Five life hacks for comfortable living in a tent

In general, camping means a base for autotourists, but in our country this word usually means going out into nature by car in a large group or with the whole family, usually with an overnight stay.
Today we will talk about necessary and useful things for a comfortable outdoor recreation and give specific examples of good, tested ones. What is better to prepare in advance and take with you so that your vacation goes as it should? So, in order.

Camp. Overnight.


A camping tent or marquee can act as a “home substitute”. If you plan to spend the night, naturally, it is better to take a camping tent; if you don’t have an overnight stay and the weather is good, sunny, without rain, you can use a tent.

A good option, reliable, durable and with high performance, is the Tramp Brest .

Brest line is represented by four, six and nine-seater options. Their layout is such that for 4 and 6-seaters there is a vestibule in the center, and to the left and right of it there are two living compartments. The largest, nine-seater, has three rooms, on the sides and behind the vestibule.

The bottom of the tents in this series has a water resistance rating of over 10,000 mm.w.s., which means that the tent will not get wet, even if placed on a damp or wet surface. These tents are double-layered and their flap has a water resistance of 4,000 mm.w.s., which means that the tent is completely protected from rain. The outer awning is impregnated for UV protection, which extends the life of the tent, and impregnated to stop flames, which increases safety. All seams are taped with heat shrink tape to protect against moisture penetration inside. The arches are made of durapol 9.5/11 mm, the posts are made of steel, 16 mm. Supplied with a carrying case, a removable vestibule floor and a repair kit. The entrances to the vestibule and sleeping compartments are protected by a mosquito net to eliminate flying nuisances in the form of mosquitoes and midges. There are convenient mesh pockets for storing things and equipment. Large windows for ventilation will help maintain comfortable conditions inside. Brest line of tents are equipped with a wind-snow protection skirt.

Quadruple optionSix-seater optionNine-seat option

The four-seater version weighs 13.6 kg. External dimensions - 505x220x200 cm, useful living space - two "rooms" of 140x210x160 cm each. Tambour - 215x210 cm.

Six-seater - 14 kg. weight. External dimensions - 585x220x200 cm. Living area - two “rooms” of 180x210x160 cm each. Tambour - 215x210 cm.

And finally, nine-seater - 17 kg. weight. External dimensions - 585x400x210 cm. Bed dimensions - three "rooms" of 180x210x160 cm each. Tambour - 215x210 cm.

Also good camping tents and marquees are produced by companies such as Alexika, Greenell, Red Fox, Sol and Trek Planet . A detailed article about tents, their characteristics and choice can be read here.

Sleeping bag

For comfortable camping, large, warm sleeping bags in the form of a blanket are well suited; they can be unzipped along the entire length and covered like a regular blanket.

A high-quality, warm, comfortable option, ideal for camping in the summer and off-season - the Alexika Siberia Wide sleeping bag. The inner fabric is soft flannel, which provides maximum sleeping comfort. Dimensions - 195x100 cm, this is a wide option that is suitable for people of any build, and children can simply curl up in it, like in a giant nest. You can unzip it and it turns into a big soft blanket. A reflective insert on the zipper loop makes it easy to use the zipper in the dark. Inside the sleeping bag there is a mesh pocket for small items, a phone, a handkerchief, etc. It is equipped with a high-quality compression bag that can be zipped together.

Another great option for a compact, lightweight summer sleeping bag/blanket for camping is the KSL Camping Plus. It weighs only 1.5 kg, the inner fabric is a mixture of cotton and polyester, which combines comfort with increased durability. Size - 185 (+35 headband)x80 cm.

Alexika products, good options for sleeping bags for camping are produced by companies such as Prival, Greenell, Red Fox, Talberg, Husky, Tramp, High Peak and Trek Planet . A separate article devoted to sleeping bags, their characteristics, differences and choice can be found here.

!!! For a sleeping bag, it is also advisable to take a special insert. They are needed to increase hygiene of use, extend the life of the sleeping bag and improve the comfort temperature. When using the insert, it will be the insert that gets dirty, and you will need to wash it, not the sleeping bag, which is good, because sleeping bags lose their properties and characteristics when washed.

Here are quality options from the German manufacturer High Peak :

High Peak Cotton Inlett Travel Sleeping Bag Blanket Insert. Made from 100% cotton, which provides maximum comfort during use. Supplied with a carrying case for storage and transportation. Size - 225x80cm. In the package - 14x11cm. Weight - 335 grams.

High Peak TC Inlett Travel Sleeping Bag Blanket Insert. Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Weight - 350 grams. Supplied with a carrying case for storage and transportation. Size - 225x80cm. Packaging: 10x15cm.


Naturally, it is better to use a self-inflating mat; it will provide the best degree of comfort for a good sleep in nature. Remember that the self-inflating mat should not be placed on stones or other sharp objects, and should not be jumped on or thrown with heavy objects. When using for the first time, it is advisable to let the mat sit for 5-7 hours with the valve open so that it comes out of its factory state, expands as much as possible and is ready for use.

One of the best self-inflating camping mats is the Alexika Alpine Double.

Its size is 198x132x5 cm. Weight is 2.8 kg. This model is double, the mats are connected to each other with Velcro. You can sleep together, you can separate it and use it separately, or you can fold it and sleep alone, which will improve the level of sleep comfort and thermal insulation. This mat has two air valves for faster inflation and deflation, and comes with a convenient carrying case and repair kit. The upper part of the mat is soft, and the bottom fabric is anti-slip and reinforced.

Also, good-quality self-inflating mats are produced by companies such as Tramp, Greenell and Trek Planet . A detailed article on travel rugs and their choice can be found here.


During your trip, it will practically become your home - staying overnight in full-fledged houses can be too expensive, besides, spending the night in a tent gives your vacation a special flavor of unity with nature. First of all, we determine the required capacity - both miniature 1-seater and spacious family models are available on the market.

You should not take a tent that is too small - it will simply be uncomfortable. You shouldn’t choose the largest option either - the larger the tent, the heavier it is. However, if you plan to travel by car, then an extra few kilograms is unlikely to be a deciding factor. In addition, the supply of free space will provide you with more flexibility for placement.

It is better to choose models with a built-in awning - they are not only more effectively protected from moisture, but are also easy to install. An important characteristic of a tent material is water resistance; the higher it is, the better.

Among the additional tent options that will be convenient when stopping at a campsite, the following can be noted:

  • a sufficient number of ventilation windows with safety valves;
  • a two-layer entrance door valve, consisting of a solid and mesh layer - it will provide both good ventilation and protection from the street cold;v
  • pockets inside the tent - you can put glasses, phone and other small things in them without fear of damaging or losing them;
  • a hook for fixing - you can hang a lantern on it;
  • lockable vestibule - here you can place your things without fear that they will get wet in case of unexpected rain, and without cluttering the interior space of the tent.


To be able to completely relax and enjoy nature, you need to bring comfortable and good furniture. The photo below shows the Tramp TRF-004 folding chair.

This is a chair with a durable aluminum frame, diameter 22mm, thickness - 1mm. It weighs less than 5 kg and can withstand loads of up to 120 kg. The fabric material is thick two-layer Oxford 600D black. There is a cup holder and a pocket for small items, and comes with a case with handles for easy storage and transportation.

Comfortable folding bench for two - Greenell FB-1.

Its frame is made of steel, diameter 25mm, possible load - up to 150 kg. Folded size: 114x40x10 cm. Installed size: 114x43x44 cm.

And, of course, for a more convenient and enjoyable holiday, you need a camping table. He will decide how to sit down and where to put food and drink. You can, of course, sit on a blanket on the grass, but this is not so comfortable, especially if the company is more than 2-3 people. A good option for a large folding table for camping is the Tramp TRF-024.

Its size is 198x60x78cm. When packed - 99x60x6.6 cm. Weight - 7.1 kg. The frame is made of aluminum with a diameter of 22mm, the tabletop is made of white laminated double-sided MDF in white. It is equipped with a cover for more convenient transportation and storage; comfortable, durable handles are provided on the side panel of the table.

Sleeping bag

Probably the most important question on a hike is about a sleeping bag. After all, it is very important what you sleep in and how comfortable it will be. Instead of a sleeping bag, you can, of course, take a simple blanket, but it is suitable for those cases when the tent is heated. It is more practical to take a sleeping bag with you. It will prevent you from freezing on cold mornings that happen in the wild.

The blanket is not as compact as a sleeping bag. Your sleeping bag should be chosen very carefully, paying particular attention to the comfort temperature indicated on it. This is the indicator at which this product will be comfortable.

Shower/toilet tent

For greater comfort and convenience, there are household tents that can be used as a shower or toilet. In the summer, having the opportunity to take a shower in nature is a pleasant and useful thing.

A convenient option is the semi-automatic awning tent Greenell Privat V2

This model is equipped with a shower mount, water resistance is 3,000 mm ID, the awning is durable, with polyurethane impregnation. Two entrances, two windows with mesh. Weight - 3.26 kg. Size in the bag - 106x14.5x14.5 cm.

If a semi-automatic frame is not important, you can consider models with a conventional one. For example - Trek Planet Aqua Tent

The awning of this model is made of polyester with polyurethane impregnation, water resistance - 800 mm ID. Equipped with a hook for hanging the shower on top and mesh pockets. Weight - 2.9 kg. Size in the case - 59x15x15 cm.

The awning of this model is made of polyester with polyurethane impregnation, water resistance - 800 mm ID. Equipped with a hook for hanging the shower on top and mesh pockets. Weight - 2.9 kg. Size in case - 59x15x15 cm. Diagram below -

The camping showers themselves are an elastic PVC container of varying volumes. Here is an option for 10 liters and 20 liters. This is what the shower looks like half-folded and unfilled:

All you need is to fill in the water, close the top valve, hang the shower itself, connect the water supply and shut-off valve and the flexible shower hose. And you can swim!

!!! Before use, rinse the camp shower container with a solution of plain water and a tablespoon of soda.

What you need for spending the night in a tent in the summer. Spending the night in a tent - what to consider and what to avoid

20 years ago my parents took me camping for the first time.

For a month we lived as savages on the shores of the Gulf of Finland in the border zone. They fished, picked mushrooms and berries, sunbathed and swam. Then the tent with aluminum poles seemed ultra-modern, and the waterproof suits and sleeping bags sewn by my mother seemed the most comfortable.

Since then I have loved going on holiday with tents. We relax not only on weekends: my husband and I spent the summer of 2021 and 2021 on the shore of the bay, sometimes going into the city for work. Over the years, I have collected the optimal set of inexpensive equipment, with which outdoor recreation has become more comfortable: we do not get cold or wet, we are not bitten by mosquitoes, midges and ticks. There is delicious food on the table, and order and comfort in the camp.

It is impossible to estimate the smells of the forest, the warmth of the evening fire and the beauty of sunsets, but in this article I will calculate the cost of equipment for such a vacation, food and travel.

Equipment and equipment

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment. In the Leningrad region there is frequent rain, the average temperature in summer is +20 °C. It doesn’t change from year to year: the summer of 2021 began in July, it rained almost non-stop, and in 2021 it was hot and dry - we swam for three months in a row. I will talk about universal equipment that is suitable for a typical St. Petersburg summer. For cold weather we have additional warm sleeping bags.

Tent. There are tents for backpacking - they are compact and lightweight. Camping tents are more spacious, but when folded they are heavier and bulkier than tourist tents. There are special tents for mountain tourism, with extreme characteristics.

For a simple weekend hike, you don’t need to bother with choosing a tent - just go to the store and choose what you like and can afford. In “Spor” all the tents are displayed assembled, you can climb into them and appreciate the convenience. And then find a similar model on the Internet if you want to save money.

Our tent has a minus: the short lower part of the awning - the “skirt” - does not protect from strong winds. You have to pitch a tent among the trees or collect moss and lay a perimeter - insulate it. If you don't want to do this, choose tents with long edges that fit tightly to the ground by stretching on standard pegs.

Sleeping bag. On the case, the manufacturer indicates the temperature of comfort and extreme.

The comfort temperature is listed as +4°C, but I found it warm to sleep in in freezing temperatures in fleece pajamas.

Rugs. We sleep on tourist foam mats. I bought them in 2010 at Lenta for 300 RUR. The rugs are single-layer - cheaper, and double-layer - a little more expensive, but warmer.

Some people sleep on air mattresses, but we refused them. The mattress is soft, but it will take about 20 minutes to unfold and inflate. Inexpensive mattresses deflate: there is a risk of waking up on the ground in the middle of the night. I had three mattresses from different brands, and only one of them did not deflate.

There are also self-inflating mats - this is a hybrid of a mat and a mattress. They unfold quickly and inflate automatically. The downside is the price. A durable mat that will withstand contact with cones, sticks and needles costs from 17 thousand.


To create additional comfortable space in the fresh air, protected from the sun and rain, an awning will come in handy. Pictured below is the Trek Planet Miami Beach beach tent.

Easy and quick to install, the awning is made of polyester impregnated with polyurethane, water resistance is 800 mm ID. The bottom is made of reinforced polyethylene, water resistance 10,000 mm ID. There are weighted sand pockets for increased wind resistance and pockets for small items. Weight - 1.5 kg. Size in the case - 68x10x10 cm.

Hermetic packaging

A sleeping bag, spare warm clothes, and many other things that are dangerous from moisture and water should be packed in hermetically sealed packaging. Of course, you can put everything in regular bags, but in this case the possibility of moisture getting in is too great.

There are different types of hermetic packaging: small ones, for documents, money and phones, and large ones, for equipment. There are waterproof bags, waterproof bags, waterproof backpacks and waterproof bags. When choosing, proceed from the conditions and amount of equipment. For camping, it is advisable to use a large-volume sealed bag. Good hermetic packaging is produced by companies such as Stream, Alexika, Tatonka, Tramp and Red Fox .

Sleeping bag

And the last point regarding the overnight stay. When choosing a sleeping bag, consider not only the size, but also the season - so as not to freeze on cool nights or swim in a lake of sweat in the heat of summer. If you are an avid traveler and plan to make forays for several months, then it would be a good idea to get two options - lightweight and insulated.

Sleeping bag Nova Tour Crimea V2 RUB 1,490


Lanterns are useful both for headlamps, so that you can walk comfortably in the evening and at night, and for tents; hanging ones are usually used.

Time-tested, comfortable and reliable forehead protector - Primus Prime Lite Compact Adventure

It comes with a storage case and three AAA batteries, from which it runs. Weighs only 68 grams, has a high degree of tightness and dust and moisture protection of the case, IPX7. Dimensions - 5x6.6x3.2 cm. Equipped with two red, four white diodes and a heavy-duty Luxeon diode. Two buttons on top, red - power button, black - mode change. There are six different modes of operation, including lighting of different power and red light, for giving an alarm signal or for working with night vision devices. Illumination range is up to 60 meters.

An excellent and versatile option for an LED lantern for a tent is the Coleman Mini Led Lantern. Supplied in this box:

Powered by three AAA elements and supplied with batteries. Weight - 395 grams. Size - 7.6x16 cm. Operating time - up to 5 hours. The lamp is made very well, the power button is dense and rubberized. Below the button there is an indicator of the remaining charge.

The batteries are inserted into a special block at the bottom, which further prevents moisture from entering the battery compartment.

The lamp can simply be placed on a flat surface, or by lifting the folding metal pendant located in the groove at the bottom of the lamp, it can be hung. Two operating modes, economical (30 lumens, range up to 3 meters) and more powerful (115 lumens, range up to 6 meters).

In the evening, all comfort and coziness depends on lighting; in addition to lanterns, you can also use gas lamps, they provide light. Gas lamps come in both compact and large-bright ones.

Folding buckets

Bring water, pick mushrooms or berries, etc. Unlike ordinary plastic dishes, they are environmentally friendly, suitable for long-term repeated use, convenient, and take up little space when folded.

The photo below shows the Fire-Maple FMB-904 4-liter and FMB-909 9-liter folding bucket. In cases:

And without covers:

They are made of high-quality dense waterproof Oxford fabric, all seams are sealed. These models are made well and reliably.

Food preparation equipment

To prepare food for camping, it is better to take a gas stove or burner with you. Compared to a regular fire, such fire sources have many advantages:

  • they light by clicking the piezo element or your lighter;
  • no need to wait for the fuel to burn;
  • compact and do not take up much space;
  • gas for stoves and burners is stored in compact cylinders;
  • 1 gas cylinder lasts for quite a long time;
  • the combustion process is local and controlled;
  • The high energy intensity of the gas flame reduces cooking time.

In addition, a compact stove or burner will save you if it is forbidden to light fires at a campsite for one reason or another.

When choosing a burner model, pay attention to the size of its nozzle. If it is too small, then heating will occur at a point. A burner that is too large will heat up not only your dishes, but also the surrounding area - and this is an excessive consumption of gas.

Additional technical solutions also affect the ease of use, as well as the price of tourist stoves and burners:

  • The built-in spark source is a convenient addition that will allow you to ignite the gas by simply pressing a button. However, in most cases, at altitudes above 3000 m above sea level, the piezo ignition stops working;
  • combustion control - when the flame goes out, devices equipped with this function automatically stop the gas supply;
  • the presence of an integrated cooking system - in such models, all the heat generated is spent on heating the dishes in which you cook food, and this not only reduces waiting time, but also saves gas. At the same time, such models are significantly more expensive;
  • a gas reservoir built into the tile design - can be refilled after fuel consumption, however, such models are more cumbersome.

When choosing gas camping equipment, you should give preference to well-known brands and buy only from trusted, reputable stores. This will guarantee the quality and safety of the equipment.

For cooking, it is recommended to have a set of pots of different sizes. One such set will allow you to prepare a full meal, and when folded it will not take up much space.

All utensils for hiking and camping should be as practical as possible. The best option is metal plates and pots that are not afraid of spartan operating conditions, open gas flames and impacts.

To avoid getting into a difficult situation, it is recommended to have a set of necessary tools with you. Even if you have a box full of such equipment in your car, it is better to always have a multitool or a durable, reliable knife with you. It will be useful not only for cooking, but also for setting up a camp, hiking, etc.

Insulated bags and containers

Isothermal bags and containers for storing food and cold storage batteries for them

The bag or container and what capacity depends on the size of the company and the amount of products you take with you. A good choice is products from Coleman and Campingaz , these are proven, reliable and high-quality items. Coleman was founded in 1901 in the USA, Campingaz in 1949 in France.

The photo below shows a Campingaz Fold'n Cool 20 liter isothermal bag.

This bag holds 6 1.5 liter bottles in a vertical position. There is a carrying handle, a hanging strap and a front pocket for small items. Maintains temperature for up to 12 hours. The bag folds conveniently and is secured with Velcro.

Pictured below is the Coleman Cooler 50 Qt Wheeled Blue - a convenient insulated container on wheels.

The volume of this container is 50 quarts, which is 47.3 liters, and will hold 64 cans of 0.33 liter drink. At 32°C, this model can keep you cold for two days.

You will also need special cold storage batteries for bags and containers.

Cold storage batteries Campingaz M10, Campingaz M20 and Campingaz M30. The number in the name indicates the volume that the battery can cool. M10 will give cold for 6-10 liters, M20 - 10-19 liters and M30 - for 19-32 liters. That is, if you have a 30-liter bag, you can take two M20 batteries, and if you have a 90-liter container, you can take three M30 and one M20.

Kitchenware and supplies

One way or another, you will have to cook. Going somewhere every time for breakfast and dinner, spending precious time on this, as for me, is not very convenient. If it’s a day or two, then it’s still possible, but if you spend the night in campsites all the time, then it’s more convenient not to depend on all sorts of cafes and restaurants. And what is the point of camping then? It’s so romantic to wake up, wash your face, immediately, without leaving the tent, have breakfast and go off to experience impressions. So, what will you need?

  • Food

It’s better to buy in advance and in stock at some supermarkets like Walmart, Safeway, etc. Why? Because in the towns adjacent to national parks, small shops are unlikely to please with their prices. Almost all of them live off tourists and take advantage of this to the fullest.

  • Water

There should always be a supply of water; there is never too much of it. We used both the water we collected in the parks (it is clean and suitable for drinking and cooking) and bottled water. If you are worried about park water, you can use special cleaning products, but it seems to me that in this case it is easier to buy water in a store. We carried one large spare canister with us and constantly bought packages with small half-liter bottles (they are convenient to use and can always be thrown into a small backpack).

  • Stove or gas burner

Are you going to cook yourself? You will have to purchase a compact gas stove or burner. Yes, all organized campsites have a fire pit and a grill on which you can cook, but lighting a fire every time you just want to boil water or quickly cook pasta is, to say the least, inconvenient.

We bought a gas burner, or rather two. At first we bought a small one, but it turned out that it was not the most convenient, because the flame “hits exactly the target”, with a small spot in the center of the pan, without heating the bottom evenly. Later we purchased a large burner, which turned out to be too big for our saucepans)) We never found our ideal option.

For the burners you will need gas cylinders with a mixture of butane and propane. It is better to buy immediately with a reserve, because in some places they were not found in stores. We bought mostly from Walmart.

Prices: small burner - $11, large burner - $8, small gas can - $5, large - $10.

There are also entire portable stoves powered by pure propane cylinders. They aren't particularly expensive and we've seen a lot of people using them. Pure propane cylinders, by the way, are much more common.

Take care of mother nature! In campsites you cannot collect firewood for making fires; you can only use purchased ones (unless otherwise stated in the rules). Why? Because “unnecessary” wood lying around provides nutrients for other plants. So you will also have to spend money on firewood. A few logs cost between $3 and $9.

  • Pots/kettles

You will definitely need saucepans (or at least one), otherwise how to cook? We had fashionable, expensive titanium saucepans from Snow Peak (300 and 900 ml), which they kindly lent us along with the car. If we had not ruined one of these vessels and had not had to buy a replacement, we would never have known how much they cost)) They ruined them, by the way, with an inconvenient small burner that “hits the mark.” This “baby” managed to cripple a titanium pan!

So, we had a small 300 ml pot in which we boiled water for tea and coffee and a large 900 ml pot in which we cooked soups, side dishes, etc. By the way, this size turned out to be quite enough. Plus, the lid from a large pot can be used as a frying pan.

Snow Peak cookware is very high quality, light, compact and convenient. The only negative is the price. I think you can buy something simpler for one time.

Price of pans: 900 ml – 40-60 dollars, 300 ml – 20-30 dollars.

  • Dishes

There is no mandatory set of dishes, everything is at personal discretion. At a minimum, mugs, plates, spoons, forks, and a knife will be useful. It is possible that containers will be useful, especially if you plan to take food with you on a hike. Believe me, it’s so great to sit somewhere outdoors in the middle of the park and have lunch.

Inexpensive plastic utensils can be easily found at any Walmart.

  • Biodegradable soap

A good thing for washing dishes, which allows you not to harm the environment with all sorts of not very useful components contained in ordinary detergents.

You can also buy it at Walmart in the hiking gear section for $5-10, I think.

First aid kit

Comfortable, roomy and high-quality hiking first aid kits of various sizes are produced by Tatonka .

For camping, a large first aid kit is better - First Aid Family.

It is better that all participants in the trip know where the first aid kit is located, so that if necessary, they do not have to go through all their things. Many backpack models have a special compartment for a first aid kit so that it can be quickly found and taken out.

Mat or mattress

Before you go camping, make sure you have a rug, foam or mattress. They protect against the cold that comes from the ground, and if you don’t want to freeze something, you should definitely take it with you. It is best to take 2 rugs and lay them overlapping so that the cold does not penetrate into the gap between them.

There is another plus of the rug. No matter how flat a place we choose to set up a tent, we still can’t find a perfectly flat surface in the wild. And then a karimat (mat) will come to the rescue, which, if possible, smoothes out the unevenness.

On a note

  • The sooner you start preparing for departure, the better, the likelihood that something will be forgotten or missed will decrease. It is best to start preparing at least 5-7 days in advance
  • Be sure to take extra warm clothes with you and keep them dry, even if the weather is sunny and warm
  • It is better to appoint those responsible for preparation and distribute who is responsible for what
  • It is better to estimate a sample menu in advance, taking into account the wishes and characteristics of all participants. Who will eat and drink what, who is allergic to what - it’s better to know all these points and decide in advance

That’s all, we hope that our article will be useful and will help you when choosing and preparing for a trip to nature with the whole family or in a large company. We can only wish you a great holiday and new experiences! You can always share your experiences, photo reports and descriptions of your vacation in our group in contact.

The morning greets us with dawn! Sanitary and hygienic section

Yes, you need to wash your face in the mornings and evenings:) , and not only wash your face, but also deal with natural needs. If you are not a very experienced comrade in terms of organizing camping life for more than a day and for more than two people, think about where and how you and your comrades will brush your teeth and leave waste products. Believe me, every time it becomes more and more difficult to look for fresh bushes, and this happens several times a day!

We give a hint to neophytes – the essence is a pit + structure + awning. Naturally, you dig a hole yourself, you build a structure using your engineering abilities and advice from Yandex (if you have mobile Internet), you use an awning, for example, like this:

Camping Shower/Toilet Tramp 2021 totem privat (v2) green

4 500


Exactly the same awning can be used to organize a shower. Just buy two of the same and take them with you. All sanitary and hygienic needs are taken into account!

If you and your friends are not ready for such feats (I understand you very well!), life-saving campsites await us! Fortunately, more and more of them are opening all over the country, closed borders have done their job and the sector of civilized tent camps has begun to expand rapidly. I'm sure we'll get even more places like this this summer.

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