15 simple and crazy things in bed that drive men crazy

Everyone perceives the sound of the word geisha in their own way, some imagine the tempting secrets of the east, some unusual dances or amazing Japanese food, and, of course, everyone thinks about seductive, mysterious and endlessly desirable girls. Men go crazy when they see geishas, ​​and their sexual skills are legendary. But is it really only women raised in the East that can excite the body and thoughts of men? No! Each of you can plunge into the secrets of oriental seductresses and drive your loved one to madness.

#1. Take an active part (don't be a log)

You don’t always have to just stand/lie/sit in the position the man put you in.

There is no need to be silent in this process: without making moans/screams/sounds/emotions.

Don’t be passive in general, get involved in the process and also take an active part in it.

Don’t be a log that you set up, threw, bent over and that’s it - it’s buuuuuue.

He touches you, kisses, undresses, bites, licks, plays, excites, caresses, etc., and you stand or lie or something else like a log, doing nothing at all and think that this is normal?!

At a minimum you need:

  • Do not interrupt contact with the main male genital organ - that is, he (the man) turns you on there and everything else; and in response you should turn him on (touch his penis with your hand, stroke it, etc.), as soon as you generally remove your hand from the man’s sex organ, his excitement will subside. You absolutely cannot allow this to happen!!!
  • Show sounds and emotions in the process when your man turns you on. This will turn him on in return.
  • Participate in the process to the fullest (read more about this)

The rule is simple: you must turn on your man - just like he turns you on.

Even the fact that he wants sex with you, but you don’t, already suggests that you are not taking part in the process and there will never be any great sex for a man in this situation. And you can't be a great lover.

There should be a balance in everything in a relationship: the guideline for you is 50/50. This means that you must (on our topic) take the initiative to have sex. Want to have sex with your man the same way he does with you. Otherwise, it will seem to him that you don’t want this with him; In short, there will be problems that you don’t need.

All this is visible and felt by us men, by you women, like two fingers on the asphalt...

Foreplay is generally such a broad topic - especially for a woman - that it cannot be expressed in any words.

How to manipulate a man

You've already heard the phrase that the head turns where the neck points. And, of course, you know which gender representatives most often play in which role. And understanding how to satisfy a man in bed, every woman should try at least once RENDEZ VOUS - FEMALE EXCITANT, comes only after studying all the intricacies in a relationship.

Representatives of the stronger half of humanity have been trying for many centuries to understand what is going on in the heads of lovely ladies. And the latter, meanwhile, have long had several methods in stock that allow them to easily manipulate their gentlemen.

How to drive a man crazy - psychology

Fans with sparkling eyes are ready to do anything for the sake of their chosen ones. This is written about in romance novels and adventure stories. But do not think that the cunning of women consists solely of selfish interest. Both sexes differ not only in sexual characteristics, but also in mental and behavioral motives. And at some moments, women's tricks come in very handy.

What kind of women are chosen as wives?

The concept of wife is so broad that it includes the following characteristics:

  • mother of future children,
  • keeper of the hearth,
  • support, support,
  • advisor and faithful friend.

It is she who is able to endow him with strength and intelligence, accepting him with all his shortcomings, directing his movements along the right path. It is important to understand exactly how this happens, how you can exert influence in order to achieve a positive result.

Effective techniques for manipulating a man

Woman's behaviorCharacteristic description
Close-minded, weak and abandonedMost guys like this type.
  • In your presence, he will feel his strength and will try to move mountains to get the star he promised you.
  • Just keep in mind a small nuance.
  • This is how a self-confident man will act, while a weak one will be completely incapable of doing anything.
Affectionate address and praiseDon’t be naive that only young beauties can love with their ears.
  • The stronger sex is also not averse to hearing a few compliments towards themselves.
  • Say them gently in your ear, and you will see how your applicant “floated” and is ready to fulfill all your desires.
Feeling jealous
  • As one of your tricks, you can use light flirting with the fans around you.
  • A man becomes furious when he realizes that his beloved can spend time with someone else, so she will prove her worth, tenderness and attentiveness.
Providing comfortThe constant statements of many wives that her husband will not be able to keep the house clean without her, occupy a certain position in society, or will remain hungry, oddly enough, work.
This thought firmly settles in his head, and in the end he really begins to think that it is so.
  • Rare hysterics and hassles in some cases will help you achieve what you want.
  • In order to stop the outrage, he will be ready to do whatever you ask.

Find out more which women men avoid: Why a man is afraid of a woman

Feminine tricks

There are a great many effective methods for regulating male behavior. You could write a whole novel of such tricks to help women manage their other halves. But constant hassle can throw them off balance, so the insightful and intelligent stronger sex has learned many techniques to immediately find a compromise. And women's wisdom allows us not to use well-known techniques too often.

Understanding how to satisfy a man in bed does not always require hysterics, dissolute behavior, or scandals and a showdown before sex. Attentiveness and sensitivity on his part will always be there if you become independent, gentle and show that he is the one and only.

You can appear in different clothes:

  • tights / stockings (my favorite) / one / the other / one color / another color / one shape / another other
  • socks / without socks / one color / another color / transparent / etc (this is also exciting)
  • You can’t always be smooth (without hair) / intimate haircuts (why not)
  • in one underwear (panties and bra) / second / transparent / third / tenth
  • transparent and seductive robes
  • erotic costumes
  • bright lipstick (especially on the f*ck it’s terribly arousing; lip marks remain, etc.)
  • in a skirt / short skirt / shorts
  • with glasses / without glasses

Posons (if you are here) noticed who even has glasses? )))

  • On high heels
  • with one hairstyle/different hairstyle
  • in a tight dress / short dresses / elegant dresses / other
  • no underwear at all
  • In short, the options are overwhelming

You can appear in different roles:

  • teacher
  • nurse
  • schoolgirl
  • policeman)
  • Supergirl
  • housemaid
  • mistress (submitting him)
  • slave (your submission)
  • feisty tigress (rude behavior pattern)
  • vulgar libertine
  • such a naive girl, fragile, tender, etc.
  • playful flirty flirting other
  • you can dance a striptease (dance) for him that turns into sex
  • there are sooooo many options

Learn to play different roles and give your man surprises/erotic gifts. This is sooooo important.

Foreplay happens not only for you (women) but also for us men.

Understand a simple thing: excitement begins not below the belt, but in the head.

The orgasm begins from the head. We are all built this way. Sex is more and more psychological than physical.

When a man is excited in his head = everything is ok = below is already standing on its own and everything will be normal (cool).

You can cum in 30 seconds or in a minute = it all depends on how much you aroused your man.

What happens in his (man’s) head, in his fantasies, how it all comes true / is realized by you.

Or you can fuck him with your hand for half an hour and he will never cum, because it just doesn’t work that way...

Female pathogen with instant effect

As a rule, women for the most part are very modest in bed. But here, if you want to become an unforgettable woman for your man, you will need complete freedom and experience in intimate pleasures.

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Conquer your man with the instant stimulant RENDEZ VOUS. Just add a couple of drops and you will be irresistible in sex.

Reviews about female stimulants: Exciting drugs for women, the power of multi-orgasm

Erogenous zones from top to bottom:

  • lips
  • earlobes
  • cheeks
  • neck
  • chin
  • nipples on breast
  • in general, the breast itself and that entire area (this is a minefield - very powerful and exciting)
  • stomach
  • lower abdomen closer to the groin (the area near the navel around)
  • Well, it’s already clear (the main male sexual organ, penis, balls)
  • fingers
  • toes

A good rule (if you are fully stimulating and turning on your male): start from the top and gradually go lower and lower. It is better to enter the main zone when there is already a solid riser there.

When it’s “worth it”, you can start doing, for example, sh*t (there will be a point about this a little later).

And for this (to make a man hard) you need to work in other places to excite a man / and also work on yourself (also) (after all, men love with their eyes, don’t forget about this; this is extremely important if you don’t take care of yourself there, your hygiene, beauty, appearance, or you have sex in the dark - it’s all fu-fu).

I’m sure you don’t need to talk about this to everyone, you are a worthy girl and you understand everything perfectly well that you need to take care of yourself, your appearance, your figure, % body fat, train your muscles, etc. (in general, do what is in your power what you can do to be better; without fanaticism, of course).

How to seduce a man

Heroines of romance novels or favorite TV series are able to ignite the fire of passion among their fans solely with a casually thrown phrase or a slight gesture. What style of clothing makes men want? Trying to imitate them, any woman strives to find those very words or movements to drive a man crazy.

Find out more about who a vamp woman is: A vamp woman, what is it, why are men afraid of them

Use the following components for stimulation:

  • kisses
  • touch
  • stroking
  • touch
  • biting
  • whispered words
  • language
  • lips
  • etc.

If you are not carrying out everything according to the full program, then follow the advice that I gave at the beginning about:

  • Do not interrupt contact with the main male genital organ - that is, he (the man) turns you on there and everything else; and in response you should turn him on (with your hand on the penis, stroking, touching, etc.), as soon as you generally remove your hand from the penis, the excitement will subside. You absolutely cannot allow this to happen!!!
  • Show sounds and emotions in the process of your and his arousal to maximize the effect

Let's take an example of your possible behavior in erogenous zones:

  • Lips = regular kisses with your lips, tongue and all that stuff.
  • On the cheeks and neck = your tongue and lips are involved (that is, the same thing)
  • You can play with the nipples with your tongue / bite lightly and move lower and lower (gradually)
  • Belly and lower abdomen closer to the groin, the same lips and tongue help, you go down generally gradually
  • The main area (dick and balls) = well, there should be great s**t in a good way (where would we be without it)
  • For example, you can caress the buttocks with your hands, touch them, squeeze them lightly with your hands (for example, when you give a blow job), biting can also happen, from there you can move on to the penis/balls or to the anus (many men are delighted with such caresses)
  • The thighs can also be touched and caressed (during sex = it’s like conducting an electric current throughout the body)
  • Fingers and toes = caress with tongue and lips / lick / this is really very exciting psychologically, dominance, a feeling of maleness, just like during sex.

How to make a man think about you from a distance with the power of thought

Wise by life experience, girlfriends who believe that they have acquired a certain amount of knowledge, they already know how to satisfy a man in bed, give “invaluable” advice to distance yourself from your loved one for a while, without answering his calls or agreeing to meetings.

This method will be effective when you have already “hooked” the object of your sighs.

Don’t overdo it, so that the unpromising project doesn’t alienate your possible betrothed.

Over time, you can learn to tell if people miss you.

The main signs indicating these feelings are the following behavior:

  • The desire to be constantly nearby
  • Frequent calls
  • Communication via SMS or social networks,
  • Direct look
  • Constant need to touch your hands, hair, neck, etc.

How to make a man need you

It is known that our life consists not only of white, but also of black stripes. At such moments, everyone would like to feel reliable support and hear the right words. Representatives of the stronger half of humanity are no exception.

It is important to understand in a timely manner at what moment your man will need support and help with advice.

Top tips for a woman

Frequent mood swings may not always indicate betrayal, as most ladies are accustomed to believe. There are many reasons for this unreasonable behavior.

  • Try to avoid scandals and reproaches with claims.
  • Calmly and level-headedly find out the reason so that you can work together to take certain actions.
  • Feeling the warmth of the family hearth makes it much easier to cope with life's difficulties.
  • Cook his favorite meal, give him a massage, or take a relaxing bath. The male subconscious will more quickly perceive your actions, rather than simple words.
  • He will be able to understand that no matter what troubles occur in his life, you will always be nearby and provide the necessary psychological assistance.

Be creative.

A fresh look at the situation can assess the scale of the disaster and find the necessary solution.

  • Listen carefully to his story and calculate all the options for correcting the situation. Sometimes your wise advice will come in very handy.
  • It is not enough to strive to help your loved one. You have to construct the sentence correctly so that a careless word does not have a completely opposite effect.

Why men don't like pity

Many young people, especially when they are young and inexperienced, prefer not to trust the advice received from their chosen ones. They may also not tolerate sympathy, perceiving it as a manifestation of pity. Trying to get involved in problems will only cause unnecessary aggression.

  • Choose your words carefully.
  • Make it clear that you believe that he will be able to find the best way out of this situation.
  • If you can’t thoroughly ask about everything, stop trying for a while.
  • Having calmed down a little, he will explain everything himself.
  • Your critical remarks at such moments may also turn out to be completely inappropriate.
  • The male ego requires independent decision-making, they simply should be the best always and in everything.

Receiving your “invaluable” advice, a man is once again convinced of his inadequacy, which makes him too angry. Think better about how to satisfy a man in bed, so that if trouble arises you don’t run into a scandal.

It is better to correct the inappropriate behavior of your life partner with a direct remark on this matter. And you will express your opinion about the troubles when he himself turns to you with this request.

Tell a man he's the best

  • Find the right phrases that can support and calm a raging male. Make sure that he is not to blame for the troubles that have arisen.
  • This thought should be firmly planted in his brain, since circumstances beyond his control lead him to the feeling that he himself provoked their occurrence.
  • Tell him that he is the best at everything.
  • Help him stop delving into his own mistakes and come closer to solving problems.

Should I become a bitch?

The desire to acquire bitchy character traits most often arises in the brain of a desperate lady. Provoking factors may be:

  • Annoyance for the entire male sex,
  • "Second" roles
  • Lack of willpower and so on.

Having approached a certain line that has arisen on the path of life, we understand that we absolutely do not want to cross it, we are terribly fed up with everything. Therefore, there is a desire to expose all the sharp corners of our character, and simply to become a bitch.

Why men love bitches

  • By the way, all gentlemen perceive such women as brave, passionate, temperamental and self-sufficient individuals.
  • And they really like it.
  • But don’t cross the line of hysteria and become a saw woman who destroys her opponent in a moral sense.


  • maybe your man wants to see you suck a phallus while he fucks you from behind
  • maybe he wants you in two holes
  • maybe a man wants to see how you caress yourself and bring yourself to orgasm with your hands/toys
  • maybe a man wants to tie your hands behind your back or handcuff you, or for you to hold your hands behind your back while fucking (for example) or when he fucks you from behind (obedience)
  • maybe a man wants to put a collar on you so you can be his dog
  • In short, there are a lot of options

Without all of this, your intimate life will soon become a boring, sluggish routine.

To make your man lose his head over you every time, never forget about all “this.”

For good reason, you should be compatible in terms of sex.

That is, for example, I’m crazy about this part (I think this can be seen even from the article), and I need a female as crazy as me. Otherwise, how can I, such a crazy person, be with a girl who doesn’t like all this and so on? For example =)

It will be impossible to coexist together if I am like this and she is different or vice versa.

There must be compatibility of partners = this is the key to your strong possible relationship.

Because a very large part of your relationship rests on sex and sexuality.

Without great sex and a harmonious intimate life = even in the presence of many other things = nothing will work out. This is the BASIS! FOUNDATION. The house cannot stand without him. So it is with sex life in your relationship.

How to drive a man crazy

The first thing that catches your eye when you meet is, naturally, clothing. By correctly selecting and arranging certain objects and things, you can ensure that the guy will go crazy just looking at you

What seduces men in clothes

  • Wear tight-fitting clothes that will not hide the attractive curves of your body.
  • Highlight your butt, breasts or thighs.
  • Pay attention to skirts with long slits.
  • Particular delight will be caused by the elastic band from the stockings periodically shown in the cut.
  • Unbutton the top button on the blouse. Your companion's gaze will be drawn to this part of clothing that threatens to fall open, in order to accidentally see the attractive cleavage.
  • Use sexy, lacy lingerie that adds femininity and makes you admire it.
  • Choose attractive colors - red or black. But it’s better to avoid blue.

#3. Cum/squirt a lot and often

This is what tells us men - that we are tough guys, handsome guys and we can do anything =)

That we are sex gods)) that’s all. Psychologically, this has a profound effect on a man. I don’t know how to explain this to you logically, well, it’s cool to have sex with someone who gets high and splashes out all his emotions and gets high over and over again, squirts, cums, asks him to stop twitching because I can’t have enough. Understand?

Of course, I don’t argue - this largely depends on the man’s experience; but mostly from the woman herself.

And all this has a very cool effect on you. After all, by orgasming you will receive a release over and over again and as a result you will be satisfied, satisfied, joyful, happy, not deprived of anything, etc., and not a hysterical fit of angry dissatisfied and so on. Orgasm is the ultimate goal of what we are here to do this whole thing for.

I recommend that you study: “What determines female and male orgasms.” You will understand a lot!

#4. Learn to make cool, fabulous shit

What kind of cool mistress are we talking about without an enchanting, gorgeous dick?

Learn. Develop yourself. Lots of videos/photos/explanations. I have nothing to say here.

Believe me, this is very important. I judge from myself - sh*t is sometimes even cooler than sex (for me at least).

Sex without sex = I couldn’t even imagine this before. It’s so psychologically enjoyable that it can’t be put into words + it’s also a 2in1 physical pleasure.

I won’t say, of course, for all men that this is the same for everyone as it is for me, but believe me, this is a MUST HAVE!

#5. An*l*y sex

  • There are young ladies who don’t even want to hear about it.
  • Those who don’t like all this and categorically no, period.
  • Who are in a lot of pain and all that

And there are young ladies who: get high, ask for it, want it and also get an orgasm...

Question: which girl will win in natural selection and with whom will a man be cooler? The answer is obvious.

It's a slightly different kind of sex. Psychologically.

  • I will give - where perhaps no one has been before)) where no one is allowed in (as a rule)
  • It feels a little different there.
  • In short, this is more of an exclusive program, you know?

This is a feeling of complete dominance and maleness over a woman. Its maximum form.

It's nice. This is great. This is a MUST HAVE! I’m not saying that this should be on a permanent basis, don’t get me wrong, but it should be - there shouldn’t be any prohibitions, otherwise there won’t be enough (want) and there will be problems.

How to make a man chase you - psychology

Your wary attitude towards magical actions may force you to turn your attention to psychology. With its help, you can also make a young man die of boredom in your absence.

Human instincts can be trained. When we enjoy certain actions, we strive to perform them again and again. The young man feels good next to you, but without you he is completely sad. So he will look for a meeting so that it will be wonderful again.

  • Consider the problem that you should learn to work around. You are not the only girl on the globe, so there is some probability that someone else may experience sensuality.
  • Try to imprint in his memory remarkable episodes with your participation, so that the pleasure received is remembered exclusively with you.
  • Create a thread of connection that connects pleasant moments with you, and constantly remind your loved one of it.
  • This is the aroma of your fragrance when you first meet, the lyrics of a song played on a romantic date, words whispered in your ear during intimate moments, and more.

Will this work

Let's say a young man hears the song to which you had your first kiss, and he begins to associate it with you. Indulging in further memories, he begins to understand that he had the best moments with you, but now he is lonely and sad. To put it bluntly, the sadness associated with your absence begins.

Note to girls: How to attract a man into your life - feminine tricks of seduction

#6. Give yourself 100% to the process / relax / turn off your brain and get high (enjoy the process)

I don’t know about other men, but you really feel it.

You can't have really cool cool sex if your brain (head) is turned on, darling.

Sex = it's more and more in the head. Not so much physical interaction, but psychological.

When the brain is fucking turned off = sex will be much better, brighter, etc. than if the brain is working.

Try it somehow (practice, learn) and see for yourself.

There can’t be any orgasms with your head on. Only when you give 100% to the process, relax, get high, are 100% liberated = then everything will be cool for both you and the man.

You should not care about anything and everything. You must be in the process (in contact with a man).

It doesn't matter what hairstyle you have there. What do you look like there, do you have a hole in your tights/stockings or not. Something else doesn’t matter, it’s all bullshit. It will only do harm. Do whatever you want and don't think about anything.

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