What is telepathy? Are there people who read the minds of others?

Author: Oleg Maltsev

Not only parapsychologists, but also people with medical education were seriously studying telepathy. Even in the USSR, which was dominated by the idea of ​​materialism, experiments were carried out in this direction. So the possibility of reading minds cannot be clearly attributed to science fiction. It’s just that this ability manifests itself extremely rarely and often even unconsciously.


Thought transmission is not just an oriental tale, it is a phenomenon studied by scientific and parascientific organizations, parapsychologists, physiologists, physicists and other enthusiasts. There were experiments and research initiated even by government authorities and carried out in the most modern laboratories. Accordingly, there is a special, specially developed terminology for this phenomenon. The very phenomenon of transmitting thought images, according to her, is called telepathy, and a person who reads thoughts is called a telepath. This is a narrow concept. In a broader sense, a telepath is someone who can not only read someone's thoughts from a distance, but also put their own into someone else's head. Therefore, it is necessary to learn two more terms - inductor and percipient. An inductor is a person who is the source of thought. He can actively instill it in others or simply scroll it through his head - it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the inductor is the one whose mental images are perceived. A person who reads people's thoughts is called, accordingly, a percipient - a perceiver.

For this article, these three terms will be sufficient.

Basic technique

Suggestion of thoughts is carried out according to certain rules:

  1. During the transmission of images, you should imagine that the energy comes from the area of ​​​​the third eye, located on the head between the eyebrows. You can visualize the energy in the way that is most convenient for you, for example, in the form of a light beam.
  2. Breathe calmly and measuredly, taking short pauses between inhalations and exhalations.
  3. It is advisable to carry out suggestion in the evening or at night, in a secluded environment.
  4. To get into the right frame of mind, you can play music or use certain aromatic oils whose scent gives you peace of mind.
  5. Suggestion must be carried out in a positive manner. When trying to connect with another person, smile. It has been proven that a smile, even an artificial one, activates the production of the joy hormone, which fills with energy and gives a feeling of happiness.
  6. Try to develop imaginative thinking. By visualizing images, you will fill them with energy, causing your brain waves to reach the recipient faster. Developing imaginative thinking is very simple. Before going to bed, imagine various scenes, book characters, landscapes. Try to make them as detailed as possible, not only see the picture, but also feel the smells, the wind blowing, and hear the sounds. This technique will help in the future to make quick suggestions that take just a few seconds.

The existence of telepathy

Many people doubt the existence of such a phenomenon as telepathy and similar phenomena. Moreover, they deny the opportunity to learn to read other people's thoughts. A person has the right to choose what to believe. This article does not aim to convince a skeptic of the reality of the phenomenon, and therefore various arguments regarding the question of whether it is possible to read people's thoughts will not be presented here. Let us assume a priori that it is possible, and devote further research to finding an answer to the question of how. This is the most productive approach to solving a problem: try and find out.

What is the name of a person who reads people's thoughts? How to learn to read people's thoughts?

The widespread dissemination of interests in the area of ​​the unknown in our time cannot but ignore such a phenomenon as mind reading. Surely there is hardly anyone among people who does not periodically want to become the owner of this ability. In fact, a person who reads people’s thoughts is always protected from deceivers at home and at work, from various types of scammers, and is always able to give the correct answers to questions, win the lottery, and so on. But, unfortunately, most people are deprived of this ability. At the same time, there are those who claim that such a useful skill as mind reading can be developed with the help of various kinds of exercises and techniques. So how can you learn to read people's minds?

The nature of telepathy

To understand how to learn to read people's minds, you first need to understand the theory. Unfortunately, the cold attitude towards telepathy of official science, inconsistent, uncoordinated research by enthusiasts, as well as the parasitism of charlatans on the problem of studying this phenomenon have led to the fact that even now theoretical knowledge about telepathy is quite scarce. People generally know little about the brain and deep mental processes. Perhaps this is why awareness and understanding of such things as mind reading have not yet come to our society. However, there is still something. Namely, we have at our disposal the practical developments of researchers who, through personal and other people’s experience, have established and comprehended telepathic connections.

First, we must deeply understand the simple truth that thoughts are material. Today this has been practically proven by quantum physics experiments. Therefore, we will not be far from the truth if we imagine a mental image as a series of waves emanating from a person’s head, like from a radio transmitter. Of course, the statement that thoughts literally float in space is technically somewhat simplified, but, in essence, it is quite true.

Secondly, if not from natural gullibility, then at least for the benefit of the matter, the existence of a common information field should be stated. Some scientists, for example Nikola Tesla, assigned this role to the ether, which supposedly fills the entire universe invisibly to humans. Others proposed even more fantastic hypotheses. The majority preferred to remain silent, smiling sarcastically. One way or another, the general information field stores and displays, as in a mirror, the entire amount of information that is present in the world. Among other things, the thoughts of every person fall into this great universal archive. Interesting, isn't it? Go ahead.

From here theories are born about how you can read people’s thoughts - either by connecting to this universal information field, or by learning to directly record and process the flow of mental images emanating from the inductor’s head, or in some other way. There are arguments and supporting facts for each of these versions. But let psychics, parapsychologists, esotericists and others argue about this. Most likely, the truth is closest to the statement that in parallel there are several ways to make telepathic contact, as is the case with any other type of communication.

Sign No. 5: the impossibility of an indifferent attitude towards other people’s suffering and grief

Gifted people will not be able to indifferently pass by someone else's suffering or grief. This is exactly what famous psychics talk about. If you are brave enough, they will certainly intervene. In any case, they experience strong discomfort from such situations, even if this happens on television, and not just in life. Therefore, they try not to watch the news, as well as thrillers and action films.

To reduce the negative burden of observing others’ humiliation, violence, and other things, gifted people are recommended to use meditative or auto-training techniques at least from time to time.

Unintentional telepathy

Most of us have unintentionally made telepathic contact more than once. Most likely, we simply did not notice most of these types of episodes in our lives, because we did not have the opportunity to recognize the phenomenon. Think of times when you and your friend or spouse, or perhaps someone else with whom you are in a good close relationship, suddenly uttered the same words and even entire phrases at the same time. Or how exactly the same answers came to your mind when asked a question. Or suddenly a thought appeared in your head out of nowhere, and a moment later it was voiced by the person next to you. All this applies to cases of unintentional telepathy, when the consciousnesses of two people connect, vibrations and subtle mental rhythms are tuned to each other and a process of partial synchronization of two people, two minds occurs.

Attentive attention to such manifestations of the psyche and a detailed, scrupulous study of them is the key to success if you have a desire to learn how to learn to read people's thoughts consciously, intentionally and at the right time.

Preparing for telepathy

It’s worth saying right away that there is no magic wand or pill that would allow you to overnight transform from an ordinary person into a telepath. Anyone who wants to acquire mind reading skills will have to seriously work on themselves - on their body, on their mind, on their speech. At this stage, it is important to understand the fact that all mental processes in a person (like all life processes in general) are provided by subtle energy, called, in accordance with Eastern terminology, prana, and among domestic psychics called bioenergy. A person who reads people's thoughts is no exception. And the more prana accumulates in the body, the easier and faster the process of mastering paranormal abilities, such as telepathy, will be. And on the contrary, the less prana, the slower this process will go, if it even gets off the ground. Therefore, the first thing to do is to learn to spend as little prana as possible and collect as much of it as possible in the surrounding space.

Instructions for reading other people's thoughts

It is worth understanding that you will not be able to read other people's thoughts like an open book. Rather, it is more like a vision or a feeling. You have images, pictures, scraps of thoughts from which you can formulate a whole picture. You will be able to read your mood or like/dislike. But it’s difficult to count specific phrases – this is at the level of professionals.

And it all starts with your own thoughts. You need to abstract yourself from your thoughts, look at them as if from the outside. Don't evaluate, don't direct, don't analyze. Just watch.

You need to observe the flow of thoughts until you get a clear picture of where they are flowing.

Once you learn to follow your own thought patterns, you can practice with others.

Rules for accumulating vital energy

What does it mean to accumulate prana? It's simple. This means doing less of what consumes it, and more of what contributes to its accumulation. To be more specific, this means that you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid unnecessary sexual impressions and contacts, eat right (preferably on a vegetarian menu, since meat poisons and burdens a person, taking away a colossal amount of vitality), spend more time in nature, do not give in to negative emotions, breathe deeply, talk less, refrain from emotional outbursts, engage in physical exercise, etc., observing the principle of moderation in everything.

Affirmations and self-belief

Believing in yourself and in your own strengths is a necessary condition that helps you achieve success. If you do not sincerely convince yourself that you are a person reading thoughts at a distance, then your brain simply will not be able to remove the block and allow itself to consciously perceive information from someone else’s head. Therefore, every day, as often as possible, imagine that you have already achieved success, that you already know how to perceive and inspire mental images. Imagine this figuratively, as clearly as possible, and be sure to say some formula, like this: “I am a telepath. I read people's thoughts." You can choose the words yourself. The main thing is that the phrase should be spoken in the first person, in the present tense and without negative prefixes, that is, without any “not”, since the subconscious does not catch them.

Signs of telepathic abilities

The presence of a telepathic gift is evidenced by the following:

  • Developed intuition . A person unconsciously anticipates that a certain event will happen soon. For example, he is sitting at home, drinking tea, and suddenly he has an inexplicable desire to go to the front door. A minute later, a guest is already knocking on the door, deciding to come without warning. As a rule, intuition works within short periods of time. But there are people who foresee distant events;
  • The ability to understand people's feelings , even if they hide them. People experiencing serious worries do not always talk about their worries. At work and even at home, they wear the “mask” of a confident person for whom everything is fine. Sensitive people are able to understand that at the moment the interlocutor is clearly trying to hide serious problems;
  • Ease of lucid dreaming . Surely a person has telepathic inclinations if he often controls the course of his dreams, realizing his desires in them.

Exercise to develop telepathy

Here's an exercise to help you understand how to read other people's minds. Choose a partner who will take the matter seriously. Choose a room where no one and nothing will disturb you. It is better if it is dark there (so that attention does not wander). Next, take a comfortable position with your back straight and relax. Inhale and exhale deeply several times. Your partner must also do all this. Then clear your mind of thoughts, stop the internal dialogue. Focus only on your partner, give your brain the setting to perceive his thoughts. And let the assistant, in turn, think intensely about something. And then just wait. Over time, with regular persistent training, you will learn to exchange biofields with your partner and perceive his thoughts. There is no need to guess them - a clear vision will come on its own when you are ready for it.

Our consciousness

The work of academicians K. M. Bykov, V. N. Chernigovsky and their employees has proven that our internal organs send many nerve impulses to the brain. These signals reach the higher parts of the brain, but are usually not reflected in our consciousness. However, this only happens as long as the internal organs are healthy.

As soon as the disease occurs, that is, as soon as the signals from the internal organs acquire greater strength, the person begins to feel them. He senses a diseased liver, heart or kidneys.

These facts show that there is no impassable gap between what we are aware of and what we are not aware of. Some processes may seem to disappear from consciousness. Anyone who has ridden a bicycle for the first time knows what efforts, attention and will are required at first to maintain balance.

And then, when the skills have already been acquired, these actions are performed automatically, and the person no longer thinks about what movements need to be made to maintain balance. This activity takes place outside of consciousness. A person who knows how to ride a bicycle does not think about signals that carry information about a change in the position of the center of gravity and an imbalance. The developed conditioned reflexes continue to be carried out without control of creation.

The reason for the emergence of such automatic skills is clear to the person himself - the cyclist remembers how he learned to ride. But it happens that some conditioned reflexes can arise under the influence of signals that from the very beginning remained beyond the threshold of consciousness. As an example, let's give an interesting experience.

The man was in Pavlov’s “tower of silence,” isolated from the outside world. No random sound, light, or smell could penetrate there. The man held his hand on the electrodes. As soon as current was passed through them, he pulled his hand away because he felt pain. Each time, before turning on the current in the chamber, a special apparatus produced a very weak sound - so weak that the person was not aware of it, and it seemed to him that there was silence in the chamber. After a series of combinations of “inaudible” sound and current, they began to turn on only the sound, without reinforcing it with current. And the person had the same reaction as when exposed to electric current!

This experience can serve as a clear example of the so-called premonition. A number of weak signals, unnoticed by us, can cause the appearance of certain reactions; however, their reasons for the person himself remain unclear.

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