How to be energetic all day? 10 Tips to Boost Your Energy

Do you often feel tired and overwhelmed already in the middle of the day? Does a cheerfully jumping colleague cause envy and surprise? There are still many tasks ahead that need to be solved, but you no longer have the strength?

Yes, this happens, and in our age of crazy pace it happens especially often. What can you do to stay energetic all day? Let's talk about this further.

Go to bed early

If you don't get enough sleep regularly, your productivity will inevitably begin to decline. Although some people claim that they work best when they sleep six hours or less, this is not supported by research. Seven to eight hours of sleep is a must if you want to maintain mental clarity for a long time.

For some, lack of sleep results in slight but constant fatigue during the day. You may even feel like it doesn't affect you. But experiments have confirmed that lack of sleep causes a permanent decline in mental performance. This applies to those who sleep 4–6 hours or less.

Challenge: Try going to bed at 10 pm for a month. Every day, even on weekends.

Exercise every day

Working out is a long-term investment in your energy. Without physical activity, your overall health level drops, which means it becomes more difficult to think clearly and concentrate.

If you have a busy schedule, you often don't have time to go to the gym. So do push-ups or burpees throughout the day. These exercises improve blood circulation and do not require much time. If possible, add fitness classes or gym workouts to this.

Challenge: Do at least ten burpees a day.

Take a nap during the day

This is not laziness, but a useful habit with a lot of positive consequences for the body, including memory. Daytime naps are especially helpful if you're trying to remember a lot of new information. In addition, it recharges, because after lunch we usually feel tired. Even if you don't have a separate place at work where you can take a nap, try to use part of your work break to rest.

The main thing is to sleep for a short time. You need to wake up immediately after the alarm rings and not let yourself doze off again. If you stretch your daytime sleep too long, you will go into a deep sleep phase and wake up even more lethargic than when you went to bed. Although there will also be benefits from such sleep, you will just feel it later, when the drowsiness wears off.

Challenge: Take 20 minutes after lunch to take a nap and recharge.

Other tricks and tricks

Pull your earlobes down . If you briefly massage your earlobes in this way, you will be able to get rid of drowsiness.

Run your tongue across the roof of your mouth . It’s not very pleasant, and it’s also particularly ticklish, right? But the signal from the nerve endings reaches the brain almost immediately and promotes concentration.

Give your neck a massage . Pay special attention to the top, pressing with your fingers where the neck meets the head.

Do a short session of breathing exercises . 5 minutes will be enough. You can start with the simplest exercise: concentrate on your breathing, breathe deeply, mentally counting to four as you inhale and exhale. This practice will fill your circulatory system with oxygen and invigorate you.

Use aromatherapy . Many essential oils stimulate brain function, making you feel more energetic. These include: citrus fruits, bergamot, cinnamon, cloves, cypress, eucalyptus, fir, ginger, pine, rosemary, basil.

Turn on the light . When you have work to do, never sit in the dark. The brighter the light, the more active your brain is.

Listen to high tempo music . If this doesn't distract you, make a special playlist with catchy songs and listen to it every time you want to cheer yourself up.

Laugh . A surge of positive emotions energizes you, so after watching a video with funny animals, you will relax for a while and restore your balance of power a little.

Motivate yourself . We have written repeatedly about various ways of self-motivation.

Change your socks . Frankly speaking, the trick is strange, but it works. And if you change your socks to fresh ones in the middle of the working day, a surge of energy is guaranteed.

Do difficult work in the morning

The first four hours of the workday are the best time to do important work. So get started as early as possible. The benefits are mostly psychological, as energy levels often depend on your mood. When we have completed important work, our mood improves and we feel productive. But if in the morning we spend a lot of time on email, meetings, calls and do nothing valuable, then, on the contrary, we experience a loss of energy in the afternoon.

In addition, it is impossible to work concentrated all day. This is another reason to set aside important work in the morning, when you have more energy, rather than breaking it up into several sections throughout the day.

Challenge: Set aside the first four hours of the day for quiet, focused work.

The influence of human biorhythms on awakening

There is a so-called slow biological rhythm syndrome that can cause lack of energy in the morning. A sign of this is a person’s inability to fall asleep and wake up at the required time. Normally, people have a 24-hour biorhythm, established by nature. People with this cycle disorder take longer to complete certain phases. As a result, a person goes to bed late, but also wakes up late. The reasons for this phenomenon are not fully understood.

Our biological clocks are able to respond to light levels. When the sun rises, our body wakes up on its own. At the same time, it is more difficult for a person to fall asleep when the lighting in the room is on. But even in a healthy person, this clock can be “knocked down” for a number of reasons:

  • Long haul flights
  • Night shift work
  • No specific time to fall asleep
  • Sleep deficiency

You need to be able to adjust your regime to biorhythms. When you learn this, your well-being and overall health will improve.

Make a plan for the next day in the evening

Energy levels often depend on how we start the day. If you get down to business right away, you will overcome procrastination and do good work. If you start slowly, all your time and energy will be spent on unproductive things.

To avoid this, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how the day will go. Especially the morning. And for this you need to make plans in the evening. Visualize your intentions and write them down so you can act automatically in the morning.

Challenge: Before you go to bed, visualize and write down a plan for tomorrow.

Reviews and comments

What methods do you use to be energetic and alert all day?

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Sell ​​yourself your own goals

Many people believe two contradictory things at the same time: that marketers can convince them to do a lot of things that they would not do on their own, but at the same time they cannot change their own motivation to do what they need to do.

This is wrong. You need to sell yourself on your own goals. It all starts with packaging. The way you frame your goals and projects has a huge impact on your motivation. Compare two expressions: “a thing I must do” and “an exciting, interesting task.” Do you feel the difference?

The next step is to remind yourself of what inspires you. Remember why you got started and what you wanted to achieve. The client must visualize his desire in order to make a purchase, and good marketers help him with this. And you need to visualize what you want to achieve so that you have the energy to do it.

Challenge: Spend 10 minutes a day thinking about where your actions today are helping you move.


This video from Denis Skvortsov is about how to become more active in life and get rid of people who deliberately want to take your energy.

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Communicate less with people who drain your energy

Parents are not chosen. Sometimes this extends to colleagues and bosses. But you can choose your friends. Surely you have noticed that after communicating with some friends you feel inspired and cheerful. And after communicating with others, on the contrary, there is a loss of strength.

Of course, you shouldn’t exclude friends who are temporarily going through a difficult period from your life. But if a person regularly pours out his emotions on you and does not help you in return, think about the need to communicate with him. Yes, everyone sometimes needs to cry into their vest, but some people like to do it all the time.

Task: limit meetings with friends, after communicating with whom you feel empty.

Proper nutrition.

Energy enters the body from food. The amount of strength a person will have after eating it depends on how high-calorie and easy to digest the food is. The fastest “recharging” comes from carbohydrates, but the supply of such energy does not last long. Foods containing proteins and fats take longer to digest, but you can also stay alert after eating them for a longer period of time.

It is very important not to overeat, since excessive food consumption causes loss of energy and strength due to difficulties in processing it in the digestive organs. Nutritionists recommend taking small “snacks” that do not tire your stomach, while regularly replenishing your strength.

Strive for balance in life

We waste a lot of energy because different aspects of our lives - both external and internal - contradict each other. You may be held back by a colleague who doesn't want your promotion, friends who laugh at your goals, or your own fears and doubts.

Take time and try to unravel the conflicts that have accumulated in your life and find ways to resolve them. Sometimes all it takes is changing one thing. Sometimes you need a long-term plan to get rid of the toxic environment or beliefs that are holding you back.

Task: think about what helps you move towards your goals and what hinders you, and how to resolve these contradictions.

How guys kill girls' desire to become more active

Girls tend to have support from their friends and girlfriends. It is very important for girls to see them and get emotional outbursts. It is important for them to talk about their feminine issues.

The guy limits the girl’s social circle , does not allow her to communicate with some guys, condemns her or her girlfriends. All because of stupid jealousy. The guy restricts the girl from her circle of support and does not allow her to go to the club to dance.

Even small remarks about her appearance affect the girl’s self-esteem, she loses everything that supported her. She becomes dependent on the man and also clings to him, not allowing him to have fun and not allowing him to go to clubs.

This restriction becomes mutual.

The guy does this because he is insecure and jealous . The guy cuts off the girl from support from her friends. He suppresses and does not allow the girl to become more active.

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