20 tips from wise men on how to properly organize your life

“The sleep of mankind is so deep that there is less and less chance of waking up.”

Dario Salas Sommer

We rush through life at breakneck speed, rushing to do what seems so necessary, and having achieved it, we realize that we rushed in vain, and we are in some strange state of dissatisfaction. We stop, look around, and are faced with the thought: “Who needs all this? Why was such a race necessary? Is this what life with meaning is?” As soon as our brain is overwhelmed by a lot of questions, we try to find answers from psychologists, in literature, and remember wise quotes about living with meaning. It is precisely such a moment that turns on our consciousness, which may have been dormant for a long time.

Our civilization has come to a serious danger, as a careless housewife has accumulated a lot of things, a huge amount of weapons, equipment, ruined the environment, acquired a lot of unnecessary information, and now does not know where to use it all and what to do with it. The cornucopia has become a heavy burden for our general and individual consciousness. The standard of living has improved, but people have not become happier, but quite the opposite.

The thoughts of great people about the meaning of life no longer penetrate the consciousness of many of us. Why do we become so indifferent, cruel and at the same time so helpless? Why is it so difficult for many people to find themselves? Why do people find a way out of difficult situations only in death? And why do many of us begin to understand something when we come across quotes about the meaning of life?

Let's turn to the sages for an explanation

Now we are ready to blame anyone for our troubles, in our sleeping consciousness. The government, education, society, everyone is to blame except ourselves.

We complain about life, but at the same time we look for values ​​where, in principle, they cannot exist: in the acquisition of a new car, expensive clothes, jewelry and all human material goods.

We forget about our essence, about our purpose in our world, and most importantly, we forget about what the sages tried to convey to the souls of people in ancient times. Their meaningful phrases about life today could not be more relevant, they have not been forgotten, but they are not perceived by everyone, and not everyone is imbued with them.

Carlyle once said: “My wealth is in what I do, not in what I have.” Isn't this statement worth thinking about? Doesn’t these words contain the deep meaning of our existence? There are many such beautiful sayings that are worth our attention, but do we hear them? These are not just quotes from great people, they are a call to awakening, to action, to living with meaning.

The saddest quotes about unrequited love

  • There are two blind people in the world... You - because you don’t see how much I need you; and I - because I don’t see anyone but you.
  • Love... can be different... but always with her... following on your heels... best friend... Pain...
  • For happiness you need just a little bit - his unexpected call...
  • It hurts when you walk down the street and hear a song that was on your phone only for him... And you understand that it will no longer sound there.
  • You can always return to the past, but why?
  • You had a chance to be the first, even the only one... Now please stand in line...
  • Do what you want... But I know that your life will smell like my perfume.
  • Time does not heal... Dreams of rest, dreams of a new life, and before bed - about you, heal. And time doesn’t heal anything...
  • Past romances are forgotten only by those for whom everything worked out later.

Wisdom of Confucius

Confucius did not do anything supernatural, but his teachings are the official Chinese religion, and thousands of temples dedicated to him were built not only in China. For twenty-five centuries, his compatriots have followed the path of Confucius, and his aphorisms about life with meaning are passed on from generation to generation.

What did he do to deserve such honors? He knew the world, himself, knew how to listen, and more importantly, hear people. His quotes about the meaning of life are heard from the lips of our contemporaries:

He created his own system of state structure. In his understanding, the wisdom of a ruler should be to instill in his subjects respect for traditional rituals that determine everything - the behavior of people in society and family, the way they think.

He believed that the ruler must, first of all, respect traditions, and accordingly the people will respect them. Only with this approach to governance can violence be avoided. And this man lived more than fifteen centuries ago.

Catchphrases of Confucius

“Teach only someone who, having known one corner of the square, can imagine the other three.” Confucius spoke such aphorisms about life with meaning only to those who wanted to hear him.

Not being an important person, he could not convey his teachings to the rulers, but he did not give up and began to teach those who wanted to learn. He taught all his students, and there were up to three thousand of them, according to the ancient Chinese principle: “Do not share origins.”

His smart sayings about the meaning of life: “I’m not upset if people don’t understand me, I’m upset if I don’t understand people”, “Sometimes we see a lot, but we don’t notice the main thing” and thousands of his other smart sayings were included by his students in the book “Conversations” and judgments."

These works became central to Confucianism. He is revered as the first teacher of humanity, his statements about the meaning of life are paraphrased and quoted by philosophers from different countries.

Beautiful about unrequited love

Many sad words have also been said about her:

  • Hopeless love makes a man pitiful and a woman deserving of pity.
  • One morning he will wake up and understand how much he needs me, and at that moment I will wake up with someone who has already understood this.
  • Happy is the one who loves mutually, unhappy is the one who is unrequitedly in love, the worst of all is the one who cannot love at all...
  • You know, it’s better to die from your absence than from the pain caused by your round-the-clock indifference.
  • People who experience unrequited love often take their pain out on those who love them unrequitedly.
  • I always dreamed of seeing in her eyes the love that is in mine. And today, finally, I saw her. But she is not for me...

Parables and our lives

Our life is replete with stories about incidents in the lives of people who drew certain conclusions from what happened. More often, people come to conclusions when sharp turns happen in their lives, when trouble overtakes them, or when loneliness gnaws at them.

It is from such stories that parables about the meaning of life are made. They come to us through the centuries, trying to make us think about our mortal life.

Vessel with stones

We often hear that we should live easily, enjoying every moment, because no one is given the opportunity to live twice. One wise man explained the meaning of life to his students using an example. He filled the vessel to the brim with large stones and asked the disciples how full the vessel was.

The students stated that the vessel was full. The sage added smaller stones. The pebbles were located in empty spaces among large stones. The sage again asked the disciples the same question. The disciples responded with surprise that the vessel was full. The sage also added sand to that vessel, after which he invited his students to compare their lives with the vessel.

This parable about the meaning of life explains that large stones in a vessel determine the most important thing in a person’s life - his health, his family and children. Small stones represent work and material goods, which can be classified as less important things. And sand determines a person’s daily bustle. If you start filling the vessel with sand, then there may be no room left for the remaining fillers.

Each parable about the meaning of life has its own meaning, and we understand it in our own way. Those who think about it, and those who don’t delve into it, some compose their own equally instructive parables about the meaning of life, but it happens that there is no one left to listen to them.

Three "I"

For now, we can afford to turn to parables about the meaning of life and glean at least a drop of wisdom for ourselves. One such parable about the meaning of life opened the eyes of many to life.

A little boy wondered about the soul and asked his grandfather about it. He told him an ancient story. There is a rumor that in every person there are three “I”s, from which the soul is composed and the whole life of a person depends. The first “I” is given to everyone around us to see. Secondly, only people close to the person can see. These “I”s are constantly at war for leadership over a person, which leads him to fears, worries and doubts. And the third “I” can reconcile the first two or find a compromise. It is invisible to anyone, sometimes even to the person himself.

The grandson was surprised by his grandfather’s story; he became interested in what these “I”s meant. To which the grandfather replied that the first “I” is the human mind, and if it wins, then cold calculation takes possession of the person. The second is the human heart, and if it has the upper hand, then the person is destined to be deceived, touchy and vulnerable. The third “I” is a soul that is capable of bringing harmony to the relationship of the first two. This parable is about the spiritual meaning of life of our existence.

Quotes about love that are easy to compare with your feelings

By reading clever phrases, a person applies them to his relationships and begins to change.

Look: I love you and choose you, day after day, even when we are at a crazy distance. They say you have to fight for love. You need to fight with yourself, or rather, with your fears, doubts, and pride. And I'm fighting. Anna Parvati

  • In general, it seems to me that too strong emotions burn out something in a person. If you loved too much, you won't be able to love anymore. Harry Harrison.
  • A loving woman's heart is always full of hope; To kill them, you need more than one blow with a dagger, she loves until the last drop of blood. Honore de Balzac
  • You are so absent that you are everywhere. Vyacheslav Prah
  • You will never know what true love is until you want to get rid of it. Frederic Beigbeder
  • Maybe happiness is just a quiet breath next to me on the pillow? Graham Greene
  • Keep love in your heart. Life without it is like a sunless garden with dead flowers. Oscar Wilde
  • He who has never sought friendship or love is a thousand times poorer than he who has lost both. Jean Paul

A meaningless life

All humanity has one natural quality, which determines the desire to find meaning in everything and, in particular, life itself; for many, this quality wanders in their subconscious, and their own aspirations do not have a clear formulation. And if their actions are meaningless, then the quality of life is zero.

A person without a goal becomes vulnerable and irritable; he perceives the slightest difficulties with wild fear. The result of this state is the same - a person becomes easy to manage, his talents, abilities, individuality and potential gradually come to an end.

A person puts his destiny at the disposal of other people who benefit from his weak character. And a person begins to accept someone else’s worldview as his own, and automatically he becomes driven, irresponsible, blind and deaf to the pain of his loved ones, senselessly trying to earn authority among those who use him.

Positive aphorisms

Sages sometimes encourage us to distract ourselves from serious, pressing thoughts by approaching the situation humorously. Positive quotes help you “switch.”

There is a well-known, long-used phrase - “finding a needle in a haystack.” Is this impossible? Keep it simple, “to find a needle in a haystack, just burn the hay by holding a magnet over the ashes”

Baba Ram Dass pokes fun at Buddhists: “If you think you are already enlightened, try spending time with your family.”

Create your own destiny

You can decide your destiny with the help of powerful motivation, which is often dictated by aphorisms about living a meaningful life. After all, the meaning of life is different for everyone, either gained by experience, or coming from outside.

Einstein said: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The main thing is not to stop asking questions... Never lose your sacred curiosity." His motivational quotes about the meaning of life lead many along the only right path.

Aphorisms about life with the meaning of Marcus Aurelius, who said: “Do what you must, and what is destined will happen,” set a person up for positivity.

Psychoanalysts argue that greater success can be expected from an activity if one gives maximum meaning to this activity. And if our work also brings us satisfaction, then complete success is guaranteed.

Questions arise about how education, religion, mentality, and a person’s worldview influence the meaning of life. I would like the values ​​and knowledge gained over the centuries to unite all people, regardless of their worldview, religion or era. After all, quotes about meaningful life belong to people of different times and beliefs, and their significance is the same for all sane people.

Our position in the Universe requires an eternal search for answers, for ourselves, for our place in life, for involvement in something. The world has not come up with ready-made answers, but the main thing is to never stop. Aphorisms about the meaning of life call us to movement and actions that are useful not only to ourselves, but also to those around us. “We live for those on whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends,” as Einstein said.

There is no love without sadness

Many women, when they want to suffer or cry, read sad thoughts about love.

It sometimes happens that life separates two people only to show both how important they are to each other. Paulo Coelho

If a person is meant to be by your side, he will be. Under whatever circumstances you break up, and no matter how much time has passed.

- You are in the middle of a meadow, there are billions of stars in the sky. - Do you think I broke up with him in vain? - In a place where you feel good, they don’t ask questions.

  • Learn to enjoy life. She will teach you to suffer herself.
  • People manage to do only one thing perfectly - disappoint each other. Hubert Selby
  • Loving the body without its consent and desire is the same as loving the body without a soul and without feelings. M. Montaigne.
  • Any passion pushes you to make mistakes, but love pushes you to the stupidest ones. F. La Rochefoucauld
  • There is a good saying: “Trust, but verify.” It’s a pity that sometimes the test results are such that you immediately remember another one: “The less you know, the better you sleep.”


Eastern wisdom is the foundation of modern philosophy, which is called the most insidious among all the humanities. After all, she asks eternal questions that trouble every person: “Who am I in this world?”, “Does the soul exist?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “Is there life after death?”, “What is truth?” Scientists, of course, put forward their hypotheses, but that’s why they are hypotheses, because they raise doubts. And only Eastern sages give short and clear answers to these complex questions in their aphorisms and parables so that you want to believe them. It's as if they draw wisdom from above. How they manage to put so many meanings into a short phrase or brief teaching - psychological, everyday, personal, social, one can only guess and admire.

You too will be delighted while reading this book, which contains the best aphorisms, parables and quotes from Eastern sages! Enjoy Eastern wit, logic, and education. Become for a while an obedient student, listening to the many-wise Teachers. And maybe, by listening to their words, you yourself will find answers to all the questions that concern you. And you will surpass the eastern mentors, becoming a real Sage.

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