8 unexpected things that women love, but carefully hide it

What women don't like in bed

A woman is not only a sexual object, but also a person with her own characteristics and preferences, including in sex.

It is better for a man to avoid some moments, because then the lady loses desire and excitement:

  1. Premature orgasm in a partner. In women, the peak of pleasure does not occur as quickly as in men. The partner may cum, but the chosen one will never get an orgasm.
  2. Silence in sex. The bed is not a place where you should be silent; it is important to show your emotions, make sounds and moans. Sex is still an emotional process.
  3. Hickeys on the body. Most women do not like bruises on their body after a hickey, especially if they are in a visible place. Nobody needs sidelong glances from others and whispers behind their backs.
  4. Bite marks. Men believe that biting can excite a woman, but in reality it only causes discomfort and pain. The only exception is the earlobe.
  5. Unshaven. A man's beard is undoubtedly fashionable and stylish, but in sex it causes a lot of inconvenience. It scratches the partner's delicate skin, causing redness and unpleasant itching.

To know whether girls like experimental sex, you need to discuss intimate issues, talk about what you want to try in bed. There is nothing wrong with this; on the contrary, such conversations bring partners closer together, relationships become more trusting, and sex is simply gorgeous.

Helpful tips

Women and men have different views on intimate life, which is obvious to the former, but is not taken into account by the latter. There are small tricks that will bring a lady to orgasm:

  1. It is advisable to make love in the morning. In the morning, men are more active due to the production of testosterone.
  2. It is useful to practice role-playing games. Playful notes will add new emotions to the relationship and allow partners to try on unfamiliar roles. A man can be a superhero, and the rescued girl will not refuse to thank him.
  3. You need to tune in to intimacy. It is worth turning off external stimuli that distract from foreplay and sexual intercourse.
  4. Learn to feel when your partner reaches orgasm, so that at this moment you don’t slow down.

It is important to feel and understand each other’s hidden desires - this way the relationship will become more trusting, and the couple will not have any prohibitions in sex. You need to talk, otherwise there is no way to understand what your partner wants and whether everything suits him.

Sound accompaniment

Men and women also differ in the expression of sexual feelings. In sex, you need to give free rein to your emotions, accompany the process with moans and screams. Bed is a place where you can throw out emotions and get a release. You should not restrain yourself, no person will like silent sexual intercourse, so the partner will think that he did not give the girl pleasure, and this will damage self-esteem.

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Study her body

Sex life is very important for a couple. A man must give pleasure to his woman, so he should know where her erogenous zones are located. Nature met the male sex halfway and made these places on the female body the most attractive.

Main erogenous zones:

  • lips;
  • breast;
  • nipples;
  • genitals;
  • language;
  • underbelly;
  • clitoris;
  • navel;
  • Feet;
  • legs;
  • hair;
  • neck;
  • waist;
  • wrists;
  • buttocks.

These areas contain receptors responsible for feelings. If a man, caressing any area, does not see a response from a woman, it means that this area is not erogenous for her. Here, too, everything is individual, so the guy must study the female body, slowly moving from one part to another.

A man will always understand from his partner’s reaction that he has found the right spot; at that moment the girl feels bright erotic emotions.

About oral sex

Oral sex is a sensitive issue for some girls. Not all ladies enjoy it, but many are embarrassed to admit it to their partner. And not all men are able to give girls pleasure with the help of oral caresses; this is due to both a lack of experience and a lack of understanding of how to properly caress the clitoris.

A man who still wants to give pleasure to a woman through oral intercourse should start with foreplay. As soon as the woman relaxes, the partner should move from kissing to the neck, then go lower and lower. The most important part of the female genitalia is the clitoris, this organ is very sensitive, and therefore requires careful treatment.

If the partner does everything gently and carefully, then the chosen one’s reaction will not be long in coming. Moans will indicate an approaching orgasm, the girl will begin to arch and move her hips. Watch the reaction, if your beloved flinches, then you are doing something wrong.

Show your masculine qualities

The man must be dominant in sexual intercourse. Many women like their chosen ones to take the initiative and achieve them. Representatives of the fairer sex want to feel welcome.

To do this, guys need:

  1. Get rid of the stereotype that women have less sex than men. Ladies get the same pleasure from intimacy.
  2. Not only a woman must be beautiful and well-groomed, her partner must also not forget about himself and be attentive to detail.
  3. Men who invite young ladies to their territory should first clean up the house. A mess is not the best atmosphere for sex.
  4. We must not forget about contraception; we should not shift the responsibility to women.
  5. A man should act like a man, not like a high school student. You also need to be able to seduce a woman.
  6. Pay attention to your partner's reaction.
  7. Before sex, a man should smell nice, for this you can use eau de toilette.
  8. It is necessary to remove socks during intimacy.
  9. Even after sex, you need to pay attention to the girl.

It is important to be a man in intimate relationships, and not just think about having an orgasm. Sexual intercourse is an intimate dance for two, so the partner's pleasure should come first.

On the importance of orgasm

Men should forget that women like big penises because it is a stereotype. Most often, girls have orgasms with those with medium-sized genitals.

During orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is released into the body, which is responsible for calmness, satisfaction, and also eliminates feelings of anxiety. The body also receives:

  • serotonin - a hormone of good mood;
  • dopamine – pleasure hormone;
  • endorphins, which give a state of bliss and happiness.

Orgasm has a positive effect on the physical, psychological and emotional state of women, so a man should pay as much attention to his partner as possible. A satisfied, happy and calm girl is the best thing that can cheer up her loved one.

Men should perceive sex not only as a physiological need of the body, but also as a special emotional and psychological contact with a girl. Relationships in a couple consist of many aspects, but intimacy plays a big role. If your partner does not experience pleasure from sexual intercourse, it is enough to simply talk and sort out this issue. Know how to hear and listen to your other half, because in intimacy there must be trust.

Neat man

It must be admitted that women take their appearance more seriously than men. Many men don’t even think about, for example, getting rid of hair in the groin area or shaving their armpits. This is not only more hygienic, but also more comfortable for the girl. Therefore, before demanding a sexy and attractive appearance from lovely ladies, men should think about what they look like. A neat, well-groomed man is someone with whom any girl would want to have sex.


Every girl’s own orgasm excites her, but her partner’s “finishing” also gives pleasure to everyone, without exception. Many women welcome ejaculation on their own back, buttocks, breasts, stomach, face or directly into the mouth. Please note that it is better to discuss this and some other similar points in advance.


Many representatives of the stronger sex are faced with the problem of where to invite a woman on the first date and how to diversify subsequent meetings. There are actually a lot of options. The most acceptable option would be to go to a restaurant or cafe. In this case, you need to understand that an expensive establishment is not suitable for starting acquaintance, since with this invitation you risk putting the girl in an awkward position (she will consider herself obligated to you for such an expensive gift). It will be enough to drink coffee and dessert in one of the cozy cafes.

Other options include visiting an amusement park, sporting event, concert of your favorite artist, theater, exhibition, excursion, skydiving, hot air balloon flight and many other exciting ideas for spending time. Your imagination and sincere desire to please your chosen one will not go unnoticed.


Of course, how can you love all of the above things without the main thing - orgasm? This is truly a very important point in a relationship. Many girls really enjoy it when their partner releases his fluids in or on them. Of course, it's exciting as long as you follow her recommendations and take precautions.

Ability to care

An intelligent, strong and educated man knows the main secret of attracting the opposite sex. He gives the girl the opportunity to feel significant, the best and unique next to him.

When a woman feels like this next to a young man, this is real happiness for her. After all, it becomes absolutely unimportant what the weather is like, or what troubles happened at work. The main thing is that next to him she feels like the only one, and therefore the most desirable and unique.

Behavior Basics

If you don't know how to win a woman's heart, start controlling your behavior. Be polite and courteous, do not allow yourself to use foul language or speak in a raised voice under any circumstances. Always be yourself, be sincere and honest. Even if you really want to please your girlfriend, tell only the truth about yourself. If you present yourself as an ideal man, sooner or later a woman will figure it out (after all, you can’t pretend forever) and will be very disappointed in you. And knowing the truth about you, she will definitely appreciate your efforts to become better.


If you began to notice that a girl is showing interest in your activities in all sorts of ways and is very inquisitive about your hobbies, then, undoubtedly, she liked you.


If you have known each other for a long time, you can observe how her behavior towards you has changed. It is especially clearly manifested in girls at a young age. She can laugh at all your jokes, even the unfunny ones. She will hide her eyes when looking directly at you (older and more experienced girls do the opposite), try to touch you, and will look for a meeting with you.

If you started dating a girl, but something in your relationship has changed not for the better, then try to consider some aspects of women’s preferences: what women like and what they don’t.

What kind of sex do girls like?

In bed, women love to receive not only affection and attention from their man. The fair sex likes variety in intimacy, tenderness and cruelty at the same time, manifestation of feelings on the part of the other half. When determining what girls usually like in bed , sexologists highlight:

  1. Compliments. It is important that they convey your attitude not only to her body, but also to her soul. Tell her that she has a charming smile and the most beautiful eyes.
  2. Prelude. Preliminary caresses are an obligatory part of the process; they must last a sufficient amount of time for the woman. Most of all, girls like touch. Gently stroke your wrists, arms, shoulders - women have many erogenous zones on their bodies.
  3. The right pace. When a man feels that his partner is reaching orgasm, he needs to stick to the original pace and not make unnecessary movements.

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Four types of sex that you will definitely like

Men always want to know what kind of sex girls like.

To do this, you should try 4 types of sex that will drive your other half crazy:

  1. Before going to bed. Doesn't require much effort from the partner. It is enough for a man to simply hug his beloved, and the desire will not leave itself waiting long.
  2. Spontaneous sex. It adds to the thrill, because you can be noticed at any second.
  3. Multiple. Sex in 2-3 sessions will make a man more confident, and the girl will enjoy it several times, and emotional release will only benefit the partners.
  4. Sex according to the Kama Sutra. This book will appeal to those who do not want monotony in their bed.

Question about the duration of intercourse

Not all representatives of the fair half of humanity enjoy prolonged intimacy. Every woman’s body is individual, so the duration of sexual intercourse depends on many reasons. For a girl, the most important thing in intimacy is not only the physical sensation, but also the emotional one. To find out what kind of sex women will 100% like, you don’t need to be an expert in female psychology.

Here we can distinguish 3 main types of tempo in sex:

  1. Quick or sex without foreplay. Involves sexual intercourse in an unexpected place.
  2. Long. This type of intimacy involves foreplay until full arousal. Sex should progress from a slow pace to an accelerating one. It's good when the girl reaches orgasm first.
  3. Average. Every couple has this type of sex: short foreplay and a change of 2-3 positions during intercourse.

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Erotic massage

Not every guy knows that erotic massage has a beneficial effect on relationships in a couple, it gives the girl the opportunity to open up and feel sexy. The main thing is that nothing distracts you during the process:

  1. Relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Interior and lighting. It is necessary to create dim light and a romantic atmosphere, light candles and decorate the room with flowers.
  3. Incense. It is best to use an aroma lamp, essential oils or candles with the scent of rose, lavender or jasmine.
  4. Relaxing music. A calm melody, preferably without words, so as not to distract from the massage session.
  5. Hard surface. The main thing is the girl’s comfort.
  6. Massage oil (you can warm it up a little).

Even if a guy doesn’t have massage skills, it’s not scary, because the main thing is to please his beloved. First you need to rub your back with oil, then stroke it lengthwise and crosswise. Don't forget about your neck and shoulders, as they are always under tension. When the woman has completely relaxed, you can move on to anal massage, while simultaneously massaging the clitoris - this is how the man will make his lover twice as pleasant.

Intimate places require special treatment, so they should be massaged with tenderness. Knead your buttocks with more intense movements, and your chest in a circular motion. Women like it when special attention is paid to their nipples because they are an erogenous zone.

A man should massage slowly, moving from one area to another, increasing the partner’s excitement. You need to figure out what your girl likes, watch her reaction to touch.

Foot massage

The feet are especially sensitive because they contain a large number of nerve endings. An awkward movement can tickle your partner and ruin the entire romantic mood. To make a woman feel good, she needs to stretch her feet gently, without causing any discomfort. Then you should move on to the heels and toes.

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Hair play

Many men like long hair on women. The stronger sex gets pleasure from the fact that in a sexual impulse you can grab your chosen one by them, wrap them around your hand, depriving her of the ability to move for a while. The main thing is not to overdo it and not cause your loved one pain. There are positions in which it is convenient to hold a girl by the hair.

Young ladies like it when a man gently removes strands of hair from their face. Such a manifestation of tenderness in sex speaks of the partner’s feelings towards his chosen one.

The result of the dream

It often happens that a girl sacrifices her dreams in the name of a relationship. For example, she refuses to enroll in a prestigious university so as not to move to another city, but to stay with her loved one, or gives up an activity that she likes in order to please her boyfriend. At the same time, in society, unfortunately, women’s dreams are not given serious importance at all, unless we are talking about marriage and motherhood.

A guy who wants to make his chosen one happy never laughs at her dreams, but supports her in every possible way and, if possible, helps her on the way to their realization . For example:

  • gives a master class for painting classes;
  • praises creativity;
  • notices the progress made, etc.

And if a guy is able to make this dream come true (for example, organize a trip to the sea, give a ticket to a concert of his favorite band, etc.), then the girl simply cannot resist such gallantry.

When a man doesn’t resist some natural feminine nuances19

There are no men who love it when a woman has her period. There are those who are indifferent to this, but there are men who are very squeamish about this natural process. Understand that it is not the girls’ fault that this is how their nature works. Take “their red calendar days” for granted. These days, try to pay more attention to them. Don't avoid sex during your period, as some girls are especially horny during this period.

Long foreplay4

When you see a woman’s body, you shouldn’t immediately go on the offensive. Give her a relaxing massage with oil, give her kisses all over her body. Set the most positive start for the upcoming sex. Girls like longer foreplay, as this allows them to get more excited, and, as a result, reach orgasm faster.

Whispering in the ear7

The ears are one of the most erogenous zones of the human body, both in women and men. Whispering pleasant words in your ear or breath will further excite any woman and allows her to relax as much as possible and enjoy the process. Just don’t overact and tell long stories in your ear, this will only distract the woman from the main process.


Women may not admit it, but they are no less tired of monotony than men. Therefore, it’s time to take a joint initiative and diversify your sex life. There are a huge number of ways to do this, you just have to start, and then everything will go by itself. You can start small, for example, “sex coupons”, then you can try role-playing games, then sex in an unusual place and so on. The most important rule is not to be shy and give free rein to your imagination.

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