How to become happy and loved - 10 simple rules

Research groups of scientists from Harvard and the University of California believe that happiness is a virus that lives according to all the laws of an infectious disease. According to them, if a person is surrounded by friendly and smiling people, then this attitude is transmitted to him. In particular, a person's chance of being happy increases by 25% if his best friend is happy.

Article on the topic Learning to be happy: how to get pleasure from life “The more often we communicate with people who are satisfied with life, the higher our chances are, if not for happiness, then at least for a positive mood,” says Olga Karabanova, Doctor of Psychology, Deputy Dean for scientific work of the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University. Read more about the “contagiousness” of happiness >>

But physiologists believe that happiness depends on hormones - endorphin, serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin eliminates depression, improves mental abilities, is beneficial for internal organs, and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. But serotonin works closely with dopamine, the pleasure hormone, and GABA, which is responsible for the relaxation process.

The lack of even one of these substances affects the mood, depriving a person of a feeling of happiness. To prevent this from happening, you can make small adjustments to your diet by increasing the doses of certain foods:

  • Serotonin - found in eggs, low-fat cheeses, poultry, and avocados.
  • Dopamine – found in fruits and vegetables with vitamin C.
  • GABA - found in eggs, dark green vegetables, seeds, nuts, potatoes and bananas.

But happiness is not only in tasty and healthy food, but also in a good mood, a positive outlook, the absence of stress, anxiety and worry, as well as psychological and physical health.

What is happiness? Try to solve the puzzle>>

How to become the happiest person in the world

How to become happy and loved?
This question worries every woman. And everyone has their own happiness - to be loved, a wife, a mother, a good professional, to be free. And you usually understand this when the usual way of life is disrupted. Life is fleeting, and a woman needs to be on time everywhere: to make a career, start a family, be loved, healthy and beautiful. Therefore, we must learn to live happily every day. After all, they say that every day cannot be good, there is something good in every day.

We must appreciate every moment, accept life as it is, fill the soul with goodness and love. And this is the feeling of that same happiness.

You must love yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. Understand that everyone is not perfect, but they are unique just like you. Everyone has their own truth, goals, priorities, values. Forgive people for their mistakes, do not hold grudges against them. Love them simply because they are, do not harm them. What you give to people is what you get in return.

Notice the beauty in everything - in the fresh breeze, the rays of the sun, the smell of autumn leaves, the first spring leaves or the first snowflakes, the twinkling of night stars. Charge yourself with positivity from nature.

Outdoor. Cute, attractive girl on the grass

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Research published in 2021 by Australia's University of Warwick found that increasing your fruit and vegetable intake to eight servings a day can improve life satisfaction and overall happiness. Basically, the more food the 12,000 people ate, the happier they felt.

“Eating fruits and vegetables appears to increase our happiness much faster than it improves people's health.”

says study author Andrew Oswald, PhD.

How to become a happy woman - simple rules

You have to be happy regardless of your surroundings and circumstances.

And for this you just need to adhere to the basic rules:

  1. Greet every morning with a smile. Smile at your family, the sun, your acquaintances, and passers-by;
  2. Enjoy the little things. Stop thinking negatively, drive away all bad thoughts, don’t complain about life;
  3. Do what you love, find yourself a hobby;
  4. Walk more in the fresh air, enjoy the beauty of nature;
  5. Learn to forgive, leave only the good in the present;
  6. Do good to people;
  7. Take time for yourself, make plans for the future;
  8. Dream;
  9. Love should always come first;
  10. Be grateful to fate for what you have now.

Every woman should understand that there is nothing more valuable in the world than family; it is the foundation for happiness. And in order to be happy in marriage, you need to accept your spouse as he is, with all his shortcomings, and not try to change him to suit you.

And it is also very important to understand that a woman in a family should be a lover, a loving wife and a good mother all in one.

The main rules of strong relationships

In order to live happily ever after with your husband, you need to follow simple rules that will help you not lose him:

  • Become a friend to him;
  • Cook delicious food regularly;
  • Don't find fault with him over various trifles;
  • Look after yourself;
  • Surprise in bed;
  • Learn to listen to him;
  • Leave him some personal space;
  • Forget about jealousy;
  • Don't try to change it.

The main reasons for quarrels and divorces are financial problems, sexual dissatisfaction, and different interests.

Watch a funny video

All those funny cat videos making their way around the internet are actually very helpful. A 2014 study published in the journal Advances in Mind-Body Medicine found that those who watched a couple of humorous videos for 20 minutes had significantly lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their saliva than those who sat quietly. and did nothing for 20 minutes.

  • Funny video with animals
  • Mom panda makes her baby climb down from the tree

How to become a happy woman at 40

Happiness is a state of mind, inner satisfaction. Very often, by the age of forty, women feel a lack of happiness. After all, this is a midlife crisis, it’s time to rethink life values.

To be happy at this age, you need to forget about age and focus on your state of mind. And the soul strives for love, beauty, wisdom, health. We must live in self-love. The children are already adults, so you can afford to take care of yourself.

Apperciate things which you have. And by the middle of life a person comes with experience and knowledge, and there is a life ahead that can be built using wisdom and accumulated experience. Stay wise in your relationships with your children, husband, and loved ones. Consider their opinions, plans, feelings and interests.

At 40 years old, a woman is still young, beautiful and sexy, and this gives rise to self-confidence and calmness. She doesn’t depend on anyone, she does what she likes, what inspires her, what brings her joy. At this age, she loves with all her heart her children, her parents, her man, not in order to get something in return, but simply because she wants to share love because of its excess.

You need to live as if you were living your last day, speak words of love and support to your family and friends, do good things for them. Treat every person who is nearby with respect, and most importantly, yourself. Surround yourself with people who make you feel light and warm.

To become happy, you just have to want it.

  • Smile;
  • Love yourself and pamper yourself;
  • Organize holidays for yourself, give positive emotions, tune in to the positive;
  • Make new acquaintances, it’s interesting to communicate with new people.

What is happiness?

Happiness is the complete predominance of positive emotions. These include: joy, pride, fun, pleasure and gratitude. In other words, happiness is complete satisfaction with current life circumstances. The cause of this condition can be any emotion and any event: riding an attraction, unpacking New Year's gifts, training, or meeting a certain person. It all depends on a person’s personal preferences, his character, values ​​and life attitudes. Therefore, there is no universal recipe for happiness - it is important to listen to yourself and your desires in order to become happy. However, happiness is most often identified as the result of good physical and mental health, which is determined by a person's lifestyle.

How to be happy at 50

It is impossible to stop time, and it is also impossible to preserve youth. Aging is an inevitable physiological process.

Aging is the physiological changes that occur with age in the human body, usually accompanied by psychological and behavioral changes, and a deterioration in overall health.

Source Wikipedia

And age 50 is just an average milestone in life.

But it is during this period that menopause occurs, and hormonal changes cause some discomfort. In addition, women notice the appearance of gray hair and wrinkles, and the figure loses its slimness. All this does not improve mood and often causes depression and nervous breakdowns.

The age of 50 is not a death sentence and is far from the end of an active life. And at this age you can and should enjoy life and every new day. This is the only way to avoid loneliness.

You shouldn’t perceive your age as a tragedy and continue to live life to the fullest. The age after 50 can be the best period of your life. At this age, a woman becomes free. The children have grown up, your career has been built, you have free time that you can devote to making your old dream come true, which you didn’t have time for before - floriculture, drawing, dancing. New opportunities open up before you.

You have become older, and, therefore, wiser, more experienced, more judicious. This is the advantage over youth.

Every new day is a gift, so you need to learn to enjoy every day and appreciate every moment of your life.

Tips on how to be happy after 50 years

  • Love yourself;
  • Remove negative people from your surroundings. Surround yourself with people you like and share your views;
  • Calmly accept the natural changes of aging. There is no need to suffer from the appearance of wrinkles or extra pounds. The main thing is to look well-groomed;
  • Share your life experiences with your children, grandchildren and their friends;
  • Forget resentment towards those who once hurt you. Past mistakes cannot be corrected, and people cannot be changed. Forget about the bad, think only about the good;
  • To slow down the aging process, keep your brain working. Learn new things, remember different information;
  • Take responsibility for your life yourself, and do not blame others for failures. Man himself is the master of his own destiny;
  • Start the day with a smile, enjoy every new day;
  • Dream, make plans for the future, because you still have so much to do.

Is it possible to be happy after 60

For some reason, many are sure that older people cannot experience feelings for the opposite sex. But that's not true. Love and happiness have no age restrictions. Everyone dreams of growing old next to a loved one. A woman at any age should remain a woman. And in order to be loved and happy, it is not at all necessary to remain young.

Those. Those who think that you can only meet the love of your life at a young age are mistaken. You can meet the one and only one at a fairly mature age. At this age, people begin to live in a civil marriage, because... Marriage registration is no longer important. The main thing is to understand each other and maintain a warm and gentle relationship.

Feelings that appear in old age are especially valued because... This is not only a late love, but also, perhaps, the last.

You need to cherish love and appreciate every new day spent together at any age.

Elderly people, just like everyone else, need warmth, attention, contact with other people, including physical ones. And perhaps even more than everyone else. Your career is over, your children are grown, so it becomes important to maintain a close relationship with your partner.

Hang out with your dog

It's almost impossible not to be happy around your cute slobbery puppy, right? In a 2021 study, researchers found that simply being around your dog increases levels of oxytocin, one of the chemicals that makes you feel happy. So take your furry best friend for a walk and he'll lift your spirits.

How to be happy after divorce

When a woman gets married, she hopes for a long, happy life with her beloved, for mutual understanding, support, respect and love.

But these are expectations, but in reality, more than half of couples get divorced. Divorce is always stressful. It’s not at all easy to cross out your life and start over from scratch. But we must find the strength to believe that all good things are ahead.

Your task is to become happy after a divorce. Is this possible? Is there such a chance for a woman who is left with one or more children?

Many women withdraw into themselves after a divorce; they cannot understand why this happened to them. After all, they tried to do everything to save the family. There is no need to blame yourself for anything. When a family breaks up, there are always two people to blame.

To become happy again, after a divorce, you need to get rid of the all-consuming feeling of resentment towards your ex-husband. The heart must be free for new positive feelings.

Divorce is not the end of the world. It’s just that one stage of life gives way to another.

Now you are a free woman, and the time has come to take care of yourself and bring more bright and joyful moments into your life. Have a party with your friends, go to the hairdresser, change your hairstyle, change your hair color, update your wardrobe.

Start changing your life with little things, and over time you will definitely see pleasant changes. And husband? Yes, in general, he was not a bad person, but it’s good that he already “was”.

After a divorce, it is very important to believe in love. Think more about good things, dream, smile. Go to parties, be social. A cheerful, sociable person will not leave anyone indifferent, and you will not have a lack of communication. And sooner or later you will meet your true love.

Spend less time on social networks

Of course, social media has its benefits, but too much of it is not beneficial. A study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior in 2021 found that the more platforms subjects used, the more likely they were to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. While signing up for multiple platforms shouldn't be too much of a hassle, true happiness seems to lie in staying a little further away from Instagram.

How to become a happy woman if she is alone

We must accept this reality as a new stage in life and look at it from the other side. You don't have to cook, wash, clean every day. You are free, live for yourself and can do whatever you want.

Survive this period and before you know it, the one person for whom you want to cook lunches and dinners and wash socks will appear in your life.

Remember that successful and happy people attract people like themselves. If you suffer from loneliness and complain about your life, you will attract the same loser to you.

Every day, standing in front of the mirror, say: “I am strong”, “I am worthy of love and respect”, “I love myself for who I am”, I will be fine!”

If your fate is such that at the moment you are alone, still thank God that you have family and friends. Pay attention to them, give them your love and one day love will find you and you too will become happy.

Tip six: learn to think correctly

Remember, all thoughts are material, we ourselves shape our future.

  • Get involved and learn.
  • Set small goals and celebrate when you achieve them.
  • Consider every achievement as an experience and a stepping stone towards a greater goal.
  • Bring everything you start to completion.
  • Dream for the sake of dreaming.
  • Think life-affirmingly: “I can do it!”, “I’ll definitely try again,” “I’m worthy of this,” “I’m happy with myself,” “I want and I can.”


Learn to think constructively and in a positive way. No negative or destructive thoughts.

Which thought forms sound more life-affirming?

I won't get sickI am well!
I 'll be richI have a lot of money

How to become happy in spite of everyone

Life will become easier if you don’t focus on some things:

  • Don't think about what others will say about you. What difference does it make to you? If you have made your choice and are happy, then you should not care what other people think. You can listen to people's advice, but don't let them decide for you how to live;
  • You must learn to accept the fact that some people around you annoy you. Anger destroys from the inside, so you need to learn to cope with resentment and hatred;
  • Every woman dreams of an ideal partner, and she has a set of qualities in her head that he should have. But in reality, you will hardly be able to meet a person who meets your dreams. You feel calm and comfortable around the person you love, and you accept him for who he is. If so, then you have found what you were looking for;
  • Just as there is no ideal partner, neither is fate ideal. Life depends on the person himself, on what he puts into it. To make life successful, you need to work hard. It will depend on his efforts whether he can create his own beautiful world;
  • Every person dreams of a comfortable life. But in order to become rich, you have to work hard. Don't get hung up on money. You just need to find something you like that will help you realize yourself. Then the money will come;
  • After separation from your loved one, analyze your behavior and what mistakes led to the separation. Don't get hung up on feelings for someone who will never be with you. If you constantly suffer, you will not be able to build new relationships. There is no need to compare your new partner with the one you loved before. Don't live in the past, let it go. Appreciate the experience it gave you and avoid repeating the mistakes. Living in the past means burying your present. Let go of your past experiences and commit yourself to your new relationship;
  • As you know, thoughts are material. Therefore, you must hope that everything in your life will be fine. For a person who believes in this, nothing is impossible.

You don't owe anyone anything, just as no one owes you anything. Don't think that the people around you should meet your expectations. Accept life as it is and then you will certainly become happy.

Manage your stress levels

If you have a lot of stress in your life, you need to find ways to reduce it, such as learning some time management techniques. See a psychologist for additional coping techniques.

Train yourself to exercise regularly and manage your time. Remember - a person is able to control his own psychological mood. By taking responsibility for how to use their time, everyone is able, according to psychologists, to effectively reduce stress.

If stress causes anxiety in a person, breathing techniques can help. Don't underestimate the impact of improper breathing on our health. Try the following breathing exercise to relieve stress. Technique 4-7-8. Sit in a quiet place and relax, inhale for 4 slow counts, from your stomach. Hold your breath for 7 slow counts. Exhale for 8 slow counts. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times. If you do this regularly before bed, the exercise will help you fall asleep faster and more peacefully. This advice from psychologists will help reduce anxiety and bring the body into a state of calm and tranquility.

How to become loved and desired by your man

It is very important for a woman to feel loved. And everyone wants to be the only one, desired and irreplaceable for her beloved man.

How can this be achieved? What attracts men to a woman?

Men love self-confident, smart, well-groomed women. Therefore, improve your educational level, take care of yourself and see with what respect he looks at you and proudly tells his friends about your successes. And, importantly, he himself will try to adhere to your level.

Every person has the right to privacy and space. Give this to your beloved man. Don't be hysterical, forget about jealousy.

Support him in different situations, be with him in difficult times. He must understand that you are always there, which means that together you can overcome all difficulties. He will understand that you are truly irreplaceable.

How can a woman stay loved?

In order for a woman to always remain loved and desired, we must adhere to certain principles:

  • Naturalness. You shouldn’t remake yourself to fit the ideal invented by a man. It's all useless. Fight your shortcomings, but do not suppress your personality;
  • Femininity. What it is? This is independence, passion, tenderness, dignity, harmony;
  • Tenderness. This feminine quality is a creative energy for men, capable of inspiring them to do good deeds;
  • Looseness. For a man to feel constant sexual attraction to his partner, he must forget about embarrassment and various taboos.

Remember that your happiness depends only on yourself.

Tip four: away with despair and despondency!

You have no idea how many negative emotions stand in the way of your inner harmony:

  • grievances;
  • envy;
  • jealousy;
  • self-interest;
  • fears;
  • disappointments;
  • anger.

In order to “hang” in the positive, you need to be able to let go of the negative. To begin with, it is important to understand that experiencing negative emotions is not only normal, but also useful. The emotions that block our happiness are that part of the negativity that you did not experience, but kept to yourself. This means that you did not process this emotion, did not benefit from it, did not complete it and therefore did not feel a sense of relief, a feeling of liberation.

Any emotion needs to be recognized (the reasons for its appearance and how it affects you), experienced and released. For example, fear is inaction to avoid disastrous consequences. And that's great! This is self-preservation. Did you feel it? And now, we move on, we overcome - we put all the failures on the shelves. For each, we look for alternative solutions, noting the potential benefits that can be derived from the situation. Having dealt with the consequences in detail, it turns out that fear is not so paralyzing, you can let it go if by this time it itself will not let you go.

This practice of letting go of negativity can be applied to any emotion. There is no need to stay in it - experience it: cry, swear, tremble, scream, and then look at everything from the outside, through the eyes of an observer, understand the causes and consequences, learn a lesson and switch to the positive.

Agree, it is much more pleasant to “savor” the joy of overcoming than to constantly “replay” troubles within yourself.

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