How men miss a woman: signs, expressions of feelings, advice from psychologists

02/10/2019 Zoryan Freidovich Psychology

Do you constantly think about him and go crazy at the mere thought of his possible indifference? To dispel doubts and understand whether a guy is interested in you, you need to familiarize yourself with the signs and manifestations of this feeling. And how men miss a woman, we will look at in the article.

Always in touch

How long does it take for a man to start missing a woman? In different ways, a lot depends on the feelings he has for the girl. But as soon as you see an SMS on your phone or an email from him, you can be sure that he really misses you. In general, the guy will remind you of himself in any convenient way.

Always pay attention to the text of the message. If a man calls with standard phrases such as: “how are you”, “what are you doing”, “how is the weather”, or the like, then be sure that your guy is not sincerely bored. Perhaps he perceives you as a sweet companion or a girl for sexual pleasures. If he writes you a couple of messages, but they show care and concern for you, then most likely he really misses and loves you. After all, sincere feelings are, first of all, care and reverent attitude.

Never judge a person's attitude by the number of calls and written messages. Judge by the intonation and tenderness in his voice, as well as by the questions he asks you.

Remember that men do not tend to openly express their feelings, but they will always find a reason to show you their true attitude. Especially when they love and miss you.

Talks about your future together

If a man not only says that he adores you, but also clearly imagines you living together, then it’s time to prepare for serious changes in your life.

Remember that it is extremely difficult for the strong half of humanity to transfer their “den” into careful female hands, and he thinks about a lot before speaking out about its joint improvement. Do not underestimate this sign of falling in love, since you have been appreciated as a person capable of creating coziness, warmth and comfort in the home.

Appearance is no longer important

Like a true male, the guy first loves with his eyes, and the “big-eyed” period can last quite a long time. But at one fine moment a man says that he doesn’t just love you for your size 4 breasts or slender legs, but for your ability to listen, advise and support.

And when they make it clear to you that your warmth is very highly valued, then you can be sure that they love you.

Soul wide open

If a man says that he misses you and shares his doubts, concerns, fears and problems with you without fear, he is definitely in love with you, and sincerely and for a long time.

If your candidacy seems worthy to a guy, he will dedicate you to the most painful and pitiful moments of his childhood, will not hesitate to divulge his romantic dreams and will not be afraid to be clumsy or funny.

It's boring without you

More recently, a man tried with all his might to demonstrate his independence, self-reliance and disinterest. Now your ICQ simply cannot accommodate his compliments, he often calls and openly declares that he is unbearably bored without your company. And if you like all this, then another couple has matched.

Unusual activity on a social network

If a man tells a woman that he misses her, then it really is so. Today, the veracity of the chosen one’s words can be easily verified. As you know, you need to believe not in words, but in actions and deeds.

Social networks today are a kind of litmus test for relationships between a man and a woman. When a guy is embarrassed to tell you that he misses you very much, he begins to do things that make it easy to understand. He likes your photos from a hundred years ago. Can write nice words on your page wall or send cute statuses and cards.

All these actions are designed to make you evaluate his activities. But the man himself may not write first, but will continue to hint, waiting for the first step from you. Unfortunately, some guys tend to behave this way. Although not all girls may like this.

If a man misses a woman, does it mean it's love?

A woman is an emotional being, and when she hears the cherished “I miss you,” she begins to fantasize wildly. Many girls, having received recognition, think that they have received a sure sign of a man’s love. Looking for hidden meaning, thinking things through is the wrong way. The simplest solution to understanding what is behind the words is to ask directly: “What do you mean?”

A friend or acquaintance misses the company of a friend, communication, understanding. A guy who sees himself as a partner will answer that he longs to hug and kiss. When clarifying, there is no need to be afraid of seeming stupid; it is important to understand that the answer may not be what you wanted to hear.


Sometimes when a man misses a woman, he feels awkward. Sometimes, he does not understand how to behave in such a situation. Therefore, instead of showing tender feelings, the primitive instinct of jealousy and importunity awakens in him.

He starts calling his beloved several times a day, sending her messages with stupid questions. And especially inventive men can also present several funny gifts. They shower their chosen one with flowers, sweets, invitations to the cinema or cafe. But often all these presents look awkward. The fact is that a man who is truly in love may not yet have realized the feelings that arise when separated from his chosen one. In other words, he hasn't learned to be bored. Mostly such situations concern young couples who have not yet started living together.

Other signs

What does it mean if a man misses a woman? He has sincere feelings for her.

  1. The guy openly declares that he misses him. But if there is no meeting between you in the next couple of days, then we can assume that his intentions are not serious. You shouldn’t convince yourself that the guy might have some business to deal with, so he couldn’t spend time with you. When a man is really bored, he will always find a reason to meet.
  2. If you are not in a relationship, then unanswered messages and calls can seriously upset him.
  3. When a guy is bored, he will take the first step towards you and make an appointment with you. Representatives of the stronger sex do not tend to sit and meekly wait; if they are in love, they always immediately begin to act.
  4. A man who is bored very rarely allows his chosen one to have doubts about this. Therefore, when you are “racking your brains” over whether he misses you or not, then most likely he doesn’t.
  5. Claims and grievances. An indifferent man does not have such feelings. He may not show any emotions towards you. A guy who is in love is very often offended and jealous. Even though his emotions can be negative, they demonstrate his sincere feelings.
  6. A representative of the stronger sex, who has become attached to a girl with all his soul, cannot endure separation for long. And already on the first date he begins to plan the next one.
  7. He introduces you to his friends, invites you to look at his children's photo album, and so on. In general, he does everything to bring you to the decision not to separate anymore, because he is very tired of constantly missing you.

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If this happens more than once a week, it is a very alarming sign.

You don't answer his calls, although you always have your phone with you

You just don’t want to hear his voice again.

He says that yesterday he was sitting with friends and joked so much that the whole room laughed. And you answer that he made a clown of himself.

You compare him to others

And you say it out loud, especially if the comparison is not in his favor.

You don't like his touch

In some cases, you simply jump away from him, causing confusion.

You don't like his interests

For example, he suggests going to his favorite restaurant, and you roll your eyes and say that you haven’t eaten steak in ages. Even worse, you don't want to eat around him at all.

You spend more time at work

Of course, this is better than going to a bar and looking for adventure there, but it’s worth thinking about why you don’t want to return home.

Don't want to discuss future plans

Vacations, weddings, children - all the things that you may have already discussed are now of no interest to you.

You tell him openly that you're tired.

And this is perhaps the most important indicator that your relationship needs a burst of fresh air. Or, alas, they have outlived their usefulness.

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Expressions of feelings

When does a man miss a woman? We have looked at the signs, now let’s move on to considering the manifestations of this feeling.

  1. He asks you to send him your photo. This request is not related to the desire to see you naked or anything like that. He is just interested in what you are doing, what your mood is. Moreover, he is interested in seeing you at a given moment in time, as if you were nearby now.
  2. At the beginning of the week, he starts planning weekend activities for the two of you. And in general, he tries in every way to initiate as many meetings with you as possible.
  3. Tries to surprise you. When separated, a man has a lot of free time to think about coming up with a cunning plan that will help capture the maximum of your free time and attention.
  4. A guy who is bored tells his family and friends about you and his feelings. Even with the most ordinary conversation, aimed at a completely unrelated topic, he still will not miss the opportunity to mention his beloved. The thing is that thoughts are occupied with the chosen one when it is common for a person to miss her.
  5. He won't tell anything. Alas, some men do not tend to openly show their feelings. They will be sad, but they won’t show it until the last moment. Although passions may rage inside them. It is most difficult with this type of man at the beginning of a relationship, as it may seem that he is absolutely indifferent.


A distinctive feature of an SMS message is its brevity. Writing a small SMS beautifully and meaningfully is an art. You can surprise your loved one with an original and funny joke that can cheer up the recipient. He will remember a good joke and tell it to his family and friends. The man will understand that he is communicating with a lively, witty girl and will appreciate her even more.

Poems of your own composition sent via SMS will prove that the girl has talent and creativity. Anyone will love beautiful poems addressed to him personally. Such messages lift your mood and self-esteem.

At the beginning of dating, preference should be given to more neutral messages. At this time, you should not write too frank phrases or declarations of love to the young man. In the early stages, a man needs to take the initiative; this will bring great benefits for the further development of the relationship.

Observe his behavior

How do men miss a woman? All representatives of the stronger sex are very different in the expression of their feelings. Some people tend to openly express their longing for their beloved, while others try to hide this feeling as much as possible. Psychologists advise paying attention to your partner’s behavior when surrounded by people close to him. To do this, you need to take a closer look at his body language and listen to his speech. If a man, while in the company of friends, remains a little withdrawn and agitated, then, most obviously, his feelings for his chosen one have not cooled down, and he really misses her.

Caution must be exercised. Often the feelings of a former young man are not always positive. Guys tend to get angry in such situations, especially if the girl hurt or offended. Therefore, the man’s behavior in this situation must be considered in the context of a breakup.

Analyze the guy's behavior from the outside. If in the company of girls and boys he continues to look in your direction, most likely he still has feelings for you. Men who are afraid of losing sight of their ex-girlfriend most likely still have feelings.

If you still have good relationships with mutual friends, then you can find out from them whether the man was interested in you during the conversation. The information received will help to lift the secret veil and find out about the feelings of the former chosen one. It is better if your friends are reliable and do not tell the man that you asked about him.

He takes good care of him and pays attention to him. So he loves?

Really, it’s so nice, it’s so cool. He does things. They say a man should be judged by his actions. Only actions show a man's seriousness. And he does things, he gives flowers, he stops by at home, gives small gifts, takes you to restaurants. He wishes you good morning, good afternoon, bon appetit, good night, how did you sleep. He is even ready to communicate on WhatsApp for several hours at night. And you think, my God, he pays attention, he looks after you beautifully. In fact, what I observe is that most girls in the post-Soviet space are very easy to win over in this way. It is very easy to inspire trust, it is easy to create an illusion with this very thing.

But let's figure it out. What quality of mine does it indicate that I know how to care and pay attention? About one of my qualities is that at the stage when I am interested in a woman, I take great care and pay attention. This does not guarantee that I will also look after you in a relationship, that after two years of my life I will also pay so much attention to you. This just means that as long as I am interested in a woman, I do it. Think about this thing, a caring and caring man. These are two different terms, but for some reason it seems to you that if he does this, it means.

You probably want to say, how can one determine then that a man is worthy? Then there is no need to strive for this at all, or if he is courting, does that mean he is definitely unworthy? Or really bad? No, this means exactly one thing: if I look after you beautifully, then I look after you beautifully. And yes, you should be happy if it makes you happy. If you like it, you should be grateful. But don’t overthink it, don’t inflate it into something that doesn’t exist.

If I look after you beautifully and pay attention, that means absolutely that. If I have a great fight in the alley, protecting you from two scoundrels, does this mean that I am courageous? May be. But globally this means that I fight well. And that physically I am ready to protect you. But this does not mean that I am courageous in life, that I am courageous in life, that I am courageous in my goals, that I am courageous in moving forward. Surely you know men who are physically strong, he is brutal, broad shoulders, strong arms, a master of sports in some martial art, but in life he is passive, he cannot advance in his career, he is afraid to start a business. There is no need to invent something that does not exist. If I fight well, it means that I fight well.

The ability to care and pay attention does not guarantee that a man is serious and does not guarantee that a man is worthy. By the way, the best suitors, according to my observations, are married men. These are the most professional caregivers.

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6. Virgo.

Representatives of the stronger sex born under this sign are very restrained in their expressions of feelings, and do not quickly make acquaintances with the first person they meet. Such a guy will think a thousand times first, analyze all the pros and cons, there is an entrepreneur in him. Always pays attention to all sorts of small nuances.

Virgos are quite secretive, think soberly and balancedly, for them the qualitative component is much more important than the quantitative one. A Virgo man will criticize you; he is prone to perfectionism. Often shows vindictiveness. Painfully accepts a refusal of reciprocity, and even more so will not tolerate betrayal.

In building a relationship with a Virgo lover, the main thing is to be patient. Be prepared for checks before you are allowed into your inner circle. The main qualities that his companion should have are a presentable appearance, and at the same time, maximum naturalness and ease. Learn to tolerate his passion for saving and his desire to make comments to you, to be at the same time a serious independent lady and an ingenuous sweet young lady.

7. Libra.

One of the friendliest signs. The men he patronizes are great aesthetes, endlessly striving to find balance in life. As a rule, they are well mannered, but their character can be capricious.

A Libra man, in love from a distance, courtes beautifully and surrounds the woman with attention and comfort. May hesitate for a long time before making a final choice. Respects the feelings of others with understanding and experiences serious difficulties if it is necessary to break off a relationship.

In building relationships with Libra, be active, but not intrusive, maintain some distance. Show maximum tact and do not expect active manifestations from him. Libras do not like excessive assertiveness in women; they prefer softness of character. Show your femininity, both in appearance and in communication.

8. Scorpio.

Perhaps the most unpredictable and at the same time attractive of all the zodiac signs. Scorpio men have a complex and contradictory character.

In relationships they can show great pressure, and even treachery. They attach great importance to intimate contacts with their chosen one. But if he really falls in love, then sincerely and strongly.

Scorpios value passion, seething emotions and unique actions in love. They do not tolerate manifestations of weakness or ladies' whims. But an unapproachable mystery woman is just what you need. Stop any attempts at manipulation on his part, but don’t try to manipulate Scorpio yourself.

9. Sagittarius.

This is an eternal wanderer and adventurer. His desires are impulsive, he is always on the move, speaks directly what he thinks, loves life in all its manifestations and is always optimistic.

A Sagittarius man in love from a distance gives his feelings sincerely and widely. He won't let you get bored. Every day next to Sagittarius turns from ordinary to festive.

If you want to conquer a Sagittarius, change all the time. No routine in communication, constant novelty - that’s what’s important to him. And don’t try to tie a Sagittarius guy to you, or put forward any conditions in the relationship. Believe me, his own freedom is most valuable to him. Your union will be successful if you are sincerely interested in the affairs of your chosen one, become an assistant in his endeavors, without forgetting about your own interests.

10. Capricorn.

For Capricorn, life status is important. These are serious people who are accustomed to being responsible, setting goals and achieving them. They are far from romantic, but they are very reliable.

Advice from psychologists

When does a man start missing a woman? Representatives of the stronger sex tend to miss their chosen one when almost all his thoughts are occupied with her. The easiest way to find out from a person whether he misses you is directly. However, not every man dares to admit this. Moreover, many people tend to feel afraid of having frank conversations with a woman. But even a simple conversation on abstract topics will allow you to understand the answer to this question.

  1. Even if a man is bored, he can hide it. Representatives of the opposite sex who have had a painful breakup in the past tend to be especially cautious. If you are an ex-girlfriend who initiated the breakup, then you should not hope for sincerity on the part of your ex-man.
  2. Often a man misses a woman after a breakup. A follow-up meeting may clarify the situation, but only if it goes off on a good note. If the date is accompanied by quarrels and showdowns, it may be worth stopping all meetings. And even more so, do not ask questions related to whether the chosen one is bored or what feelings he still has towards you.
  3. If a young man does not miss a girl, then he no longer has feelings for her. This means you need to let go of the current situation and move on with your life. Perhaps soon each of them will meet their new love.

Initiates reconciliation after a quarrel

If you don’t know whether your man is bored after a stormy showdown, and your pride does not allow you to call him, wait a few days.

Truly bored men give up very quickly: maybe a day, maybe two. Well, a week at most.

But these are already quite serious and principled examples. There are few of them and they get angry infrequently, but for a long time.

After a quarrel, it is better not to take any steps and wait. You're a woman. Pretend that you are not bored and that you don’t care at all.

You just wait for your man to come running to you with flowers in two days. And he will come running, rest assured. But he doesn’t come running: well, that means he wasn’t yours. There will be another one.

Let him be bored later. But it's no use.

Feminine tricks

Why does a woman miss a man? A girl misses an object of the opposite sex when she is overwhelmed with feelings towards her partner. Sometimes women have to resort to tricks to get what they want. Let's look at some tips that will help you make your lover miss you.

  1. Beauty is an effective weapon for every woman. If you live together, then forget about homemade and unattractive dressing gowns. Choose beautiful dresses, sexy blouses and light shorts. It is better to replace the bun at the back of the head with beautifully styled hair or braids.
  2. Make your man jealous. The attention of other guys to a girl makes a partner think about her more often, and, accordingly, get bored. And admiring glances and compliments addressed to his partner only increase his self-esteem.
  3. Play with your chosen one. Constant everyday life negatively affects the relationship between a man and a woman. To make it interesting with you, and for a man to think about you more often, alternate between hot and cold. Even if last night you were sultry and passionate, then in the morning pretend as if it were not you. Just don’t overdo it, otherwise you risk turning your relationship into a “swing”.
  4. How long does a man miss a woman? Romantic tricks can prolong the longing for your beloved. Send a nice message saying how excited you were about last night's romantic evening. If you live together, then prepare a surprise for him, wear a sexy outfit, and also surprise him in bed. The next day he will think only about you, and will really miss his time last night.
  5. Remember that male psychology does not accept female superiority. The chosen one should be in charge, and you “play the role” of his inspirer and muse. Commanders are often left with weak-willed men or alone.
  6. Love is not a purchase. You should not treat your beloved man as a solution to your financial problems. Enjoy the little things and admire surprises. Don't be shy to talk about your dreams and desires.
  7. If you want your man to miss you as often as possible, then start a hobby or spend time with your friends as often as possible.
  8. Change your appearance periodically. You can dye your hair, change your hairstyle or clothing style. Master new hobbies, so you will become more interesting to your lover.
  9. How do men miss a woman? They don't miss annoying girls. Moreover, most men try to get rid of them at the very beginning of a relationship. Several calls and messages in the messenger, which were sent one by one, only irritate, but do not bring them closer together.

Secret tricks

So we figured out the topic related to whether men miss women. If you want your chosen one to always remember you, then give him a small gift in the form of a keychain with your photo. Or leave your item in his house in a visible place. Every time he looks at the item, he will remember the time he spent with you.

Olfactory perception works perfectly. Use the same scent for meetings with him. On a date, try to cuddle up to him as much as possible so that your scent lingers on his clothes. When he comes home, he will remember you when he smells the perfume.

A man who misses a woman always remembers her touch. Therefore, you need to choose one part of your chosen one’s body that you will regularly touch. This could be the hand, neck, wrist, etc. 20–30 touches are enough. Subsequently, he will develop a habit, and if someone touches the same part of his body, he will remember you.




You should not write SMS messages containing grammatical errors. When sending love confessions, it is important to follow the spelling rules. Also, a girl should not demand increased attention from a young man or find fault with him. By becoming intrusive, a girl will only push her lover away.

If disagreements arise, you should not insult or humiliate your interlocutor. It is allowed to use light irony in letters, but jokes invented out of place can disappoint a person and push him away from the girl. In this case, it will be difficult to regain the goodwill and trust of your chosen one, and to keep the relationship the same.

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