Would you walk around the mall in your family's underpants?
  23. What fruit are you?
  24. What kind of literature do you like to read on the toilet?
  25. What are you singing in the shower?
  26. When (last time) did you dance a striptease?
  27. Does money love you?
  28. How to cancel all Mondays?
  29. Why do you hide your socks in the refrigerator?


Goals and dreams5

  • If you could choose any profession other than your current one, what would you do?
  • What things do you regret most about not doing in the past year?
  • What items are on your “To Die Before You Die” list?
  • If you had money to start your own business, what would you do?
  • On the last day of your life, what will you do?
  • If you could live anywhere on the planet, where would you like to live?

  • The genie can grant you three wishes. What will you wish for?
  • Would you like to be immortal?
  • Which famous person would you like to spend a day with?
  • Do you believe that your dreams will come true?

Interesting questions to help you recognize a guy

  1. Did you have many girlfriends before I arrived?
  2. What is your relationship with your relatives (family)?
  3. Do you love animals?
  4. What can lift your spirits?
  5. What record were you able to break?
  6. Do you know how (like) to play a musical instrument?
  7. Have you thought about starting your own business?
  8. How do you feel about extreme sports?
  9. Coffee or tea?
  10. What can bring you to tears?
  11. Do you remember mobile numbers quickly?
  12. Where do you dream to live?
  13. Do you like to keep abreast of all the news?
  14. Have you ever wanted to be on a desert island?
  15. Can you tell jokes?
  16. What do you like to discuss?
  17. What musical instrument can you play?
  18. Do you believe in true friendship between a guy and a girl?
  19. Do you have a hobby(s)?
  20. What animal do you like?
  21. What do you dream about?
  22. Can I rely on you?
  23. Can I trust you?
  24. How does your friendliness show?
  25. Roller skating?
  26. What did the girls give you?
  27. Do you have a lot of friends?
  28. What's your favorite cartoon?
  29. Who would you like to be on the island with?
  30. What's your favorite color?
  31. Do you like to travel?
  32. What is your motto (your life credo)?
  33. What is your life goal?
  34. Have you ever written poetry, novels or prose?
  35. What books and magazines do you like to read?
  36. Do you have any enemies?
  37. Can you keep secrets (secrets)?
  38. What gifts do you like to give girls?
  39. What irritates you about people?
  40. Do you like watching cartoons?
  41. What movie (series) do you consider to be your favorite?
  42. How do you feel about girls who smoke?
  43. Have your friends betrayed you?
  44. Do you often call family and friends?
  45. Do you call your friends when you feel bad?
  46. What do you get tired of most quickly?



Intimate questions help partners get closer and diversify their sex life. A girl shouldn’t be afraid to ask intimate questions for a guy.

  • How good are you in bed?
  • Do you like experimenting in your sex life?
  • What is your experience with sex?
  • Can you describe your first time?
  • Do you watch porn films?
  • Have you ever had a threesome?
  • What types of sex have you already tried?
  • What sexual fantasies would you like to come true?
  • Did you have sex with a girl you barely knew?
  • Have you ever watched someone else have sex?
  • What breast shape do you like best?
  • How much time during sex do you spend on foreplay?
  • Do you like dirty sex?
  • What kind of sex do you consider the most disgusting?

Simple questions

  1. What time of year do you love most?
  2. Do you believe in omens?
  3. What flowers do you give to girls?
  4. What are you most afraid of?
  5. Do you believe in horoscopes?
  6. Who are you by temperament?
  7. Do you love holidays?
  8. Where do you like to walk (walk)?
  9. How do you feel about shopping?
  10. Can you swim?
  11. What games do you know and like to play?
  12. Do you play computer games?
  13. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
  14. Do your dreams often come true?
  15. Do you live according to a schedule?
  16. What is your favorite holiday?
  17. Who are you according to your horoscope?
  18. Can you ride a bike?
  19. Do you have pets?
  20. What computer games do you play?
  21. Do you have pages on social networks?
  22. What do you do best?
  23. In what year were you born?
  24. How do you get used to relaxing?


How do you know that a guy loves you?

Even with the help of direct questions and hints, it is not always possible to find out whether a guy is in love or not. Validating feelings is a delicate matter. Psychologists advise paying attention to a man’s emotions when he responds to a woman and talks to her about relationships.

If a guy tries to change the topic of conversation, turns everything into a joke, and doesn’t answer directly whether he likes you or not, you should be wary. The young man probably has some secrets. He doesn't want to reveal his real intentions towards you or is playing a double game.

If a man’s emotions are open, sincere, and he is inclined to dialogue, then you can have a constructive conversation with him about your union. Such a person is able to compromise. Therefore, building a long-term relationship with him, you most likely will not have to be disappointed.

Love and too personal questions to get to know a guy better

  1. Have you ever fallen in love?
  2. Do you consider yourself a romantic?
  3. Do you like to watch sunrises and sunsets?
  4. Which girl do you remember most often?
  5. What is the most important thing for you in a relationship?
  6. Do you remember your very first love?
  7. Do you talk to your ex-girlfriends?
  8. How do you feel about cheating?
  9. Do you communicate (be friends) with your ex-girlfriends?
  10. How long did your last relationship last?
  11. Why did you break up with your girlfriend?
  12. Where do you usually meet?
  13. Can you sleep with a girl you don't feel anything for at all?
  14. How do you feel about gay people?
  15. How do you hit on girls?
  16. Do you know what unrequited love is?
  17. Have you ever raised your hand to a girl?
  18. Could you change the one you love?
  19. Are you capable of cheating on your girlfriend?
  20. Are you planning to get married in the future?
  21. With whom and at what age did you kiss for the first time?


About life and hobbies

Questions for a guy about his life and hobbies will be very appropriate at the first stage of dating. A girl is recommended to ask her lover about his hobbies, family, childhood, etc.

Questions for a guy on first dates should not be too frank

This way you can establish friendly contact:

  • Have you ever flown to European countries?
  • What genres of books do you prefer to read?
  • What movie would you like to watch a second time?
  • Do you go swimming?
  • Do you think that your friends are irreplaceable?
  • Did you want to be like your parents as a child?
  • Do you often go out into nature with your family?
  • Can you prepare a culinary dish yourself?
  • Can you be called a jack of all trades?

Questions that can intrigue (interest) a guy

  1. How do you feel about cars?
  2. What do you collect?
  3. Did you worry about what others thought of you?
  4. What compliments have you ever heard from girls?
  5. What are you willing to do for your loved one?
  6. Do you have any favorite childhood memories?
  7. How do you like to spend your time?
  8. What foods don't you like?
  9. Do you like high-speed modes of transport?
  10. How do you feel about vulgar girls?
  11. Have you ever met?
  12. Do you like to relax in nature?
  13. Who are you (will you vote) for in the elections?
  14. How do you used to spend your free time?
  15. Do you consider yourself happy?
  16. Would you be able to kill a person?
  17. What has life taught you?
  18. Would you like to date me?
  19. Have you often deceived for the greater good?
  20. Cheating on a girl or betraying a friend... What's scarier for you?
  21. Have you dealt with crime?
  22. Family or career (work)?
  23. Do you believe that there is life after death?
  24. Who will your bride (wife) be like?
  25. Do you know how to thank (be grateful)?
  26. Have you made plans for me?

Continuation . . .

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If a girl wants to impress a guy and intrigue him, then she will be able to do this with the help of provocative questions.

Here are some options:

  • Are you always this sad or are you just so bored with me?
  • Do you doubt my loyalty?
  • I don’t understand: are you interested in me or not?
  • I like you, and you like me?
  • Who's your sign? Perhaps you and I are perfect for each other?
  • I would like to meet myself tomorrow evening, and you with me?
  • Do you think we have a chance to have a close relationship?
  • Will you and I have children?
  • What name will we choose for our first child?
  • Will your family love me?
  • Are you ready to marry me?
  • What will you tell your friends about me?
  • What is my role in your life?

How to understand that a guy doesn't love you: 5 sure signs

Above, we looked at what questions you can ask a guy to understand whether he needs you or not. If the conversation did not give the desired result, and you are still confused, then pay attention to the signs described below. They indicate that a man does not want a serious relationship with a woman.

Take a closer look at how he behaves. The following points should be of concern:

  1. He always decides where and when you will meet. Doesn't ask what you think about this. At other times he does not answer calls, ends the conversation abruptly and makes excuses by saying that he is busy at work. Remember: if a man needs a woman, then no matter how busy he is, he will always be interested in her opinion.
  2. Whenever he wants, he can change your plans together, even if there is no proper reason for this. The guy prefers to meet only on neutral territory. This is not love. This is how a man behaves towards a woman, whom he uses only as an object to satisfy his needs.
  3. The young man says almost nothing about his life and puts off getting to know his family, friends and colleagues. He doesn't want to communicate with your friends and relatives. If this is exactly the case, then the guy failed the test. Don't waste your time on him.
  4. The guy constantly expresses dissatisfaction with your behavior and makes comments out loud. He may not like the way you look or what you are interested in, but he is in no hurry to break off the relationship. What he wants to achieve is to lower your self-esteem.
  5. He can make a scandal out of nowhere, without even trying to understand the situation. And then he doesn’t deign to apologize, he doesn’t get in touch for a long time to make you feel guilty.

If a guy doesn't want a girl, he doesn't watch what he says. Compliments are like a cheap show. He does not choose the words to address his partner - she is not important to him, so he does not want to waste his time on such “little things”. If the girl is completely indifferent to him, the young man may descend to insults using profanity.

The right man will never let you forget how much he loves you.

I can't even tell you how many conversations I've had with people who feel like there is no commitment in their relationships. The men in these women's lives never made them feel loved, wanted, or valued. This is the most important piece of the puzzle - the right man will always remind you how much you mean to him.

If someone truly loves you, you will know and feel it. If not, then every time you will wonder: “Loves or does not love.”

Truth #3: Men love with their ears.

Men need recognition, they have a real hunger for this feeling. Look how adults and girlfriends behave when they meet: “Oh, your hair is new,” “And your dress is beautiful!” - they just shower each other with compliments. And that’s normal, you’re not shy about each other.

This is not accepted among men, this is how their mentality is structured. Men don’t tell each other: “How pumped up you are,” “How successful you are.” And if we are talking about men in the post-Soviet space, they basically do not hear good words addressed to them.

As children, they heard only criticism and comparisons: “Petya is smarter,” “Vasya is stronger,” “You are not smart/handsome/obedient enough.” I understand that women who grew up during this time heard the same thing from adults. If your parents treated you differently, you had a good childhood from an emotional point of view. Don't get me wrong: I don't want to blame anyone, to say that parents and grandparents acted badly - it was just such a time. Some people are still raising their children not very correctly.

So, most men, in principle, do not hear words of recognition. Not in the sense of: “You are beautiful,” “You are wonderful,” “You are a good person.” I’ll tell you a secret: if you want to insult a man, tell him that he is a good person. A man needs recognition of his masculinity, intelligence, personal qualities, and so on.

The psychology of men in relation to women is designed in such a way that they just need to hear good words. Most people in relationships hear only criticism and do not know about the existence of compliments. They don't know that there really are women who say nice things to their men. But the majority prefer to act through criticism because they are afraid and are not used to behaving differently. Because we have never seen mom treat dad differently.

I’m not saying: “Men are so poor, go have pity on them.” We consider male characteristics so that the question does not arise: “How can a woman understand a man?”

It is important to understand the emotional state with which you give a man a compliment. If you praise a man to deserve love, to be treated well, or to get something from him, you can feel it. It is important to give compliments with generosity, without expecting anything in return.

There is no need to praise men for the sake of “deserving” love, a good attitude towards oneself, or the hope of getting something from the chosen one. The man will feel insincerity. I believe that normal men only become better from good words. However, weak men can relax. But you are in control of the situation, so you can always stop saying words of recognition to a man.

Many people are afraid to “spoil” a man. Normal men only become better from good words. Weak, unworthy men can relax. But you can always control the situation, so you can always stop telling your partner words of recognition. I hope you have figured out how to understand what a man wants.

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How to get people interested in a conversation

In order for communication to continue, you need to constantly maintain the young man's interest . Men like it when their opinions, personality, and inner world are given special attention. You can emphasize that this person is very important and interesting for a girl by asking:

15What qualities of appearance and character do you value most in girls, in people in general? What flaws can be accepted in a person, and which are unforgivable?

16What do you think is the meaning of all life? What should a person do in his life so that it is not lived in vain?

17What qualities do your friends and family value most?

18What is your favorite hero, idol? Is there an example or role model in real life?

Excessive activity of a girl will scare any guy

In the first weeks of dating, a balance is needed between spending time together and being distant. You don’t need to always be in touch, respond immediately and spend days and nights sitting in front of a monitor. Sometimes, it's useful to disappear for a while so that the guy gets a little worried and has time to get bored.

At first, the man needs to be allowed to speak out, to tell more about himself . The girl can answer questions addressed to her evasively, only 1 out of 3 (three remain unanswered). This will preserve a mystery that the guy will certainly want to solve.

How to check a guy's feelings for a girl

Since it’s quite easy to check whether a guy really needs you, we won’t focus on this topic in great detail. We will only suggest tricks and actions that will help bring a man to clean water, whether he is at a distance or next to you. Also, some tips are suitable for checking the feelings of a young man by correspondence.

Method 1. Stop being interested in his life and activities

Don’t talk or correspond with him about how he spent his time, what he did and why he didn’t call. When a guy likes a girl, he notices the changes and asks himself what happened. If he has “no feelings-name-Oleg,” then the guy will simply ignore your emotional state.

Method 2. Change for the better

A fairly simple test of a guy's feelings for a girl. A new haircut, a beautiful dress, attractive tight jeans, high heels and beautiful photos on Instagram will do the trick. Such changes cannot be hidden from a young man who is experiencing feelings. He will puzzle over who his chosen one was transformed for.

Method 3. Make you jealous

How to check without unnecessary hassles whether a guy needs you, for example, from a distance? Try to make him jealous. It is enough to ask a colleague or friend to give you a ride home. During a personal conversation on the phone or by correspondence with a guy, casually tell him about it without clarifying details, so that he can figure out the ending of the story himself. You can make a man jealous even with the help of calls and messages that will often come to your phone.

Method 4. False pregnancy

A tricky trick loved by many girls, which representatives of the stronger half do not approve of. But you can take a risk and tell your man that you are expecting a child. After these words, pay attention to his reaction. If a young man got scared and started talking about emergency measures, then there can be no talk of love. With a proper response and interest on his part, you can rest assured that the guy has passed the test of feelings.

We tried to tell you in as much detail as possible what questions you can and should ask a guy in order to understand whether he needs you or not. If a man and woman are ready to have an open conversation, they will have a better chance of avoiding omissions, secrets and misleading assumptions that can ruin hopes for a strong and long-lasting relationship. Therefore, try to ask questions correctly, and do not be afraid of open conversations on the topic of feelings.

How to ask questions about relationships and love

The topic of relationships, especially discussing exes, is taboo at first. Awkward and provocative questions will alienate your interlocutor at the very beginning of communication. But after a few weeks or a month, it’s time to move on to personal issues:

19What is the most romantic thing in a relationship? Is there love at first sight?

20What is the most important thing in a relationship: fidelity, romance, passion, sex or mutual understanding? What can you live without, and what can’t you live without?

21Are you looking for a long-term relationship? How long was the longest relationship in your past? What is the reason for the breakup?

22What is most important in a girl: intelligence or beauty? What qualities should she have to win your heart?

Talking about her rich past, a girl risks seeming frivolous to a guy.

They ask the guy about past girlfriends unobtrusively, in a light flirtatious manner. They mention this in passing, allowing the interlocutor to choose the points on which he wants to dwell. It’s better not to mention your past at all, except for your first and long-forgotten love.

When discussing relationships, it is important for a girl to determine the young man’s life position , his moral qualities and ability to be faithful. It's complicated, but it's still worth asking:

23What is his attitude towards cheating, communicating with other girls (guys) on the side?

24Is flirting and close friendship between a man and a woman considered cheating?

25What role, in his understanding, does a man play in the family? What is he responsible for?

26Should he take care of a woman, and how?

27Does he consider open relationships acceptable?

28What is more attractive to him: many fleeting romances or one serious relationship for life?

The answers in this case will not always be sincere. This can be understood from the rest of the correspondence and the subsequent live conversation. If a guy insists on fidelity, and he stares at every girl passing by, then he clearly lied.

The right man will always support you

Whether you want to go back to school after 20 years and finish your master's degree, start singing professionally, or just stay home and raise a family, the right man will always support you and your aspirations in life. He will never hinder you or make you feel like you can't do what you set out to do. He will be by your side, overcome every step along the way with you, rejoice at your achievements and console you during failures.

How to understand if a guy needs you: 10 signs of falling in love

The question “how does he treat me” is relevant for many girls. Some people think that guys are scared of relationships, but that's not true. Absolutely all people, regardless of gender, are afraid that after creating a couple, something will go wrong. For this reason, some men take a long time to take the plunge.

It also happens that a young man changes girls like gloves. Now he is with one, and after a couple of weeks another passion appears on the horizon. For some men, this is the norm (changing girls), since they sincerely believe that they are looking for the one and only one. The guy will walk until he finds her.

If you don't know whether a similar story applies to your relationship, look at his behavior, taking into account the following signs:

Sign 1. He always wants to be close to you

Male psychology is quite simple, but interesting. If a guy enjoys being in the company of a girl, he will constantly strive for this. If his intentions are serious, the young man does not expect initiative from the object of his sympathy. He himself is trying to make himself noticed. If your boyfriend behaves this way, quickly send him a nice SMS with gentle words.

Sign 2. He accepts you for who you are.

That is why you feel easy and comfortable in his company. You don't have to hold the bar, try to demonstrate that you are better. A man loves you with all your negative qualities and even oddities. If you have to resort to pretending and trying to look perfect, it is better not to continue the relationship, because this will be the way you will continue to behave.

Sign 3: It doesn't go away unexpectedly

Instead of thinking about what questions to ask a guy in order to find out for yourself and understand whether he needs you or not, it is better to pay attention to the actions of your partner. If a man’s intentions are serious, he will not suddenly disappear without explaining the situation, and then appear just as unexpectedly. As a rule, guys try to remind themselves more often so that the girl they love doesn’t take a closer look at someone else.

Sign 4. He plans your future together

A young man not only dreams, but makes rather realistic plans? This is Love. He not only thinks about where to go on his next vacation, but also decides to live together. If a man is not afraid of a serious relationship, is ready to implement plans, and does not avoid talking about the future, he is definitely in love with a woman.

Sign 5. He is reliable

If a guy wants you to become a strong and harmonious couple, he will never make you feel uncertain. Doesn't suddenly change plans by canceling a date. He tries to learn something new about his girlfriend every day and enjoys spending time together. And if necessary, he will always come to your aid.

Sign 6. He lets you into his world

The people he is friends with have become your friends too, and you also know his relatives. It's good if your family likes you. Then the man will be sure that he did not make a mistake in his choice. But this does not mean at all that if his mother, for example, for some reason is opposed to you, he will refuse your relationship. Of course, this should be sorted out right away so that in the future the guy is not torn between his mother and his girlfriend.

Sign 7. Your opinion is important to him

If a young man has serious intentions about you, he will often consult with you and discuss points of interest. In this way, the guy demonstrates that he values ​​the girl’s opinion. He doesn’t need to check his feelings at all. But if you are in doubt, talk to him, because asking a man directly is sometimes much easier than spending hours discussing “does he like me?”

Sign 8. He shares your hobbies

Shared hobbies are important for partners. Being interested in your hobby properly shows that a guy likes you. It doesn't matter to him what exactly you are interested in. A young man supports his beloved girl. But remember that a man will also like it if you share his interests. Otherwise, he will think that you don't care.

Sign 9. He wants to ask you to marry

True love is not limited to meeting every few days or spending the night at each other's houses. If a guy talks about marriage, it means he wants to win you for life. The main thing is that a man consciously approaches the concept of a family man and is mentally prepared.

Sign 10. You are the most important thing to him.

Most of a young man's time is yours. He tries to do a lot for you and with all his actions proves that for him you are the most beloved and most important in life.

All of the above signs indicate the seriousness of the guy’s intentions towards the girl. And even if he has not proposed to you at the moment, there is a high probability that this event will happen very soon.

Truth #2: Men don't change.

If you get married or enter into a relationship with a man and at the same time give yourself the attitude: “In general, I like this man. Of course, I’m not happy with this moment and this moment, but I will change/fix/correct it,” you are living in an illusion.

You know that I am learning English and regularly communicating with Native Americans to improve my speaking skills. So, the desire to change a man is a problem not only for women in the post-Soviet space; it’s the same story abroad.

Please understand, a man does not change. If at the beginning of a relationship you see that a man is a careerist and spends little time at home, most likely when he has a family, the same will happen. And if his lifestyle doesn’t immediately suit you or makes you uncomfortable, you’re taking a big risk.

Or, conversely, a man is not purposeful, he has a moderate rhythm of life, and ambitions are below average. It's not good or bad - it's just the way he is. And if this suits you, great, but if now you think that “I’ll go through some women’s training and start inspiring them! He will become ambitious, purposeful, his income will increase 30 times” - most likely, this is an illusion.

If a man, for example, is a mama's boy, he and his mother will have a very close connection, which will influence your relationship. At first it will be tolerable, then you will try to somehow change the situation, and this is very difficult.

In such cases, you need to think not about how to understand men. You need to turn to yourself. Ask yourself this question: “If this man does not change and remains as he is at the moment, will I be happy and satisfied?” If the answer is “no,” you are taking a huge risk by entering into a relationship with such a partner. There is a 98% chance that it will not change.

If you say “Yes, this man suits me, I love him, next to him I feel like a woman” - this is a good sign. When entering into a relationship with such a man, you are acting wisely.

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