What kind of guys do girls like? Find out how girls choose guys

There is no denying the fact that girls love sex. And they experience intimate attractions to a wide variety of people and situations. Sociologists interested in studying this issue conducted a study in which they identified categories of men who are most often objects of sexual interest for girls.

And they found out who and why girls leak in most situations. The results turned out to be quite predictable, but, nevertheless, very interesting and rich in details that were previously hidden from people’s eyes. This information will be useful for both men and women, because it can be used in a huge number of ways.

Bad Boys

These guys will always stand up for themselves and their loved ones. They will never figure out who is wrong and who is right, but will always take the side of their beloved. Such guys prefer to solve all problems with their fists. It will not be surprising if one fine day he comes home with a black eye and at the same time smiles, starting his story with “imagine, I’m coming ...”. He's the bully guy. Therefore, to the question of which guys girls like more, we can confidently answer - rowdy, mischievous and ugly.

Why do they charm beautiful ladies so much? These guys are real schemers. They show by their appearance alone that danger and risk are their strong point. Beautiful representatives of the fairer sex are fascinated by these qualities.

With such a man, according to many, you won’t get bored. Constant risk, new sensations, adrenaline, extreme sex, open relationships - the girl will receive all this while being with him.

Have you ever dreamed of a guy like this? Surely the answer will be positive, because you always want to escape from constancy, routine and boring life.

Despite the fact that such men occupy first place in the hearts of many women, they are practically unsuitable for serious relationships, especially when it comes to starting a family. The point is that such hooligans do not recognize constancy; they always strive for risk and danger.

Call of the Wild: Sexual Instinct

When do the fair sex of humanity begin to be interested in men? Sigmund Freud introduced the term “libido” into psychoanalysis, which means “passionate desire.” This term carries an internal meaning, which means the desire for sexual desire, interest in the opposite object. Until adolescence, girls experience exclusively platonic love for boys. Having reached adulthood, girls need a male friend; the desire for friendship gradually develops into the desire for an intimate relationship. The period of sexual attraction to a man in a woman’s life lasts on average from 23 to 60 years.

Wealth and luxury

Answering the question about what kind of guys girls like, we can safely say - rich ones. It is wealth and a good financial situation that attracts many representatives of the fair sex. It’s not scary to go hand in hand with such a man and build a family. He is a leader in life. He always takes on all family concerns and never drags his beloved into her own problems.

Unfortunately, there are very few men left who have learned to earn big money on their own. As a rule, many rich people are accustomed to living at the expense of their parents. It is precisely such majors who cannot find a girl for a long time because of their insensitivity, endless selfishness and disrespect for people.

It should be noted that you cannot build serious family relationships with such guys. All their lives they will touch girls like gloves, not paying attention to their feelings.

Are you asking what kind of guys beautiful, model-looking girls like? We answer: exactly like that.

What qualities and what appearance should an ideal young man have?

Thanks to sociological surveys conducted among women of different ages, the portrait of the “ideal man” acquired the following essential features :

  • the presence of an internal core (strength, confidence), due to which the lady next to him can be fragile and defenseless;
  • the ability (and desire!) to care. About yourself, about your beloved, about future children;
  • high intelligence and quick wits, ability to listen and be a good conversationalist;
  • having a sense of humor.

As for appearance, for women it does not play a dominant role, given the presence of most of the character traits of the “ideal man”.

At the same time, ladies are not at all against the fact that their loved one has:

  • a beautiful smile (this is what women pay attention to first of all);
  • athletic build (broad shoulders, narrow pelvis, prominent muscles);
  • a certain eye color (preferred for a particular lady);
  • in a bass voice.

But be that as it may, a loved one is always ideal , regardless of the presence or absence of “statistical” parameters.


This is another type that girls often prefer. Such guys are affectionate, courteous and not stingy with compliments. They are like snakes curling around a girl, tempting her to do the wrong thing. Seducers are true professionals in their field. They have perfectly developed tactile sensations. It is this quality that allows us to call such guys real lovers.

Seducers can conquer girls already on the first date with just their voice, and in bed they have no equal at all. He will feel every little detail and do everything to give his partner unearthly pleasure. Therefore, to the question of what kind of guys girls like (we will definitely present photos of types in our article), we can accurately answer - seducers.

What should a man's appearance be like, according to many girls?

What kind of guys do girls like? Appearance isn't that important? Let's not lie. One can shamelessly declare that a man’s beauty is the last thing. But from time immemorial, girls have assessed guys by their external appearance. Sometimes they judge more harshly than the men themselves. Statistics say that the majority of women over 30 have not yet gotten married precisely because they attach great importance to the appearance of their future chosen one.

The first thing that attracts a girl to a guy is his physical beauty: toned arms, legs, six-pack abs, a wide back - an ideal set for any representative of the fair sex.


Almost from an early age, all girls dream of a wedding, a snow-white dress, and, of course, a wonderful groom. This is the nature of a woman; they already instinctively feel that they were born to be a wife and mother, to warm the hearth and give comfort. Married women have a completely different attitude in society, in other words, marriage gives girls some security. Marriage gives a woman even if not everything, but a lot. For example, full-fledged motherhood. It is much better when children are born in a legal marriage. A woman can calmly sit on maternity leave without thinking about the financial side, because her husband will take care of this. Raising children together is also a great and real happiness. Taking care of her husband and children is already inherent in a woman at the genetic level.


This character trait must first of all be present in an ideal man. It is important for every girl that her boyfriend can make an important decision on his own without any hesitation and defend it to the end. Such men attract with their confidence and steadfastness. That is why women love them more than “mama’s boys” or “whiners.”


Many girls prefer men with whom they have something to talk about. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to prove to your chosen one that she is uneducated and undeveloped in this or that matter.

Despite all the above qualities, every woman must rely on her own beliefs and views. After all, opinions regarding what kind of guys girls like (tall or short, fat or thin) may differ from generally accepted ones. Therefore, do not forget to listen to your heart.


Loyalty is one of the most important qualities for girls. Moreover, loyalty also means a respectful attitude. This means that a guy should not flirt with other girls, discuss his other half with friends, and especially other girls. Loyalty is not only physical fidelity, but also a man’s willingness to always stand by the side of his family.

Girls value loyalty and honesty from men.

Which guys do girls prefer depending on their zodiac sign?

Often people who are unable to find an answer to a particular question turn to astrology for help. This applies to love, work, and health. Oddly enough, in our question this science is also strong. So let's find out which men girls choose depending on their zodiac sign.

Aries. Such persons are strong and firm, fearless and decisive. In men they value firmness, desire and steadfastness. Therefore, answering the question about what kind of guys Aries girls love, we can say with certainty - conquerors.

Calf. These women are very fond of romance and compliments. They are modest and shy, so most often Taurus girls choose romantic men.

Twins. Such girls are smart and attractive, generous and smiling. They value attention from men, which is why these beautiful ladies strive for persistent and firm men.

Cancer. Such women always need support, but do not like to talk about it out loud. That is why they prefer men who can always listen to them and support them in any matter.

A lion. Such ladies love men to idolize them. Therefore, answering the question about what kind of guys Leo girls love, we can say with accuracy - seducers and romantics.

Virgo. These girls are very gentle and affectionate. They do not tolerate rudeness and irritability. They value a sense of humor and simplicity in men.

Scales. These women do not tolerate assertiveness from men. They like things to go their way, so they most often choose romantics and quiet people for relationships.

Scorpios. Such persons are quite hot-tempered and stubborn, they love power. They respect men's firmness and steadfastness, determination and willfulness. Therefore, answering the question about what kind of guys Scorpio girls love, we can say with certainty - stubborn leaders.

Sagittarius. These ladies simply adore romance. They are able to plunge into it headlong. Therefore, in this case, undoubtedly, preference is given only to romantics.

Capricorns. Such girls prefer neat, stylish and stately men.

Aquarius. These women do not know how to express their feelings and prefer to keep everything to themselves. They value equality and respect. They prefer men who are active, caring and tactful.

Fish. These women are very trusting and open. They are attentive and caring. They value strength and character in men. Appearance, as a rule, is not important to them. They love romance and beautiful courtship.

What kind of men do women over 40 like?

As practice shows, many women over 40 like younger men. If you look at this from a psychological point of view, there are several explanations for this:

  • maternal instinct , if it is not wasted on children, a woman selects a young guy for herself in order to raise a successful man in him;
  • age crisis , next to a young guy a woman will look younger herself, feeling young and attractive again;
  • the desire to dominate when this is not possible with an equal partner, but with a young, morally fragile guy you can play teacher;
  • emotional recharge , when a lady tired of the realities of life is inspired by vital energy, positivity and spontaneity from a young partner.

Otherwise, mature women choose reliable, independent and accomplished men who are not chasing ambitions and a fun life, but are aimed at a quiet family nest.

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