Signs that a girl is in love - how to understand that a girl is in love

08/21/2020 Zoryan Freidovich Psychology Falling in love changes everything for a girl. Literally the whole world suddenly becomes completely, completely different. And, of course, this affects behavior. Many people are interested in how girls in love behave. We will talk about this in this article.


Falling in love changes a person's hormonal background, and this immediately becomes noticeable. The girl seems to glow and radiate joy. This is probably why the affectionate term “sunny” is so popular. She truly becomes like a local sun, intended only for her lover. And this makes her attractive even to complete strangers. People pay more attention to it.

Falling in love is a joyful expectation. Therefore, the girl perks up when a young man appears and experiences a surge of emotions. Usually pleasant, although, of course, anything can happen. Some girls in this state begin to speak louder, interrupt others and themselves, and gesticulate more than usual. All this looks like a holiday for which we did not have time to prepare.


Particular attention should be paid to gifts that a girl gives for no apparent reason. Historically, gift-giving is the prerogative of men. But this is not entirely fair. And the girl in love suddenly begins to realize this. After all, the basis of true love is such a trait as the ability to self-sacrifice. And even if it sounds too loud, this trait can manifest itself in small things. It is small gifts from the girl that you should pay attention to first.


It is known that all the emotions that a person experiences are determined by the ratio of hormones in the blood. It will not be at all difficult to understand how girls in love behave if you remember that their increased emotionality and sudden mood swings have a completely material reason. The body increases the content of hormones of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands, which are part of the so-called “reward system.” They are the ones who “make” the feeling of happiness.

Many people are interested in how a girl in love behaves. She always hides from others, even if only a little. Usually it seems to her that something extraordinary is happening to her, something that cannot be described or explained to others. Hence the sharp change in her behavior when the handsome prince appears. Even if the girl has always been even in her relationships with people, now it is clear that she singles out one of them. While he is away, she is absent-minded, often distracted from the conversation, and when he comes, she feels confused. Perhaps the presence of her chosen one confuses her. Excitement manifests itself in blushing, breathing quickens.

The principle of a mug of tea

Just don’t confuse it with the principle of drinking a glass! In our case, the meaning is completely different. We are talking about the most banal mug of tea, or rather about how a girl pours this tea. In any company, a girl will start pouring tea first to the one she likes the most. To the one whom he values ​​most. That is why, using such a simple method, one can conclude that a girl has a special relationship with a particular young man. This list is far from exhaustive! There are a huge number of signs that can help you detect if a girl is in love. But even knowing just these signs will allow you to draw very accurate conclusions regarding whether a girl is in love!

Lady in love. Communication

Guys are baffled by how differently girls behave when interacting with the same person. There is no mystery here. The girl is very friendly with those who occupy her thoughts and feelings, but only if he does not show interest in others. Having fallen in love, women begin to dislike anyone about whom her lover speaks with admiration. Even if he just saw that this woman is beautiful, the result will be some manifestations of jealousy. If he did at least something (turned his head, looked after him) - this could greatly hurt the woman in love, and, most likely, he would immediately find out about it.

Changes in appearance

If you notice that a girl has changed dramatically in appearance or has changed her hobbies and habits, then this gives rise to an analysis of previous events. If you said that you don't like blondes, after which she dyed her hair brunette. If you said that you love jazz and she is interested in this direction. If you said that you love pizza and during your next meeting she demonstrates her ability to cook an Italian delicacy, then this clearly indicates that she is in love with you.


How to understand that a girl is in love but is hiding it? To find out, you need to pay attention to her movements and words. Even if she hides her feelings, she will unconsciously try to attract attention to herself. If you wish, you can learn to read these nonverbal signals, and at the same time take into account that the expression of gestures and facial movements may vary. A person who is reserved by nature will not wave his arms, even if he has completely lost his head in love. So to correctly interpret “body language” you will have to be very careful.

How to understand that a girl is in love? Signs and gestures will give her away. Every now and then she looks at the person she likes, and if he looks at her, he immediately looks away. Some girls listen to their gentleman with downcast eyes, but at the same time they often cast a short glance at him from under half-lowered eyelashes. You can see “mirroring” in a woman in love. She repeats the gestures or posture of the interlocutor, as in the mirror, without noticing it.

Not everyone knows how to behave when a girl is in love. I would like to say that it is better for her, of course, to be restrained. But awakening feelings force the girl to make frequent and exaggerated compliments to her chosen one. If she doesn’t have a very quiet character, she makes fun of him, but only about what he himself considers funny. A woman in love will not humiliate and ridicule someone who has suddenly become so important to her, and will not intentionally cause pain. Rather, she will try to provoke the guy, for example, incite him to demonstrate her strength. The girl considers such a “feat in honor of a beautiful lady” a compliment to herself, her attractiveness.

How to recognize the signs of a girl in love? It’s very simple if you look carefully at the person. Pay attention to how often the girl straightens her hair, shows her wrists, and, as if by chance, touches her neck, ears, and lips. Such gestures mean an invitation; the girl’s movements indicate that the young man is allowed to approach. She doesn't take her hand away if a guy touches her.


In order not to be mistaken about a girl’s liking, you need to carefully observe her. Many representatives of the fair sex do not know how to hide their emotions if they really like a guy. But it’s also not worth judging by several factors.

For example, slurred speech often means that a person is simply worried. If the topic is pressing for your opponent, then excitement is quite appropriate and does not signal love.

Now, if you have counted at least five of the indicators described above, then you can already draw the appropriate conclusions.

And yet, psychology is a good science, but do not forget to listen to your intuition and the voice of your heart. Every man can unmistakably determine the sympathy and ardent feelings on the part of a lady if he is more attentive and sensitive.

How does a girl show her feelings?

How does a girl in love behave? She tries, under some pretext, to find herself in the young man’s personal space or to place her personal belongings there (he tends to consider objects that belong to a person as part of himself). The girl touches the elbow, shoulder or hair of the young man. If she's a bully, she might lightly poke him in the back or side. It’s the touch that’s important, and it doesn’t matter what kind. She asks him to hold the bag, she leans on his hand, as if she really can’t keep her balance, or puts her phone closer to him (for example, showing interesting photos). The desire to try food from his plate applies here - this is also a way to shorten the distance. Sitting opposite, she leans forward and puts her hands on the table while talking. If young people are sitting nearby, then the girl shows interest by turning to face the interlocutor. Her hands and knees are also facing him. Sometimes she wiggles her leg. This means that she is very preoccupied with some strong emotions. Here, unnecessary movements are needed as a valve; they release energy that at this moment simply has nowhere to go.

She will be very attentive to everything that the interlocutor tells her. She is interested in the stories he tells, the places he has visited, his skills. However, she is not pretending. You can sometimes notice how her pupils dilate with interest, and a person is able to fake such reactions.

No. 3 (combined with No. 2). She will change for you...

A loving girl/woman (who has serious feelings for a man) will change and become a better person for his sake. Literally bloom and never wither - never.

Again, remember the point above. Hey, you are important, dear. She values ​​you and her relationship with you. She doesn't want to lose you. That's why she will want to be the best woman for her man.

She will change, become better, more beautiful, brighter, more attractive, kinder, more affectionate, she will take care of her figure, her body, beauty, I don’t know, the gym, proper nutrition, health, she will blossom in every sense of the word, in much for the sake of his man - so that he is happy with her and so that he feels good with her, and also so that he himself wants to be with this woman, i.e. to keep a man (point No. 2) with yourself. Understand? Everything is very interconnected...

A loving girl/woman will want to be worthy of this man, because she is his calling card, a man is judged by a woman, the kind of woman is the same as the man.

I talked about this in more detail in the main article: “What is a harmonious couple.”

A loving girl/woman will want a man to be only with her and no one else, and she will make every effort to keep it that way. Therefore, there will be point No. 2., and No. 1. and everything that follows too.

A loving girl/woman will want you, a man, to be proud of having the best girl/woman next to you, she will want to make you happy. Understand?

These are serious feelings (love). And if this is not the case, nothing has changed with your (male) appearance, she is what she was, and remains so, hey, it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t change, doesn’t blossom, doesn’t get better, ala style “I am who I am - I don’t like it” goodbye”, then this is not love...

If all this is not there, hey, don't care about you, rest assured, because a loving girl/woman will fight for you, with all her might, and above all, she will become the best in many ways for your sake.

If a girl/woman does not do anything for you, does not try for the sake of your comfort with her, for the sake of your happiness, does not change, does not become better, does not blossom, and no other points = this is not love.

If she behaves the way you want = this is not love..

The list can go on for a long time... I think you get the point.

CONCLUSION: A loving girl/woman will change for the sake of a man, becoming better, more beautiful, brighter, more attractive, kinder, more affectionate, more feminine, etc. and so on. because you are important, dear. She values ​​you and her relationship with you. She doesn't want to lose you. Therefore, she will want to be the best woman for you, for her man, so that you, a man, are happy with her and so that you feel good with her, and also so that you yourself want to be with this woman. Everything is interconnected.

Actions reveal that the girl is secretly in love. Signs of feelings

If a girl is seriously interested in a certain young man, even secretly, signs of deeper changes appear. Not only the mood, but also the actions become different. For example, there is a sudden change in clothing preferences. Instead of something convenient, something romantic, provocative, beautiful, or simply very expensive appears (depending on the character). Now she puts on more careful makeup and constantly remembers to check and renew it. Almost any woman, falling in love, begins to devote more time to her appearance.

She talks to someone she is attracted to in private differently than in company. She willingly maintains a conversation on topics that interest him, shows interest in his affairs and hobbies, and ardently (to the extent of her upbringing and temperament) empathizes with his successes and failures, making it clear that he has a like-minded person. For example, if a young person has a passion for cars, she may well go to a driving school and courageously pass her license, even if she did not intend to do so. Even if she's afraid. Simply because cooperation is one of the ways to become closer.

Having fallen in love, a girl begins to care about the convenience of the person she has chosen. She will reschedule or cancel appointments with other people (sometimes to the detriment of business) in order to see him. She prefers the company of a young man to communicating with her friends, and to everything else too. Very, very good reasons are needed for her to refuse the opportunity to see someone who has become dear to her.

Provocative makeup

If you go to a meeting with a girl, and she wears excessively bright and provocative makeup, then probably all this was done in order to additionally attract attention to herself.
It would be one thing if you went for a walk in a group. Then bright makeup can simply be an element of the image. But if a girl puts on bright makeup just before meeting you, then she is clearly trying to make a selective impression on you.

A girl's crush is a rejuvenating cream for her soul. Ashot Nadanyan

Giving gifts for no reason is a sign of falling in love

Very kind people and women in love give gifts for no reason, “just because.” But the latter, in addition, are also inclined to show concern. If some young lady was the first to rush to a sick person with oranges, warm socks and a miraculous mixture, the recipe for which she received from her grandmother, one can hardly suspect her of indifference. Most likely, along with care, the patient will receive an endless number of everyday advice. There’s nothing you can do about it - she finds herself in a maternal role and therefore feels that she is obliged to advise and warn.

5.1. She will help you

For a loving girl/woman = there is no division into “I” and “you”, there is us, together.

Therefore, she will perceive all problems/adversities/difficulties, etc., as joint, as common.

Therefore, a loving girl/woman will always try to help you.

Even if, in principle, she cannot help you in any specific way, she will give you moral support, she will be there and will not go anywhere, if something happens, and you will feel it inside yourself.

If this is not the case, it is not love. If she doesn’t care about your hardships, experiences, problems, etc. hey, you don’t care, there is no support from her, help, attention, etc. = this is not love.

If she thinks and cares only about herself, if she forces you to care only about her = without any reciprocity = ala style, I’m a princess - you’re on your own, deal with everything yourself = this is not love.

Lack of communication with the guy. What happens to a girl in love?

If for a day or two your beloved is nowhere to be seen and no one talks about him, a very violent reaction is possible. How should a girl in love behave in such a difficult situation? Emotions are powerful fuel, and inaction is intolerable. Most likely, she will call mutual friends. Or even drop in for a minute to visit and accidentally hear something about him. Or it is possible that she will start some kind of general event that simply cannot be arranged without this person. She will look at his pages on social networks ten times a day.

And the most serious sign of falling in love is that a girl begins to plan her future. And in such a way that there is a place for the chosen one in it. And there’s nothing you can do about it, the future is important.


It’s so natural that when a man she likes appears on the horizon, the girl begins to preen. Moreover, this process can be uncontrollable, and the stimulus comes from the subconscious. But it is precisely such unconscious signs that provide the basis for drawing conclusions with the highest degree of probability. Most often, girls start straightening their hair or playing with curls. There are options when a girl concentrates on a certain part of clothing. This behavior definitely indicates that the girl is interested.

No. 12. About sex, passion, joy, temptation, etc.

It’s probably no secret to anyone that sex is an integral part of a healthy, full-fledged relationship. Without quality and regular sex = no relationship is possible in principle. Sex is extremely important, especially for a man. We men are males, sex, fuck, mate, fuck, it’s in us. So... A loving girl/woman will think about your sexual satisfaction.

Everything, as I have said many times, is interconnected. A loving woman wants you to feel good with her, for you to be happy with her, for you to be next to her and not go anywhere, and sex in this regard is precisely one of the main elements of tying a man to herself, so she will make an effort all efforts in your sexual life. Lingerie, stockings, different places, positions, everything, everything, everything... in order to maintain a relationship with you, to be close to you, so that you can be close to her and be happy, you know?

If this is not the case, there is no quality and regular sex in your relationship (she doesn’t pamper you, doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t satisfy you, doesn’t try, doesn’t make an effort, etc., etc.) = hey, is it still satisfied? you or not = hey don’t care = as a result = feelings (love) are not here.

No. 7. She's not lying to you...

When we talk about love, serious feelings, relationships = there is no place for lies.

Relationships are built on trust. If there is no trust or it is gone = this relationship is over.

Remember points No. 2 and No. 4. A loving girl/woman is afraid of losing a man, she doesn’t want to lose you, because you are important, dear, and she wants you to be next to her and not go anywhere.

So she will make every effort to maintain a relationship with you, to be close to you, to keep you close to her, you know? You are extremely important and dear to her.

Well, point number 4. you are number 1 (primary) for her. Briefly speaking. The point, I think, is clear.

CONCLUSION: a loving girl/woman does not lie to her man, because relationships are built on trust, and without trust, no relationship is possible in principle, a priori. That's why it is so.

5.4. She puts her inner self into you

She sincerely worries about you. She sincerely cares about you. Hey, you are not indifferent.

Hey, I care how you are, how you are, how your day was, where you were, who you were with, how you feel, is everything okay, etc. and so on. she wants you to share everything, everything and more everything with her

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