Where to start self-love for a woman, 8 recommendations from psychologists. How a woman can learn to love herself: features and recommendations.

Self-love is where a woman should start, because self-love is the main component of a successful and happy life. Women's psychology claims that low self-esteem can lead to disastrous consequences; it negatively affects appearance, social status and spiritual personality.

Loving yourself for every woman should be as natural an action as breathing or eating food. But still, in modern society, representatives of the fairer sex are too self-critical; they set high demands, which they often fail to meet.

How can you make yourself love yourself? It's not difficult, but you still have to step over the psychological barrier. It is important to learn to feel spiritually, not to look at shortcomings. Self-love should be in the soul, but still, where should a woman start to learn to respect herself? This is an important task that must be completed; it will further improve life physically, materially and spiritually.

Love yourself - illnesses and psychosomatics will pass

Do you know, do you realize that many diseases are just symptoms of the fact that a person does not love himself? Such as headaches, tumors, gastrointestinal diseases, excess weight, high blood pressure and many, many others. For example, the grievances that an offended person feels. After all, they, not finding an adequate response, begin to accumulate in it in the form of tumors or clamps.

There is a whole science - psychosomatics, which studies the influence of negative emotions on the human body. Psycho-somatics. Translated from “psycho” - soul, “soma” - body. It was in the depths of this science that the famous saying “all diseases come from nerves” (one syphilis from love) was born.

Love yourself and those around you will love you! Including men

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes come across bad people in your life who poison your life? They offend you, don’t love you, make you suffer... Of course, the simplest answer here is that they are bad, they are bad, mean and evil.

That's how it is. But the truth is that it was you who came across such a bad person, and not another person. The truth is that YOU attracted him into your life! Yes! No matter how much I would like to argue with this truth, this is exactly the case.

Both in the case of diseases and in the case of bad people, the root of the problem is the same. This is a subconscious dislike of oneself.

This bad habit of not loving yourself works like this: if you don’t love yourself, don’t accept yourself, then you have low self-esteem. And then you scold yourself, are dissatisfied with your behavior, reproach yourself, reproach yourself, regret the actions you have committed. And before going to bed, you “chew” your, as it seems to you, not quite worthy behavior of the past day.

You don’t love your body, you think about your shortcomings, try to hide them (although they are not such shortcomings!).

As a result, the person becomes very vulnerable. Self-esteem has dropped.

If he doesn’t love himself, then on a subconscious level he considers himself generally unworthy of love. And on a subconscious level, he attracts exactly the kind of people into his life who potentially will not love him. Why potentially? Because this same bad person who doesn’t love you is quite capable of loving someone else quite truly. Precisely because on a subconscious level you do not consider yourself worthy of love! So he will love someone who loves himself and considers himself worthy of love.

If you don't love yourself, you are constantly offended by those bad people in your life who offend you all the time. And, because resentment is suppressed anger (the key word here is suppressed). Then, finding no way out, they begin to accumulate in the form of psychosomatic diseases.

How to be? How to love yourself?

My experience

Here's what helped me love myself:

  1. Getting rid of toxic people, things, activities. For 1-2 months, I observed and analyzed a lot, and kept a diary of emotions. I tracked what and who drained me, when and why my mood deteriorated. Soon I was able to make a list of what I would have to say goodbye to if I wanted to maintain a stable level of performance and be happy. Then she started saying goodbye.
  2. Finding something you love. The criteria for the job were as follows: it is related to my education (psychological and pedagogical), does not require leaving home, does not limit development and provides maximum freedom, can feed me. I tried different options for working via the Internet, analyzed my feelings and eventually came to copywriting. And although not all people consider this type of employment stable, I have a feeling of confidence in the future. As a last resort, I know that I can definitely master something else.
  3. Choosing a hobby. Each person should have their own outlet. You can choose a new hobby or return to old ones. For example, I returned to playing a musical instrument. I also relax when I prepare desserts or bake something.
  4. Getting rid of complexes. My main complex that I had to fight was being overweight. Because of him, I couldn't accept myself. Having gone through all the stages of “grieving” from the search for a magic pill to strict diets, I came to the only adequate approach: moderate and regular exercise + moderation in food. A well-known joke helped me: “To lose weight, I ate the same thing as everyone else, but half a bucket less.” Of course, food problems also had psychological reasons. I had to work with this too. I had to track when and why overeating or weight gain occurred.

Psychological technique to love yourself

There is a lot of advice from psychologists on the topic “Love yourself.” And I want to offer you this option. There is a small prayer “I love myself.” You can print it on A4 sheet. And hang it somewhere visible. She will increase your self-esteem day after day.

Or, you can write it on a small piece of paper and carry it with you in your wallet, for example. It is important that you have it in front of your eyes. After some time, you will begin to notice amazing and wonderful changes in your life!

  • I am a particle of God, the Universe.
  • I am a unique piece of God.
  • God is love.
  • I love myself as a piece of God.
  • Whatever I do, whatever result I get, I always do the right thing, based on the law of the best subconscious choice.
  • I love and accept my body as it is and take care of the seat of my soul - my body.
  • I accept and love my parents for who they are.
  • I accept and love my children for who they are.
  • I love, accept and praise other people for who they are.
  • We are all particles of one God.
  • In any situation, I remain myself and approve of my actions.
  • I am grateful to God for the great gift - the miracle of my life.
  • I love me!


Self-love is the most important thing when achieving goals, success and being happy in a relationship. According to the law of the universe, we attract what we emit at the moment. And therefore it is not surprising that in our world there are 70% of divorces. We go into marriage with unresolved problems, and they negatively affect the relationship. And there is no point in hiding them, they will come out anyway.

And for women, stable and pleasant emotions are even more important - we men, in principle, can tolerate this and put it deep within ourselves, but for girls it’s better, but suppress it, then you won’t end up with trouble, it will break through so that mom, don’t worry, everyone will suffer and there will be a lot of wasted wood. a lot of.

How long can you live in disharmony with yourself and the world around you, now there are plenty of ways to solve problems, the main thing is to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start taking action and then enjoy success in life in any field of activity.

Thank you for reading the article to the end, how to love yourself and increase a woman’s self-esteem, the psychology of forgiveness, if it is useful for you, write comments; it will be very interesting to know your thoughts on this issue.

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Self-love and high self-esteem begin with accepting yourself as anyone.

I can confidently say that the vast majority still do not know the main difference between true self-love. The topic of self-love is still fashionable. And, many people are very fed up with it. People include whatever they want in there, but they don’t make them any happier.

But it is precisely one main sign that makes a person truly happy, calm, and peaceful. It is this aspect of self-love that makes it possible to build good, strong relationships. And, also, move forward and become successful in life.

This is a calm acceptance of your vulnerabilities and human weaknesses . This is where self-love and good self-esteem begin.

And, more precisely:

  • Accepting yourself as weak.
  • Mistaken.
  • To the suffering.
  • Lonely.
  • Stupid.
  • Funny.
  • Ugly.
  • Unloved.
  • Unnecessary.
  • Unsuccessful.

Accept means: let it all be. And, lovingly pat yourself on the head at this moment. Rate yourself as good enough, even in this situation.

Tell yourself: Yes, sometimes this happens to me.

At the same time, tell yourself: nothing, dear baby, you are still beautiful and I still love you, everything will work out!

What do we do instead? We begin to IMPROVE SELF “until we lose pulse and consciousness.” And eternal dissatisfaction with ourselves pushes and pushes us into the unknown jungle of “self-improvement.”

What psychology says about self-love

Loving yourself - what does this mean in psychology? Most people are sure that love depends on the quality of the object, and not on the ability to experience this feeling. They lack the understanding that love is a choice to see things through the lens of respect and appreciation. They think that the main thing is to find a worthy object, and then everything will work by itself. This attitude can be compared to the idea that in order to draw nature well from life, it is enough to find an ideally beautiful landscape. There is no need to take painting lessons.

How to make your husband fall in love with you again - is it possible to interest him again?

Important! No one can teach you how to love yourself in a few minutes. This is something you will have to improve at throughout your life.

In fact, love, like any other activity, can and should be learned. To say that you will love yourself after you change one, two, three things about yourself is wrong. This is non-acceptance of the current self, forming ideals and striving to bring them to life.

Note! Development is endless. For every peak reached, the next one looms. So, if you want, you can always find a reason to be dissatisfied with yourself.

Accepting yourself means treating your shortcomings and weaknesses as something you did not choose and for which you are not to blame. This is a problem that needs to be solved, but not a fault for which you should punish yourself with hatred.

How can a woman (girl) love herself and increase her self-esteem?

Who said that a person must be perfect? Who even came up with this desire for ideal? Where did we get the idea that our place is among the “perfect people”?

I really like the Japanese philosophical movement Wabi-sabi. The Japanese are generally great, they have a lot of interesting things. So, in this philosophical teaching, imperfection is extolled. It is believed that beauty lies in uniqueness and originality. And, therefore, everything that is imperfect is subject to acceptance and love. That is, I.

I even think that the fashion for equally beautiful women will soon pass. The ones with the same lips, bust, hair and eyebrows. And then it will become fashionable to be different. Then personal self-esteem will increase.

And apparently everyone will start making themselves different-sized noses, different hairstyles and fancy ears. Just to be different. And I even think that in the unique network of wrinkles of an aging person, people will also begin to see uniqueness, and, therefore, beauty.

How to love yourself

What gives you a healthy sense of self-love?

Only when a person values ​​and respects himself does he gain true psychological maturity and independence. It is very difficult to manipulate such an individual, to force him to do something against his will. He, first of all, trusts his own feelings and his own vision of situations. He never blindly follows public opinion and ideals imposed from outside, but seeks his own unique path in life.

Someone who truly understands what it means to love oneself will not allow oneself to be mistreated or maintain a toxic relationship. At the same time, such a person is interested in the well-being of others. Can perform a deeply altruistic act without attaching great importance to this event and without feeling the need for compensation for the kindness and self-sacrifice shown.

People who know how to love themselves are much more pleasant to communicate with than individuals who are prone to self-deprecation. People often fall in love with them and rarely leave them. The desires and weaknesses of “selfish people” are taken for granted and do not cause resistance. Moreover, usually those around them happily meet them halfway and try to help them realize their plans.

Self-love is contagious

There are many reasons why you should show yourself love. Who in their right mind would give up all these privileges? Only those who don't know how to make themselves really love themselves.

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