How to avoid freezing in a tent at night in the summer. How to avoid freezing in a tent? Adviсe

Warm sleeping bag

To stay warm while hiking, you should have a warm sleeping bag. There are sleeping bags with different temperature conditions. However, you should note that the figures given by manufacturers are usually measured for the average man wearing thermal underwear and, moreover, do not always correspond to reality. When choosing, look for comfort temperatures rather than extreme temperatures. If it is written that extreme is -20, then this means that at a temperature of -20 you have a chance to spend a night in a sleeping bag without sleep and not die from hypothermia. Read my post on how to choose the right sleeping bag.


Change as many clothes as possible. What you've been wearing all day will most likely be a little damp and you'll be cold to sleep. If you are unable to change clothes, try heating and drying your clothes by the fire. An excellent solution would be a set of thermal underwear; it not only warms, but also removes moisture from the skin.

Don’t put on all your existing clothes at once; you risk sweating and freezing all night. It’s better to dress lighter first, and prepare additional things and put them on the side. If you get cold, you can quickly put them on.


  • Backpack
    . For men, optimally 80-120 l, for women 70-80 l. Backpacks with a frame and a waist belt remove 70-95% of the load from the spine and transfer it directly to the legs through the hips. The stiffer the frame and belt, the better the load is removed from the shoulders. All things must fit inside the backpack, because the winter trail often passes through a windfall and you can simply get stuck, and anything attached outside can get wet, get lost and be torn against the bushes.

Tourist backpack Travel 100 Helios 7,240 for 1 piece.
Hiking backpack Pilgrim 70 (TB423) Helios 6,475 for 1 piece. Backpack Travel 120 Gray (N-TB084-120L-G) NISUS Nisus 8 205 for 1 pc. Backpack Sturm 70L Oxford Holster Holster 3,640 for 1 piece. Backpack Sherpa 80l KMF WHITE STONE 3,600 for 1 piece. Hiking backpack SHIVLING V3 (3497-70365) BASK 11,900 for 1 piece. Backpack Bionic 70 green/gray ALLOY 8,090 for 1 piece. All expedition backpacks in the catalog

  • Tent
    Only two-layer and with aluminum arches and a vestibule. Fiberglass arches become brittle in temperatures below -10. Good options are “2+1” for three and “3+1” for four. Or a winter tent with a stove. The ROCK 3 TRT-28 Tramp
    tent is perfect . Three-person expedition tent Tramp Rock 3 (V2) with two entrances and two vestibules. Three outer poles ensure the tent's exceptional resistance to strong winds, snow and rain.

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  • Sleeping bag
    . Special winter one, with a comfortable temperature for hiking conditions (from 0 ° C and below) and with minimal weight.

See all winter sleeping bags in the catalog

  • Rug
    (aka karemat, foam). The best option is an inflatable mat plus a foam mat. The simplest option is two ordinary foam mats; they will provide comfort and warmth.

All mattresses in the catalog

  • Sunglasses (ski mask)
    . For protection from ultraviolet radiation, wind and snowstorms. Preferably slightly darkened, but with 100% UV protection.

Polarized glasses in a case (yellow) (PR-OP-1197-Y) Premier Fishing 745 for 1 pc.
Polarized glasses in a case (chameleon) (PR-OP-128P-C) Premier Fishing 790 for 1 pc. Polarized glasses in a case (gray) PREMIER (PR-OP-112-G) Premier Fishing 850 for 1 pc. Polarized glasses in a case (chameleon) PREMIER (PR-OP-1197-C) Premier Fishing 745 for 1 pc. Polarized glasses in a case (chameleon) (PR-OP-8228-C) Premier Fishing 790 for 1 pc. Polarized glasses in a case (yellow) (PR-OP-9436-Y) Premier Fishing 790 for 1 pc. Polarized glasses in a case (gray) (PR-OP-128P-G) Premier Fishing 790 for 1 pc. Polarized glasses in a case (brown) PREMIER (PR-OP-128P-B) Premier Fishing 790 for 1 pc. Polarized glasses in a case (yellow) PREMIER (PR-OP-9390-Y) Premier Fishing 790 for 1 pc. Polarized glasses. in case GLTR 009 C3 AR Tagrider 963 for 1 pc. See all polarized glasses in the catalog

  • Bowl, mug, spoon, knife
    . The best choice for a bowl is a plastic container with a lid with a capacity of 0.5 - 1 liter. You can store and transport different products. Mug – stainless steel, 250-400 ml. It is better not to take plastic mugs - they often break and melt. A spoon is an ordinary one, preferably a dessert spoon, made of stainless steel. It is 2 times lighter than a dining room one. It is better not to take wooden and plastic options - they break and burn. A fork and a teaspoon are not needed at all. Knife – you need 2 pieces per group. Ordinary, small folding ones.

Thermal mug MMJ-A048 XC Clear Stainless 0.48 l Tiger 3 950 for 1 pc. Set of folding cutlery (PF-CWS-P51) Pathfinder 499 for 1 piece. Titanium fork-spoon DANDELION T19, FMT-T19 999 for 1 pc. Thermal mug folding handles 300 ml stainless steel (PF-CWS-P62) Pathfinder Pathfinder 489 for 1 piece. Folding camping spoon stainless steel (spoon-fork) in a case (PF-CWS-P33) Pathfinder Pathfinder 139 for 1 pc.

  • Snowshoes (skis)
    . They are selected according to the conditions of the route and the nature of the snow. If the snow on the route is deep, and this is usually known in advance, then it would be good to take snowshoes. Skis - if you have minimal experience in using them. On a long, difficult hike, without sufficient experience, serious problems will arise on the ascents and descents, so be very careful when choosing your equipment.

Wooden skis Taiga (commercial) 125 cm Mayak 1,750 for 1 pair. Wooden skis Okhotnik 165 cm Mayak 2,970 for 1 pair. Wood-plastic skis Taiga 155 cm Mayak 3,190 for 1 pair. Snowshoes 86*25 cm Mayak 5,315 for 1 piece. Snowshoes 78*23 cm Mayak 5,735 for 1 piece. Wooden skis Taiga (commercial) 165 cm Mayak 3,000 for 1 pair. Wooden skis Taiga 165 cm wide. 180 mm (taiga, commercial) Lighthouse 3,410 for 1 pair. Wooden skis Taiga 170 cm wide. 200 mm Lighthouse 4,050 for 1 pair.

  • Trekking poles
    . The poles significantly reduce the load on the ankle, knees and spine. They also help to maintain balance on descents and ascents. They are very helpful when traversing a slope. In the parking lot they serve as racks for awnings and tents.

Trekking poles 51-110cm (YJQT-32-Red) China 1,130 for 1 pair. Trekking poles 51-110 cm (YJQT-32-Silver metalic) China 1,130 for 1 pair. Trekking poles with a two-component handle, 135 cm SportMaxim 850 for 1 piece. Trekking poles Scout 140 red (TRR-009) Tramp Tramp 1,700 for 1 pair. Trekking poles “Neo” ultra-compact vpro 0189 Vento 3,990 for 1 pair. Trekking poles with a two-component handle, 125 cm SportMaxim 720 for 1 pc. Poles NW Fast (P0529) BTrace BTrace 1,950 for 1 pair. Trekking poles Ultra P0527 BTrace 3,945 for 1 pair. Trekking poles with a two-component handle, 105 cm SportMaxim 720 for 1 pc. NW Unna poles (P0528) BTrace BTrace 1,815 for 1 pair.

  • Raincoat, cape for backpack
    Even in winter, rain is not uncommon. For a hike, it is better to use a special larger poncho made of light synthetic fabric with impregnation to throw over warm clothes. The best option is a warm suit with a membrane. And for a backpack you need a raincoat or a special cape, which often comes with the backpack. An excellent option is a raincoat Poncho
  • Thermos
    . During the day we do not heat water for lunch. Therefore, hot drinks should be prepared at breakfast and carried in a thermos.

Thermos mug 400ML Tonar 1,065 for 1 piece. Thermos HS.TM-040 1200ML Tonar 1,635 for 1 pc. Thermos HS.TM-037 750ML with spoon Tonar 1,445 for 1 pc. Thermos HS.TM-043 1900ML Tonar 2,915 for 1 piece. Thermos HS.TM-035 1000ML Tonar 1,290 for 1 piece. Thermos HS.TM-016 1000ML (C) Tonar 1,085 for 1 pc. Thermos HS.TM-013 1800ML (C) Tonar 1,695 for 1 pc. Thermos HS.TM-022 1200ML (C) Tonar 1,405 for 1 pc. Thermos HS.TM-024 750ML black (C) Tonar 1,210 for 1 pc. Thermos HS.TM-033-V 1000ML with strainer Tonar 1,335 for 1 pc.

  • Flashlight
    . Rechargeable headlamp. Even if you don’t have one, be sure to buy it. It is best to use one powerful LED and with the ability to install batteries instead of a battery. When transporting or carrying a backpack, remove the batteries or battery from the flashlight to prevent accidental activation. Why is there a battery in the flashlight? Because in the cold the batteries discharge slower. Nowadays there is a large selection of external batteries for recharging gadgets, which help out if you need to charge a flashlight. It makes sense to take batteries with you in reserve.

Headlamp CA-3178 Helios 640 for 1 pc. Flashlight BRIGHT BEAM LH-140 “ENOT” headlamp/handheld CREE XP-G2 140lm, 2 dir. (30/100%), LR6 incl. Bright beam 1,135 for 1 piece. Headlamp “PANDA 2R” 2xCREE XP-G3 max.800lm Bright beam 3,303 for 1 pc. Flashlight LC-360 LED. keychain 2xCR2016 included Bright beam 200 for 1 pc. Headlamp TACTIKKA + RGB camouflage (E089FA01) Petzl 6,090 for 1 pc. Headlamp TIKKA green (E093FA02) Petzl 3,590 for 1 pc. Headlamp TIKKA blue (E093FA01) Petzl 3,590 for 1 pc. Headlamp LAMP TIKKID PINK pink (E091BA01) Petzl 2,990 for 1 pc. Headlamp LH-105A 0.5W/0/5W+10LED charging 220V Bright beam 630 for 1 pc. Flashlight HM65R Fenix ​​8,590 for 1 pc.

  • Portable burner
    . Designed for cooking. It is light in weight and volume, easy to carry.

Burner GII-3.65 Sibiryachka 1,980 per 1 piece. Square gas burner (TKB-8901) Kovea 3,580 for 1 pc. Gas burner with hose (KGB-1608) Kovea 8,940 for 1 pc. Burner GII-1.15 round red Siberian Sibiryachka 1,250 for 1 piece. Portable burner with gas generator (collet) (GTP-N04/N05) (cutter) Pathfinder 900 for 1 pc. Gas burner (KB-1005) Kovea 3 510 for 1 pc. Folding tourist burner TRG-043 Tramp 1,350 per 1 piece. Gas burner (FMS-102) Fire-Maple 2,499 for 1 piece.

  • Hunting matches
    or lighter with piezo. Lights up in almost any weather conditions.
  • Flint
    . Reliable and easy to use. Helps start a fire if there are no matches.
  • First aid kit
    . Of course, there will be a group first aid kit. It will contain the basic equipment necessary for the conditions of your route. But if you need other first aid supplies or medications that you take on an ongoing basis, such as asthma spray, you will need to take care of them yourself.
  • Hygiene products
    . A small piece of soap, 30-40 grams, is enough. A toothbrush without toothpaste (it will freeze and will not squeeze out of the tube). Hand and face cream, hygienic lipstick - the face and lips become very chapped out of habit. A pack of wet wipes – you can use them to freshen up if you don’t want to get into cold water.
  • Toilet paper
    . Half a roll per person is enough.
  • Camera
    . Take spare batteries (if they are suitable instead of a battery).
  • Mobile phone
    . For security reasons, everyone should have a mobile phone. In a separate waterproof package. With a fully charged battery and money in your account. Keep it turned off and turn it on as needed to save battery.
  • Money and documents
    . A passport or a document replacing it is required. Store money and documents in separate waterproof packaging.

Waterproof phone case 105x205mm mix (PR-103) China 205 for 1 pc. Waterproof case-belt bag for phone 110x260mm mix (PR-201-1) China 435 for 1 pc. Waterproof case-bag on hand for phone black (PR-301-B) China 450 for 1 piece. Flat PVC sealing bag 20×13 cm BTrace (Transparent) A0280 BTrace 160 for 1 pc. Flat PVC sealing bag 26.7×35.6 cm BTrace (Transparent) A0277 BTrace 180 for 1 pc. Flat PVC sealing bag 18×25 cm BTrace (Transparent) A0278 BTrace 150 for 1 pc. Flat PVC sealing bag 26.7*35.6 cm (TRA-023) Tramp Tramp 156 for 1 pc. Universal waterproof case large (PF-WP-02) Pathfinder Pathfinder 697 for 1 piece.

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