15 rules that rich and successful people use

Self confidence

It is necessary to abandon interrogative and impersonal formulations. Simply put, instead of “Can I come here?” affirm “I will pass here.” In the end, if passage is prohibited in this place, you will definitely be informed. And if it’s not prohibited, then there was no point in asking. Forget also about “maybe”, “probably” and other words that demonstrate your uncertainty and doubts. The most correct thing is to behave as if you have no doubts about anything, are well informed, control the situation and know the necessary decisions. True, from scratch, without backing it up with actions or truly correct decisions, you will not retain your authority for long: those around you will soon understand that there is no content behind your form. So here is another important rule of a successful person.

Learning to accept a negative situation

Since childhood, we know that we need to fight for everything, for love, for ideas, for a place in the sun.
We fight everything that we consider unacceptable, we resist, we strive with all our might, and we think that this is the only way to solve the question of how to achieve success.

But you can achieve success without spending so much effort. The action force (according to Newton's law) is equal to the reaction force.

Imagine, when we are sick, we try to resist the disease, we get angry, nervous, sad, overthink ourselves, and the disease gets worse. Where does this resistance come from? It appears when your desires do not coincide with reality. Expecting one result, we expect something completely different. What appears?

Anger, resentment, irritability appear, and as a result, stress and possibly depression. In this state, there is no longer time to ask questions about how to achieve success in life and where to get the strength for success.

And everything is quite simple! Notice what is better for you: to stay in this state or start moving towards your goal. It may be better to accept this situation and calmly continue on your path to success. What does it mean to accept?

For example, you are without an umbrella, and suddenly it starts to rain, who should you be angry with, who should you fight with? Because of your anger, the rain will not stop, but you will still get wet. By accepting this without irritation, your energy will not be wasted.

Learning to save your energy, that is, not wasting it on trifles and avoiding negative emotions, is another answer to the question of how to achieve success.

Thorough Analysis

The principle of “measure twice, cut once” should be one of the most important. It is necessary to wean yourself from hasty conclusions and hasty conclusions, otherwise you will begin to make mistakes. The brain is a muscle like any other. Train yourself, teach yourself to think and weigh, analyze everything that happens to you (but don’t get carried away with soul-searching, this is a completely different and risky story). And here a paradox arises: on the one hand, you need to make the right impression on others, on the other hand, you cannot work too hard for the public. And no matter how much you would like to immediately come up with a spectacular solution, don’t do it. Say that you need time, focus and, as they say, turn on your brain.

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I always admire people who have been running their businesses successfully for many years. I am especially amazed when a person constantly achieves success in various areas of his life. In the entertainment industry, I highlight people like Clint Eastwood and Oprah Winfrey. Among businessmen, my examples are Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett. Each of us has our own ideal of a successful person, whose name is well known and whom we admire. And how do they manage to reach such heights?

For many years I studied the life paths of a large number of successful people. I read their books, watched their interviews, watched them online and applied many aspects to my life. I was surprised to learn that most of them were not born into families of successful people, and the secret of their success was that they did everything to reach their full potential. Below are 12 rules that they followed to do this (many of them I have tested in my own life), and I am simply sure that each of us is capable of this.

1. Successful people set and achieve smart goals

Successful people look at the world objectively. They set real goals for themselves. They know what they need and why they should fight for it. They set smart goals for themselves. Those who have already taken a course at Protege Club or attended my webinar on goal setting will remember what “smart” goals are. However, for those who are encountering this term for the first time, I will explain.

Smart goals can be of the following types: specific goal, measurable goal, achievable goal, relevant goal, doable goal. Let's look at these types of goals in detail.

– A specific goal.

You can set yourself a general goal: “Get in shape.” But a close, specific goal would be: “Join a gym and work out 3 days a week for the next 52 weeks.” A specific goal has a greater chance of being achieved, since it has specific parameters and boundaries.

– Measurable goal.

There must be some logical system for measuring your goal. To determine if your goal is measurable, ask yourself: “How much time is required? What will I get in the end? How will I know that my goal has been achieved? When you evaluate your progress, you are still engaged in your activities, doing everything that is required of you, and enjoying the results that motivate you to do more and move towards your ultimate goal.

– An achievable goal.

To understand how achievable your goal is, you need to determine the course you would be willing and able to follow in achieving it. In other words, the goal must be realistically achievable. Answer yourself the question: “How can my goal be achieved?”

- A valid goal.

Goal relevance involves choosing the right goal to achieve the desired outcome. For example, for a person running an online business, the goal of making 75 bologna sandwiches by 2 pm may be specific, measurable, achievable and doable, but will not be relevant to achieving the desired profit.

– Achievable goal.

Fulfilling the goal must have a time frame, that is, it is necessary to determine the date when it will be realized. If you have decided on the deadline for completing your work, it will be easier for you to evaluate the efforts made and be able to achieve your goal on time or even ahead of schedule. This part of the Smart Goals criterion will help you focus directly on achieving the result and prevent the possibility of your attention being distracted by other small things.

Once you've been able to identify your smart goals, you can start thinking about ways to achieve them. You develop certain attitudes, abilities and skills. You can achieve any goal if you plan your actions wisely and consider the time frame for achieving your goals. A result that seemed unattainable or achievable in the distant future seems more feasible and tangible. This is not because your goals become insignificant, but because you grow and develop as you move towards them.

2. Successful people act decisively and immediately.

Unfortunately, very few people manage to achieve their dreams. And the reason for this is that they don’t even try to act!

Acquiring knowledge does not mean that you are developing. Development happens when your knowledge helps you change your life for the better. That's why so many people live in amazement that change doesn't come. We can say that they do not truly live, but simply exist, since they do not take decisive action to implement their plans, they do not strive for their dreams!

And even if you have a genius IQ and an honors degree, it won't help you in real life if you don't take active action. There is a huge difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it. Knowledge and mental abilities cannot be useful if they are not put into practice. It's simple.

Success depends on a simple decision to live - completely dedicating yourself to moving towards your dreams and achieving your cherished goals. So make a decision and take action. I highly recommend listening to the free webinar “9 Strategies for Double Productivity” for those who want to learn more about the practical side of taking decisive action.

3. Successful activity is not about being busy, but about being productive.

In his book The 4-Hour Workweek

Tim Ferriss writes: “Slow down and remember this: Most of what people do doesn’t matter. Being overly busy is often a form of mental laziness, consisting of sluggish thinking and unconscious actions.” Thus, Ferris is trying to say: “Work smart, not hard,” which is currently one of the most popular sayings in the field of personal development. But these words are followed by only a few, like most similar statements.

Just take a look around and you will see that the number of busy people far outnumbers the people who are actually productive.

Busy people are constantly in a hurry to get somewhere and are always late for something. They are in a hurry to get to work, meetings, conferences, social events and so on. They have practically no time for family or even sleep. Messages are flying out of their smartphones like bullets, and their days are filled to capacity with various obligations.

Their busy work schedules give them a sense of self-worth. But this is just an illusion. They live like hamsters running on a wheel.

The solution is this: take your time. Breathe. Review your affairs and plans. Meditate for at least 5 minutes every day. Do what's really important first. Don't multitask. Start now. Then rest for a couple of hours. Repeat these steps.

And always remember that the result is always more important than the time spent.

4. A successful person makes consistent, conscious decisions.

Sometimes we act stupidly because we are unhappy or excited about something.

Despite the fact that emotional jumps in our mood can be effective in situations where we need to act with lightning speed, when organizing long-term activities, under the influence of emotions, we can easily be led astray from the intended path. Decisions made in a strong emotional state cannot be fully conscious and are most often made hastily. They will not be useful in cases where our attentiveness and reasonableness are needed.

The best advice here is this: Don't let your emotions drown out your mental abilities. Take your time and think things through carefully before making any life-changing decisions.

5. A successful person does not try to do everything perfectly.

Many of us are perfectionists when we are right. I am like that sometimes too. We set high goals for ourselves and try our best to achieve them. We devote a large amount of time and attention to our activities to satisfy our sophisticated needs. Our passion for excellence drives us to try beyond measure, without stopping or resting. And this striving for ideal helps us achieve the necessary results. Until the ideal becomes the meaning of our life.

What happens when we constantly expect perfect results?

We get discouraged and angry when we fail to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. This makes us unable to start new activities or even makes us stop old ones. Our insistence on doing everything perfectly, down to the smallest detail, weakens us and exposes us to stress, which greatly affects the results of our activities.

True perfectionists have difficulty starting a new project and even more difficulty finishing it, it’s true. I have a friend who has been wanting to start her own graphic design business for several years. But she never started. Why? Of all the possible problems, she only has one. She's a perfectionist. That's why she doesn't start and will never start one, although it seems to me that she is quite capable of creating such a business and managing it.

Remember: in our world, perfectionists do not win. Those who do their jobs win. And doing your job means not being perfect 99% of the time. Only after years of practice and imperfection can we achieve rare signs of ideal in our activities. So, make your decision. Act and learn from your ups and downs, constantly, throughout your life.

6. A successful person is adaptable.

I constantly notice a pattern among some smart, up-and-coming people. Many of them turn down a good opportunity because they feel they are not ready for such changes in their lives. In other words, they cannot feel comfortable in new conditions because they think that they do not have enough knowledge, experience, qualifications, and so on. It’s sad, but such thoughts usually kill all opportunities for personal growth and success. That is why 2 years ago I created the World Academy of Experts, in which professionals from all over the world gain professional experience and self-confidence.

In reality, no one feels 100% confident when a new opportunity arises to change something in their life. After all, all new beginnings help us grow emotionally and intellectually. They force us to challenge ourselves and expand our comfort zone, which means it can be difficult to cope with the challenges that arise at first. And when we are not fully confident in ourselves, we do not feel ready for change.

Significant events, opportunities and prospects for personal growth will occur to you throughout your life. If you are looking forward to changes and new achievements in your life, you need to seize every opportunity and not be afraid to take risks, even if you are not completely confident in yourself.

7. Success is the ability to simplify

Leonardo Da Vinci once said: “Everything ingenious is simple.” It could hardly be said better. We live in the 21st century, when information is transmitted at the speed of light, and the possibilities for innovation seem endless. We have a huge choice of modifying our lives and professional activities. But unfortunately, unlimited choice leads to complexity, confusion and inaction.

Numerous marketing and business studies have shown that the more product choices offered to consumers, the less they tend to buy. In addition, choosing the best product from three presented is much easier than choosing the best from three thousand. If choosing a product becomes quite difficult, people simply refuse to make a choice. Likewise, if you complicate your life with the number of possible choices, you will subconsciously refuse to make a particular choice.

The solution can be found in simplification. If you sell a line of products, keep it simple. Also, when you make any decision in your life, do not try to weigh all the pros and cons of one decision or another in relation to another. Choose what you think should work, and let it be as it is. If the decision you make does not bring the desired result, use this experience to your advantage and try other ways to achieve your goal.

8. Success is constant small improvements.

Henry Ford once said, “No task is impossible if you break it down into small parts.” The same idea is expressed in the question, how can you eat an elephant? Answer: one bite at a time. This technique helps well in achieving great visible results. You simply make some changes in your life - eat healthier foods, exercise occasionally, acquire new healthy habits, for example, this is a great way to get a new taste for life and gradually make significant changes in it.

By starting small, you won't need any extra motivation to change your life for the better. A simple step towards a new life will give you a feeling of change, and soon you will feel like you have embarked on the path of dramatic changes, step by step you will change for the better. When I started doing this in my life, I felt so inspired that I rushed to share my impressions with the world on my blog on the Internet. That is why you are now reading us on the “Secrets of the Universe” project.

Start with one thing and have a plan for how you will deal with problems when they arise. For example, if you decide to lose weight, check out healthy food options that will replace junk food. It will be difficult at first to switch to healthy foods, but it will soon become easier. This is how it all happens. This way you can achieve any results over time.

9. A successful person calculates the possibilities of progress

A successful person must not only be involved in running a business, he must also be able to calculate possible prospects for the future. From time to time, you need to step back and evaluate the progress and dynamics of your business. You need to be able to track the trend of changes in your business and, at the right time, do everything that depends on you to grow and improve it.

You can't control what you weren't prepared for. If you don't take into account the changes that are happening in your business, it will be difficult for you to see possible prospects for its development. If, for example, as a small business owner, you start counting how many paper clips and pencils you use, will it really do any good? It won't, because for business it doesn't matter how many pencils and paper clips you use. These things barely impact your profits, customer satisfaction, and market growth.

The right approach is to identify your number one goal and then be able to trace the necessary steps that will be needed to achieve that goal. I advise you to identify goal number one for yourself right now and try to determine what steps need to be taken, and when you do this, be sure to start taking those steps. Take the time to create a weekly or monthly chart to track your business's progress. Then act on your findings and achieve new growth and development for your business.

10. A successful person sees perspective even after failure.

A successful person focuses on a positive attitude towards life - he finds the good side in any situation. He knows that to succeed, you have to stay positive. If you want to be successful, you need to have a positive attitude no matter what happens. Life will test your strength again and again. If you react negatively to life's lessons, you will never achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Remember: every mistake you make teaches you something. Every time you make a mistake, you are one step closer to your goal. The only mistake that will not benefit you is your inaction. People don't take action often because they are simply afraid of making a mistake.

So take action and don't doubt yourself. Don't let negative thoughts get you down. Learn from your failures and keep moving.

11. A successful person chooses his environment wisely

A successful person is surrounded by like-minded people, collected and ready to help in difficult times. Such people radiate energy when they are nearby.

A successful person tries to surround himself with people with whom he has common goals, with whom he can interact profitably and easily.

You choose whether to be successful or not by choosing the people with whom you spend the most time. If you choose your environment incorrectly, that environment will affect you incorrectly. But if you choose your environment wisely, you can become successful and achieve your goals faster than if you did it alone. Find your team and work together to make a difference in each other's lives and the world as a whole. For example, on our project we created an environment by creating our closed community in which people are honest, open and support each other in personal and professional growth.

12. A successful person achieves harmony in his life

If you ask any person what is most important to him in life, he can name a whole list of such things. It could be love, money, family, happiness, achieving a goal, and so on. But unfortunately, most people cannot balance their lives in a way that allows them to attend to all of their life's priorities. Most often, people pay attention to one or two aspects of life, completely forgetting about other equally important ones. I have a couple of examples on this topic.

I know one very successful businesswoman who earned about a million dollars in the Western online market last year. Her success is an example for many who make money online. But just a few days ago this woman complained to me that she was very depressed. Why? “I'm tired of being alone. “I don’t have enough time for myself at all, and I feel like I’m missing out on something in my life,” she said. "Wow! – I thought. “One of the most successful women in the internet world doesn’t consider herself successful because she feels unhappy because she can’t balance her life.”

I also know one surfer who surfs every day, all day long. He is one of the most cheerful and positive people I have ever met - he always walks around with a smile on his face. But he and his surfer friend rent a rusty van, and they constantly beg tourists for money. He told me that worries about the lack of money for food have been keeping him awake for a long time. And since it is impossible to say about this guy that he is happy and satisfied with his life, I cannot call his life successful.

These were 2 simple examples where people fail to balance their lives to reach their full inner potential. When you allow your work, family or social activities to take up the majority of your time, you risk losing balance and harmony in your life. For a happy life, you need to take into account all its aspects, be a collected and active person. By completely replacing one area of ​​your life with another, you only aggravate your situation and become susceptible to stress and anxiety. You will find practical lessons on maintaining harmony in your life in our free Protege Club video series.

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Don't look for someone to blame, be responsible for what you do

Personal responsibility is a quality of a true leader. After all, by assigning only yourself as right or wrong, you show that you are in complete control of your life, that it is only yours and no one else’s. Any decision is a risk, which means it is important to understand the consequences. “The leader does not blame anyone. As soon as you start blaming the country, the authorities, your partner – everything – for your failures, you are not a leader. If you have a complete collapse in your life - at work, in your personal life, with your children, then in this most difficult situation the leader says: that means something is wrong in me,” said Irina Khakamada. And she's absolutely right.

Habits of a successful person

According to psychologists, the key to success is a harmonious ratio of the amount of energy spent on achieving a goal to the importance of the task itself. It is quite problematic to find the ideal balance that would allow you to achieve heights and enjoy life

Successful people sooner or later find this very harmony. The lifestyle they get used to leading helps.

D. Niven, author of the book “One Hundred Simple Secrets of Successful People,” identifies a number of important rules for the daily routine of a successful person.

Successful people wake up early to get everything done. They consider it an unaffordable luxury to waste precious minutes on a long “buildup”. It's time to get up and get down to business!

Try to wake up so that you have time to plan things before the “work madness” begins, when important tasks begin to accumulate like a snowball. Then you will definitely have enough time for everything that was noted in the diary.

The morning of a successful person is not looking at the news feed on a social network. There are many things ahead that require determination and self-confidence. And for this, a positive attitude is extremely important, which would give a sense of control over the situation, firmness and good spirits. Authors of books on time management advise creating a morning ritual - an action that energizes and gives strength. For some, it's a cup of coffee and a cool shower. Some people need energetic exercise. Others cannot do without 10 minutes of silence to get involved in active work.

What do many people do when they sit down at their office desk? They become immersed in dozens of unread emails and light conversations with colleagues for a long time, leaving the really important work at the end of the day. This is a fatal mistake.

Research shows that the first 2.5-4 hours after waking up is the peak period of brain function and the time when a person is most disciplined. It is an unforgivable mistake to waste your morning on meaningless activities. It is better to devote it to important work tasks. Successful people do just that.

A successful person knows the value of proper rest. It is useless to do anything important when tired

It is important to take a break to gain strength for new achievements - have a light snack, take a walk in the fresh air, etc.

This “reboot” will help you work more productively.

In the afternoon, productivity decreases slightly. It is better to devote this time to routine matters - work calls, meetings and appointments.

A successful person spends a lot of time solving business problems. But evening for them is the period when they can relax and unwind. With proper time management, by 18.00 all tasks have been successfully completed, all that remains is to make a schedule for tomorrow. Are you constantly running out of time and have to work until late at night? It’s worth reconsidering your daily routine - perhaps you have taken on overwhelming tasks or are wasting precious time on trifles.

An evening for a successful person is time that can be devoted to family or a favorite hobby. He prefers active rest to passive rest. A successful person relieves accumulated stress in the gym, reading or listening to pleasant music.

Getting a good night's sleep is the key to a productive day, which in turn gives you the greatest chance of success. If you constantly live in a frantic rhythm with sleep for 4-5 hours a day, you will not have enough energy even to complete the simplest tasks.


This applies to everything - both your work and your free time. Even for “I’ll lie down for an hour and be idle,” set aside exactly an hour, no more. By the way, it is also important to learn to relax here and now if you decide that it’s time to relax. Do you have 30 minutes of relaxation? Wonderful. Forget about everything, turn off your head and gain strength and positive vibrations. This is your free time, don’t rush to rest too hard, since it will end soon - seize the joy of the moment.

Don't forget to thank yourself

Every time you achieve the planned result, be sure to treat yourself to something pleasant. Give yourself a prize for a job well done.

A new beautiful blouse or smartphone from the latest Apple collection. Or something extreme? For example, a parachute jump from a height of 5000 meters! (Breathtaking!)

Just please let the reward be commensurate with the success achieved. For example, if, according to your plan, you have lost a couple of extra pounds of excess weight, you should not buy yourself a kilogram cake. Also, you shouldn’t buy yourself a big, expensive prize for a frankly small achievement.

Fighting procrastination

No one has canceled procrastination, but you need to work on eliminating it. How? This is a completely different story. Let's just say that within your working time you can allocate minutes for it, for procrastination. But only strictly on an alarm clock. Five minutes on social networks, three minutes for this article... No, three minutes is not enough for this article. Copy the link and throw it somewhere to read in the evening.

Be patient and persistent

Success doesn't come immediately. When you see the results that other people have achieved, it will help to make it seem very simple, but what you see is the tip of the iceberg. Any success is the result of many years of work on yourself and your projects.

You must pursue your goal to the end and never stop halfway, otherwise you will not achieve success. You need to learn to think long-term. Learn to delay pleasure for later gain. Exactly the benefits you dream of.

No comparisons with others

Everyone has their own life and their own path. You have your own, unique one. So what if someone achieved more at your age? This is clearly not a reason to give up or be angry with yourself. At best, this is a reason for additional self-motivation. In general, it is useful to learn how to manage irritation. In 1992, Neil Tennant, frontman of the great pop group Pet Shop Boys, published an essay in Select magazine, “On the Power of Negative Thinking.” Here's a quote. “I became a pop star because I hated football at school. Becoming a pop star is my revenge for my lack of athleticism. Because they laughed at me. I'm talking about negative energy. It can move a person, disliking something becomes an inspiration, makes you think: “I believe in what I do, and I don’t care what others say.” Guided by dislike for the common, you save yourself from the need to march in line.” Do you see what Neil meant?

The path to success: 7 main steps

Although the concept of success is individual for everyone, there are several universal factors that have already helped millions of people achieve success. The most convenient instructions are step-by-step, so we’ll break them down into 7 main steps:

Set goals

It is difficult to move towards the main goal in life if you do not decide where it is. A successful person always has clearly defined goals - for today, for a week, for a month, for the coming years and for life. Only by clearly articulating the conditions necessary to achieve the goal can you develop a plan that will allow you to achieve success in life.

Think not about problems, but about ways to solve them

Successful people do not tend to be discouraged; they consider failures as valuable experience. Every person faces problems and the difference is only in perception. People who are aware of responsibility for their own lives do not dwell on failures, but look for ways to quickly eliminate the consequences. Learn to act rationally in any situation - this will allow you not to waste time on unnecessary worries.

Do what you love

People who make money doing what they love are considered to be the happiest. What stops you from doing the same? Make a list of activities that bring you pleasure and think about how you can benefit from them. You may find an unexpected source of income. Drawing and creating animation, creating a website, recording videos with recipes for your favorite dishes - all this can bring money and pleasure at the same time.

Learn Positive Thinking

Negative emotions are the most dangerous thief of energy and time. This is why so much attention is paid to techniques that allow you to switch to positive thinking. Try keeping a “success journal” and writing down a few positive events each day. This powerful technique quickly corrects “negatives” by reminding them that many things happen in life, and good things happen every day. There is a detailed article on how to properly keep such a diary.

Live for today

Do you dream of opening a business, doing charity work, creating a cool Internet service, or writing a bestseller? It may take several years to realize such a dream, so many people plan to “start on Monday.” People delay because they are waiting for the right moment. Nothing prevents them from devoting at least a few hours a week to achieving their dreams. But weeks, months and years pass, and they do nothing. Just remember that the best time is now.

Don't dwell on failures

Unpleasant events happen to every person. But one perceives them as a reminder that the world is not ideal, and you need to be strong. Another decides that the world is unfair to him personally, and falls into depression. It is impossible to build a life in such a way that failures do not happen at all, but everyone can manage their own perception. Take such situations as useful experiences that make you stronger and wiser.

Improve yourself

To succeed in life, you need to constantly improve. Dreaming about well-being without making volitional efforts to improve yourself is tantamount to dreaming about losing weight without changing your lifestyle. All successful people work on themselves: they engage in self-education, sports, and look for ways to effectively manage their time. They do not engage in useless activities like computer games or carefree communication on social networks. Time is the most precious resource in life, and it is unacceptable to waste it on things that have no real value.

Understanding the value of what you have

This thesis follows from the previous one. Everything is relative, right? You are not a millionaire, but you are not poor either. Yes, you haven’t made a great film, but you make great funny (or just great) videos on your phone, and everyone likes them (especially you). It’s good where we are not - remember this wisdom? You are smart, there are those in your life who care about you. You are definitely talented at something. After all, you have a dog. That's it, this is already a lot. Appreciate and accept with gratitude. Although, of course, this is not a reason to rest on your laurels and not strive for anything.

Error rule

Every person has the right to make mistakes. You can make mistakes too, no one is immune from this. Therefore, there is no need to harshly perceive your own wrongness or the wrongness of another person. Remember, in our world everything is relative, and in addition there are a number of circumstances that affect the error.

For example: fatigue, incompetence, personal problems, and so on. You should not react negatively to an error; it is better to think about what you can correct so that this does not happen again.


Figure out what you really want and move towards it, regardless of the difficulties, prejudices, doubts and attitudes of others. Going with the flow is also a strategy, but there is a high chance that you will either wash up on the wrong bank or simply go to the bottom. At the end of the day, you can just make money without “justifying” it in any way - if you just like making money. Well, why not? If all you care about in life is toy story or adjectives in Chinese (I’m not sure if they exist there, to be honest) - go for it. The main thing is to devote yourself completely to the task and become, for example, the best at it.

Rule of own choice

Choice is a difficult thing! Sometimes the very awareness that we need to make a choice leads us and our thoughts to a dead end and draws us into panic. But you just need to take it and calm down, weigh everything, think through every detail and all possible consequences.

You should never make decisions rashly or in a hurry. Nobody says it will be easy, sometimes you have to put your feelings on the back burner, sometimes you have to be responsible for other people. Only one thing remains clear: the choice must be approached with complete seriousness, especially when it concerns life and business.

Ability to ask for help

The word “ask” sounds defeatist only at first glance. In fact, asking others to help is a normal human practice. By avoiding it, you, firstly, surrender to the mercy of the complex (acknowledging the need for help is an admission of weakness, your negative self whispers), and secondly, you embark on the slippery path of total control. Nobody argues, control is cool, you can’t live without it, but everything is good in moderation. Learn to delegate. Get involved with other people, this is natural for living in society. Be social. Reaching out to others will allow you to understand people and will lead to the formation of a team of those you are willing to trust.

Distinctive features

A person’s success is determined not only by the amount of money earned and the presence of valuable property; his achievements, worldview and lifestyle are also taken into account. He always strives for development and does not set limits for himself. Having achieved his goal, he immediately sets himself a new task and carefully thinks through ways to solve it.

If you are careful, you can easily determine which of the passers-by on the street is a successful person. Such a person is always given away by his appearance and behavior:

  • neat well-groomed appearance;
  • stylish and harmoniously selected outfit;
  • easy, confident gait;
  • relaxed facial expression.

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As a rule, prosperous people are not in a hurry, because they have everything under control. They know how to plan their time in such a way as to be able to cope with a large amount of work in a calm manner, without unnecessary fuss and panic.

A successful person is optimistic and friendly, often in a good mood and charges others with positivity. He is open to communication and is always ready to provide all possible assistance to anyone who asks for it. Tries not to participate in conflicts and intrigues, because it's a waste of time and energy. Such a person takes life seriously and responsibly, tries to make the most of his capabilities and does not miss the chance for self-realization.

Set deadlines

Set deadlines
Since childhood, we are taught to have deadlines. There are lessons at school, homework, washing the dishes, etc. With deadlines, we have a responsibility to deliver on time. As we grow up, we are less and less limited in time, especially if you go on a free voyage. Therefore, if we set ourselves deadlines for completing tasks, we artificially create this responsibility, due to the lack of which we often postpone things and life until later.

If you need to achieve a goal quickly and efficiently, then you need to set yourself strict time limits. Don't let yourself relax, do it until the task is completed.

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