Spiritual power means the degree of dominion of the spirit over the body and soul

How to become strong in spirit? Reconsider your value system, develop your will, and refocus your attention on higher-level needs. Actually, what is fortitude? According to definitions from psychological dictionaries, this is the ability to steadfastly endure the hardships of fate and rise above everyday problems. Synonyms for the phrase “strength of spirit”: high spirituality, mental fortitude.

Strength of spirit is closely related to determination, perseverance, inflexibility, and confidence. The one who, despite any difficulties in life, remains true to his morals, hopes for the best and looks for a way out of unpleasant situations, concentrates on the positive and always finds a reason for joy, is strong in spirit. How to become such a person? We'll figure out.

Internal mood

Strength of spirit is an internal state. If earlier we looked at how to develop it through outside intervention, now we will look at how to synthesize it spiritually. The connection between external and internal influences will quadratically strengthen our inner core.

#1 Principles

You don't have to appear super-confident, try to please everyone and be a leader. It is enough to have a firm position in life. When you act in accordance with it, you feel your “backbone”, the presence of character.

To be independent and like yourself you need:

  • Be able to say NO (Why should you be afraid of another person’s judgment? Why should you care about his opinion?)
  • Be able to refuse
  • Be able to defend your positions if they are correct
  • Be able to resist the leaders - the “authorities” of your environment
  • Be able to take responsibility
  • Stick to your views, don’t change your point of view with the breeze

To develop a firm position in life, you need to find your principles. To do this, you need to dig into your head and understand what you would like to do always and what you would never want to do. You can also analyze current behavior and take a couple of examples from there. For example, for me it's:

  1. I strive to achieve my goal with all my might.
  2. I don’t get lost or embarrassed in front of others
  3. I don't touch if they don't touch me
  4. I don’t make fun of friends to gain another person’s authority.
  5. Other

Find your principles for yourself. They will become a framework for your behavior, a guide for your decisions. They will help you gain understanding of yourself, thereby strengthening your fortitude.

#2 Cleansing

Nothing is worthy of your worries. No fear, no emotion should oppress your life. Today you are alive - tomorrow you are not, all this is empty.

While you live, you must give yourself to the fullest, because for infinity it makes no difference whether you die in a day or in 1000 years. Everything will be forgotten, everything will go nowhere. Compared to the Universe, your fear is a small thing, it will not change anything and will not contribute anything. You alone amuse yourself with it at the everyday level, when so many amazing and beautiful things are happening around you. Get rid of all grievances, forgive, forget about the past. Become a new person who lets go of all the petty issues. Of course, in life it won’t turn out as beautiful as in the text, but at least ease your soul a little. After all, what is inside you will be the material for building strength.

#3 Material for construction

As history shows, strength must be based on goodness. All sorts of Hitlers and Mussolinis were convinced of this by their own example. Their fascism could not last long enough and sank into oblivion.

It's the same in our lives. You must become a kind, pleasant and positive person, only then can you fully develop fortitude. Those around you will feel your warmth and dedication and this will help you grow faster. By filling yourself with love for the world, you will provide yourself with the building blocks of a powerful and pleasant character.

A small disclaimer: you don’t have to be gentle to be kind. Be strict, don't let others take advantage of your kindness. Let them know that you know how to give, but only of your own free will.

#4 Live life to the fullest

Live the way they show in the movies. Position yourself like superman. Give it your all now.

A weak person locks himself in his closet and lives according to a schedule, when a strong-willed person gives everything he has to achieve results. If there is a Ferrari in the world, then you need to ride it. If there is Paris, then you need to visit it. You were born into this world with a 1 in 400,000,000,000,000,000 chance, and if there is something worthwhile here, you should try it.

When you work at full capacity, self-belief, confidence, and success come. The whole body is excited by the busy rhythm of life, character is tempered by endless problems, and strength of spirit increases from their solutions. Feed your soul with action and strength will come as a side effect.

To become a fully-living person you need:

  • Never give up
  • Work to the maximum everywhere (training, work)
  • Don't be afraid of risk
  • Concentrate on your desires, do not look or listen to others
  • Know what you want
  • Never be afraid of anything
  • Find a source of energy - books, a loved one, authority

Act as if you have already gained mental strength. Don’t try to develop it - it takes a long time, try to immediately plunge into the transformation. By changing something today, you will see results faster. Of the 100 people who read the article, be the one who doesn’t just waste time reading, but radically changes their life.


Strength is generated only through pain . In the gym, in life – it doesn’t matter. It’s as if you are fighting with yourself, forcing yourself to do something or resist. This is a standard growth indicator that all athletes strive for. They understand that pain is a sieve through which the weak are eliminated and the strong rise.

Pain appears due to the fault of the brain. It is difficult for him to break an ingrained habit and choose the difficult path instead of the easy one. This causes dissonance, a state of reluctance and apathy.

accept this state like a champion and learn to use it for development. Below we will look at 3 ways to cause and overcome pain in yourself.

#1 Act without sparing yourself

When you feel sorry for yourself, you reinforce the habit of giving up. Your body acquires power, you indulge its desires. The next time you have a choice - to do or not to do - you will be guided by past behavior. This means that your piggy bank will gradually be replenished with negative experiences and excuses. The feeling of guilt will dull accordingly, you will allow yourself to be a rag and will not give your best.

  • “Okay, I’m not ready yet...”
  • “Oh, weakling, it didn’t work out again. Okay, this is all because of......"
  • “It’s okay, it’ll work out next time”

Don't feel sorry for yourself, fight habits. Love the process of overcoming. The more often you act in accordance with your inner voice (conscience, soul), the more you develop fortitude. Remember that you are only as happy with yourself as you can control your life.

#2 Run into problems

[adsense1] Instead of shameful and negative experiences, it is better to put your victories . You can overcome habits and develop as much as possible, or you can artificially create discomfort. This way you will quickly start moving and develop arguments to increase your self-esteem.

If you have accumulated anger and no longer have the strength to tolerate your weaknesses, this is the ideal way to release energy. Place yourself in extreme conditions, start doing at least something. As soon as you move, strength will come, and the desire to live and develop will return.

You can try for example:

  • Start with the little things. Watch your posture, stop “carrying pieces,” and clean up your speech.
  • Continue with average. Read 4 books in a month (1 per week), go to the gym for six months, meet ten people.
  • Extreme. Sit on a fast, get up at 6 am, run 3 km every evening, open your own business.

After such feats, you will be able to focus on your victories . They will give you the confidence to further develop your fortitude.

#3 Start over with a clean slate

Sometimes you just don't have the courage to take a decisive step. You seem to understand the destructiveness of the problem, but any endeavors quickly end. Little energy, little torque to get moving.

In such cases, you need to make a small revolution with yourself. Ruthlessly break down everything old and start building something new in its place. In this way, you will instantly burst into real life and feel the pleasant pain of change.

If you do it conscientiously, it will be painful and difficult. But there are a number of advantages:

  • Massiveness of changes
  • Instant release of energy and anger towards yourself
  • Feeling full of life
  • Increasing confidence in your abilities
  • Feeding changes from each other (for example, running in the morning - getting up at 6:00)

Don't wait for the moment , live here and now, as the Pepsi advertisement says. Your life is not a rehearsal for something important, so don’t be afraid to change and release your reserves of strength. It is at such moments that strength of spirit and strength of character are trained.

Exercises for the will

Another technique for strengthening willpower is to complete simple tasks:

  1. If you have speech habits (filler words, swearing, etc.), you can try to control yourself and refrain from ordinary expressions in time. An option might be to abandon the custom of crossing your legs, or to focus on a simple action. To understand how to develop willpower, you can start opening the door with your left hand (for right-handers).
  2. For the same purpose, you should introduce into everyday life and do something every day that is not usual in everyday life. This will be a way to both develop willpower and learn useful habits: gymnastics in the morning or taking out the trash in the evening. The main thing is to strictly implement your decision.
  3. The development of a person’s will through self-control can be achieved by simply getting into the habit of recording your expenses, making a menu, and recording the time spent in front of the TV.

As a result of following the decision, the habit of paying attention to one’s actions is formed, and the person’s willpower is strengthened. The simplicity and accessibility of tasks for yourself in this case will only be useful: you won’t have to reproach yourself too much for not restraining yourself, forgot to write down the expenditure on ice cream in your notebook, or for not taking out the trash

When performing exercises to develop willpower, you need to pay attention only to following your own rules of the game, without particularly focusing on the result and ways to pump up willpower. Most likely, it will manifest itself at the moment when you have to face a real problem: the ability to break it down into separate elements, solving small problems, and the habit of following changed rules of behavior will also come in handy.

Why is this happening?

The issue of spiritual strength is of particular importance for men. They have to conform to an image that has been formed over centuries, despite the fact that the world has changed.

Previously, a man had to have physical strength and provide for his family financially. That was enough. Now he is expected to have high intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit and attractive appearance.

A man must meet the expectations of his family, superiors and outside observers. This requires tension, and many cannot stand it. The result is alcohol or drug addiction.

The number of men turning to psychologists for help is negligible. They are afraid to say they need therapy. The result: alcoholism and depression. It is very important for men to understand what to do to strengthen their spirit.

How can you train character, for example, when losing weight?

Recently, the issue of obesity and the fight against it has become very relevant. Willpower in the fight against excess weight is the main assistant on the path to slimness and beauty. Without fortitude, even sports cannot help you achieve success. Before losing weight, you need to strengthen this quality in yourself.

To get a positive result, you need to follow the following recommendations that will help strengthen and develop the personality traits necessary for weight loss:

  • Learn to love yourself (this helps strengthen your will during the period of weight loss), then you will have an incentive to lose weight.
  • Teach yourself to eat on a strict schedule. Over time, the body will get used to the routine, this will improve digestion and help speed up metabolism.
  • Sign up for fitness. It will be much easier to train in the company of like-minded people.
  • Start your workouts with light exercises, spending about 10 minutes a day on them, then increase the load over time.

Tips on how to train willpower when losing weight

Willpower when losing weight is the main key to the door to the beauty and slimness of your body; without such an important factor, even sports cannot help you achieve success. Therefore, it is very important to develop and strengthen your volitional abilities and direct them in the right direction.

To get a good result, you should take into account useful tips that will help develop and strengthen the character traits necessary for weight loss:

the most important factor that helps strengthen and develop willpower in the process of losing weight is self-love; if you love yourself, there will be an incentive to lose weight;

start eating according to a strictly planned schedule, then the body will get used to such a routine, which will lead to improved digestion and speed up metabolism;

sign up for group fitness classes; in the company of people with the same problems, you will be more motivated to do hard physical training;

perform exercises throughout the day, try to involve yourself in regular sports, this will develop a habit and help develop and strengthen volitional qualities;

start with light, not very exhausting regular exercises for 10 minutes a day, gradually increasing the load and time for their implementation.

Examples of strong-willed people

There are known cases of survival in the wild, and for several days in severe weather conditions. There are many examples of people who, despite difficulties and health problems, have achieved enormous success in sports.

  • One of these is Mark Inglis. This is a man from New Zealand who, in 1982, lost both legs during one of his expeditions to the mountains. This became possible due to frostbite. But already in 2006, this man overcame Everest. In this he was helped by prosthetics, as well as enormous strength of spirit and will. There are a huge number of such examples when a person, having lost some part of the body, legs or arms, continues to go towards his goal and does not give up sports. It would seem that most people would have given up long ago, folded their arms and stopped exercising, let alone playing sports, but would not have been able to return to normal life. Despite everything, these people lead an active lifestyle that even completely healthy people with arms and legs can envy. All this is impossible without enormous fortitude, which allows you to overcome obstacles and go towards your goal, no matter what.
  • Stephen Hawking is one of the famous theoretical physicists of our time. Despite a serious, incurable illness, he achieved enormous success. Oddly enough, despite his disability, he did not lose heart and led a fairly active lifestyle. In 2007, he carried out a zero-gravity flight on board an airplane. In 2009, I was planning to fly into space, but unfortunately, this flight did not take place. This man lost the ability to talk, but his mechanic friends made an on-board computer, as well as a speech synthesizer, thanks to which he could calmly communicate with people. He taught for quite a long period of time at various universities and institutes. He lectured on quantum physics, astronomy, and mathematics.

There are a huge number of examples of manifestations of fortitude. It is much easier for absolutely healthy people to educate and develop the strength of spirit, constantly testing the body.

What is the strength of the spirit?

Quite often, fortitude manifests itself in extreme situations, when it would seem that mental and physiological strength simply does not exist. This often happens with athletes, as well as extreme tourists. Many of them say that at some stage, there is no strength, either physical or psychological, to run or go further. This is most often heard from people who run marathons. After several tens of kilometers, the so-called second wind opens. A person can be said to run through I don’t want to, he is guided by the power of spirit. Because physical and psychological strength is usually exhausted by this time. But the man continues to run. After the distance, a person feels great relief, he helps to prove to himself that he is worth something, and that he is really strong in spirit.

Such people, despite all the difficulties and difficulties, achieve enormous success in all areas of life. This applies not only to sports, but also to business. Even if there is no success in business, it is necessary to look for new ways of promotion, acquire a client base, and attract buyers in every possible way. When it comes to fortitude, many people think that it is an innate quality. Those born to crawl will not be able to fly. In fact, this is debatable. There is a lot of evidence that, indeed, fortitude can be cultivated and transformed from a rather weak person into a strong, successful person. There are many famous people as examples of this.


How to be strong mentally and psychologically

Are you striving to become a strong personality? Develop the ability to perceive the world positively and think. Sustainable results will appear with regular practice. Become an optimist and appreciate the experience gained.

Ways to help you gain moral and psychological strength:

Be curious. This quality is a wonderful source of new knowledge, strength and inspiration. Exercise your curiosity by reading good literature, going on exciting trips, and educating yourself. Increase your knowledge in your field of activity. Be patient. A successful person takes his time in making important decisions and does not rush. Choose the right time for the right step, do not “run ahead of the locomotive” if you do not want to provoke the emergence of unnecessary problematic circumstances. By becoming more patient, you will see more opportunities and will not find yourself in a stupid position. Reduce stress levels. The negative impact of stress on your personal life and career is obvious

It is important for a person who wants to become mentally stronger to be able to deal with stress. Do you feel the tension rising? Relax by going outdoors, meeting with loved ones, or simply relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Don't take things personally

People who are faced with an unsuccessful period in life should know that it is often not their fault what happened. A strong person will not consider himself a “victim of circumstances” or claim that the whole world is against him. Don't overthink why people act a certain way - often it's not about their attitude towards you, but about their personal qualities. People act in accordance with their inner fulfillment. Don’t analyze the reasons for other people’s actions - think about what you can do in the current situation. Don't worry about the future and forget about the present. A strong person will not make endless plans for the future without doing anything to implement them in the immediate present. There is also no need to worry about what has not yet happened and may not happen. With your head in the clouds, you will miss important opportunities happening in the present.

Strive for positivity and new knowledge. Don’t ignore motivating literature, don’t forget about self-development and personal growth. Watch and read the relevant techniques. Many materials help you “find yourself,” understand your own desires, achieve the right psychological attitudes, and gain the necessary confidence. By learning to think positively, you will learn to perceive the world differently, see the best in it and, accordingly, bring the best into your life.

Example 1

Ship, storm, rocks. Of the team of ten people, only one survived. He was thrown ashore on a small shore in the middle of a huge salty sea, so he was doomed to a long, painful death (unlike his comrades, who died quickly and almost painlessly).

What would a person do in such a situation? Someone, for example, would wait for help, hope for the quick arrival of someone from the “mainland” and would not make attempts to find the tools necessary for survival. But not our man. He began to think about what to do and how to escape. Thanks to his developed fortitude, the situation did not break him, so instead of hysteria and sitting on a deserted shore, the man moved deeper into the island, into the forest, to find food and drink. He soon discovered a stream and a small waterfall with fresh water, as well as some fruit. He lasted the first day.

A month has passed. During this time, most people would have come to terms with the situation. Our man quickly learned to make a fire, and therefore every day in the evening he lit a fire

When it got dark, he increased the size of the fire to attract the attention of potential saviors. He learned to hunt, created homemade weapons and built a home

He did not give up, but continued to act and believe in the best, and one fine day his hopes came true. The man survived thanks to himself and his inner core, his strength of spirit.

The ability to enjoy change

People often get stuck in one place for many years. A strong-willed person is one who will not allow this to happen. He welcomes everything new and is not afraid to take risks. This person feels like a fish out of water when he finds himself in an unfamiliar situation.

Consistency is the enemy of such people. They strive for constant development and self-improvement. Change not only does not frighten them, but also causes a surge of energy. Quitting a stable job and switching to another field of activity, moving to a foreign country is only a small part of what they are capable of.

How to develop and strengthen fortitude

Man is a unique creature with an incredible number of innate and acquired abilities.

The formation of character, including strength of spirit, throughout adult life, a person is influenced by factors such as society, family, and immediate environment.

Often this experience turns out to be imposed from the outside, which causes weakened willpower, and in some cases, lack of will. But this is until a person himself comes to the conclusion that everyone must manage his life by applying a whole series of volitional efforts.


Why develop fortitude?

Throughout life, a person is faced with a lot of circumstances that require decisions to be made. This often requires excessive effort and the manifestation of reserve abilities, such as stamina, firmness, and endurance.

What’s interesting is that if they are developed to a small extent, a person lets everything take its course, or uses the opinions of others for his own purposes. Therefore, vital decisions that could change his life for the better are made by other people.

But this does not mean at all that it will have a positive impact on the quality of life. In most cases, it’s quite the opposite.


In stressful situations, when it is necessary to show courage and gather strength, weak-willed people very often give up their positions and look for a place in life where they are able to fully prove themselves as “heroes” - alcohol, gambling, drug addiction.

The reason for such a choice is often a lack of fortitude, the seeds of which were not planted by the parents during upbringing.

Lack of love and attention in childhood can often come back to haunt you with serious problems in adult life - lack of initiative, weakness of character, inability to make decisions, fear of making a mistake.

Fortitude is a kind of energy reserve that a person must replenish and strengthen through his own efforts. To develop self-control, perseverance and perseverance in difficult situations, you will need a lot of work on yourself, since you will have to change life attitudes that have been formed over a long time.

So, what does it take to develop spiritual powers?

Physical exercise is the basis for beginning to develop the ability to achieve specific results. Sport brings out the best qualities of a person, which help him focus on his own desires and develop self-discipline. Meditation is an excellent way to increase concentration and distract from irritating external factors, which will have a positive effect on a person’s mental state. You can form a positive outlook on life by eliminating unpleasant people from your life, a kind of “energy vampires” who use the psyche of another person to recharge themselves. Rest and regular walks in the fresh air have the best effect on the human nervous system, allowing you to get rid of accumulated problems over a certain period

Therefore, it is very important, especially after a busy day at work, to reward yourself with good and quality time in nature. Changing your worldview and taking responsibility for your own life. After all, no one else can determine what might be better for this or that person, and naturally, has no right to influence someone’s life.


What qualities need to be developed for fortitude?

To get the most out of your volitional abilities, you need to focus your efforts on developing the following qualities:

  • self-control;
  • positive thinking;
  • perseverance;
  • self-discipline;
  • optimism;
  • self improvement;
  • organization;
  • durability.

Developing fortitude is not only about defining life goals, but also working hard to achieve your plans. And this will require a fair amount of concentration, determination and strength of character, the development and strengthening of which should be worked on throughout life.

Help people

A person becomes strong when he helps other people. Firstly, he tries his hand and understands what he is capable of. Secondly, it makes the world a better place, which gives even more enthusiasm and strength.

Help your loved ones. Remember those situations when you helped out your friends, loved ones and relatives. What feelings overwhelmed you? How did other people react to your help? A smile is a worthy price to pay for doing a good deed. If you know that your help will benefit someone else, then go for it. And you will be pleased that you turned out to be a useful person, and other people will be pleased that someone cares about them.

Don't be lazy. Help and please. There are moments when you don't want to do anything, although you understand that the other person needs your help. But think for yourself, what would you think if you knew that they were refusing to help you just because they were lazy? You may not be offended, but you will no longer have any pleasant thoughts or impulses towards those people who extol their laziness above helping their neighbor.

Your help makes the person you help happy. Your help is especially useful when you are 100% sure that you are doing the right thing. For example, you were asked for help or you know that a person cannot do without something, so you want to eliminate his discomfort. Help and please. You yourself will be pleased that you not only make someone happy, but are simply a useful person. Moreover, people remember your help, so they are happy to help you when they see that you need something.

How to become mentally strong: 8 steps to gain inner strength:

"Conquer your fears."

The most insidious enemy in every person’s life is his fear. At the same time, our fear is the best and natural way to gain inner strength. The point is not to not be afraid of anything - this is not possible, but to not let fear take control of your life. You don’t need to bury your head in the sand every time and wait for the feeling of panic, fear and anxiety to “let go” of you, try to resist, look your fears in the eyes. It is not easy, but without it you will not be able to release your spirit and become strong.

"Believe in yourself".

Faith has enormous power. When you believe in yourself, you become firm in your views and confident in your abilities. It’s easier to say: “I’ll never be able to do this” or “My opponent is stronger than me, so it’s better to give up without a fight.” Never set yourself up for failure, throw demoralizing phrases out of your thoughts! One of the best ways to develop mental strength is to remind yourself every day that you believe in your inner strength, that you know what you want and that you are strong enough to cope with any problem. Do not skimp on invigorating words addressed to you, you will notice an instant effect and a surge of inner strength.

"Don't be afraid of problems."

Every time you face difficulties, remember the wise words: “What does not kill us makes us stronger...”. Hard times actually strengthen our spirit, they teach us not to give up and overcome life's obstacles. Don't be afraid of problems and mistakes. You will feel more energized, you will become more confident and stronger in spirit.

"Work hard."

Work can be different, you can extract benefits from the most primitive work for your development, the approach with which you carry out your work is important. A person grows stronger through work, becomes ennobled, and learns patience and endurance. Labor is not work, it is a trainer for your spirit. Don't be lazy!

"Don `t doubt".

When you begin to make your first successes and feel a sharp rise in strength in your soul and thoughts, you will encounter another equally dangerous enemy that feeds on your strength - doubts. Doubts are the ballast that pulls us down, it is the anchor that prevents us from moving forward. When you are overcome by doubts, I recommend that you abstract yourself from the world around you and take a short break for yourself; Spend 10 minutes alone, don't cling to thoughts, don't try to figure them out, just let your consciousness experience this critical moment. Doubts will dissipate by themselves and with each such victory, you will become stronger and doubts will weaken.


Strength of spirit is found in struggle! Become a rebel, yes, a real revolutionary of your consciousness, your life and your thoughts. Rebel against your bad habits, against your laziness, rebel against the evil around you. Be proud that you emerged from the ranks of ordinary people, that you had the courage to become one of those who do not give up, but go despite their weaknesses.

"Cultivate harmony."

Nothing gives such strength as harmony. Strive for harmony in everything: Soul and body, material and spiritual, black and white, joy and sadness

Everything in life is important, and everything has its own, special role. Don't think that a strong person is something like the "Hulk" or the iron "Tony Stark", no

A strong-willed person understands perfectly and, most importantly, accepts his weaknesses. He is devoid of pride, there are not enough stars in the sky, he knows his vulnerabilities and works with it. He strives for harmony.

"Free yourself from anger."

Last but not least, becoming mentally strong means freeing yourself from anger. Learn to respect even enemies and people you don't like

Just because they are trying to hurt your feelings doesn't mean you have to respond in kind. Outdo yourself. Fill your heart with love, not anger.

I wish you victories

Strengthening inner support and fortitude

There is another effective and useful exercise. It is necessary to take a comfortable position that involves relaxation. Eyes should be closed. Imagine looking into yourself. You will be able to feel some kind of inner space. It is noteworthy that it is not located inside the body, but outside it. Although you feel it in yourself.

Say “I Am” in your thoughts. Repeat the phrase several times. Feel where exactly inside the response to it occurs. You feel as if a point deep within resonates with these words.

You need to concentrate on this point. Repeat “I Am” to yourself again. You should feel that some kind of support is forming inside your body. She is your center. Say “I Am” again and concentrate on the fulcrum until you feel the center very clearly.

Then you should imagine that you are trying to root yourself in such a support. You are in the center more and more confidently and penetrate into it, as if putting down roots. Appreciate the sensations that fill you. If peace and tranquility are strongly expressed, then you did everything right.

Why is all this needed?

The development of a person’s will necessarily forces him to pay attention to certain energy-consuming conditions. Having discovered the emergence of self-pity due to deprivation or fatigue, it is easy to notice how much time and effort is spent on this feeling

By replacing it with satisfaction from fulfilling a decision, a person increases self-esteem.

Trying to avoid unpleasant actions, it is impossible to solve the problem. In some cases, it can get worse (for example, a bad tooth). But cultivating the will, as a victory over one’s own fears, allows one to carry out these actions without much strain, solve the existing problem and enjoy the result.

Often a feeling of pride and personal exclusivity interferes with open communication. Developed fortitude, which makes it possible to adequately evaluate others, allows you to adequately relate to both their strength and their weaknesses. As a result, a strong personality gains the ability to constantly remain in a calm and confident state, without blaming others for their own failures and miscalculations. But these are precisely the traits that are characteristic of a successful individual who knows how to achieve success.

Lack of self-pity

A strong-willed person is one who will not waste time feeling sorry for himself. You will never hear stories from him about life’s hardships or complaints about bad luck. He never gets discouraged.

If such a person faces a problem, he meets it with a smile. He finds a way around the obstacles that appear in front of him. If such a person cannot cope with something, he will draw a conclusion and change tactics. Complaining is for those who are weak.

How to develop mental strength

People with an inner core who have achieved success regardless of circumstances and hardships evoke respect and admiration. Many people want to be like such people, discarding all the difficulties they have faced, but they would not have become like this if they had not gone through all this. Others understand the cost of this and ask the question: how to increase the strength of spirit in yourself and cope with all life’s tasks? There is only one answer: start developing the strength of spirit in yourself consciously.

Developing mental strength - exercises

Training for fortitude is not some kind of single, one-sided repetition of certain rituals and exercises; in total, it is both exercise and conscious placement of oneself within the framework of difficult trials and circumstances, being true to oneself, no matter what happens around, nothing should relax or lead away from the goal cultivating your spirit. Exercises play their role, they are necessary and important, they are part of conscious tests and building discipline, without which it is difficult to cultivate the spirit.

Exercises to develop fortitude:

Reconsidering Beliefs. Stereotyped thinking is the enemy of spiritual growth. Find time to write down all your limiting beliefs and say goodbye to them gradually. Positive intelligence. Negative thoughts are ineffective and control a person, because fear negates all noble motives

It is important to practice affirmations for fortitude, for example: “I can handle this!” “My spirit is growing and strengthening every day, I am becoming a stronger person in spirit!” Energy control. It is important to learn to control your mental energy and not waste it; an excellent solution would be to start practicing qigong. Physical strengthening of body and spirit

Sports, hiking in the mountains, mountaineering strengthen a person's endurance.

Mantra of fortitude and energy

The development of spiritual strength occurs through self-testing, overcoming obstacles, and the spirit needs energy, which can be carried out by certain mantras. People who practice mantras have long been convinced of their effective power. The practice of mantras itself requires discipline and concentration, which already has a beneficial effect on the strength of the spirit. For powerful results, it is recommended to read any mantra at least 108 times a day for a month.

The mantra “Govinda Hare” has strong energetic vibrations, by practicing it a person improves spiritually, the mantra is easy to remember and very melodic: “Govinda Hare, om namah Shivaya.” This is a direct praise of the gods Krishna and Shiva. Chanting their names increases the strength of the spirit to the skies, as the Indians believe, for whom the names of the creators Krishna and Shiva are sacred.


Prayer to strengthen fortitude and willpower

The best prayer is the one that comes from the heart. Sometimes a person lacks support from the outside, which means the time has come to turn to the Divine and a prayer for strength of spirit addressed to the saints will do its job, you just need to believe in it. What prayers and appeals to saints can you read to strengthen your spiritual strength:

  • prayer to your guardian angel;
  • Our Father;
  • prayer of the Optina elders;
  • prayer of St. Dmitry of Rostov from despair;
  • prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What do I really want

If it is impossible to determine the true cause, this may indicate an existential crisis, a search for the meaning of life and what is happening in it, one’s place and the correctness of the chosen path.

The following exercise will help you figure this out.

  1. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into four parts: 1) I want and I do; 2) I don’t want to, but I do; 3) I want, but I don’t; 4) I don’t want to, and I don’t do it.
  2. Now analyze your activities in all its manifestations and write down the results under each item, from brushing your teeth in the morning to working on passing a bill.
  3. Rate the list. How much activity is there in points 2 and 3?
  4. Now drag things from points 2 and 3 to points 1 and 4.

As soon as you manage to do this in practice, your life will noticeably improve and be filled with new colors.

How to make your spirit strong

They say that the main strength in a person is the strength of spirit. Indeed, a spiritually strong person is capable of not giving in to difficulties and trying to find a way out even in a hopeless situation. If a strong will leads a person to a goal, then the strength of spirit allows him to find opportunities for this.

You can only develop methods for training your fortitude on your own. It is impossible to develop the spirit of a child who does not yet have clear moral guidelines. But even an adult can only be helped with the most general advice on how to strengthen fortitude.

To gain a truly strong spirit, you need to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your nature. This must be done with utmost honesty, without trying to embellish yourself. The ability to change something in your life also depends on awareness of your qualities.

After the primary conclusions are made, you need to make a decision and clearly follow the intended goal. This may be one of the minor tasks, like exercises to train the will. But you will have to carry it out, despite the possible shame and deprivation of some amenities for yourself. All ways to develop fortitude are aimed at determining one’s moral criteria and imply the predominance of spiritual values ​​over the comfort of a lower order.

You should not indulge in self-abasement if at first it is difficult to decide to act. You should allow yourself to realize that achieving your goal in this case can get rid of a long-standing problem. Feelings of guilt, self-pity or envy, jealousy and other states that exhaust our soul can be stopped only by turning our face to our own fear. For religious people, their faith may be decisive, but an atheist will have to look for support in himself.

You also need to pay attention to your social circle: good relationships with people whose moral character is not approved, cripples a person’s spirit, forcing him to look for excuses for the actions of his friends, while compromising his own moral principles. In the future, there can only be a search for justification for one’s own vile act and a betrayal of one’s own convictions

What kind of fortitude will we have to talk about in this case?

If friends do not correspond to the ideal that an individual has, it is best to consciously break off relations with them. The result will be maintaining the purity of your spirit. A breakup can be painful and deprive a person of some of the comforts that such communication provided him. But talking about fortitude is useless if one’s own values ​​are exchanged for the satisfaction of base needs or lost to please the crowd.


[adsense1] To develop fortitude, you must have a motive . Without a strong reason, you will use only willpower, at some point you will break down and reproach yourself more than before. Therefore, the first priority will be to set goals.

We hear about this from every word, but we write them reluctantly. A piece of paper with goals lies in some nightstand for months and forgets what its owner looks like. But this is bad: we are like an airplane that flies as long as there is kerosene, and does not know its direction. Someday the kerosene (motivation) will run out and it will fall down.

At least now write again why you need all the changes . This small investment of time will help you “lock in” the desired result so that there is no opportunity to slip away. When you write down what you want, you will receive documented evidence of your real priorities. It will “tell” how to direct events so as not to succumb to them as before.

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