10 knots that will be useful in real life (10 photos)

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08 December 2014 09:33

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Few of us go hiking, climb mountains or engage in other semi-extreme tourism. But almost everyone has encountered the fact that such an event happens, but there are no necessary skills for this. One of the most useful is the ability to tie strong knots that are suitable for each individual task. This skill can even save a life or protect you from injury. So read the selection and absorb new knowledge!

Flemish loop

It is a strong and easily untied loop at the end of the cable, being tied in a figure eight on a cable folded in half. The Flemish loop is suitable for tying on both thick and thin cables. It almost does not weaken the strength of the cable. In addition to marine affairs, it can also be used for fastening strings of musical instruments.

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Stopper knot

This type of marine knot is designed to increase the diameter of the cable to prevent it from slipping out of the block, as it does not slip and holds securely. To make the locking knot even larger in size (for example, when the diameter of the hole through which the cable passes is much larger than the diameter of the cable), you can tie a knot with three loops. It can also be useful when you need to make a convenient handle at the end of the cable.

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This classic knot forms the basis of a dozen other, more complex knots for various purposes. It can be used as a stopper at the end of a cable (unlike a simple knot, it does not damage the cable even with strong traction and can always be easily untied) or, for example, for the rope handles of a wooden bucket or tub. You can even use a figure eight to fasten strings to the pegs of violins, guitars and other musical instruments.

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