The power of thought: Change the way you think, change your life

Most likely, there are moments in your life that you would like to change. And sometimes it happens that these “moments” are an entire area of ​​your life. In my blog, I will not only be able to answer your question on how to change your life, but I will tell you how to change your life with the power of thought.

Important! The power of thought is a very powerful transformational technique, despite its apparent simplicity. It must be used consciously, because the results are always there, they are always amazing, but sometimes they differ from what was originally intended >>>

This technique is used by many successful people, some unconsciously, and some well aware of what they are doing. One of these people is the super successful actor Jim Carrey; read the story of changing his life with the power of thought in the article How to make your cherished desire come true: Jim Carrey’s recipe.

You, too, can change your life with the power of thought if you consciously apply the technique described below.

In this article I will quote phrases and thoughts from the book “The Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks (see the description on the Book page about the power of thought).

The film "The Secret": what's wrong with it

Speaking about the power of thoughts and their impact on reality, one cannot fail to mention the film “The Secret”, which at one time caused a lot of noise. It is probably difficult to find a person who has not heard about this film and who at least once was advised by someone from his acquaintance to watch it.

The film is shot very colorfully, positively, convincingly, and after watching it, wings literally grow, and it seems that with the power of thought alone you can move mountains. But is it really that simple? In general, the authors of the film “The Secret” did not discover America: similar concepts are voiced in many similar films, books, lectures, and so on. But, as a rule, they all miss one small but important point - the participation of the law of karma in the process of forming reality using the method of positive thinking.

The film “The Secret” suggests simply visualizing or otherwise concentrating your attention on your dream, and supposedly sooner or later the dream will come true. The film also tells real stories of people who were able to make their dreams come true using this method. And all this is very similar to the truth, but... there are thousands of people who, after watching the film and starting to concentrate on their dreams, for some reason did not get results. Proof of this can be the many negative reviews that can be read in the comments to the film. Why is that? Let's try to find out.

Trying to influence reality through positive thinking is like going to a supermarket that has everything. And theoretically, we can buy anything we want, but the problem is that not everyone has enough money for their dream. And here we are talking about the law of karma. For example, if a person has won a million, then saying that he was “just lucky” is a very superficial understanding of reality and the processes that take place in the world. Winning a million is simply the realization of good karma, the gratitude that a person has accumulated through his past actions. In yoga there is also the concept of “tapas” - this is the energy of gratitude that is accumulated by good deeds.

So what's going on? Here are two people, each of whom wants to win a million and is trying to realize this dream using positive thinking. One has enough good merits to, so to speak, “convert” them into a completely material substance, in other words, money, while the other does not have enough of these merits. In the first case, the method of influencing thinking on reality will bear fruit, and in the second, you can visualize this same million for the rest of your life. At best, a person will find a hundred rubles on the street, maybe a thousand, as long as good karma is enough.

This, by the way, is also a common phenomenon when a person tries to attract something into his life using positive thinking, but what he wants is fulfilled to a much lesser extent. The reason is still the same: as much good karma as there is, as they say, get it and sign for it.

Thus, the realization of a person’s dream depends not so much on the intensity of concentration on his dream, visualization, and so on, but on the amount of good karma he has accumulated. And here, it would seem, everything is simple: just try and check. Enough good merit - the dream will come true, but if not, as they say, there is no judgment. But again, it's not that simple.

There is a funny statistic in various gambling establishments: people who win large sums then die within a year at most. There are practically no exceptions. What's going on? The fact is that most of us still have a reserve of positive karma in order to win some large sum. But the problem is that in this case a person “converts” all his good karma, that is, all tapas, all energy, into money. And then he simply simply does not have enough energy to not only live well, but to live in principle. Therefore life ends.

The authors of the film “The Secret” modestly kept silent about this, and there is every reason to think that they did it deliberately. Simply because such content is designed for lovers of “freebies” who are always looking for an easy way so that “they can have everything and they won’t have to pay anything for it.” But the principle of the law of karma is precisely that you have to pay for everything in life. And if we “conjured” something very good for ourselves using some methods, then we must understand that it did not come from nowhere: we simply realized our potential, in other words, we withdrew money from our own account, that’s all. This is not esotericism at all, it is simple physics, the law of conservation of energy: nothing can disappear without a trace and appear out of nowhere.

Ways to change your thinking

Thinking transformation tools are nothing new. However, there is extraordinary power there. You just need to look at them differently, build a system and practice regularly.

  • Be responsible for your reality. She is no longer subject to anyone. This is the initial postulate. Make your own decisions and generate joy. The space will then be rebuilt. Try to use this meditation to attract success and prosperity in business.
  • Live "now". Dreams and memories are part of existence, like words that you can’t remove from a song. However, dwelling in the past and future deprives the power of the present moment from which tomorrow is formed. To make it a success - more good feelings and deeds. Today.
  • Be honest with yourself. When you are at zero, it is difficult to convince yourself that you are radiating abundance. Disbelief gives rise to rejection. It is better to soften the thought: “I am on the path to prosperity.” More than 100 effective installations - affirmations for changing thinking here.
  • Choose reactions. It is important not to suppress negativity by pushing it inside, but to consciously treat the problem adequately. Be able to look for advantages and bonuses. When this becomes the goal, light colors begin to predominate - because the subconscious is tuned to them.
  • Act. Going through an unpleasant situation is exhausting. The question “what can I do right now?” energizes and motivates to search for allies, sources of knowledge and opportunities.
  • Find support. Everyone needs it in moments of despair or doubt. And even when everything is fine with you, but you strive for personal growth, it’s great if there is a person nearby from whom you can follow an example or turn to him for advice. This can be not only a person, but also a book, a favorite place in the house or outside it - anything that will support you and keep you on course. By communicating with people who have positive thinking, you yourself get used to thinking differently.
  • Thank. A powerful universal recipe for all misfortunes. When there are so many of them that gratitude seems impossible, you must... still say thank you. At least for life. This is salvation, even if you don’t have the strength to take other steps.

Find out how to get more pleasure from life despite external circumstances.

Change your thoughts - your life will change

However, this does not mean that the technique of positive thinking cannot be used. In our world there is nothing absolutely good or absolutely bad, everything can be a tool. And if, for example, we have a disease (and disease is in most cases the consequences of negative thinking), then why not use the method of positive thinking to heal this disease. As for the power of self-hypnosis, it is truly capable of both healing and killing.

With his thoughts, a person is capable of driving himself to complete madness and literally killing himself. Hitler's doctors conducted the following experiment: they shook a scalpel menacingly in front of the experimental subject and said that they would now open the veins. Then they were blindfolded, passed the stick along the hand and poured warm water from the kettle onto the hand. The test subject, being sure that his hand had been cut open and that it was not water flowing through it, but his blood, was dying of fear.

And if a person is capable of dying from the power of self-hypnosis, then it is quite obvious that it is possible to heal with the power of thinking. For example, there are various tricks with so-called affirmations, which, when repeated many times, can trigger certain processes in the subconscious. There are some "keys" to our subconscious. So, for example, to improve your health, it is recommended to say the formula: “Every day I am becoming even healthier.” The key in this case is the word “more.” Thanks to this word, information will go into the subconscious: “So, I’m already healthy, but I’m becoming EVEN healthier.”

How do you shape the events of your life?

To shape the events of your life, it is important to know that every thought that arose in us, be it low or high, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, sends out certain vibrational waves, and it is these waves that subsequently influence in one way or another degree on absolutely all those with whom we come into contact in one way or another or who accidentally find themselves in the circle of such vibrational waves emanating from our thoughts.

On the other hand, all our thoughts, one way or another affecting other people, certainly influence us ourselves, and not only from time to time, but almost constantly.

It is in the thoughts inherent in any person that his “I” is revealed; It is precisely because of this that the well-known biblical expression - “what a person thinks in his heart is exactly what he is in reality” should be understood almost literally.

It is known that we are all certain products of our inner creativity. A thought systematically directed at the same object is clearly visible not only in the character, but sometimes even in the appearance of a person. To understand how you can shape the events of your life, just compare what you think about your work, appearance, personal life and compare with what you have. Isn't this the same thing?!

This is a completely proven fact: you only need to look around you to be convinced of this. You've probably already noticed how a person's occupation can be reflected in his appearance and general disposition.

If you have ever changed your work activity, then your general disposition, as well as your appearance, followed the same change. Note that your new business brought with it a completely new chain of thoughts, but they were then reflected in matter.

Another very significant phenomenon in the manifestation of a particular thought is its incredible attractive power. This property of thought works on the basis of the well-known law that says “like attracts like.”

Having some specific thoughts in your mind, you thereby attract to yourself other thoughts and also beliefs related to the same kind from the large environment of all kinds of thoughts around you, and although elusive, they are quite powerful: positive thoughts attract the following positive thoughts, the bad ones are bad. We hope we have answered the question of how to shape the events of your life.

The most important thing is motivation

In any business, motivation is important. The idea of ​​pushing reality through thoughts itself does not have anything bad in itself. If our thinking is aimed at making our lives more harmonious, helping our loved ones, becoming healthy, happy, and benefiting others, then why not use various methods for influencing thoughts on reality. The main thing is that our motives are altruistic.

But, unfortunately, most books and films on the topic of positive thinking cultivate selfish motivations in people: people are asked to visualize their purely material desires - yachts, cars, millions, and so on. And, as mentioned above, the technique will work in any case exactly as much as the stock of good merits has been accumulated. But the problems will start later. This is the same as receiving a salary and spending it on the first day. A person simply realizes his full potential right here and now, but what will he live on tomorrow? Such books prefer to remain silent about this.

Therefore, it is better to direct positive thinking techniques to cultivate altruism, compassion, joy, love for the world, and so on. These treasures are inexhaustible, and if we find them, we will find everything else. Because the Universe will assist an altruistic and compassionate person in all his good endeavors. And, of course, it is possible to “conjure” millions for yourself.

But... just take an interest in the stories of people who won large sums in the lottery or suddenly received an inheritance. More often than not, within a couple of years, all this is spent on stupid entertainment, and the person ends up with nothing. Therefore, as many saints say, there is no need to ask God for wealth, fame, power, or money. It's better to ask for wisdom. This is exactly what King Solomon did when God invited him to fulfill his every desire. And already possessing wisdom, he realized everything else.

The power of the subconscious in psychology

To understand why the subconscious mind can help in achieving goals, we need to know what specific functions of the human body the subconscious mind is responsible for. This:

  • control of body muscles.
  • control of consciousness through mental experiences and emotions.
  • management of internal organs.

In simple terms, all processes in the human body are controlled by the brain. But we don’t give the command to the body to move and the nose to breathe, right? This happens unnoticed by us. All this is done by the subconscious or unconscious, as the father of psychoanalysis called it, Sigmund Freud.

Knowing about the functions of the subconscious, we can say a few words about the influence of correct thinking on recovery. Everyone knows what a placebo is and how it works. And it works on the patient’s pure faith in recovery and positive emotions. Psychics, healers and other charlatans are now playing on the same emotions. If others can influence your subconscious, then even more so can you.

Working with the subconscious

Meditative practices

Before working with the power of the subconscious, find out how to remove the blocks of the subconscious on your own. What are the types of blocks in the subconscious?

  • fears;
  • fixated situations, negative experiences of the past;
  • social stereotypes;

One way or another, all these blocks of the subconscious are interconnected. To start living well, you need to get rid of them. Meditation on the power of the subconscious is the best way to get rid of destructive barriers.

The essence of meditation practices is separating your emotions from rational thoughts. Try starting to meditate and reflect on the cause of your barriers. For example, if you stubbornly believe that you cannot succeed, think about why? What's stopping you? How to fix it? Exercise regularly. Meditation is very relaxing and helps clear your head of information garbage.

After all the blocks have been put aside and forgotten, we move on to direct work with the technique of fulfilling desires.

Our life depends on our thoughts

I've always been a good worker. I don't think any former employer can complain about me. I have always been punctual, efficient, hardworking, responsible, and have always done my job efficiently. This was taught at school and at home. Only now, analyzing my fate, do I understand where my legs grow from.

Remember how at school or at home they say “if you study poorly, then you will have a job as a janitor”? The school’s task is to raise a good and obedient specialist, and they succeeded. I was a good worker, but I always wanted to be an employer. For as long as I can remember, I was always trying to stir up something, some schemes were constantly born in my head. But they were almost never implemented. Either he quickly burned out on the task, or procrastination took its toll.

Every time the phrase “there is no easy money” popped into my head. As if your own business is “easy money”.

As a result, I kept trying to work more to earn more. But the paradox is that the more I earned, the more my expenses grew. That is, there was never any free money anyway. Besides, I didn’t understand why capital was needed if now I could spend it and have fun. I think the main thing that really stopped me was fear. Fear always prevented me from taking risks; if it weren’t for him, I would have already gained tremendous experience.

The power of the subconscious controls life

You cannot lie by claiming that the power of the subconscious knows the future. In reality, your future is shaped by thoughts: positive or negative. It is possible to control the subconscious with the power of human thought. Below is real-life evidence.

A simple example: one of the office workers constantly complained that he would soon be fired, although there were no prerequisites for this. As a result, he began to perform his duties worse and was systematically late, without realizing it. It is not surprising that the management was not satisfied with such work productivity, and soon this person was laid off.

The situation is the opposite: the same person in a new place decided to aspire to be a boss. He clearly set his goal. Not immediately, but after a year or two he finally achieved the desired promotion. Because he set an internal goal for himself and aimed to work for results. Without noticing it, he tapped into the power of his subconscious.

The main secret of the power of the subconscious is changing your thinking.

about the author

If there is any faith that can move mountains, it is faith in the power of your own mind.

In addition to consulting with individuals and organizations, James Borg teaches seminars on personal growth and business development, such as “The Magic of Memory,” “The Magic of Persuasion,” and “Mind Management.”

He is also the bestselling author of Persuasion and the award-winning Body Language. Together with “Mind Power” they form a “trilogy”.

Having become interested in the peculiarities of the human mind and magic early on, James began to develop the abilities of his own brain as a child. By memorizing multiplication tables, performing complex calculations in his head, and entertaining people with “mind magic,” he greatly improved his memory and ability to “read minds.”

Having received an economic and psychological education, he also worked in advertising, trade, marketing, labor psychology, training and journalism.

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