8 tips on how to organize your morning and start your day right

Imagine the most successful person you know. Why did he manage to achieve such high results? He learned to use his time effectively to develop good habits and take actions that will help him achieve his goals.

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What do you have in common with this person? You, like him, have 24 hours a day to develop. When you wake up in the morning, no matter who you were yesterday, you start over with a clean slate. You must learn to completely control and direct your life. Here are some tips and techniques to free up your time and use it more effectively.

Why is starting the day right so important?

The success of the rest of the day often depends on how your morning goes. It is in the morning hours that it is important to charge the body with useful “fuel” and also to create a winning mood throughout. There are many arguments in favor of starting the day correctly. Let's highlight a few main ones:

  1. A pleasant morning makes a person open to positive events and new opportunities;
  2. Emotions experienced in the morning persist until the evening;
  3. A pleasant morning increases self-esteem and motivation, helps a person realize his intentions;
  4. Increases resistance to stress and external stimuli;
  5. Being in a good mood, you broadcast your positivity to others;

The benefits are obvious: you put yourself in a good mood, fill your body with energy and are ready to implement your plans for the day. Now let's move on to practical tips on how to start the day right. So,

How to Start Your Day: Practical Advice from Hal Elrod

In his book Morning Magic, Hal Elrod talks about the importance of starting the day right and gives recommendations on how to make your morning truly wonderful and productive. The book describes 6 practices that will change the way you start your day and, as the author promises, your life.

The Hal Elrod Story

At the beginning of the book, Hal talks about his life path: significant success at a fairly young age, a happy life that could cause envy, but all this was cut short at one moment.

Hal was in a car accident, fell into a coma, broke 11 bones, was dumped by his girlfriend, and was told by doctors that he was unlikely to walk. But he gave up: “I used what happened as fuel for a triumphant return to normal life.”

“If that unfortunate car accident taught me anything, it’s that there’s no point in complaining and suffering about something you can’t change.”

Hal managed to return to his old life and became happy. But then a crisis and a debt of 400 thousand dollars followed. He calls this time “the second bottom.” The method that helped him get out of it and become even more successful was called “The Miracle Morning” and was described in the book.

3 most important arguments from the book:

  1. You deserve it. You have the right to become a better person in every area of ​​your life.
  2. To stop being satisfied with little, you must start setting aside time for improvement every morning.
  3. A focused, productive, and successful morning generates a focused, productive, and successful day, which inevitably leads to a successful life.

Benefits of The Miracle Morning

  1. Every day you will wake up more energized and your potential will last throughout the day.
  2. Reduced stress levels.
  3. The prospect of improved health.
  4. An opportunity to understand your main life goal.
  5. Increased productivity.

Parallel of success

Jim Rohn said, “Your success rarely exceeds the level of your personal development, because you attract success only by becoming a person capable of attracting it.” That is, in order to succeed, you must begin to increase your level of development. Here we are faced with two problems:

Problem #1: Finding the time. In the evening and lunchtime, a person is usually busy or exhausted, so the best time is the morning. This gives you a boost for the whole day. Also during the day we are still full of energy, so our development will be as productive as possible.

Challenge #2: Start doing what has the biggest impact. You need to figure out what makes you better and do it. For Hal, these activities included meditation, affirmations, visualization, reading, journaling, and exercise. This will be discussed further.

Causes of a mediocre life and ways to combat them

  1. Rearview mirror. This is a metaphor in which the author refers to people whose gaze is focused not on today, but on the past. Don't carry this burden on yourself.
  2. Lack of a clear goal. If you don't know what you want, you won't be able to achieve it. Read about goal setting here.
  3. The habit of making exceptions. “If I skip training today, nothing will change,” “Today I’m not in the mood to read, tomorrow I’ll read twice as much,” don’t allow yourself to do this if you want to achieve success.
  4. No need to give a report. Obviously, when we have to report to someone (boss, relatives), we work better. Send this summary to your friend and start growing together!
  5. An ordinary circle of attention. Our friends define us. Choose carefully those with whom you communicate and who influence you.
  6. Lack of personal growth.
  7. Lack of sense of urgency. Need something done? Do it now!

Why did you get up this morning?

If you're like most people, you wake up every morning to the dreaded ringing of your alarm clock and are extremely reluctant to drag yourself out of bed because you need to go somewhere, do something, answer someone, or take care of someone. Find a goal for which you will stop snoozing the alarm clock “for another 5 minutes.”

5 stages of easy awakening:

  1. Before you go to bed in the evening, clearly formulate your intentions . The first thought when waking up will usually be the last thought before going to bed.
  2. Place your alarm clock as far from your bed as possible.
  3. Brush your teeth. Just give yourself time to wake up and start a new day.
  4. Drink a glass of water. You will restore the water supply in your body and at the same time make it work.
  5. Wear sports clothes. Exercise is a great start to the day.

Your “lifebuoys”

So, 6 practices that will save you from living a life of unrealized potential:

  1. Silence. “Silence is one of the best tools for immediately reducing stress while increasing awareness and achieving clarity, which is sure to help you stay focused on your goals, priorities, and what's most important in your life every day.” At the very beginning of the day, you can take time to meditate.
  2. Affirmations. You can read in detail about affirmations here.
  3. Visualization. Simple daily visualization, supplemented by regular reading of affirmations, will certainly program your subconscious mind for success. You will begin to live the way you need to achieve your ideal vision, and eventually you will certainly make it a reality.
  4. Physical exercise
  5. Reading. Read as much as possible! Ask yourself what you would like to learn and start reading a book about it.
  6. Keeping a diary. Why and how to keep a diary is well written here.

For the busiest of people, Hal offers a six-minute version of The Miracle Morning: one minute for each point. But I advise you not to save time on self-development, because it will definitely pay for itself.

I wish you success!

Author: Igor Boltovnin

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Key words:1Time management

Wake up early

This important step can provide you with a number of benefits:

  1. You'll have more time to get through your morning routine. You won't have to get ready for work in a hurry and randomly try to do several things at the same time.
  2. Having a stress-free morning will make you more energetic and productive.
  3. By doing your morning tasks without rushing, you can start analyzing and planning upcoming tasks. You can devote 30 minutes every day to a pleasant hobby or developmental exercise to further strengthen your motivation before work.

Breathe correctly and stretch

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Proper breathing, meditation and stretching help to improve your mood. Stretching will give you a pleasant ache in your muscles, and it is also incredibly beneficial for the body.

Create maximum light in the room

Most people's bedroom is a small room with thick curtains that are almost always drawn. But waking up in the dark in the morning is not a good option. Sunlight is necessary for the body because it stimulates the production of serotonin , the main hormone of joy. That is why many people like to drink their morning cup of coffee on a sunny balcony.

Try opening the curtains partially before going to bed so that the bedroom is filled with bright sunlight by the time you wake up. If you wake up before dawn, immediately turn on a bright light - this is also a great way to properly set the body up for awakening. Take an interest in special lamps that turn on in the morning on a timer and gradually gain brightness, simulating dawn. This is a great addition to your alarm clock.

Feel grateful

A great way to start your day off right is to take a few minutes in the morning to practice gratitude. The ability to thank life for the opportunities it provides is one of the most effective ways of motivation. Many people are constantly depressed and gloomy because of small troubles. By specifically paying attention to the positive aspects of your own life, you improve your mood and motivate yourself to achieve important accomplishments.

Learning to be grateful is a very important change in life, because people get so used to paying attention to the negative aspects of life that they stop noticing the beautiful little things that surround them.

Do good

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Our mood and impressions will improve a hundred times if we help a person in need, shelter a puppy at least for a day, or throw the trash in a trash bin instead of on the road. Such seemingly small things are what make us human, no matter how hard it may be to remain human and keep the world in order. Good always comes back good!

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Our secret ways make life easier and brighter. Use at least a couple of tips and you will notice how much better your days have become!

Have a healthy breakfast

During the evening and night, the body manages to utilize all useful substances, so breakfast should be quite nutritious and balanced in carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates are absolutely necessary to replenish the energy balance. This can be a small portion of any carbohydrate food - your favorite porridge, pancakes or pancakes with jam. It will also be useful to start the day with an omelet.

Breakfast should contain enough protein so that the body has a supply of “building blocks” for the day for the synthesis of enzymes and proteins. Keep in mind that morning food should be digested easily and quickly , so it is better to postpone fatty foods for lunch. And remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, he should always be healthy and full.

Drink warm water with lemon

Drink a glass of water with the juice of a whole or half a lemon after brushing your teeth. It's good for your health:

  • Lemon juice cleanses the kidneys and liver, stimulating them to work effectively.
  • Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - one of the key substances necessary for maintaining strong immunity.
  • Water with lemon stabilizes the acid-base balance in the body, preventing the leaching of beneficial substances from bones and tissues.
  • Lemon has antioxidant properties, fights free radicals (harmful molecules in the body), and maintains youthful and healthy skin.

The acid from lemon juice has a destructive effect on tooth enamel, so it is better to drink this starter drink through a cocktail straw.

Appreciate every minute of the first hour of the morning

The famous Canadian writer Robin Sharma, a specialist in motivation, leadership and personal development, is sure that the first hour of the morning is the most important. Therefore, you should not waste it on meaningless fuss or unproductive activities like watching the news. To start the day right, don’t fill your brain with unnecessary information, engage in self-development.

Meditate, think over plans, solve current problems, read inspiring books. Remember that the first hour determines the quality and productivity of the entire coming day. Be as efficient as possible during this hour and your entire day will be productive.

Healthy lunch

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This point becomes especially important if you still skipped breakfast. Soups, salads, sandwiches - everything will come in handy.

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Do morning exercises

Playing sports with moderate physical activity is good for energizing. A good morning exercise, jogging or a set of yoga exercises will help the body awaken and gain a charge of vigor . Taking 40 minutes to exercise and shower will help you reclaim that time throughout the day with more energy. If you've never exercised in the morning before, now is the time to start.

Drink your favorite drink and eat a delicious breakfast.

If you like to drink coffee in the morning, do not deny yourself this pleasure. Do not think about its possible harmfulness - in moderation, this drink is healthy. Prepare a “dream breakfast” (everyone has their own, but make sure it is balanced and includes ingredients). Delicious food and an invigorating drink (coffee, tea, juice) will be an excellent “springboard” on a favorable day.

You can start the day by combining breakfast with meeting friends and family at home or in a cafe. We will include this morning ritual in the next paragraph.


Meditation in complete silence helps you concentrate in order to be efficient and effective. It helps you start the day right, improving your emotional state, increasing your resistance to stress and having a positive effect on your immune system.

To get a positive effect from meditation, it is not at all necessary to comprehend Eastern teachings and enter into a meditative trance. It is enough to relax well for 3-4 minutes and focus on your inner sensations to get rid of all obsessive thoughts. Just sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe deeply, counting the seconds (4 for inhalation, 4 for pause and 8 for exhalation). Concentrate on the sensations that arise: the movement of air in the lungs. Focus all your attention on your feelings and allow your mind to take a break from unnecessary thoughts.

Create a plan for the day

Making a to-do list is a great way to start off on the right foot and make the most of your day. Add all planned actions , including small ones. This will allow you to get a bunch of fussy thoughts out of your head and not forget anything. Planning not only clears your mind and improves productivity, but also increases motivation. A ready-made plan always adds confidence that everything will work out and increases the likelihood of achieving your goals.

Buy yourself flowers

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Why wait until someone else decides to surprise you? Run to the nearest flower shop and bring home, for example, a snow-white bouquet of hydrangeas. This will fill the house with an incredible aroma, decorate it and help create a festive mood.

Think positive

Try smiling immediately after waking up. At first you will forget, but one day smiling will actually be the first thing you do when you wake up. According to research, a simple smile can trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin , hormones that improve mood.

Therefore, experts recommend thinking about good things and smiling, regardless of life circumstances. There is no such thing as a positive attitude. By consciously improving your mood and motivation, you will cope with any problems much faster. Remember to smile and remind yourself of good things and heart-warming prospects.

Do not hurry

Rushing in the morning is a standard habit of many people, who are sure that this is how the morning should be. But they simply wake up too late, which leads to regular tardiness. Of course, it is difficult to get rid of childhood habits as an adult. But if you start setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier every day, then within a week you will easily get up an hour earlier, having a lot of free time in reserve.

Method No. 1. Decide what the words “perfect day” mean to you personally?

When we begin to answer this seemingly simple question for ourselves, it turns out that we don’t quite understand what is meant by the word “perfect day.” Therefore, start with a simple understanding of yourself and your desires. Think: what brings you joy and what makes you sad? What influences your self-esteem and what does the opposite? When inspiration comes, what influences it? If you clearly know what you want to achieve in life, then planning your ideal day will be much easier.

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