Do people with superpowers exist in real life?

Incredible facts

Mutants with superpowers are not only found in comics. Of course, we are not talking about such clearly expressed fantastic talents

, which we had the opportunity to observe, say, in the X-Men from Marvel Comics.

However, there are very real people who were born with unusual and extremely rare abilities. Their talents are so unusual that it’s hard to use any other definition, instead of “superpower”.

The only difference between real people and fictional superheroes is that the former do not save the world by destroying nearby skyscrapers along the way.

. They lead a completely normal, ordinary life. But this is only at first glance - ordinary...

The superpower that many people dream of doesn't always make life an adventure. For many, superpower comes with absolutely terrible side effects that can make the life of a “superman” an absolute hell...

What is a human superpower?


In simplified form:

A superpower is a certain human energy power and a sphere of knowledge that is capable of influencing the surrounding reality using an unconventional, not officially recognized method.

In our age of sophisticated technologies and outstanding scientific achievements, the attitude towards the inexplicable human abilities of representatives of the mainstream science is unequivocal: they either ignore them or brush them aside, fearing accusations of being carried away by subjects for which the building of modern recognized knowledge does not have a cell prepared.

However, no matter how skeptical they are about levitation, clairvoyance, telekinesis, the phenomena have existed as long as humanity. After all, science is not able to fully understand how our body, especially the brain, works, and human superpowers, according to the teachers of the past, are inherent in everyone, you just need to be able to use them.

Training helps develop intuition and clairvoyance

The development of a person’s unique superpowers to understand the impulses of one’s own intuition lies in daily training. Gradually, a person will develop the skill of a new worldview: he will have the ability to see or hear, feel or understand the voice of his own intuition at the moment of making a serious decision. Almost everyone can develop intuition, but not everyone has the patience and perseverance to carry out daily exercises. And the secret lies in regular and long-term training.

The development of superpowers of an individual person should be based on the individual characteristics of the individual. Therefore, it is necessary to develop precisely those super abilities, the beginnings of which are genetically inherent in the individual. It is absurd to try to develop such supernatural skills as levitation or teleportation, without having absolutely no predisposition to superpowers for this. But the development of initial clairvoyance, the ability to foresee, if not the events themselves, but their direction (bad: death, illness, failure; good: profit, luck, love) is a completely real thing.

Mysterious phenomena of siddhi

Important! Siddhi is something extraordinary from the point of view of the average person. These are mystical acts that are regarded as miracles and cannot be repeated.

One of the most ancient teachings about increasing human capabilities is yoga. Today, yoga clubs are popular and are opening in every city, but the number of people with outstanding abilities is not getting higher. The main reason is that to achieve results, you need to go through 8 stages of yoga, five of which involve the development of the body: proper breathing, the ability to concentrate, learning to perceive an object and become one with it (be it a chair, a stone or an animal), and three stages - education of the soul. It is the last stages that awaken giftedness.

But even after going through the basic stages of yoga, not every yogi discovers his talents, because this is a gift from the Forces of the Subtle World. A person who has siddhi will not boast about it at every corner. Gifts are received by people who have an extraordinary energetic nature and a pure soul. Superpowers are not inherited (although it happens that children have them), it is connected only with the work of the soul, with the accumulation of knowledge, with the transition to a qualitatively different level of life.

Definition of empathy

Empathy is the ability in which a person can completely become another person, feel and experience their emotions as if they were their own. He also thinks how he feels his physical state and can convey all this to others. Thanks to this ability, you can control the feelings of another person. This ability allows a person to become an excellent diagnostician, understand any person, and also take over his illnesses and vice versa.

If a person cannot control this ability, it becomes a curse for him, because he is lost and does not understand where his emotions are and where the other person is. He begins to feel the pain of others, then he falls ill with all kinds of diseases, complexes, problems, conflicts appear, and the person from whom he “took all this” feels relief, which happened miraculously. In this regard, it is necessary to control this ability, otherwise you can get lost as a person.

This is how you learn to control this quality: you need to get rid of the other person’s problem, not let him inside you, look from the outside, not let him through your perception.

Draw a clear line between your emotions and the other person you just communicated with. At first it is difficult, but then the reflex takes over. Those people who learn this will be able to look at the world through the eyes of others , and will also learn to heal souls.

Types of superpowers

Human superpowers are usually divided into 2 types: extrasensory and siddhi superpowers.

1. Human extrasensory abilities are more common and do not require huge amounts of energy. With targeted work on oneself, everyone can develop perfect intuition, learn clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral speech, and telepathy. Knowledge and skills help you reach certain heights in life.

Sometimes this gift is used to help people, trying to correct their destinies (healers, magicians). Real siddhis are not meant to cause harm. If superpowers have been revealed to a person, then if they are used incorrectly, the Higher powers will take them back, returning the subject to the point of singularity.

2. Only a few have pure siddhis. Their life is not like an ordinary existence. Energy strength, perfect knowledge, spiritual accumulations allow them to be Teachers and Spiritual leaders. Their task is to prepare people for life in the immaterial world, to show that the bodily shell is just an illusion of existence.

People with superpowers have access to levitation, telekinesis, movement in space, they are able to do without sleep, oxygen, food and water. Messiahs heal, surprise, learn everything and about everything instantly. Such superpowers for a person are both a gift and a responsibility. People are rewarded with them for long work on their body and soul. Siddhis can only be used for good; an imperfect person will never receive them.

Human superpowers that seem incredible at first glance can and should be developed with special exercises.

Telepathy and subconscious scanning

Telepathy, scanning (reading any information from a person’s subconscious). This is the ability to penetrate a person’s subconscious at a distance and the ability to control it. When this ability is combined with empathy, a person takes a copy of the knowledge and feelings of another person and interprets them for himself.

As a result, he transfers the experience of another person onto himself, and lives a different life for a moment. According to the above, an expression appeared in the spiritual direction: “A fool learns from his own mistakes, a smart man learns from others.” A person can learn from the mistakes of others only when the experience of the person who made the mistakes has truly become yours! This is what you need to let through yourself: live and feel it. All this is necessary so that the full extent of someone else’s experience becomes yours.

There is another example of derived superpowers - this is the ability to see the soul and aura of a person (a combination of extrasensory perception and clairvoyance).

There is a very interesting and most important ability of clairvoyance. It cannot be classified as an ordinary superpower, because it is the voice of the Spirit (similar to intuition, the voice within).


Human superpowers may seem incredible at first glance, but they are easily explained scientifically. Chimerism is extremely rare and is caused by the fusion of two fertilized eggs early in pregnancy. In this type of intercourse, each population of cells retains its genetic character, and the resulting embryo becomes a mixture of the two parental DNAs. No more than 40 cases of chimerism have been recorded in the world. There is an assumption that chimeras are people of a new generation, whom nature adapts to global changes on the planet in the future.

Absolute memory

No less well known are people’s superpowers in memorizing a lot of material and pictures of the world around them. For example, in 1974 in Burma, Bhandanta Visachara recited 16 thousand pages of Buddhist texts by heart. Gu Yang Lin from China was able to memorize 15 thousand phone numbers of the city of Harbin, and Barbara Moore from America sang 1852 songs in 19 days. In 1990, the Guinness Book of Records included in its list Samvel Gharibyan from Yerevan, who the first time remembered 960 out of 1000 unfamiliar words dictated to him.

You can remember not only numbers and words, an example of this is the artist Wiltshire, who has a phenomenal photographic memory. Flying in a helicopter over New York, he was able to recreate on canvas the picture he saw in every detail. Kim Peek, who suffers from Opitz-Kaveggia syndrome, could read two pages of a book at the same time, and even several years later, retell them exactly.

Insensitivity to cold and heat

The famous Wim Hof, nicknamed “The Iceman,” spent his entire life developing the ability to control the autonomic functions of the body.
Thanks to the use of special techniques and meditations, he became a world record holder in many categories. For example, I spent several hours in an ice bath without any consequences for my body, and climbed Mount Everest in only shorts. Scientists, after conducting a series of studies, came to the conclusion that Wim Hof ​​controls the level of stress hormone and anti-inflammatory molecules in the blood, thereby allowing vegetative processes to accelerate. But this is not the only case of insensitivity to aggressive environmental factors. Ordinary people, without any preparation, also survived after encountering the cold. Thus, pilot Yuri Kozlovsky ejected in winter. In the fall, he received an open fracture of both legs, but was able to survive in the tundra, spending three days there. Here is the opposite example of human superpower. African-American Willie Jones, having received heatstroke at an air temperature of 32.2 degrees, was able to survive. Although his body heated up to 46.5 degrees, and he was already 52 years old. An extraordinary “friendship” with fire was recorded by the Guinness Book of Records. Reg Morris, a professional fire-eater, managed to exhale a burning flame 9.4 meters long from himself, after which he extinguished 22,888 torches in his mouth in two hours. The results of scientific experiments have shown that the maximum temperature with which a person can come into contact is 841 degrees Celsius. It is to this temperature that the coals and stones are heated on which ritual dances and barefoot walks are performed.

How to develop psychic abilities

When we understand a little about the manifestation of extraordinary abilities, let's talk about how to develop psychic abilities.

1. Strengthen superhearing

The practice of enhancing this ability begins with cleaning the ears. For this, ordinary cotton swabs will not be enough. Buy special wax candles at the pharmacy and carry out ear canal cleaning sessions as indicated in the instructions. This will be the first step to improving your hearing. Then make it a habit to spend as much time as possible in solitude, silence, and introspection. Be in nature, in quiet places where you can sit quietly alone with your eyes closed, listening to any natural sounds - rustling sounds, the murmur of water, the sound of leaves fluttering in the wind, the voices of birds. You will gradually learn to catch the smallest, barely perceptible sounds.

The next step is to meditate at home in a dark room with earplugs. Take a comfortable position, close your ears and eyes. At first it will seem to you that you cannot hear anything, but soon, having learned to relax, you will catch all sorts of unearthly sounds and hear your own heartbeat. This practice will allow you to hear things that other people cannot hear.

Extrasensory abilities are honed by meditation. By observing your own breathing and concentrating on certain images, you will eventually learn to create visions of the future in yourself, if, of course, you have a gift for such things.

2. Learning to read minds

How to develop extrasensory telepathy abilities? Start by learning to listen carefully, immerse yourself in the conversation, try to catch bursts of energy, do not speak out loud about your assumptions, but record them in your mind.

To develop psychic abilities, try playing this simple game: blindfold yourself and ask someone to place several different objects in front of you. Move your hand over them, trying to concentrate on the energy of the thing. Your task is to determine the size, color, shape. There is no need to guess; you should act not spontaneously, but consciously! Analyze the information that your palms “read”. Record it and compare it with the vibrations of other objects.

3. Strengthen your intuition

The next step is to train your intuition. Here you can perform a number of simple but effective exercises for every day:

  • Before you open the door or answer the phone, think about who it might be;
  • Don't look at the clock right away, guess what time it might show, and only then check your guess;
  • Try to “predict” the weather for the evening or the next day;
  • While waiting at a public transport stop, guess which route number will arrive first;
  • In transport, you can train your imagination - while looking at the back of a random fellow traveler, imagine his face, and then check your guess.

Write down your achievements in a diary, this will allow you to sort out your achievements in the field of extrasensory perception and observe the progress of your endeavors.

"Powerful Fist"

Gino Martino has superpowers.
A professional wrestler could easily break hard objects with his head, such as iron rods and concrete blocks. Gino Martino's skull even withstood the impact of a bowling ball thrown from a height of five meters. Masutatsu Oyama was distinguished by incredible strength. He was a martial artist that no one could defeat. In addition to his invincibility in battles, Masutatsu Oyama became famous for knocking down one with a blow from an angry bull.

Buddhist monks have always been distinguished by skills beyond the control of ordinary people. Thus, thanks to the practice of “inner fire,” they could significantly increase their body temperature. Master Zhou could heat objects with his own hands, for example, he could easily dry clay or bring water to a boil. He was also distinguished by his ability to heal seriously ill patients, including those suffering from cancer, through simple touches.

Incredible abilities

In France there lived a man who could eat anything. His name was Michel Lotito. Between 1959 and 1997, he consumed approximately nine tons of metal, in the form of televisions, bicycles, shopping carts, a coffin, an airplane, and part of the Eiffel Tower. The scientific world calls this phenomenon “pica” or an eating disorder, which is expressed in an extraordinary craving for inedible things.

Do people have superpowers that allow them to recognize a person’s illness at a glance? It turns out there is. At the age of 10, a girl named Natasha Demkina discovered that she had the gift of seeing through a person’s skin. Numerous studies have confirmed its ability. People began to come to her for a diagnosis. Natalya was nicknamed “The Girl with X-Ray Eyes” and even the Discovery Channel released a documentary about her superpowers.


People's superpowers can manifest themselves in the association of letters, numbers, and words with certain colors and tastes. The phenomenon is explained by the stimulation of certain sensory or cognitive channels, which leads to an involuntary reaction of other channels. Synesthesia most often manifests itself in grapheme-color form. There are other forms of this phenomenon - seeing a certain location of a date in space, or perceiving sounds in color. According to the results of studies conducted in 2006, scientists concluded that one in 23 people has synesthesia. Famous people with this phenomenon included Vladimir Nabokov, Nikola Tesla and others.


People's superpowers are especially clearly manifested as a result of any violations. Thus, to navigate in space, blind individuals can recreate sound and determine the location of objects by echo. You can make sounds by clicking your tongue or knocking with a stick. An example of a person who has this ability is Daniel Kish. He lost his sight as an infant, but was able to compensate by clicking his tongue. As an adult, he taught his way of understanding the world to about 500 children. Magnetic resonance imaging studies have shown that the brains of people who have learned echolocation have undergone a number of changes. Thus, the visual cortex adapts to process echoes, distance and direction of sound waves. This development of human superpower allows one to move long distances in any conditions.

Human counters

You can often see on TV that a person can almost instantly multiply huge numbers in his head. Research in this area has suggested that the cause of superpowers is increased blood flow in a certain part of the brain. An example of a person who can count quickly is Shakuntala Devi from India. In front of the commission, the woman multiplied two thirteen-digit numbers, taken at random, in 28 seconds. And Alexander Nekrasov from Lipetsk was able to extract the thousandth root from a number consisting of 547 digits in 61 seconds. The list of “Human Superpowers” ​​in the field of counting is not so small; in almost every country you can meet an individual with such a phenomenon.

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