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A little about spirituality

The spiritual world has its own laws. And if a person does not violate the rules of life, then he can be calm about

your present and future. After all, this is the basis of the basics. Their creator and founder is considered to be God, Jesus Christ. And they work on the same principle as the laws of physics. For example, jumping or falling from a great height will lead to injury or even death. This doesn't surprise us. And the problem in the mental plane also requires attention and correction. This is probably due to the grace of God. As a result, we get suffering, illness, sorrow. Here the field of activity of the rule of cause and effect unfolds. You need to look not at the world of external manifestations, but inside. The reasons are there.

These laws, eternal, constant and independent, have no external circumstances. By building their lives according to them, everyone learns a new worldview. This is a completely different level of awareness and perception occurring within us.

In fact, spiritual rules cannot be easily learned. There is a lot here that is unusual and sometimes incomprehensible to the human mind.

We will focus on the commandments related to people's lives, their relationships to themselves and the world around them. Since there are a number of religions on our planet, we will touch on similar principles:

  • The first commandment speaks of the need to respect father and mother. Only then will the days that the Lord your God has given be prolonged.
  • The second one sounds like “thou shalt not kill.” You can't take anyone's life.
  • According to the third, it is forbidden to commit adultery. That is, you cannot cheat on your wife or husband.
  • Any theft will be punished. This is what the fourth Law for the Soul says.
  • It is forbidden to slander or accuse another, a loved one, without having evidence of his guilt.
  • And the last thing on our list is the commandment about the prohibition of the desire to own everything that belongs to others, including a house, wife, household objects, etc.

If we want happiness and prosperity, we need to have a pure Soul and thoughts.

About the meaning of life

Almost everyone at some point in their lives asks the question: “Why am I living?” Some find the meaning of their lives in religion, some in work, some in children. Depending on how a person answered this question for himself, he builds his life. An interesting look at the meaning of life and its search is offered by the founder of the educational program, psychologist N.I. Kozlov.

Every time should be busy. Law of life

The only thing that saves a person from realizing that life is meaningless is that he doesn’t think about it. Some people are so lucky that they don’t even understand this problem. But for those who understand and think, life is worse. The feeling of the meaninglessness of existence is sad, it drags and torments. And against this background we live and try to be happy...

As you know, a problem can be dealt with in two ways: either solve it, or run away from it. So it is here - someone is looking for the meaning of life, and someone is running away from the experience of its meaninglessness, time after time finding a way to distract themselves from the emptiness of their life and create the illusion of its fullness. And there seems to be no pain... The simplest escape is immersion in Work or Cares. Longing for the meaning of life is longing, neurosis, the same as longing for a loved one, homeland or chocolates. And the best cure for boredom is to be busy. It is known: those who are overwhelmed by work, or those who simply need to survive, do not suffer from the problem of the meaning of life; they have neither the time nor the energy for this.

  • One of my friends is definitely not in the mood for these questions right now - she has a baby in her arms and has not had hot water for four months.

But not everyone is so lucky, and life needs to be filled with something. Someone overloads himself with work at work - a completely acceptable solution, all that remains is the neurosis of the emptiness of the weekend. Outside of work, you can get a dog.

  • Or children. In this case, it makes no difference: both create a lot of trouble and take up a lot of time.

The second way of escape is no less popular: escape - immersion in Entertainment. Entertainment is filling your life with experiential events, it doesn’t matter whether they are light or scary, the main thing is that they are sharper and more intense. TV, alcohol, visiting exhibitions, riding a carousel, love experiences, books, fights, conversations - all this gives fullness to life, or more precisely, a feeling of fullness. There is no meaning in life, but life is full.

  • This is how a person lives: where is the dispute? - runs. Whom to scold? - runs. Who should I be offended by? - in a hurry. We quarreled, got offended, had a lot of trouble - and so a rich, eventful day passed.

About those entering the Great Service

Anyone who has a WHY to live can endure any HOW. Nietzsche

Those who want to live truly meaningfully take the path of service. They essentially have no other choice. The fact is that the search for the Meaning of Life is not so much an everyday problem as a philological one: according to the rules of the Russian language, “meaning” only has something that serves Something Higher.

Therefore, simply according to the rules of the Russian language, someone’s life turns out to be meaningful only when a person devotes himself to service, when his life realizes some Unconditional Values. The values ​​that he places above himself, above his life.

If you have accepted that Something is a Worthy Value and serve It - that’s it, the problem is solved, your life is meaningful. Having accepted and realized the Value, I now know WHERE (that is, WHY) to live and have the strength and energy for this.

Values ​​are batteries, and the problem of meaning is primarily a problem of Energy, it is the search for sources of recharging. But it doesn’t matter what specific Values ​​are, therefore it is stupid and pointless to elevate some Values ​​and belittle others. Any Value is good if it provides energy. And you can find many Values ​​in life - of different energy reserves and different levels.

What do I think about it

Timeless values ​​are especially fashionable this season. Commercial advertising

Escape to Work or Entertainment is the first way to get rid of the melancholy of a meaningless existence. The Path of Service is the second path. As a path to finding the meaning of life, it is traditional and deserved, but nevertheless not without its drawbacks: it does not always help out. If suddenly some specific activity does not connect you with your Recognized Value, you are doomed to feel meaningless.

  • And, unfortunately, sometimes there are too many such specific activities.

And, most importantly, the soul remains sick. You can connect it to external sources over and over again, fill it with energy from different Values, and even experience the meaningfulness of your activity - but this is only pumping up an initially empty soul. A soul that remains empty - without periodic pumping.

  • Such a soul is very reminiscent of a leaky bicycle inner tube, which, without periodic pumping, constantly deflates and ceases to serve.

Reflections on the Fence and Beloved

No one has yet really answered: “Why do you need to look for meaning in your life?” They usually answer: “I am looking for the meaning of life so that my life can be meaningful!” To understand that this is not the answer, just listen to what was said and compare it with: “I paint in order to be painted.”

  • Everything is said here except the main thing: why do you need it to be painted? What if life is not a fence, but a loved one? Will you still paint?

Wonderful meaningless life

I am not satisfied with either the first or second path. I walked the path of service for a long time UNTIL I RECOVERED and thought: what sweetness is it that your life turns out to be meaningful? “Meaning,” I repeat, according to the rules of the Russian language, has only that which serves Something Higher. But I don’t like being a Servant.

  • What is the meaning of my life is the question: “Whom do I serve?” I don’t serve anyone and I don’t have to serve anyone. This is not a question for me. This is a question for a slave or servant, and I am not one. Exclamation: “Ah, his life is meaningless!” - sounds to me the same as: “Oh, poor thing, he lives without a higher organization!”

And I am learning to be happy, living both without Meaning and without Service. And more and more often it seems to me that Life - just Life - is beautiful as it is.

To idle friends

— Lom, do you work somewhere? - Nope, I'm screwed. I celebrate life. - Who feeds you? - And my beloved! And Beloved is feeding a small child. And lives only on his own

Dear slackers! I wrote these lines especially for you. I understand your delight, since you have just found such a soul-searching theoretical justification for your parasitism. But I have to disappoint you: I do not hide my dislike for slackers, and for me this is not a question of taste, not aesthetics, but a question of ethics, a question of morality.

  • For everything in life you have to pay. And if you don’t pay, someone else pays for you. And if you are idle, then you burden someone else with work. Usually so.

I allow myself to live without meaning, I allow myself to celebrate my life any way - yes! I am not obliged to seek a Master, and my soul is not tied to the need to take care of anyone and Serve anyone.

  • It's just a matter of my mental health.

I can mess around, and then I do it with joy. But! But if I CAN do something Good, I WILL DO it with pleasure, as a free person. And, choosing between a meaningful life and not, between Necessary Work and Idleness, I will always choose the first.

  • Because this is no longer a question of psychology, but of ethics: that is, what am I going to do with my healthy soul.

The question of the meaning of life is truly interesting and important for many. And there are many such interesting and important questions. And there are also a lot of people in Sinton who have their own non-standard answers to these questions. Especially so that such people could get together and discuss their points of view on particularly pressing issues, we created a research workshop.

The Universe encourages obedience

The Universe has its own laws of life. And if we follow them, we will be richly rewarded. And the reward can be success in any area of ​​life. You can make a discovery in the scientific field or become the owner of a large business, paint a masterpiece, or simply be happy. All these are rewards for compliance with the Universal rules.

Among them are a number of working rules for everyone:

  • Mirror reflection: what is broadcast is what is returned. For example, lies come back because fate brings them together with liars. Love will return with sincere and sublime feelings. Thus, we must always act the way we want others to behave with us. Everyone shapes their own life and what happens around them.
  • Energy exchange: energy resources spent on something come back. By judging someone, we develop negativity, which will return to us in the same way. Expressing gratitude for the blessings you have will help increase them.
  • Abundance: Our Universe has enough for everyone. You need to focus your attention on what you want, and it will definitely come.

You should know that the Universe:

  • is indifferent to what people really are. The sun shines on everyone, both good and bad.
  • gives strength and power only to those who correctly understand and follow its rules.

And only he understands what power actually lies in the Universe, who begins to honor it and use the Universal Laws for human life.


10 lessons from Albert Einstein 1. A man who has never made mistakes has never tried anything new. Most people don't try anything new because they are afraid of making mistakes. But there is no need to be afraid of this. Often a person who fails learns more about how to win than someone who succeeds immediately. 2. Education is what remains after you forget everything you learned at school. In 30 years, you will absolutely forget everything you had to study in school. You will only remember what you have learned yourself. 3. In my imagination, I am free to draw like an artist. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination spans the entire world. When you realize how far humanity has come since cave times, the power of imagination is felt on a full scale. What we have now was achieved with the help of the imagination of our forefathers. What we will have in the future will be built with the help of our imagination. 4. The secret of creativity is the ability to hide the sources of your inspiration. The uniqueness of your work often depends on how well you can hide your sources. You may be inspired by other great people, but if you are in a position where the whole world is looking at you, your ideas need to be seen as unique. 5. A person's worth should be determined by what he gives, not by what he is able to achieve. Try to become not a successful person, but a valuable person. If you look at world famous people, you can see that each of them gave something to this world. You have to give in order to be able to take. When your goal is to add value to the world, you will rise to the next level of life. 6. There are two ways to live: you can live as if miracles do not happen and you can live as if everything in this world is a miracle. If you live as if nothing in this world is a miracle, then you will be able to do whatever you want and you will not have obstacles. If you live as if everything is a miracle, then you will be able to enjoy even the smallest manifestations of beauty in this world. If you live both ways at the same time, your life will be happy and productive. 7. As I study myself and my way of thinking, I come to the conclusion that the gift of imagination and fantasy meant more to me than any ability for abstract thinking. Dreaming about all the things you could achieve in life is an important element of living a positive life. Let your imagination wander freely and create a world in which you would like to live. 8. To become a perfect member of the flock of sheep, you must first be a sheep. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to start doing business now. Wanting to start but being afraid of the consequences will get you nowhere. This is true in other areas of life: to win, you first need to play. 9. You need to learn the rules of the game. And then you need to start playing better than everyone else. Learn the rules and play the best. Simple, like everything ingenious. 10. It is very important not to stop asking questions. Curiosity is not given to man by chance. Smart people always ask questions. Ask yourself and other people to find a solution. This will allow you to learn new things and analyze your own growth.

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