10 things you need to do first thing in the morning

Morning is a special time when a person’s day is planned. And the tone you set at the start will be the same for the entire coming period. Therefore, we decided to collect the top 10 important things with which you need to start every day so that it turns out healthy and in a good mood.

It is difficult to prevent every unfortunate situation that may come your way. But there are a few things you can do to keep your day moving in the right direction. It is believed that if a person wakes up charged with energy and in a positive disposition, then he will carry this charge until the end of the day. If you start your morning with small victories (wearing your favorite clothes, working out, eating a good breakfast, etc.), your brain will strive for more victories and successes throughout the day.

So, here's where to start every day:

Prepare for the new day in the evening.

The first tip applies to the previous day, since in order for the new one to begin at a calm and unfussy pace, you should prepare somewhat for its meeting the night before. Choose the necessary clothes (the main thing is that you like them), collect the things you will need during the day (at work or for personal matters), think over your delicious breakfast. This preparation helps reduce the number of circumstances and things that can slow you down or irritate you, and also saves energy for tackling other, equally important issues.

Take time to connect with people

Although we have many scheduled meetings, I find it very helpful to have impromptu discussions throughout the company. When I have free time, I find opportunities to stop at people's tables to chat. I can share an idea that I have, or the goal of the company, I can ask you to tell me about the news on some project. Not only does this help me stay in touch with what's going on in the company, but it also breaks down barriers so anyone in the company feels like they can raise issues or ask questions. As a startup, we have to be nimble, and I've found that these quick, 15-minute conversations move discussions forward so we make decisions as quickly as we need to rather than waiting for a formal meeting.

— Mike Phillips, CEO of Sense, a smart home technology company that has raised $30 million and secured partners from international energy companies including Schneider Electric and Landis + Gyr

Try to get up and go to bed on time every day.

And it’s important - as soon as the alarm clock rings, get out of bed. Don't give yourself an extra 5, 10, 15 or more minutes to nap. It won't give you a full night's sleep and will also make you feel worse than when you first woke up.

Circadian rhythms play a large role in regulating energy levels and metabolism. That is why you should follow a daily routine in order to feel cheerful in the morning and have the strength for feats.

How to start the morning?

  • Drink a liter of water immediately after waking up. Add the juice of half a lemon to it.
  • Work out at the gym, go outside, go to the sauna, or try yoga. This is necessary so that water leaves the body along with sweat.
  • Dedicate 10-20 minutes of your time to high-intensity training.

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  • Drink green vegetable juice made from things like cucumber, cabbage, celery, carrots, lime and ginger.
  • Have a green smoothie for breakfast. It can be prepared, for example, from ripe banana, spinach, apple, ginger and ice.
  • Take 1-2 teaspoons of spirulina, chlorella or moringa powder to increase the amount of minerals in your body. They are a great addition to a green smoothie.
  • Skip the coffee and drink green or herbal tea instead. The caffeine in coffee saps your energy and increases your stress response, which affects your overall body health.

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  • Your diet should be plant-based. Avoid processed foods, preservatives and other chemicals.
  • To pump your lymphatic system, jump rope or trampoline.


During practice, you will be able to tune in to the desired course of the day, have a good mood, calm down and gain strength. It is extremely important to devote some time to yourself and your consciousness in the morning. Be in pleasant silence and feel your body. Many people feel energized after meditation. And others - just a comfortable state (in harmony with the mind and body). This helps you think more freely and creatively, as well as implement many plans and ideas.

A similar effect can be achieved by journaling or drawing (you can color something). You turn off your brains for a while and leave all unnecessary thoughts in yesterday. And by recording your feelings, emotions, desires, dreams, events that have happened, etc. you analyze yourself and prepare (clear) your mind for new possibilities.

See unexpected troubles as opportunities

When you start a company, something goes wrong almost every day. When disaster strikes, I immediately accept the problem and start thinking about how I can fix it right now. Once I have a path forward, I think about how I could have done things differently to prevent this problem. There is no power in just thinking about how unlucky I am or how unfair or unforgiving life is sometimes. Okay, it happened, how can I fix it now and make sure it doesn't happen again? Thus, every disaster or trouble is an opportunity to grow and make your company stronger. It allows me to control my destiny rather than just being a victim of other people's graces or bad luck.

— Zach Abbott, co-founder and CEO of ZBiotics, a company that produces and markets genetically engineered probiotics and has experienced nearly 40% month-over-month growth since its launch in 2019.

It is very useful to start the morning with a jog, swimming pool or sports.

Exercise releases endorphins, chemicals produced in the brain that help minimize pain and discomfort. Essentially, these are painkillers for the body that improve blood circulation and well-being. Morning exercise gives your brain a natural boost of strength and energy. In addition, endorphins can reduce stress hormones, which can help you spend your day feeling calm and happy.

Practice gray thinking so you can focus on high-level strategy

By reminding myself to “think in gray,” I avoid forming opinions on issues until I have enough data to make well-informed decisions. This means less emphasis on first impressions and more emphasis on ideas presented by team members who are experts in their fields. Being able to be persuaded by your employees builds trust and frees your mind to tackle high-level strategic issues. Finding time to focus on strategic goals can be challenging, as all the messages that arrive in your inbox tend to dictate your agenda. I take the time to keep my inbox empty and clear out half of my calendar, which allows me to delve into new ideas, analyze current problems, and guide my team toward problem solving with a more proactive mindset.

— Michael Nusimov, co-founder and CEO of DrChrono, a cloud-based electronic health record and practice management platform used by thousands of physicians to treat more than 17.8 million patients, saving more than $11 billion in healthcare costs


During the night, the body manages to “miss” any light, and it needs recharging. Therefore, you should start your day in the sun, if possible. Open the curtains, go out onto the balcony, or better yet, onto the street. Take a walk after your morning exercises or do it right outside (if the weather and conditions permit).

There is an entire field of research (chronobiology) that reports that light stops the production of melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep). It also forces the body to fully engage in daytime mode. But not getting enough natural light during the day can cause mood problems, depression and lack of energy.

How to take care of your body?

  • Coconut oil will make your teeth whiter and your mouth healthier overall. Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and rinse your mouth with it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Practice yoga or stretching for at least 10 minutes a day.
  • Watch your posture, especially when sitting.
  • Take 1-2 g of activated carbon. This will help your body rid itself of toxins.
  • Book a massage.
  • To avoid toxins that enter the body through the skin, use only natural body care products.

Drink your favorite drink and eat a delicious breakfast.

If you like to drink coffee in the morning, do not deny yourself this pleasure. Do not think about its possible harmfulness - in moderation, this drink is healthy. Prepare a “dream breakfast” (everyone has their own, but make sure it is balanced and includes ingredients). Delicious food and an invigorating drink (coffee, tea, juice) will be an excellent “springboard” on a favorable day.

You can start the day by combining breakfast with meeting friends and family at home or in a cafe. We will include this morning ritual in the next paragraph.

Try to see the world through someone else's eyes

Each of us sees the world through our own unique lens, filled with a specific set of experiences. That's why I think it's so important to take a moment every day to step outside of this narrow worldview and discover something new. It may be big or small, but learning one new thing—simply taking the time to enjoy other people's ideas—gives me motivation to get through even the longest days. I try to listen to as many points of view as possible. I read stories from authors on the other side of the world or listen to podcasts from experts in fields with which I am completely unfamiliar. This gives me at least one chance each day to really stretch my thinking and develop in the way I approach problems.

— Holger Seim, co-founder and CEO of Blinkist, a tool that aggregates key ideas from over 3,000 best-selling nonfiction books into audio content for its community of over 12 million people

Spend time with family or friends.

You can combine business with pleasure: exchange positive energy and news with loved ones and have breakfast at the same time. You can also go for a run together. If it is not possible to meet, you can always contact by phone or Skype, smile at each other and inquire about your well-being. It has been proven that being with people you love and who give you positive energy can significantly improve your mood and energy both in the morning and throughout the day.

If you are in a difficult relationship with family/friends, it is better to avoid contact in the morning. This is necessary so as not to be fueled by negativity, not to spoil your mood and not to reduce your activity.

Get out into nature

You probably greatly underestimate how important this is. Spending time in nature reduces stress, makes you more creative, improves your memory, and can even make you a more likable person.

Do exercises

We all know how important this is, but few people do it systematically. In addition to countless health benefits, exercise makes you smarter, happier, improves sleep, increases libido and improves physical well-being.

Spend time with family and friends

Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert sees this as one of the main sources of happiness in our lives. Relationships pay out more than you think (about a hundred thousand dollars a year). Feeling cut off from society can make you stupid and even kill you. Loneliness leads to heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. Share good news and respond enthusiastically to the good news of others.

Express gratitude

It will make you happier, strengthen your relationships with others, and can make you a more worthwhile person.


Meditation increases happiness, strengthens meaning in life, social support and attention, and reduces anger, anxiety, depression and fatigue. And even prayer can make you feel better.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep increases your chance of getting sick. “Sleeping” with a thought means making a more thoughtful decision. Lack of sleep increases the likelihood of unethical behavior. Taking a short nap is also a good idea. This increases attentiveness and success in work, in learning, and also clears negative emotions.

Challenge yourself

Learning another language helps make your mind sharper. Music lessons increase your intelligence level.

Challenging your beliefs means strengthening your mind.

Strengthening willpower requires only a small daily effort and is a greater predictor of success than IQ. Not engaging in education or not taking advantage of an opportunity - these are the omissions that people regret most when remembering their previous life.


People who cope with stress through humor have stronger immune systems, have a lower risk of heart attack, experience less pain at the dentist, and live longer. Laughter should be your daily vitamin.

Touch someone

  • Touch can reduce stress, improve teamwork, and help you be more persuasive.
  • Hugs make you happier.
  • Sex helps prevent heart attacks and cancer, improves the immune system and prolongs life.

Be optimistic

Optimism makes you healthier, happier, and lives longer.

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Eric Barker

from transurfing-real.ru

Choose an activity that makes you disconnect

I'm the first person to admit that I'm a workaholic. When you're running a startup and jumping between video meetings, emails, texts, photo shoots, and more emails, it can sometimes feel like I'm caught in this constant, internet-driven work cycle. Choosing an activity that forces you to switch off and be more present can be very grounding at the end of a chaotic day. To force myself to hang up, I take it upon myself to cook dinner for my friend and myself every night. I never follow a recipe, so the freedom to get my hands dirty and flex various creative muscles keeps me focused on the present. It sounds simple, but it has brought me so much more peace and happiness.

— Minali Chatani, co-founder of Pet lifestyle brand Wild One, which was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2021.

One and a half hour method

Neuroscientist Nathaniel Kleitman has studied human mental activity for most of his life. He studied many volunteers and came to the conclusion that a person does not work evenly, like a robot (however, you don’t have to be a neurophysiologist to make such a conclusion), but in “jumps.” During one fairly long leap, a person remains efficient and productive, and then he needs to take a break or be distracted by something simpler, otherwise the activity will decrease and decrease.

Kleitman also experimentally established that for all adults the active period is approximately the same time - an hour and a half, plus or minus fifteen minutes.

Thus, the most effective way to plan things is according to this schedule. Concentrated work - 90 minutes. Then a short rest. Everyone needs different amounts of time to rest, and a lot depends on how you were distracted. If you drank a mug of tea and chatted with colleagues, then this is one thing, but walking down the street and changing impressions is completely different. Oddly enough, active rest allows you to quickly return to a new “spike in productivity.” Keep this in mind. Schedule your day so that you take a break every hour and a half - for lunch, meditation, a walk, a mini-sports session or your favorite hobby. Even reading a book for 15-20 minutes will help you get back into the productivity fight with renewed vigor.

Avoid an empty inbox

Everyone talks about the empty inbox, but I just can't support it. However, I didn't let important emails slip through the cracks, I didn't feel stressed by the tens of thousands of unread emails in my inbox, and I didn't spend too much time in my inbox every day, despite the fact that... I receive more than 500 letters a day. Why then is an empty inbox so important? I decided that I would rather develop and stick to my own routines that work for me personally rather than blindly following the advice of other experts. When done correctly, it can ease anxiety and can force you to continually improve your own habits and processes rather than relying on others to set them up for you. Create your own routine that works for you.

— Khaled Naeem, co-founder and CEO of Onfleet, a last-mile delivery software company that powers millions of deliveries per month for thousands of companies around the world

Look at the bright side of life

My ringtone is the song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" written by Eric Ireland from Monty Python. The extended version of this song is actually quite nihilistic, but hearing the choir so many times in one day helps me take my mind off my hectic day for a minute and think about how lucky I am. When I feel tempted to feel sorry for myself or feel anxious or stressed, I remind myself, “Always look on the bright side of life.” Positivity not only makes you feel better and healthier, it also improves the quality of your work and relationships.

— Yaffa Cohen-Ifrach, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Corporate Communications at Sapiens, an international corporation providing software solutions to the insurance industry with more than 500 clients worldwide

Stop striving for radical changes in your personality!

There is no panacea. You must fully devote yourself to the process and enjoy it. You cannot avoid hard work, without which it is impossible to become better. Every incredibly successful person you know has gone through this tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming process that ultimately produces results. Therefore, stop looking for easy and quick ways to get what you want.

Instead of reading all the self-improvement articles looking for that one golden idea that will make you incredibly effective, focus on the work you need to do. You can inspire yourself to achieve, but the only way to achieve anything is to work long and hard. It is impossible to achieve stunning success in life with the help of one useful life hack. It's not that simple.

Have fun

It's easy to always feel the need to be busy with work. I think it is necessary to participate in different activities to give yourself free rein. I love listening to opera, especially Pavarotti, playing the drums, driving off-road in the desert. Having fun in life and not letting work dominate every aspect of my week is very important. I firmly believe that if I don't take care of myself, I won't be able to take care of my business. So eat tomatoes like peanuts, play silly games with your children. Ultimately, these moments of relief help me sharpen my focus and close more deals.

— Moshe Schliesel, co-founder and CEO of GuardKnox, a provider of secure high-performance computing solutions that has raised $25 million in funding and works with automotive companies including Porsche and Daimler.

Play and pretend

Before we leave the house to take the kids to daycare, we're often attacked by vicious zombie sharks, so we have to retreat to our magical bed fortress, hide under the blankets and make laser weapons to fend them off. The kids always win and sometimes we are a little late, but my day looks completely different.

— Tal Gutman, co-founder and CEO of Jiminy, an AI-powered parenting awareness app with anonymized data from over 54 million text messages and over 1.5 million hours of phone usage.

Why Kaizen Works

Kaizen philosophy once again reminds us that to maintain success, results must be maintained. Think of a small step you could take every day to gradually move towards your goal.

Improving by 1% every day is a simple and effective way to achieve big goals. 1% seems like a small result. This is true. But it's easy and doable. This approach applies to most things people want to get better at.

This seems like a much less daunting and much more achievable goal. Perhaps pursuing grandiose goals is in some sense more interesting, but kaizen is better at helping you get results and maintain them.


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