How can you tell if a girl is hiding her feelings and understand whether she loves you or not?

It so happens that a girl is traditionally prescribed a quiet, passive model of behavior. Previously, any attempts to take the initiative and speak about your feelings directly were condemned.

Nowadays, girls are no longer so shy, they are not afraid of self-expression and leadership, but the majority, following tradition, try to appear modest. This is not bad, since it is modest behavior that often attracts us even more than shocking behavior. But in such a situation, a reasonable question arises: how to understand that a girl loves you?

No. 1. A loving girl is always faithful (devoted)

This is the NUMBER ONE item. Take my word for it, the girl/woman who experiences really serious real feelings for a man truly loves him, always (note the word, always, not temporarily) faithful (devoted) only to this one man. Dot.

Loyalty (devotion) will be there even in the event of separation (for example, due to quarrels, scandals, or for other reasons, such as a flight, army, business trip, etc., etc.). And we’re not talking about a week, two weeks, a month, but also about fairly long periods (a year or more), if there are any...

If this is not the case, there is no devotion (loyalty), this is not love, these are not serious feelings.

For a loving girl/woman there are no other men at all. Jokes aside. Hey, they're not interesting, at all, at all. Hey, only one man is interesting. The one she loves. All.

Loyalty = this is the #1 most basic feminine quality.

And a loving girl, truly loving, = she will not meet anyone there, accept advances, flirt, flirt, make advances, communicate, will not look at other men, will not make eyes at them, etc. and so on. she will stop communicating with old boyfriends (if any), acquaintances, etc., etc. understand the point - hey, no one is interested if she truly loves a specific man, you know? For her, there are no others = hey, only one is interesting.

A loving girl/woman wants to receive all the attention, courtship, care, affection, etc., etc. only from a loving man. It is important for her to be close to him and only him. The rest are not interesting. Dot.

Emotional love6

Such relationships can be compared to a smoldering coal that can flare up at any blow of the wind. Emotional love is completely based on a woman's mood, because of this it is fickle and merciless. Touching tenderness here can alternate with slaps in the face, and sweet conversations about the future are forgotten against the backdrop of scenes of jealousy and hysterics.

Such relationships are based on manic love, where a woman loves a man so passionately that she cannot cope with her feelings. Choleric women or those who have little experience communicating with the opposite sex are most prone to this type. What’s interesting: many supporters of “practical love” were previously participants in manic relationships.

No. 2. A loving girl is afraid of losing her man...

A loving girl/woman will always openly demonstrate to you, man, that she values ​​you and the relationship with you. Hey you are important. Expensive. Understand?

In all quarrels, a loving girl/woman will make concessions, seek compromises, in order to resolve the quarrel/preserve the relationship with you. Understand? Hey, you are important, dear!

If this is not the case, it is not love. If she believes that she is always right in everything, and you are always this and that, bad, etc., etc., then there is no love (feelings) here and cannot be.

A loving girl/woman will not leave you, abandon you, slam the door, turn around and leave. Only a man can do this out of emotion)) but not a woman, they don’t have that. Loving girls are ALWAYS MORE AGREEING and COMPLIABLE. Always. Always. And again, always.

The thought of you leaving her, getting separated, or something happening to you = is unbearable for her.

A loving girl/woman will always be flexible, compliant, etc. she will make every effort to make you feel good with her, so that you are happy with her, so that you are close to her and not go anywhere, she will make every effort to maintain a relationship with you, to be close to you, so that you will be next to her, you know? You are extremely important and dear to her.

This is what love is for a loving girl/woman. Believe me. This is true.

Point No. 1. loyalty (devotion) is largely for the sake of this. For a man to be around, a woman must always be faithful to him. Because the No. 1 female quality is fidelity. It is extremely important for a man to understand that a woman is worthy. Because relationships are built only with worthy people. You can basically fuck with just anyone, it’s about nothing, but relationships are completely different, and more serious.

And a worthy woman is, first of all, a faithful (devoted) woman.

It is extremely important for a man to know and understand that no matter what happens, the girl/woman will always be by his side, will not betray him, will not leave for another, if anything happens (quarrels, scandals, will not leave him for profit, etc.), which in in the end, the children will be his (this man’s), and not the neighbor’s, Kolya, Vasya, Petya, etc., do you understand?

If there is no fidelity, it is not love. All these women's stories, questions, etc., in the style of, I love my husband, but I can’t leave my lover, I love that guy - but I sleep with another, etc. and so on. This is not love…

Guys, do you still listen to what women tell you? Ahaha. She can tell you anything, and if you are a naive asshole, then you will listen to her and be fooled. If this is the case for you, congratulations.

Decent men who are good with women understand perfectly well that listening to a girl/woman will only make you STUPID! She says one thing, thinks another, and does something else. There is no logic with it and there cannot be. Women don't follow logic. At all. That's it, absolutely.

In general, when we talk about love, real, real, serious feelings, then a woman automatically becomes faithful (devoted) to only one man. All. Dot.

This is a priori. I didn’t invent this, I made it up because I wanted it so or I think so... it’s a priori.

CONCLUSION: A loving girl/woman will always openly demonstrate to you, man, that she values ​​you and the relationship with you. Hey you are important. Expensive. She doesn't want to lose you. She's afraid of losing you. And she does (attention, DOES, and will not do it once there, she does-do-does all the time) everything in order not to lose you, and to maintain a relationship with you.

Loves or not - how to understand a girl?

Girls are treacherous creatures and it is often difficult to understand their true feelings. Many representatives of the fair sex develop a consumerist attitude towards guys - they don’t love them, but use them.

In their youth, beautiful but stupid girls pretend that a smart but unpopular boy is cute in order to copy his homework.

Gradually, beauties begin to pretend that they love wealthy, but not too young and handsome men, trying to get their money.

Victor looked more like a scientist than the owner of a large company: glasses with thick lenses, albeit expensive, but always ill-fitting suits, checkered shirts, confusion and uncertainty in communicating with girls. He stared at the beauties, afraid to approach them. At the same time, he didn’t even try to understand that his childhood friend had been in love with the guy for a long time, although she was pretending to be just a friend. And then a beautiful and sexy girl came to his company to get a job as a secretary. She was hired and, quickly assessing her boss’s potential as a groom, she began to take the initiative. Victor was delighted that such a beauty loved him. It was getting close to the wedding. I had to take the initiative into the hands of that same childhood friend. She simply recorded a conversation with her fiancée Vitya. The beauty ridiculed the groom, saying that he was disgusting to her, that she did not love him, but she would definitely marry him and make good money on this deal. Victor was crushed. The wedding was cancelled, but he finally began to take a closer look at his childhood friend, and finally began to realize who truly loved him.

Men, it is important for you to understand that:

  • any girl, even without acting skills, can pretend to love you - you don’t need much talent for this;
  • the fact that you have a beautiful appearance or a lot of money is not a guarantee that the girl really loves you;
  • the ability to determine the sincerity of a young lady’s feelings at the initial stage of a relationship will help to avoid many disappointments.

No. 3 (combined with No. 2). She will change for you...

A loving girl/woman (who has serious feelings for a man) will change and become a better person for his sake. Literally bloom and never wither - never.

Again, remember the point above. Hey, you are important, dear. She values ​​you and her relationship with you. She doesn't want to lose you. That's why she will want to be the best woman for her man.

She will change, become better, more beautiful, brighter, more attractive, kinder, more affectionate, she will take care of her figure, her body, beauty, I don’t know, the gym, proper nutrition, health, she will blossom in every sense of the word, in much for the sake of his man - so that he is happy with her and so that he feels good with her, and also so that he himself wants to be with this woman, i.e. to keep a man (point No. 2) with yourself. Understand? Everything is very interconnected...

A loving girl/woman will want to be worthy of this man, because she is his calling card, a man is judged by a woman, the kind of woman is the same as the man.

I talked about this in more detail in the main article: “What is a harmonious couple.”

A loving girl/woman will want a man to be only with her and no one else, and she will make every effort to keep it that way. Therefore, there will be point No. 2., and No. 1. and everything that follows too.

A loving girl/woman will want you, a man, to be proud of having the best girl/woman next to you, she will want to make you happy. Understand?

These are serious feelings (love). And if this is not the case, nothing has changed with your (male) appearance, she is what she was, and remains so, hey, it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t change, doesn’t blossom, doesn’t get better, ala style “I am who I am - I don’t like it” goodbye”, then this is not love...

If all this is not there, hey, don't care about you, rest assured, because a loving girl/woman will fight for you, with all her might, and above all, she will become the best in many ways for your sake.

If a girl/woman does not do anything for you, does not try for the sake of your comfort with her, for the sake of your happiness, does not change, does not become better, does not blossom, and no other points = this is not love.

If she behaves the way you want = this is not love..

The list can go on for a long time... I think you get the point.

CONCLUSION: A loving girl/woman will change for the sake of a man, becoming better, more beautiful, brighter, more attractive, kinder, more affectionate, more feminine, etc. and so on. because you are important, dear. She values ​​you and her relationship with you. She doesn't want to lose you. Therefore, she will want to be the best woman for you, for her man, so that you, a man, are happy with her and so that you feel good with her, and also so that you yourself want to be with this woman. Everything is interconnected.

Signs of love in girls

1. Idealization of the object of love.

Surely, many have heard from women’s lips: “He wasn’t like that before.” Most often this happens when the offended party becomes disappointed in the actions of the beloved or begins to notice his “real face”. So what is the real deal – was “he” really different before or did the girl just imagine him to be different? In most cases, we are talking about the second option. At the initial stage of dating or a relationship, a girl cannot thoroughly know her lover, so she fills in many of the “gaps” that have not yet been revealed to her using her own imagination. Of course, a girl in love will not think badly of the guy she is in love with, so, as a rule, she adds positive touches to his portrait.

In fairness, it is worth recognizing that this trait is characteristic not only of the fair half of humanity, but also of many men - often they also “draw” an image in their heads and impose it on a girl who, to put it mildly, is far from him.

2. Absent-mindedness.

A girl in love often seems to be “hovering in the clouds.” She understands this herself and is usually clearly visible to others from the outside. She is scattered everywhere - at school, at work, at home, in conversations with friends. Why is this happening? The answer is obvious - her thoughts are directed primarily at the object of love.

3. Sparkle in the eyes.

You’ve probably heard more than once that a girl’s eyes “light up” when she’s in love. She can be compared to a child who has received a long-awaited gift and is now completely delighted with it.

4. Elevated mood or frequent mood changes.

People in love, and, of course, girls included, are susceptible to frequent mood swings. First of all, the girl’s mood depends on the stage at which her relationship with her lover is now, and how he has managed to express himself lately. If a young man shows interest in her, communicates with him actively, he wants to meet, gives compliments, initiates an interesting time together, gives flowers or declares his love, then, probably, the girl in love will simply “glow with happiness.”

If the situation does not turn out the way she would like - the guy rarely writes or calls, there is no talk of a meeting in the near future, there is little attention from him, he is interested in another person, he avoids communication and the like - then, of course, this negatively affects mood. The girl becomes sad and irritable. At the same time, it is worth recognizing that at the slightest sign of attention from the object of sympathy, she will “shine” again, instantly forgetting about past grief.

5. Changes in appearance.

Of course, having fallen in love, any representative of the fair sex wants this feeling to be mutual. She wants to please the man who likes her, and for this she often experiments with her appearance. We can talk about a radical change in image or only minor changes in appearance. By the way, if she is a blonde, but finds out that the guy previously only dated brunettes and is completely neutral towards fair-haired women, the blonde beauty is quite capable of taking the decisive step and dyeing her hair dark. She may not even be bothered by the fact that blonde hair objectively suits her better, and she knew this in advance. In trying to attract the person they like, women are capable of not such crazy things, hoping that in the end they will still play into their hands.

6. Awakening femininity.

Undoubtedly, a person in love wants to look feminine and attractive to the object of her dreams. If before she didn’t particularly like wearing dresses, skirts, heels, or tight clothes, now the situation is changing in the opposite direction. Knowing that her chosen one can see her, the girl will not allow any mistake in her appearance, and will think through her image to the smallest detail, even if we are talking about one chance meeting in the corridor of the institute (if we are talking, for example, about a classmate). The girl tries to advantageously present her most advantageous sides, even if she previously paid little attention to them. Also now, in the presence of the young man she likes, she carefully monitors her speech, posture, and so on.

No. 4. You are number 1 for her. everything else is secondary...

Family = doesn't count. I think this is already clear to everyone. I'm talking about a few different things. Girlfriends, friends, hobbies, entertainment, studies, work, affairs, etc. all this is the life of any person, and for a loving girl/woman, this will all be secondary, less important, compared to you.

You will come first, man. That is, a loving girl/woman will sacrifice a lot for you. Hey you are important. Hey you are precious. She may sacrifice sleep in order to see you. She can leave her friends/girlfriends and be with you. She may change plans for you. She can leave everything and everyone, adjust, rearrange her schedule, etc., etc., all in order to see you, spend time with you. Well, etc. and so on. You understand? The girl sacrifices a lot for you.


Remember point number 1. again)) everything is interconnected. A loving woman wants to receive all the time, attention, courtship, care, affection, etc., etc. only from a loving man. And as much as possible.

If this is not the case, the girl does not sacrifice anything for you = this is not love. If hey girlfriends/friends are more important = this is not love. If you are not her priority, you are not important/dear, as a result, this is not love.

CONCLUSION: for a loving girl/woman, a man comes first. Everything else is secondary. Much less important compared to a man. Hence certain behavior on the female side. A loving girl/woman will sacrifice a lot for a man. And all because you are important, dear! Everything is essentially interconnected. I have already said this several times.

Signs of female love

Women are creatures who are excellent at disguising many things. No, of course, not all of them, but for the most part. They know how to find an approach so cunningly that with your last money you buy her a fur coat, boots and a ticket to the island. And it’s not a fact that she will fly there with you.

In general, in order for a man not to be deceived, you will have to become a little psychologist in order to understand where the truth is and where it is not so true. There are sure signs of how to understand that a woman loves you. Just look for these signs preferably with a cool head. And sober. And you can ask not only for yourself, but also for your friends.

5.1. She will help you

For a loving girl/woman = there is no division into “I” and “you”, there is us, together.

Therefore, she will perceive all problems/adversities/difficulties, etc., as joint, as common.

Therefore, a loving girl/woman will always try to help you.

Even if, in principle, she cannot help you in any specific way, she will give you moral support, she will be there and will not go anywhere, if something happens, and you will feel it inside yourself.

If this is not the case, it is not love. If she doesn’t care about your hardships, experiences, problems, etc. hey, you don’t care, there is no support from her, help, attention, etc. = this is not love.

If she thinks and cares only about herself, if she forces you to care only about her = without any reciprocity = ala style, I’m a princess - you’re on your own, deal with everything yourself = this is not love.

Legs 5

The main factor determining a woman’s attitude towards a particular male representative is the knee of a beautiful lady. If she bends one leg slightly underneath her during a conversation, she is definitely experiencing sexual interest in the interlocutor.

A leg thrown over the other demonstrates open flirting. If at the same time, slightly shaking her foot, the girl plays with her half-removed shoe, she completely trusts the man and is quite ready to continue the relationship.

5.2. She gives you gifts/arranges surprises, etc.

I’m a princess, girl, so come on, woo me, you need sex, you owe me, you owe me, you owe me. A man must must must, look after me, give flowers, woo me blah blah blah. This is how I briefly described the behavior of a girl/woman who doesn’t love her.

Serious real relationships are when BOTH PARTNERS invest!

If a girl has serious feelings for a man, love, she will invest in him. In this regard, arrange various surprises for him, romantic things, give gifts, etc., etc.

Everything is interconnected. To a loving woman, you are dear and important. She wants to please you, this is how a woman demonstrates that she takes you seriously, you are important/dear and she wants to please you, give you pleasure, make you have positive emotions, a smile, happiness, you know?

Therefore, she will invest in you with all her soul, heart, sincerely, truly sincerely.

If this is not the case, she thinks only about herself, I am a princess, I am a girl, everyone owes me, a man should owe, but not about you = this is not love. I give you a 100% guarantee. Read also point No. 11.

Interesting inconsistencies6

It happens that the interlocutor thinks that the woman is not inclined to continue communication, but in fact, the opposite is true. One has only to imagine slightly narrowed eyes, eyebrows slightly drawn towards the middle, forming a fold on the bridge of the nose and a fine network of wrinkles fanning out around the eyes. What's your first opinion? Absolutely true grimace of contempt. But in fact, everything is exactly the opposite. This is a look that confirms the man is right, which the lady is simply not ready to admit out loud.

5.3.3. She will be nervous and worried if you ignore her.

For example, if you don’t answer calls / SMS because you didn’t see, didn’t notice, you’re very busy, loaded, a girl in love perceives such moments very keenly, take my word for it, the girl will think, hey, it will seem that you don’t need her , and all that you had was entertainment and nothing more. In the style, I shook it and threw it away. Briefly speaking. There will be worries, nerves, etc. 100% guarantee.

And this is a good sign. In terms of the fact that you are not indifferent. Important. Hey, it’s important, she’s worried and worried about where you went, why you don’t answer, she starts writing you message after message = these are all good signs, signs that the girl is in love with you.

A girl fell in love with me, what should I do?

Depends on how you feel about this girl. If you are also in love with her, then, of course, there is nothing to think about - show her it. Mutual love is not such a common occurrence, and you are lucky if it happened in your life.

There may be a more delicate situation - a girl is in love with you, but you do not feel that you are ready to reciprocate her feelings. With this development of events, it is important for you to be as correct as possible and not to offend the feelings of the person in love with you. If you understand that you are unlikely to be able to convince her with words that you are not a couple, then try to show yourself from a less favorable side. Of course, you should not insult her in any way. If after this the girl remains nearby, then this is a reason to think - maybe you should pay more attention to her?

5.4. She puts her inner self into you

She sincerely worries about you. She sincerely cares about you. Hey, you are not indifferent.

Hey, I care how you are, how you are, how your day was, where you were, who you were with, how you feel, is everything okay, etc. and so on. she wants you to share everything, everything and more everything with her

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